Vy Qwaint
Thank you Carter Sharer & Lizzy Sharer for the fun challenge idea to BUILD A RAFT THAT FLOATS & LAST ONE TO SINK IN THE WATER WINS PRIZE!
▶ Spy Ninja Game -
After Chad Wild Clay made DONT Push the Wrong Mystery Box into Pool Water - Project Zorgo Hacker Challenge, Vy Qwaint created HACKER TRAPPED ME IN ABANDONED TUNNEL FOR 24 HOURS STRAIGHT PROJECT ZORGO ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE and Daniel uploaded I ALMOST FALL OFF CLIFF Exploring for PZ4 at Abandoned Underground Tunnels to the Exposing Project Zorgo UA-my channel, PZ4 challenges CWC and Vy Qwaint to a Don't Trust Fall Into The Wrong Pool Mystery Box game, The mystery pool is filled with gross stuff in real life! Chad, Daniel and Vy could win the safe house and mystery box. After the challenge, Vy searches Project Zorgo Headquarters. After an epic ninja battle royale, Vy goes exploring and learns she must find the wise man, Thrill Master! The CWC crew participates in challenges; Last To Leave The Haunted Hotel Circus, Last to Leave Tesla, and the gross Last To Fall Off The Plank Into The Pool Wins $10,000. The spy ninjas discover new information hacker girl, PZ4 is is trapped in an abandoned underground tunnel and has been surviving for 24 hours! In this video, PZ4 is rescued by the Vy Qwaint, and receives spy ninja training. To become a true spy ninja, she must complete challenges like Don't Push PZ4 Into The Wrong Pool, Don't Smash Your iPhone X and Last To Sink Wins $10,000 challenge. Hopefully, PZ4 completes these fun challenges and joins the CWC crew! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Hi Spy Ninjas I had so much fun doing this challenge! Who's boat did you like the most?

    • Mackenzie Swayze
      Mackenzie Swayze

      Hey chad and v I am so sad today

    • callcha123

      Pz4 just sraced alot

    • Blue- Roblox
      Blue- Roblox

      Can you reveal pz4 face

    • Avery McCandless
      Avery McCandless

      Vy Qwaint hlbjvBaby mommy Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi me Mimi Mimi Mimi

    • Rashida Hatimy
      Rashida Hatimy

      Vy Qwaint my fav is u I 💝 u

  • Allaine Garillo
    Allaine Garillo

    Daniel won!

  • Ultimate #teamultimate
    Ultimate #teamultimate

    I liked all of the boats

  • Bassel Hassan
    Bassel Hassan

    Chad winner

  • Lucy Mckenna
    Lucy Mckenna

    Pz4 take of your mask regenar

  • Lucy Mckenna
    Lucy Mckenna

    I love you vy

  • Unicorn.crazy !!!
    Unicorn.crazy !!!

    Please 4 winter

  • julie santoso
    julie santoso

    Daniel wine

  • Alex Lucas and marcas
    Alex Lucas and marcas

    pz4 x daniel together i think

  • ahnt htet
    ahnt htet

    it very funny

  • Kyle Arago
    Kyle Arago

    Chad winner

  • dedy rinaldi
    dedy rinaldi

    can't you talk Indonesian

  • Rawry Head
    Rawry Head

    I think Daniel and pz4 look like a cool couple

  • Elias Contreras Murguia
    Elias Contreras Murguia

    Chads going to win

  • Tobin Madon
    Tobin Madon

    I think pz4 and Daniel have a connection

  • Xinying Chen
    Xinying Chen

    Chad winner yeah definitely yeah not the fastest but he has a lot of balance Daniels and Pz4 no no Pz4 She literally Needed help Daniel worked pretty well by no

  • ItsYoBoy Charlie
    ItsYoBoy Charlie

    Pz4 winner

  • Angela Bonilla
    Angela Bonilla

    Chad winner

  • Kim Harrington
    Kim Harrington

    Your Fido are do gooooooooe

    • Kim Harrington
      Kim Harrington

      Your text is best

  • JuJus facts
    JuJus facts

    I think PZ 4 and Daniel would make the PERFECT couple unless they're already dating😂❤

  • Fishing with Viktor
    Fishing with Viktor

    Chad winner

  • Ashlyn Porter
    Ashlyn Porter

    Chad winner

  • B. H.G.
    B. H.G.

    I new that Danle won

  • Anita Flores
    Anita Flores

    Chad winner

  • Kristian Hazel
    Kristian Hazel

    Chad winner

  • Kristian Hazel
    Kristian Hazel

    U need more floats then that and 4 floats

  • Vicky Aguirre
    Vicky Aguirre

    I was thinking the same think as Chad 🤯

  • Martin Needham
    Martin Needham

    Chad winner

  • Gracy Jones
    Gracy Jones

    Chad winner

  • Willow Morris
    Willow Morris

    Daniels winner

  • Danny Pickering
    Danny Pickering


  • Kuama

    PZ4 Is really funny


    Her names Regina

  • Mariam The Gamer
    Mariam The Gamer

    Pz4 please realise your face

  • Ariana Serbu
    Ariana Serbu

    Danials boat is like a hot dog

  • Yurizbeth

    Hi I'm back another coment it kinda looked like pz4 was about to kiss Daniel ok then heres the love tree song PZ4 and Daniel sitting in a tree K I S S I N G

  • Abbie Lloyd penny
    Abbie Lloyd penny

    Daniel winner

  • Tyro Zacarias
    Tyro Zacarias

    Revealbyour face pc4

  • Olivia Wyatt
    Olivia Wyatt

    chad winner

  • Rachel and sabrina
    Rachel and sabrina

    I did got my decoder wheel today

  • Ana Sandoval
    Ana Sandoval

    Daniel wins!!👍👍👍👍✌

  • Laura Robertson
    Laura Robertson

    PZ4 winner just because shes one of my fav people in your vids

  • Chrissy Dai Dionisio
    Chrissy Dai Dionisio

    chad winner

  • W2a Gaming
    W2a Gaming

    15:05 look at Daniel

  • Animation with Peyton
    Animation with Peyton

    PZ4 winner

  • Gay Alcantara
    Gay Alcantara

    Daniels is a surf board

  • Mr Dino Explorer
    Mr Dino Explorer

    Daniel winner 🥳🥳🥳

  • Beth Rosengrant
    Beth Rosengrant


  • Anita Barik
    Anita Barik

    Daniel winer

  • nightmare freddy fan OMG GOD
    nightmare freddy fan OMG GOD

    Daniel and Regina sitting in a tree k i s s i n g

  • casey dominique wabe
    casey dominique wabe

    PZ4 wins the game

  • sonia kashan
    sonia kashan

    PZ4 Winner


    pz4 wen

  • Cameron Say
    Cameron Say

    Daniel box

  • Pg Yusran Yusof
    Pg Yusran Yusof

    Daniel winner


    Daniel winner

  • James Parayno
    James Parayno

    Pz4 please remove you mask! Make this blue if you agree 👇plz

  • Shakira Burns
    Shakira Burns

    Chad winner

  • Rohani Jaludin
    Rohani Jaludin

    chad winners !

  • Elizabeth Paamu
    Elizabeth Paamu

    Pz4 WINNER

  • sou hissan
    sou hissan

    I really want pz4 take the mask of

  • TenBearBrothers

    PZ4 winer

  • Duncan Philip Jones
    Duncan Philip Jones


  • Rochelle Wilkinson
    Rochelle Wilkinson

    Chad wins

  • Riana Suhandi
    Riana Suhandi

    Does PZ4 has a crush on Daniel

  • Mohd Farid Abdul Razak
    Mohd Farid Abdul Razak

    Chad winner

  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz


  • Christine Bulosan
    Christine Bulosan

    Pz4 winner or Daniel winner

  • Trixia mae juan
    Trixia mae juan

    Are you guys a filipino im a filipino

  • Angelina Gonzalez
    Angelina Gonzalez

    Daniel winner

  • Ik Marlene
    Ik Marlene

    Pz4 winr

  • kassandra vazquez
    kassandra vazquez

    Chad winner

  • Aylan Wcosta
    Aylan Wcosta

    PZ4 is going to win

  • steven Li
    steven Li

    Daniel winner

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez

    Pz4 winner

  • Abby Jade
    Abby Jade

    I think Daniel is going to win because like he standard on it😎😎😎🤓🤓🤓😎😎😎

  • Normaa Lunaa
    Normaa Lunaa

    You guys should tell pz4 to take off her mask for 500 or more

  • Abby Jade
    Abby Jade

    What about vy she didn’t get her turn🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐

  • Ursila  Williams
    Ursila Williams

    Pz4 can do it

  • Samantha Leon
    Samantha Leon

    Daniel winner

  • Ger Moua
    Ger Moua

    I think dan

  • Terrance Howard
    Terrance Howard

    Daniel and pz4 should date it seams like Daniel like pz4

  • awesomemattawesome

    i look like PZ4 like a kid lol

  • Derek Busby
    Derek Busby

    1 daniel 2 Chad 3 pz4

  • Kathy Hess
    Kathy Hess

    PZ4 winner

  • Cormac Egan
    Cormac Egan

    Daniel winner

  • Wendy Wisner
    Wendy Wisner

    You should brake up with Chad and get together with

  • tiffany Linstrom
    tiffany Linstrom


  • Thatdude WHOISnew
    Thatdude WHOISnew

    LOL! This video made me laugh so much because of Pz4 and chad.

  • Heartsweet Marshmallow
    Heartsweet Marshmallow


  • Heartsweet Marshmallow
    Heartsweet Marshmallow

    Pz4 Win

  • Ann Coppinger
    Ann Coppinger

    I think Daniel will win

  • Alex Saquich
    Alex Saquich


  • Tyler callicutt
    Tyler callicutt

    Please take a fizzyforce mask

  • Scott Loves the presidents
    Scott Loves the presidents

    Daniel winner

  • morgan harnicher
    morgan harnicher


  • Lisday Bello
    Lisday Bello

    I have a new name PZ4 like Pz4

  • Alexander Morales
    Alexander Morales

    Can you give pz4 CWC merch

  • Amelia Manubay
    Amelia Manubay

    I'm so surprised Daniel won if he is still spy ninja training Amazing work Daniel i love guys

  • Rick Andrade
    Rick Andrade

    and daniel