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Kings vs Lakers | LeBron James Records Triple-Double | March 24, 2019
LeBron James registered his 8th triple-double of the season (81st of his career) as he finished with 29 points (9-22 FG, 3-6 3pt FG), 11 rebounds and 11 assists to lead the Lakers to a 111-106 victory over the Kings tonight in Los Angeles. With his 3 made threes, James has passed Dale Ellis (1,719) for 19th all-time in made threes. Kyle Kuzma added 29 points (21 in the 3rd quarter) and 6 rebounds in the victory. Marvin Bagley III led the Kings with 25 points (10-19 FG) and 11 rebounds, while Buddy Hield tallied 18 points (5-12 3pt FG) and 6 rebounds in the losing effort. With the win, the Lakers improve to 32-41, while the Kings fall to 36-37 on the season.
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  • SuperRip7

    No playoffs for LeBron this year. 06-14-19.

  • cabi Hshi
    cabi Hshi

    Goooooooooooooo LEBRON JAMES🏀

  • Papaw Shane
    Papaw Shane

    He says 'He says', jeez, it's all he says.

  • Don Wax
    Don Wax

    The Lakers need to keep Kuzma he is developing into a star

  • zyl zyl
    zyl zyl

    So this is LeFake hurt ?? My ass .. Someone paid that "doctor" to come out and save LeBum's reputation ... But we all knew that LeBroom is a "LEECH" that survives off Star Players success .. PERIOD

    • Twon Green
      Twon Green

      Said he on roids

  • Evan Roberts
    Evan Roberts

    Why can’t we play like this every game {Lakers}

  • NoahClark’s Channel
    NoahClark’s Channel

    They just need time to find chemistry next year there gonna be a major threat especially if they get a star player

  • Bobby Padilla
    Bobby Padilla

    Finally a Laker Win👏💪😃

  • Tyree Collins
    Tyree Collins

    I was gonna say don’t give the ball to lebron because he finna choke in free throws again. But that time he made 2 clutch free throws. I’m glad he came in clutch

  • A P
    A P

    Who cares about LeBron

  • Rob S.
    Rob S.

    this is a new team, he was with Cleveland for a number of years so they had a routine and knew all the plays. This team still needs some time to adjust and get chemistry

  • Breezy Phontain
    Breezy Phontain

    I think this lil line up are getting used to each other. The combo of lebron and kuz and LeBron and mcgee are potent. Sprinkle some kcp, a lil Caruso here and there and they doing pretty good

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy

    Lakers have a very boring commentary team

  • Mae Cervantes
    Mae Cervantes

    6:04 play

  • Michael Krieg
    Michael Krieg

    Even knowing they are eliminated from the playoffs. The Lakers still own the queens 😂

  • The Abominable Snowman 14
    The Abominable Snowman 14

    If Lakers lose: LBJ sucks, trade this bum, he made the team worse If Lakers win: LBJ a stat padder, why are you even trying anymore, you're out of the playoffs anyway? So like, how can y'all be satisfied? He can either win or lose.

  • Spurs456

    Where was this kinda play a month ago?

  • smowkdaddy

    Shut your pie hes LeBron haters! When he and Zion get together, the king will win another ring!

  • william garcia
    william garcia

    "Playoff mode reactivated in full throttle. Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4." Lebron.

  • Eleazar Gonzalez
    Eleazar Gonzalez

    Lakers not making the playoff again 😢 I really thought lebron was going to change it but nope

  • Vickie Cloird
    Vickie Cloird


  • Justin Shuler
    Justin Shuler

    When did all this team chemistry come back for the lakers? We need that locker room footage of what happened lol

  • station4hiphop

    Laker kobe fans and other haters has angered an already woke giant next for season.

  • Bigotes Bigotes
    Bigotes Bigotes

    We have next season to look forward to.. SOME of the pressure is now off the team, so they should be playing better next season...and by that i mean Bron

  • Bigotes Bigotes
    Bigotes Bigotes

    Lebron supporter all day everyday

  • North Alectron
    North Alectron

    Cry babies why would they go into the playoffs ? To get swept they waiting for next free agency and getting a good pick

  • Silky_Smooth 94
    Silky_Smooth 94

    Now all the sudden Lakers wanna play lol

  • Charles bonty
    Charles bonty

    I still think Bron is still the men of the game

  • Mo Black Money
    Mo Black Money

    What ever happened to all the Lebron / Jordan debates?? Oh, Lebrons a loser now!!!

  • Joe Om
    Joe Om

    How are they not dominate. I just dont get it. This is the coaches fault for not being able to master the chemistry of the team. Because when they work in synchronized harmony its a beautiful symphony with LBJ conducting

  • Tramaine Johnson
    Tramaine Johnson

    Get yo buckets lebron fuck what everyone else got to say, my nigga going through faze as he always does when with a new team by next year your gonna see a different team around lebron and everyone is gonna be hooping bruh it’s facts Idk if anyone watches but it’s always like this the first year the second year wen dey doing good everyone who talking shit fenna quiet

  • Helix Gaming - Gaming/Vlogs king
    Helix Gaming - Gaming/Vlogs king

    Little late to start doing good now

  • Alcides King
    Alcides King

    They played like before his season lets go....

  • Time Is Money
    Time Is Money

    They Win. When Lance is In

  • Jeff Assassin
    Jeff Assassin

    does it really matter if they even won this game? the lakers are out of the playoffs anyway Lebron is on his way down

  • Zachary Gaming
    Zachary Gaming

    4:38 look at LBJ he was never gonna get back on D.....That was the problem the whole season.......

  • David Arreguin
    David Arreguin

    trust the process

  • Antonio Tucker
    Antonio Tucker

    I see good things coming from the Lakers in the future there investment in labron James is far from over there's better days ahead Anthony Divas and a couple more pieces...🤔🤔🤔

    • Nisms

      Antonio Tucker nahh no need for Anthony

  • Dante McGary
    Dante McGary

    Finally won a game, too late though, y'all should've did that earlier in the season😒😒

  • Carl Lazarraga
    Carl Lazarraga

    The Lakers just now starting to get their shit together when it's too late lol

  • Eduardo Berrios
    Eduardo Berrios

    Guy's you what .why he decides to play .cause his just about personal status that's all he cares . He knows his loosing ground at Lakers Land .this win means nothing .they should pack and go home .I'm Not a Lebron Hater I'm a Basketball Fan that enjoy every game and players development known as competition that not every team has .this generation get's way to much money for less effort .

  • jizmm813

    In the last two games with them making McGhee the second option p & r and cut man, they actually look better

  • Josh Marchan
    Josh Marchan

    9:06 "I hope you stay as the coach"

  • justisligue

    The only reason y LeBron james was playing with high intensity aggressive's because of all the negative rumors that was said about him at Laker nation...CAUSE jim buss had already made her negative input towards LeBron he wants to be a leader...this dude needs to be exposed...cause y even try to pretend that ur a leader now at the last minute. When they lost play-off race...i believe the reason y the rest of the lakers team also played more because LeBron james probably have said something to these guy's during practice time or somewhere out there.

  • txdang2009

    Playoff mode activated! Oh wait, never mind. Maybe lottery mode?

  • tayshawntf vang
    tayshawntf vang

    Lebron looks healthy here... playing like his old self probably getting back to game speed.. hes not done!

  • Dylan Dietrich
    Dylan Dietrich

    Is it me or is it so fun to watch the young team of the kings

    • Bubby Bear
      Bubby Bear

      It is!! Them boys run n got a few Kentucky boys on that squad

  • DineNastyLakers

    No matter how bad the Lakers are, the Queen's still can't beat them

  • Omar ducaysane
    Omar ducaysane

    Stupid ass lebron aint shit

  • CJMacN1990

    Sacramento queens

  • Mitch Mitchell
    Mitch Mitchell

    Lebron actually played a little bit of "D" this game instead of watching dudes blow by him. I wonder if he knows they're eliminated?

  • TheKidDaniel

    Comentators sucking the lakers dick

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown

    Nice team win for the true Laker Nation! 👏👏

    • Jason Boswell
      Jason Boswell

      He trying to Tank to get a pick # nuber 1

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez

    Mcgee ballin out there!

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic


  • MexDurango11

    It's always good to beat the Sacramento Queens and try to take them out of playoff contention

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic


  • Ray Malv
    Ray Malv

    Wtf are the lakers doing ? They can’t even tank good. Your out the playoffs , so the obvious thing to do is to lose . So they can position themselves for a lottery pick .

  • SpaceMarine 101
    SpaceMarine 101

    Lebron trash he can't even beat Brian Scalabrine the Goat.

    • SpaceMarine 101
      SpaceMarine 101

      It was a joke

    • Alexandro King
      Alexandro King

      Fuckoff 🖕

  • Fatherkamp

    They better start losing . Fucking lit ass niggas lmfao

  • Victor Maldonado
    Victor Maldonado

    8:03 kyrie 😢😢😢😢

  • kim nguyen
    kim nguyen

    Lebron: I’ll go to the finals this year! Lebron: Nevermind.

    • Sigmund Sanders
      Sigmund Sanders

      kim nguyen yeah 8 straight but you wanna get on social media and act silly. Boy i tell ya 🙄

  • Raymond Marks
    Raymond Marks

    Im not even a fan of the lakers. But they had the talent this year to be a play off team.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Lakers can’t even tank properly

  • Raymond Marks
    Raymond Marks

    Sadly the lakers had a play off team

  • Cameron Daniel
    Cameron Daniel

    5:26 By far the most I've seen LeBron sweat this season. Love seeing him play hard on both ends. Don't mind ending this season on a high note. Even if we got a high pick we'd probably trade him away!

  • klank rank
    klank rank

    This proves the lakers been tanking

  • Pimp Og
    Pimp Og

    Rather have Kobe in his current stage than have lebum on the team

    • Jordon Sowers
      Jordon Sowers

      Different time. Different team. Different circumstances. Are u a Lakers fan? Cause if so, did u whine this much when Kobe wasn't able to even get u to the playoffs or lose first round. Just shut up. Wait til next season. They'll make moves and be better. I know for damn sure it won't happen this way again

  • Adidas Man44
    Adidas Man44

    LeStat Padder got his triple dub!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Adidas Man44
      Adidas Man44

      @Charles bonty Facts!!!

    • Charles bonty
      Charles bonty


  • D Smoove
    D Smoove

    Playoff Mode Acti..... Oh

    • 98all legend
      98all legend

      Retire mode activated hopefully

  • Juny Evo
    Juny Evo

    I'm a bron fan but they need good pieces especially from the bench . they where 4 at the beginning of the season bron got hurt didn't play 18 games and this team couldn't at lease maintain that's spot. And when bron come back they where 10 spot. And its bron fault that there in 10 spot seriously when he didn't play those game but for the ignorants its lebron fault they couldn't go to the play off right people while he still leading in points for the team.

    • Chucks Tailor
      Chucks Tailor

      Lmao drugs ^^

    • mm

      @Chucks Tailor an undercover lebron fan? LMAOOO he's trash but has to be worse things than admiring your a lebron fan

    • Chucks Tailor
      Chucks Tailor

      mm yeah ur corny lol lbj appreciates you watching his highlights tho. Ur probably a undercover fan

    • mm

      @Chucks Tailor and u clearly do both

    • Chucks Tailor
      Chucks Tailor

      Mm Cool Story. Watch more Basketball. Put down the Drugs

  • Hash Moncrief
    Hash Moncrief

    Only move the Lakers need to move this offseason is to get rid of LeBron

    • The Abominable Snowman 14
      The Abominable Snowman 14

      Desmond Hackney Jr He's a faker bro. It's all good

    • Desmond Hackney Jr
      Desmond Hackney Jr

      Franky Boo Arthurs cmon man lol he’s averaging 27.3pts,8.6reb,8.2ast missed 18 games and just dropped a triple double and is nearly averaging one since all star break quit hating man

  • Gordan Ramsay
    Gordan Ramsay

    This shit is pointless Lakers not even making the playoff

  • darkness winZ
    darkness winZ

    5 sec violation tht was funny

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    I get the fans crying about lottery pick etc...but Finishing the season strong is much more valuable to franchise in so many levels.

    • station4hiphop

      But if he continues to play he is accused of stacking the stat record. He cant win either way. Miss me with the fake concern.

    • I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too
      I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

      Not in the Lakers 1 year deal to 5-6 players case..

    • Ramon Lovato
      Ramon Lovato

      Ehh not really the season has been so bad that a win against the kings won’t do anything for the team morals. It’ll do something for Lebrons ego but the whole team knows they are gone after this season

  • David Houghton
    David Houghton

    Bron still looking like the best player in the world.

  • The Lonely Banter
    The Lonely Banter

    No Playoff Mode activated by LeBron. You show em King!

  • Troyzswagger

    Bro Javale is so good. I hope the Lakers sign him again next season.

    • Charles bonty
      Charles bonty

      You think like me

    • Desmond Hackney Jr
      Desmond Hackney Jr

      Mr. Falcon I hope KCP goes hes not shooting the ball well this year he did have a 35pt game the other night against Milwaukee but he’s been inconsistent even his defense has been exposed at times this season and l agree with u those guys prolly locks but I hope they keep Curraso around

    • Mr. Falcon
      Mr. Falcon

      Players the Lakers will probably keep are: Lonzo, Javale, Kuzma, Ingram, Lebron, Wagner, KCP(maybe), and Hart. Rest can go

    • Desmond Hackney Jr
      Desmond Hackney Jr

      Troyzswagger yea he is a good rim protector and catches lobs i also like curaso they needa keep him around as well

  • zyl zyl
    zyl zyl

    Unfortunately for the Lakers this game doesn't make a difference ..

    • Divide

      You're right why did they even get on the floor to play

  • Alex Hern
    Alex Hern

    I'd still trade LBJ in a heartbeat!

    • Donny D
      Donny D

      Trade lebron would be like bulls trading jordan .Not going to happen

    • Desmond Hackney Jr
      Desmond Hackney Jr

      Alex Hern and u sure sound dumb asf lol

    • Crypto Kidd
      Crypto Kidd

      Alex Hern i’d still trade you for a bag of shit!

  • Andre Scott
    Andre Scott

    The Expendables 4

  • Ariana Grande For Life
    Ariana Grande For Life

    LeGOAT should have teamed up with Embiid and Simmons smh


      Nigga say legoat like if they gonna make the playoffs lmao

    • Eternal drakkon
      Eternal drakkon

      Yea true..but only thing they dont have a bench those big guys tire a lil too quick...well nit only jus need a bench to rest them they wld of been iron....

  • Ron The Non Toxic Straight White Male
    Ron The Non Toxic Straight White Male

    A lil too late.... the Lakers will look completely different next season so why risk injury?? I know why... LBJ gonna be the only player ever to reach 40k points 11k rebounds 11k assists. Also, my money says lebron will win atleast 1 ring with the Lakers and maybe more of golden state doesn't win it all this season and kd ends up in the east. Lakers, mavs, suns and Sacramento are the future of the western conference!!!!

    • Stheno Reborn
      Stheno Reborn

      @Roy Batty normally you're right. But if LeBron is actually playing like LeBron next season it'll be back to normal most likely. The Lakers without LeBron aren't in championship form at all and I 100% agree. But let's not forget this is LeBron James we're talking about who kept bringing the Cavs to the championship despite the fact the rest of the team was borderline trash after Kyrie left

    • Archard Simmons
      Archard Simmons


    • Ron The Non Toxic Straight White Male
      Ron The Non Toxic Straight White Male

      @Roy Batty I do live in Colorado so I am smoking that fire!!! And you are a hater so take your biased ass somewhere else...

    • Roy Batty
      Roy Batty

      Wtf u smoking? Lakers are a minimum two years away from championship form. L36bron will be 37 by then....

    • David Houghton
      David Houghton

      You forgot Clippers. Cali bout to be lit

  • Andre Scott
    Andre Scott

    I must have been a beautiful day in La the stars and the moon must have been aligned.. and they still only just squeaked out a win

    • Cameron Daniel
      Cameron Daniel

      Ugly days are rare down here in LA! Can't believe Bron made those free throws tho...good man

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas

    LeBowser glad they didn't have Super Mario because he would of stopped the triple double

    • ThreeCreators

      John Thomas rotfl lebowser. That was a good one

  • Eddiemia Coria
    Eddiemia Coria

    Yeah and where was that hype cheering shit all year,, OH I FORGOT THEY AINT IN PLAYOFFS.. SHOULD OF PLAYED BETTER THE WHOLE YEAR.

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    I knew Caruso had talent

  • Ballers In The Making
    Ballers In The Making

    its about time.

  • Adventure Clips
    Adventure Clips

    About dam time

  • TrickyNick

    Lakers need to make some moves.. get him Kemba and Ad.. this blasphemy so hard to watch.

  • Baller4life 13
    Baller4life 13

    What a good time to record a triple double smh

    • Desmond Hackney Jr
      Desmond Hackney Jr

      Miami\BrooklynFan 31 brons been good even though they have struggled he’s almost averaging a triple double since all star break

  • joe jones
    joe jones

    They always had the's about if you want it bad enough or will always come to that

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      @Stheno Reborn Yep. Injuries did hold us back

    • Stheno Reborn
      Stheno Reborn

      True. Everyone's freaking out now because they didn't make the playoffs but look at LeBron ever since he came back he looked like he didn't even want to be there. Not playing as aggressively, sitting at the edge of the bench away from his team, etc. They didn't get beat out because they're a trash team they got beat out because a lot of their players including their star weren't in it like they should have been

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      @Mutahi Elliott Yeah

    • Mutahi Elliott
      Mutahi Elliott

      If the injury bug didn't bite the Lakers they would have been a 4 or 5 seed in my humble opinion.

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      Yep. And also injuries did hurt us sooo

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    Yeah its nice to see them play like this but their season is over better luck next year

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Imagine being so over rated that morons think he could drag ANYONE/ANY TEAM to the Conference Finals...IN THE WEST...then going to the West...AND YOU AND YOUR IDIOT FANS GETTING EXPOSED 😂😂😂🤣🤣 LMMFAO

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Hahahahhhah now he ruining their tanking

    • Christopher Lee
      Christopher Lee

      LA as a franchise needs to be competitive against other Cali teams so fans don't bleed. They can tank against everyone else.

    • hamhockbeans

      Media gonna talk about this game all week long.

  • Joseph Wells
    Joseph Wells

    They tryna tank to get Zion 😂

  • Lee G
    Lee G

    Lebron is fun to watch and all, but he suddenly has so much energy once the playoffs are off the table. I guess now that the pressure is lifted he can just improve his record for his first season with the Lakers even though it won’t help much with the media/fans because he’s gotten so much backlash. If he learns to adapt to his team and adjusts his mentality a little bit and maybe gets a solid addition to the team, the Lakers could be a contender next year. Oh, and more consistent defense from Lebron wouldn’t hurt either.

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      @Lee G You're cute lol. Just wanted to say that

    • Lee G
      Lee G

      Dre' agreed

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      @eddiezamora1986 Good point

    • eddiezamora1986

      @Goku Black yea lakers can be good and beat top teams. But in a 7 game series they cant do it consistency, for that reason if lakers can they will need 2 legit players. Now in the nba you need 2 to 3 top players in a team. Yes you can beat the warrior's but in the playoff the 5 future hall of famers will bring there legit skills. That's something lakers can't do because the kids are good ENOUGH maybe 4 to 5 years from now they will have a name for them selfs but thats a big if. I still think lakers will move players around.

    • Desmond Hackney Jr
      Desmond Hackney Jr

      Lee G nah this is all Bc this is another LA team they faced they don’t wanna lose lots of fans to them now the rest of the season they’ll probably finish 2-7 and get a top 8-10 pick which they’ll probably use in a trade I hope they come back motivated and ready nxt season

  • Alyrricyst Sacarsa Smith
    Alyrricyst Sacarsa Smith

    Lmao but he ain't going to be in the playoffs.

    • Wazzup DG
      Wazzup DG

      Alyrricyst Sacarsa Smith didn't y'all choke a 18pt lead by the hornets?? Playoffs season not looking good for them. Anyways, GOOD LUCK 🍀🍀🍀

    • Alyrricyst Sacarsa Smith
      Alyrricyst Sacarsa Smith

      @Fresh C Keep dreaming bitch.

    • Fresh C
      Fresh C

      And y'all are gonna get knocked out in the first round😂

  • Chili Plays
    Chili Plays

    Perfect timing

  • BKRsport

    Imagine blaming LeBron for this failing Lakers squad.

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      @Desmond Hackney Jr THANKS FOR PROVING ME RIGHT!! BWA HA HA 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      @Desmond Hackney Jr moron they went like 10-21 when his over rated ass came back...idiot

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      @Desmond Hackney Jr hey dumbass what they go with him?

    • Desmond Hackney Jr
      Desmond Hackney Jr

      Chris Smith he missed 18 games they went 6-12 get on dumbass lol

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      @Desmond Hackney Jr YEAH BECAUSE HE CAN'T MAKE IT!!😂😂🤣🤣🤣