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Kevin Gates "RGWN" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)
Watch the official music video for "RGWN" by Kevin Gates.
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Right Game Wrong Nigga (Watts Performance) - dir by @shotbyspencer
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  • damian bed
    damian bed

    Dla mnie numer jeden w całej rap grze.... mistrz 🙏 jest 💪 pozdro z Polski ✌️

  • Rampapa Rampapa
    Rampapa Rampapa

    Gates looks homeless and rich at the same time.

  • FuckSleep, Grind
    FuckSleep, Grind

    i ain’t never stop grinding ya herd me 🔥🐐

  • arbit3r

    This nigga look like if Chris brown and The Game had a baby.

  • bestgameplays2

    😎 Stop scrolling for a sec. stretch your scrolling thumb a lil bit and and take a breather, you need a break from all that scrolling youve been doing. like this comment then continue your long journey through the comments section:) i also got chill lofi beats and hard rap beats for whenever you need something to relax to, or rap to.

  • Dewillis Sandifer
    Dewillis Sandifer

    I take the H mix it out put it in ah vice 💯💪

  • El jefe Holmes
    El jefe Holmes

    Listen to my beats

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez

    This been on repeat

  • Dewillis Sandifer
    Dewillis Sandifer

    Crying inside think about how you living 😢💪💯

  • Lisa Tui
    Lisa Tui

    Right game wrong B**** 💯💯💯

  • 420 Gods
    420 Gods

    This shit goooo toooo Hard🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Emmy Covers
    Emmy Covers

    *I did an acoustic cover of this song if anyone wants to peep it:)* I know it's not what people would expect me to cover but I love Gates and I'd love some feedback!

  • Dewillis Sandifer
    Dewillis Sandifer

    Gates talk with his hands

  • Lester Mcintosh
    Lester Mcintosh

    That ending though 💯🆙️💯

  • Dewillis Sandifer
    Dewillis Sandifer

    Got bookoo nigga dissing me but I'm surprised 💯🔥💪

  • J C
    J C

    Whoever likes this will be dealt the cards life already has dealt for you. Just hopefully you end up on top. One.

  • Peanut

  • Ty Graham
    Ty Graham

    cuz bwa is that shit ill do that right shit cuz i love to keep me

  • Derrick Bright
    Derrick Bright

    Gifted level for real for real

  • Derrick Bright
    Derrick Bright


  • Mary King
    Mary King

    Y’all like this you’ll love this 🔥

  • Vendetta Jr Official channel
    Vendetta Jr Official channel

    The booty eater is at it again 🔥

  • e h
    e h

    guys follow @davexkevindaily for the most fire ig kevin gates content

  • Anonym OS
    Anonym OS

    BWA fans here

    • Dewillis Sandifer
      Dewillis Sandifer

      Already #BWA

  • Thomas McLeod
    Thomas McLeod

    Fuck yall thought we was the goddamn boyscout 😂

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    Kevin Gates One Of The Realest in The Industry No Cap,Alot Of Us Can Relate To His Shit

  • Mike Prime Producer
    Mike Prime Producer

    Such a inspiration

  • Geneva Roddy
    Geneva Roddy

    He’s so fine❤️❤️

  • Jared Burrell
    Jared Burrell

    He in g too you you wasmt

  • angelpositivity

    Your songs do something to me. When you talk about meditation I know it is a sign ....Thankyou.

  • Damo Nawfdallas
    Damo Nawfdallas

    My muthafuckin shit 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • W.S.23*19 DOC
      W.S.23*19 DOC

      We'll put!!!!!

  • Alex Lawson
    Alex Lawson

    Protect gates at all cost !!

  • Lazarito El Retro
    Lazarito El Retro


  • Kaemon George
    Kaemon George

    Was that wnc whopp??

  • Joshua Newby
    Joshua Newby

    BLing blaaaoa

  • Losing Light
    Losing Light

    “Ain’t nothin I’m running from I was taught how to run it up”💯

  • Lunar Melodies
    Lunar Melodies

    🔥 beats on my page

  • Hector controlla
    Hector controlla

    POWER up the blunt!!!!!!!

  • Rayo Beatz
    Rayo Beatz

    some fire beats right here:

  • Dewillis Sandifer
    Dewillis Sandifer

    Big G shit no pressure getting held back.

  • DreamCityBeats


  • Dewillis Sandifer
    Dewillis Sandifer

    2019 Bread Winner Team nigga look who up now...

  • havixnova gaming
    havixnova gaming

    Gates ftw

  • Brady Petty
    Brady Petty

    What RGWN mean? Thanks in advance

    • Jay The Troll
      Jay The Troll

      Right Game Wrong Negro

  • Felica Wilson
    Felica Wilson

    🔥 Gates

  • Priscilla Miller
    Priscilla Miller

    Right game wrong nigga 🤞🏽❤️😍

  • Last First
    Last First

    Like I'd you think Kevin Gates is better than Luca Brasi

    • Jeremiah Ediger
      Jeremiah Ediger

      Last First what the fuck you talking bout lmfao

  • Mike Dean
    Mike Dean


  • samii kns
    samii kns


  • brown demonia
    brown demonia

    Kev if u ever come London I promise u don't need no security the hood got u

  • brown demonia
    brown demonia

    He only makes Gangster music it's to real for 95procence

  • brown demonia
    brown demonia

    Hands down this is the best rapper alive

  • dragon 3xd
    dragon 3xd


  • Tripinn Urple
    Tripinn Urple

    str8 fact bra🔥🔥

  • Tyler Haley
    Tyler Haley

    He never disappoints 🙏🏽

  • Mac Entertainment Enterprise Cooley
    Mac Entertainment Enterprise Cooley

    👍👍 up. Keep on Roc-en it. 👀💿👊🏻💯🇮🇹🖕🔥✌🏻😉

  • Joseph Corona
    Joseph Corona

    Whoever dislike this never had a knife in they back from the fuck shit people have done to them But I pray you never know the feeling

  • Justice Upton
    Justice Upton

    This song reminds me of when I was in prison

    • Shane Przybilla
      Shane Przybilla

      Dropped the soap turned yo star into a moon good times

  • Shawn Sharkey
    Shawn Sharkey this a vibe go check it out

  • Soler Tech
    Soler Tech

    Who was here before 1 mil I know I was ✋🏽

  • Ian Chege
    Ian Chege

    #EveryTimeTheyTearUDownImaBuildUBackUp. Much love .254 Kenya 🇰🇪

  • Kylynn


  • Karura

    RIP Mazi

  • Brandon Kass
    Brandon Kass

    He always dropping bangers


    BWA TANK40

  • Tharry Salley
    Tharry Salley

    The harmony of this song!!! 🤩🤩

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    Why isn’t this shit on Spotify yet?

  • Nearsun Casimir
    Nearsun Casimir

    2:54 best part of the song

  • Cat People documentarys
    Cat People documentarys


  • Rykiro

    Lived in Baton Rouge for years. Saw gates at the mall once. Told me: “Misunderstood but rich as fuck”

  • Joe Ashe
    Joe Ashe

    Been crankin this one all week


    2019 gonna be crazy..

  • Nani Farras
    Nani Farras


  • Bih Bih
    Bih Bih

    hoping on me too video too sir

  • Lew Dawg The 3rd
    Lew Dawg The 3rd

    U cannot deny that , I’ve never messed with gates super heavy but this song was fire

  • LB

    I take the H mix it up, put that in a vice, 5 ton jack, recompress on both sides

  • Thomas Dunbar
    Thomas Dunbar

    Where can i find that nike track suit he wearing

  • 亗ĐÃ{M̨̐}ÃŔ


  • Kitty Lillian
    Kitty Lillian

    Kevin go too hard! He a real talented artist unlike all these mumble rappers these days... Kevin a talented trapper who aint just usin *IGrocket* *com* to get they followers up.. SMH

    • Naruto Uzamaki
      Naruto Uzamaki

      yo that's a good ass marketing ploy execution

    • Jnay213

      you can stop commenting this on every video... be gone thot

  • Alex Bell
    Alex Bell

    he did it again! Gates, Cole, Weezy all 2019!!

  • nick_panks

    yo this beat slaps! big ups to the producer

  • Trapboy Tr3
    Trapboy Tr3

  • Web Developer
    Web Developer

    kevin the last real rapper left...all else have sold their sold to the devil

  • MegaChandon

  • Ty Graham
    Ty Graham

    god told me life is great so i realliess cuz don,t do that gang shit cuz i live in the rian

  • Jimmy Bateman
    Jimmy Bateman

    I just started listening to gates. What other songs of his bop like this?

    • LB

      All his songs are classics, Arm and Hammer is another classic by Gates

    • LB

      Luca Brasi 1+ 2, Stranger than Fiction, Murder for hire 1 + 2, By Any Means 1 + 2 all are fire albums by Gates, classic trap albums. Islah is also quality. But all his old stuff is legendary and I recommend listening to all the albums I listed if you like gates.

  • job mureithi
    job mureithi

    'Speeding up the mountains with my hands all on her thigh' ...last verse but seems like the first

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez

    Kevin Gates is one of the best artist in my option 🗣🗣🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Team NFE Magnolia
      Team NFE Magnolia

      You mean opinion?

  • Tharry Salley
    Tharry Salley


  • Dre The God
    Dre The God

    check me out plz

  • Dre The God
    Dre The God

  • T Williams
    T Williams

    That ride tho💙

  • Mike Price
    Mike Price

    When he fired up the wood in the last verse it popped like the firecracker blunt wshh 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Charles Agim
    Charles Agim

    Hey homie

  • hardnockz forlife
    hardnockz forlife

    fuck kevin gates toes sucking ass ma fukka

    • hardnockz forlife
      hardnockz forlife

      +newbgreg who da fuck says get some money to someone they never met or seen in there life! stop pocket watching bitch

    • newbgreg

      hardnockz forlife doubt it

    • hardnockz forlife
      hardnockz forlife

      +newbgreg the bank sick of me I'm in and out so much! And I never see y'all internet pussys in the bank eather 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • newbgreg

      Get some money 😂😇

  • Nikolas Cruz
    Nikolas Cruz

    Havent I heard this several hits ago need some new dope

  • Ate Five Edibles 8 5 edibles
    Ate Five Edibles 8 5 edibles

    Shout out to my baby mamas having sons

    • Ate Five Edibles 8 5 edibles
      Ate Five Edibles 8 5 edibles

      Kg always speak raw shit I hope to god he never forgets the life he came from. He making it big as f r n so it would be tough to not

  • phoenixx mitchell
    phoenixx mitchell


  • Monica Hauser
    Monica Hauser

    I been listening to this shit all year around kevin gates.. Cause the shit he saying be reliving