Kevin Gates - Return Of The Mack
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  • Bronco Dad
    Bronco Dad

    Lmao that nigga said, that lil pussy feel expensive, cuz my teeth diamomds. Even ate you on the rag Now I got pink diamonds lmao

  • Joel Embiid
    Joel Embiid

    I really wanted you but you just wanted surgery

  • Sean Arsenault
    Sean Arsenault

    Dammm 🔥

  • Brian Baker
    Brian Baker

    Gates like dat 💪💪💯💯 forever rockin wit him 🔥🔥

  • Tara Billings
    Tara Billings

    “We holding court, I’m convicting you of burglary. You stole my heart ❤️ den ran off, you like to murder me”! 💪🏼✊🏼🔥💯‼️

  • dat. loud
    dat. loud

    Pussy feel lil expensive cuz my teeth pink diamonds

  • Alexandria Ellick
    Alexandria Ellick

    He cannot do no wrong in my eyes!! GATES the GOAT🙌🏽

  • kittie Gabor
    kittie Gabor


  • Big Shawdy
    Big Shawdy

    This shit lame, bruh getting lamer and lamer

  • Orlando Perez
    Orlando Perez

    You lieeeedd to me! LMFAO 😂

  • WhyNotCrash


  • Daishawn Givins
    Daishawn Givins

    Want to see Kevin and Rick Ross make music together that's going to be 🔥

  • Daishawn Givins
    Daishawn Givins

    Bruh everytime I listening to Kevin it's 🔥knows how to make music

  • Looch Lee TV
    Looch Lee TV What the F**k they know bout are love I Don’t get tired Hit the Gas and Power Up 💪🏽

  • Jason Toney vlogs
    Jason Toney vlogs

    I’m waiting for wonderland

  • jackderaway

    He ain’t lying bout them pink diamond neither. Lmaoooo too real but I can’t say nothin.

  • MiKe Rich
    MiKe Rich

    Kevin Gates misunderstood by many but we understand you. I love this guy!

  • Dr. Donrì
    Dr. Donrì


  • j readdy
    j readdy

    Now all you niggas are going to start eating bloody pussy lmaooooo

  • Sharlie-kay Barlow
    Sharlie-kay Barlow


  • Brandi Garrett
    Brandi Garrett


  • cooper garcia
    cooper garcia

    I Don't typically listen to rap/hip-hop but his shit is fire

  • TaNaj TWilliams
    TaNaj TWilliams

    Bitch I’m turnt on yo ass!!

  • Hardhead Lee
    Hardhead Lee

    Tend to hurt you wen a person make u hurt inside I felt dat

  • Darryl Harris
    Darryl Harris

    Who still jammin Gates in 2034?

  • Olivia Bright
    Olivia Bright

    He floated right over the beat effortlessly. #Talent

  • Malena Ambeau
    Malena Ambeau

    I Love Him Soo Much 🔥🔥🔥

  • Devernius143 Reigning
    Devernius143 Reigning

    pure 🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 Breadwinners

  • Ashley Ruffin
    Ashley Ruffin

    That BITCHHH ROLL !!! 🎼🎼🎼

  • Stephan Oliver
    Stephan Oliver

    Bruhhh!!!! Straight ⛽⛽ 4:20@m ATL💪💪💥

  • CeeJay Curlett
    CeeJay Curlett


  • Rhino Wright
    Rhino Wright

    Love this song I been rocking with gates ever since I heard "behind enemy lines" and "all or nothing"

  • bean sprout
    bean sprout

    You a soldier you stay powered up. We fill dat order an get'em gone, let my babe hold my cash when it get long. Haha

  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez

    Janette R. Whut da fuck they know bout R Love 💖😝😍

  • Shannon Blair
    Shannon Blair

    I swear when I heal up from this shit bitch ima shit on you 💯💪 🔥

  • Zack Brady
    Zack Brady

    Can't wait to see you in 2 days man!!

  • Adrieanna Sample
    Adrieanna Sample


  • J Pru
    J Pru

    On Apple Music

  • Mr RightNow
    Mr RightNow

    *G A T E S*

  • Deon Humphrey
    Deon Humphrey

    nice music

  • J Pru
    J Pru

    Kevin I know you don’t read comments: I’ve watched plenty of interviews to know that: I just wanted to say I sick of the comments calling you a gangster. Please make a song letting folks know the difference between gangster life a real hood ninja’s. No disrespect to gangsters but Kevin ain’t a gangster he a real ninja from the hood, that has experienced gangster shit, and real shit ninja’s from the hood go through.

  • J Pru
    J Pru

    It’s on I tunes now🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • Miles Smith
    Miles Smith

    Kangaroo Court, im convicting you of burglary

  • Linds

    My jam on the way to work at 6:45am 🔥🔥🎶🎶😝

    • Jaci Beatty
      Jaci Beatty

      Gates stays playing omw to work at 6am ❤🎶📢

    • ** Keeping The Most High First Always **
      ** Keeping The Most High First Always **

      Go listen to Taylor Swift!

    • posse killamw
      posse killamw

      Return of the mack

  • Thabang Tee
    Thabang Tee

    Gates is back I say really really

  • gone getit
    gone getit

    Dats Kev 💪

  • Eriah Scott
    Eriah Scott

    Finally wtf 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Isaiahfunny _
    Isaiahfunny _

    Is he talking about dreaka ?

  • Xavier Taylor
    Xavier Taylor

    Good single but not worth buying

  • Jalyne Doucet
    Jalyne Doucet


  • James Guinn
    James Guinn

    He bout to shit on dreka

  • Toya Bonilla
    Toya Bonilla

    Vexation of spirit is a waste of time Negative thinking, don't you waste your thoughts Verbal conflict is a waste of word Physical conflict is a waste of flesh People will always be who they want And that's what really makes the world go 'round Unconditional love is scarce

  • G. W.
    G. W.

    T R A S H

  • Blondee Barbie
    Blondee Barbie

    Nigga ran off with your money and THEN HE LIED TO YA #trueSTORY

  • lefthandcigg 425
    lefthandcigg 425

    How many dicks you think this goofy took in jail?

    • sssssss


  • M O H A M M A D
    M O H A M M A D


  • Bianca Navarro
    Bianca Navarro

    I love you kevin gates

    • Bianca Navarro
      Bianca Navarro

      I love the song really really

  • Timmy Tpac
    Timmy Tpac

    Shout out to this nigga bruv he true no faking shit respek first u digg #TheKevinGatesWay

  • Amanda Burton
    Amanda Burton

    I used to grip on your little waist with my chain glistening... What the fuck they know about our love?

  • Trenton Machiavelli Colt
    Trenton Machiavelli Colt

    Pink DIAMONDS 😂⚡

  • Quinton Hayes
    Quinton Hayes

    This song slaps hard asf on subs

  • Luke Jensin
    Luke Jensin

    If it was dj akademiks it would be called return of the Big Mac

  • Pay Jay
    Pay Jay

    Return of the macc holy go here i am

  • Eric Niemi
    Eric Niemi

    Who else went and listened to some mark Morrison after this? Lol you young bloods wouldn't know how much that song was played at clubs back in the day lol shoooot

  • 20Saks

    I just became a fan about a year ago.

  • Axel Vermontov
    Axel Vermontov

    hello from Russia - can u show me how work with sound by vocal ? i d prefer your style i need some instructions ..\/,

  • Justbecause Ofmoney
    Justbecause Ofmoney

    Song trash but I’m tryna do a feature

  • Joseph Janaman
    Joseph Janaman

    SUCKS! Thought it was gonna be a throwback!

  • Scott Graham
    Scott Graham

    return of the mack get em what it is what it does what it is what it isnt

  • Tee M
    Tee M

    1000 of these views are mine 😂