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Kevin Durant is 'unguardable' & needs to stop limiting himself - Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to asses Kevin Durant's 38-point Game 3 performance as the Golden State Warriors won 132-105 over the Los Angeles Clippers. Hear why Broussard thinks KD must not limit himself during this playoff run.
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Kevin Durant is 'unguardable' & needs to stop limiting himself - Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Is Kevin Durant the NBA's best player?

    • Johancy Pluviose
      Johancy Pluviose


    • Jonathan O
      Jonathan O

      I’ll buy it when he doesn’t play next to an all nba or one of the best of all time point guards

    • finishocker


    • Dj Hawkins
      Dj Hawkins

      No, Kevin Durant is not the best NBA player I'm a LeBron James fan!

    • Binh Nguyen
      Binh Nguyen

      Him or Steph

  • hearts braves
    hearts braves

    I can't wait a date we meet KD..

  • Jay Tillah
    Jay Tillah

    38 45 50 I see kd scoring 80-100 this playoffs

  • NotFun Foreal
    NotFun Foreal

    like it's so obvious skip hates lebron.... why?

    • si lewis
      si lewis

      like because he has the talent to be the greatest but falls short mentally

  • Aeko Yamabuki
    Aeko Yamabuki

    Jhjjjtujlujyjjjlljjlililooi RyuryurturttturtuturtruturttyrutsaTurturtrutrutrtJASjD$&& kk

  • Kaba Kafe
    Kaba Kafe


  • Richard Gonzalez
    Richard Gonzalez

    Typical undisputed show Shanon: KD is a unstoppable scorer the man is 7 feet tall can put the ball on the floor and shoot with the best of him Skip: remember 3 years ago when he shot it in lebron's face. Was that not the most clutch shot in NBA history Shanon: oh I thought Jordan hit the most clutch shots Skip: let me tell you something about the best NBA player ever Michael jefferey Jordan. If you swap Jordan with lebron on that same Cavs team. KD WILL BE DESTROYED MENTALLY BY MY GUY, LET ME TELL YOU HE WOULD LOCKDOWN KEVIN DURANT DOWN AND MAKE HIM LOOK FOOLISH. JORDAN NEVER MISSED A SHOT IN THE PLAYOFFS. HE HAD TEETH WHITER THEN THE TOP OF THE HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINS AND PEOPLE WILL SAY LEBRON WOULDVE BULLIED HIM IF THEY EVER PLAYED AND THATS LAUGHABLE TO ME BECAUSE JORDAN BENCHED 600 POUNDS WHEN HE WAS 10, See you guys wouldnt know this because you weren't around when I was covering the bulls in 1995 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂👍

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis

    and keep the fukin camera on Jenny

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis

    What I don’t get is why is Brou giving the warriors advice help 😡

  • Jamaal Ali
    Jamaal Ali

    Chris idipt Broussard, he plays with 4 other guys on the floor, you have to defer to your teammates...He doesn't have to play like James Harden in order for his team to win...

  • Kristopher Pasia
    Kristopher Pasia

    Better than Kawhi....But not ungardable

  • TheGGMan

    Hear me out on this one. Maybe he's trying to take a step back to Steph so Steph can win the finals MVP. If that's the case it could be dangerous cos good teams like Houston and Raps can take advantage of that.

  • Captain CC27
    Captain CC27

    Durant has never been consistent

  • Brandon Moreland
    Brandon Moreland

    Oh get out of here, you can't guard him properly because their so deep in their roster. If Durant never went to golden state they would still be championship contenders, without golden state Durant would be right where Westbrook is right now, struggling. Yes hes an elite player but these guys act like golden state wasn't just as good before he got there

  • Splxshy Harp
    Splxshy Harp


  • Kwame kwame
    Kwame kwame

    Did skip say the ex king? Oh lawd 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    KD now is the best scorer in the nba I agree he is limiting himself could be a personality thing combined with negative 👎 influence in the locker room ! Wow 😮 shanan sharp is one of my favorite analysts on tv! He’s talented for sure you can see it and the way he talks is very fun and I’m amazed at his knowledge in basketball 🏀 because he’s an athlete not surprised and one of my favorite football 🏈 players of all time ! YOU NEED YOUR OWN SHOW SHANAN 🤓


    Y’all really think Harden is just a scorer😂😂he’s a better overall offensive player Nd yes he’s a better scorer there’s a reason kd went to the warriors while harden puts his team on his back year after year

  • William McDonald
    William McDonald

    Kevin is the best player in the league, period

  • Travis Lawrence
    Travis Lawrence

    Why does Skip think LeBron losing to a Warriors team with four all stars is some kind of stain on LeBron record?

  • Deadman TV
    Deadman TV

    harden is also unguardable... when you guard him, he flop.

  • drew c
    drew c

    I love Harden and Curry, but KD is at another tier. KD is most definitely the best player in the world and he has been for the past few years. It’s KD at the top and then Harden, Greek freak, Curry, Lebron, Kawhi, (in no specific order), then we go down another tier to AD, PG, Embiid, Kyrie, Westbrook, and Dame, and then down another tier to the perennial all-stars, like Klay, Butler, KAT, Blake, CP, Wall, Kemba, Beal, and then to the regular all-stars like Lowry, Draymond, Derozan, Aldridge, Simmons, Drummond, etc.

  • Patrick Parke
    Patrick Parke

    Wen kd bring a team on him back we can say him is a great player in the nba

  • Meekah She
    Meekah She

    KD=35= 🌱=🤑💸💵💴💶💰

  • dylan yates
    dylan yates

    King Kev 👑

  • Scotty Carreiro
    Scotty Carreiro

    When Durant is in his zone forget about it....... nobody I mean NOBODY can stop the MAN!!

  • G V
    G V

    If KD leaves GSW I see him having an MVP year that season

  • Marvin Cano
    Marvin Cano

    Boogie went down. Kev came out

  • Rascally Rellic
    Rascally Rellic

    Arguably KD is the best player in the game

  • Michael Layman
    Michael Layman

    Love ya fuh q Means Michael love much love

  • Stoner GamingTv
    Stoner GamingTv

    I been knew KD was a a star when i saw him in a Texas uniform. Same with Aaron Rogers

  • Dwain Trent
    Dwain Trent

    Shannon off Dirk wasn’t first better check out Rasheed Wallace resume and film give that man some respect


    He talks about basketball like a black pastor(preach baby)😁

  • OKI OKI!
    OKI OKI!

    Yes, kevin is the best, better than james.

  • Mllr hr
    Mllr hr

    Broussard's cocksucking habits are truly unstoppable!

  • What the Fuck
    What the Fuck

    Kawhi would be one of few to guard KD.

  • Derpy Potato
    Derpy Potato

    He ruined the entire game

  • Gamerman-10

    Easy when he's not the focal point of the offense

  • OSN’s old broken controller
    OSN’s old broken controller

    “He is the system” ummm no that’s steph.

  • Master

    He is Kevin Durant. I knew when the criticism started he was gonna go bonkers.

  • Jared Morse
    Jared Morse

    The curry disrespect is incredible... acting like KD is the only reason they win

  • Dre Cristo
    Dre Cristo

    If you think kd is better then LeBron your losing

  • Jordan Tirado
    Jordan Tirado

    KD=Colby Covington

  • KD BurnerAccount
    KD BurnerAccount

    Honestly if Kevin Durant leaves gsw and joins a team with good players around him I can still seeing him winning championships. He will prove all the haters wrong

  • Invincible Young Empire
    Invincible Young Empire

    A baaaaad man.

  • KingSavageGamin

    Input LeBron comment in the video here

  • Larry McMillan Jr.
    Larry McMillan Jr.

    KD is in control of a lot of player's destiny as for their championship aspirations. So much is riding on where he will be next season.

  • Katakuri

    KD right now is the best player in the World

  • Brandon Edwards
    Brandon Edwards

    Bogut is better that Boogie for the Warriors and I feel awful for Boogie for that. Like, he just got injures and now people are going to call him out for limiting his team.

  • Yus Camins
    Yus Camins

    They necessarily need him, but Draymond just wanted an insurance to make it back to the Finals.

  • Rubén J
    Rubén J

    Western dream team winning again 😁

  • Rubén J
    Rubén J

    Why to risk your health when you're winning

  • A.H Man
    A.H Man

    Durant ain't 7 feet tall, he's 6'9"

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    #16 on trending street

  • jason roman
    jason roman

    LMMFAO! DURCANT ungaurdable? Sure! When hes playing with 4 other hofamers in his STARTING LINE-UP! IM UNGAURDABLE TOO WHEN IM IN THAT STARTING LINE-UP! LMMFAO!

    • jason roman
      jason roman

      @si lewis Durcant lookin bad in these nba streets! Ruined his legacy! Shame!

    • jason roman
      jason roman

      We must all be wrong? 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    • si lewis
      si lewis

      @jason roman Nah im good. Just letting you know how wrong you are is enough 🤷🏾‍♂️ hater

  • eksentrysyti

    No one's pointed out that the Warriors starting 5 now with Bogut is now that same squad from 2015 and 2016 but they upgraded Harrison Barnes to Kevin Durant. The bench took a step back, but this starting 5 is a monster.

  • eksentrysyti

    Sorry Shannon, but Lebron can't get a free throw to go in at any time, and take away Harden's step back (like the Bucks did) and he's just an OK scorer. KD though... he'll shoot over anyone from deep, mid-range, at the rim, or at the line.


    Durant is obsessed with his own stats. He needs to let go

  • Anthony Reyes
    Anthony Reyes

    kd needs his own team

  • matty cakez
    matty cakez

    "unguardable"? yet he trips himself up in iso situations 99% of the time and loses the ball but yeah...

  • Despair

    Durant has the mental age and intelligence of a 12 year old. He contradicts himself after every quote and sounds like he doesn't even have a clue on how to put thoughts into words. That's why reading is fundamental for any human being to be able to act eloquently.

  • SCTV912

    I wonder why the media don't ever compare K.D. to M.J......

  • Úlfur Bleiz
    Úlfur Bleiz

    Yal sleeping on Jenny

  • Khary Armah
    Khary Armah

    I've seen Kareem, MJ, LeBron, Kobe, McGrady, etc, Durant is the best offensive player imo, ever !! He's a walking mismatch

  • 4a's Vending Refreshments
    4a's Vending Refreshments

    Like: Giannis Comment: Kevin

  • I laugh at Internet gangstas
    I laugh at Internet gangstas

    It’s crazy just a few months ago you guys were talking so bad about Kevin Durant calling him snakes and cupcakes now y’all all on his nuts undisputed tryna find a new daddy cuz Lebron gone💯😂

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen

    If he's so "unguardable" why did he have to join the best team in the league to win a title?

  • Bruce Lancelin
    Bruce Lancelin

    People calm down, Boogie was not healthy ever since he join the Warriors, a 100% healthy Boogie makes the Warriors unbeatable, it do not matter who is taking more shots, this year he hurt the offense a little because he is not healthy and learning on the fly! Chris is talking about this version of Boogie, not the version that played with the Kings! When Boogie gets heathy , he will make any team better because of his position in the paint and out!

  • rickyle bynoe
    rickyle bynoe

    "you could be aggressive and forcing up bad shots" ...all i heard was wastebrook

  • Anthony Juarez
    Anthony Juarez

    😂 😂🤣😅 nothing on this god green earth triggers Shanon more than when Skip calls LeBron, Le Brick 🧱🧱🤔👀😳😂🤣😅😅😂🤣😭!!!

  • TheGodlyExodia !
    TheGodlyExodia !

    I Don’t Like LeBron Much Myself But Skip Gotta Shut Up Already Its Not A LeBron Topic Bruh

  • Catries Johnson
    Catries Johnson

    KD Is not the best player in the league smh

  • Run N Gun Legends
    Run N Gun Legends

    “You act like he wanna interrupt our regular schedule program , to break this news” - Shannon 🤣🤣🤣🔥

  • Thomas Kay
    Thomas Kay

    Kevin Durant will never be the guy

  • MoAB

    Why do people have to always pyshco analyse Kevin Durant whats going on it just weird

  • Energy Matterz Zone
    Energy Matterz Zone

    Curry is coming Klay is coming get ready

  • Jordan Salmond
    Jordan Salmond

    What this game tells you that KD doesn't play hard every night! MJ and Kobe had killer mental game... this buddy buddy league!

  • Daocean 1
    Daocean 1

    You are unguardable when nobody can focus on him. Steph had 38 lol

  • Marcus Thompson
    Marcus Thompson

    Lol “the mean streets of Seat Pleasant Maryland “ everyone from PG and DC know how false that statement is 💀💀💀

  • matty timesup0
    matty timesup0

    Oh so lbj can't guard kd. Duh.

  • Ann Acoba
    Ann Acoba

    unguardable???? Durant???... are you kidding us?

  • Ann Acoba
    Ann Acoba

    if you think Durant is unguardable 😏 then there's so many nba stars unguardable... not only Durant .. Kawhi is more unguardable ... you should have set Kawhi as an example of unguardable star player not Durant 😏

    • Phenom AL
      Phenom AL

      Brother dying remember!!!! Well no shyt, why do you think the circus is cruising killing time among other things 😬

  • GoSpursGo #RaiderNation
    GoSpursGo #RaiderNation

    Love the show when Sharp and skip agree some times.

  • Scotti Pippen
    Scotti Pippen

    He is still a whiny, insecure little child..he will never be respected by fans and the all time greats. Dirk is way more respected, his one ring will always be respected more..

  • Saul Carrasco
    Saul Carrasco

    What makes skip and Broussard experts at basketball

  • Billy Snots
    Billy Snots


  • Billy Snots
    Billy Snots

    It's Mr. Davisons team KD knew that coming there

  • jack jack
    jack jack

    Where the bronsexuals at 🤔🤔

  • Ricky Tyson
    Ricky Tyson

    These dudes act like they own these teams "what we need",y'all literally have nothing to do with it but thunk somebody suppose to care what y'all think,We need,till we see.

  • Thatguy Youdontknow
    Thatguy Youdontknow

    He really said Lebrick?

  • Gudimayne Safy
    Gudimayne Safy

    Why is Jenny always on Skip's side?

  • Electro Duck
    Electro Duck

    Beverley got him locked down

  • R Almazan
    R Almazan

    How can someone be the best player in the world. when the same player had to join the best team to win.

  • Mukhtar Mohammed
    Mukhtar Mohammed

    Shannon still bring lebroke my hands into the conversation, this man needs to leave LeBron out of this, Skip is right

  • DS P
    DS P

    Best player for sure

  • Ricon Vih
    Ricon Vih

    Yep, if KD had the killer mindset like Kobe he’d be even better. Same with LeBron

  • Domo Jones
    Domo Jones

    Furthermore presses the issue of him being on the Warriors

  • javan Walcott
    javan Walcott

    The biggest obstacle w the Warriors is THEMSELVES.....noone else can beat them

  • Jimmy Quach
    Jimmy Quach

    I think people are getting carried away- the system is Steph and flowing basketball, and KD can take over when it isn't working.

  • xFlow777

    i disagree, kd is great on the warriors where you dont have to worry about double team and tripple teams, because you cant help off of anybody on the warriors, remember kd in OKC? he was very much guardable. He chickened out and join the best team in the NBA, he will never be the best player, he will always be the biggest coward.