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Kendall Jenner Gets a Scare from Her Mom ‘Kris Jenner’
Kendall Jenner admitted to Ellen she was feeling a little left out after her family members were getting scares on the show, so Ellen happily spread the scare love by catching her off guard not once, but twice - including with a pop-up visit from “Kris Jenner.” Plus, the supermodel talked about having a “resting bitch face” while watching her basketball pro boyfriend Ben Simmons play for the Philadelphia 76ers.

  • Aydrian Burton
    Aydrian Burton


  • Aydrian Burton
    Aydrian Burton


  • Adriana Colonia
    Adriana Colonia

    I get scared too haha

  • Equine Jolie &guineapigs
    Equine Jolie &guineapigs

    Please can I come to see u my guinea pig is so unique and different I don’t mean to sound like a brat and you don’t have to care but I really want to meet you and show off my amazing best friend to you and the world.

  • kavimini gunawardana
    kavimini gunawardana

    Ellen i love to have a phone for my birthday.can i have a's too expensive in srilanka.and no one afford to get one for me.plz can i have one

  • İsa Elçiçek
    İsa Elçiçek

    Abone Ol Kanalıma

  • John April
    John April

    Only ogs remember “IS THAT A CHICKEN?”

  • Lidia Huerta
    Lidia Huerta

    She even scared me

  • Rymarll M A R Leon
    Rymarll M A R Leon


  • Manfred Petersen
    Manfred Petersen

    Great inspiration

  • Manfred Petersen
    Manfred Petersen

    Wow amazing

  • Llama Lover101
    Llama Lover101

    She’s gorgeous but she has such a bland personality

  • DanCarter

    She takes it in the batty hole

  • bonnie yiu
    bonnie yiu

    She looks so skinny omggggg gorgeous

  • Amaan Mohammed
    Amaan Mohammed


  • jayram dahal
    jayram dahal


  • Tasha S
    Tasha S

    cantik amet Kendall omfg.

  • Ieng Sai Chea
    Ieng Sai Chea

    Did you know she is the voice of the memo movie ik ur shocked lol

  • Catie Simmons
    Catie Simmons

    Kendell:comment Ellen:like

  • Crafts N Beyond
    Crafts N Beyond

    Omg id love to be on the ellen show! To suprise my boyfriend for our anniversary we go to californa each year but he really wants to go to Maui but we cant afford

  • Em

    Woah Kendall, don’t give Ellen any ideas about real snakes😂

  • KevinProNOW

    Looks like Kendall got her lips injected like the rest of the family! Should have left it alone, she looked better before.

  • Ar Bee
    Ar Bee

    I got scared too. OMG! I am using earphones 😑

  • Bailey Harmon
    Bailey Harmon

    ellen: so i heard you like basketball? kendall: yea *a basketball court appears* kendall: OMG ellen you didnt

  • Bella May
    Bella May

    When that guy scared Kendall I honestly got scared too😂

  • Annika Lama
    Annika Lama

    The hate in the comments ugh

  • Vanessa Langland
    Vanessa Langland

    *pops out* ellen: *literally doesn't react at all*

  • Ismu Ok
    Ismu Ok

    Cool reaction hahahaha!

  • Avari Barrett
    Avari Barrett

    let me tell you even i got scared

  • Mateo Ceballos Querol
    Mateo Ceballos Querol

    is the title supposed to be trigger inducing? i don't get it

  • Subash Deuja
    Subash Deuja

    I thought her mom was THAT THING that won Olympics as a male!

  • Millie X
    Millie X

    I always thought she was interesting till now

  • Ariana S
    Ariana S

    Y’all hate too much she’s not even boring I’d like to see you guys on Ellen 🙄 next

  • Maribel Medina
    Maribel Medina

    Does kandel look like Alisa violet? not to be rude but they are pretty

  • K. Christian
    K. Christian

    super slim

  • Debra Elkin
    Debra Elkin

    OMG i just jumped out of my chair.

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    Usman Azam


  • Rocky Smith
    Rocky Smith

    When I was little I used to watch Ellen and dance around whenever music came on

  • TheDonutShaper Zizi
    TheDonutShaper Zizi

    Kendall is dating Ben Simmons

  • 박도라찡
    박도라찡 beautifull 💘💫✨😎🔥 She is another level...

  • Kagechu Frank
    Kagechu Frank

    I got scared

  • o_o_Kookie_ Tae_o_o
    o_o_Kookie_ Tae_o_o

    I wish I could be in a video and see BTS because they are my idol and I have no words because they are all handsome 💖💖💖 I just want to see Jungkook I love him so much 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Starflip25

    3.25 thank me later

  • Bosss Pansss
    Bosss Pansss

    Who is this Guliver girl? I don't no much . 日本人です


    Are those Kendall's legs or bones

  • Sandip Lama
    Sandip Lama

    Ellen has lovely eyes

  • chris nathan
    chris nathan


  • MR Cuber
    MR Cuber

    Ben simmons Thats the guy she's dating

  • Yankee Suave
    Yankee Suave

    Kylie didn’t need surgery and body improvements look at Kendall all natural and she is beautiful

  • Little Ayah and Tosh play show
    Little Ayah and Tosh play show

    She’s so beautiful

  • Cinomatix

    Kendall the finest kardashian 😍

  • evil dragon
    evil dragon

    Kendall said she wasnt sure who was in front of her in the picture but is dating the guy in the picture that she said she wasnt sure of. THATS TUFFF😂😂😂

    • Kat

      Obv she was joking and being coy

  • David Owens
    David Owens

    She was adopted.

  • Bee On Thyme
    Bee On Thyme

    Ellen show disabled comments on videos you really want to comment on.

  • ucantrustme10

    I love Ellen's hair

  • Jed

    This interview was so awkward. Hard to watch😴😴

  • NaniSings EC
    NaniSings EC

    Kendall just seems so.... boring. 🙁

  • Naya Stone
    Naya Stone

    she’s so beautiful 😍

  • Mal K
    Mal K

    I am distracted by her legs and her clip on bangs.

  • Lexa Rae
    Lexa Rae

    I think celebrities should have noticed by now that if there are no stuff on top of the table between the chairs, then that's a sign of them getting a scare during interviews. Lol. Idk just an observation. 😂

  • KingN8Boogie

    Go figure...she’s into basketball. Those Kardashians and their chase after black ballers. 😏

  • Weedious

    I hope kendall and simmons go all the way and break the curse. They look fit together

  • Mackie Lee
    Mackie Lee

    Who got the real cost ad

  • Walter Costa
    Walter Costa

    She's so beautiful the hottest Kardashian she needs a real man like me

    • Walter Costa
      Walter Costa

      Lol what's so funny shes never been touched by a real man

    • Farzana Haq
      Farzana Haq

      Lol funny guy



  • Say ya
    Say ya

    I was scared too..😂😂

  • Grace Oberlin
    Grace Oberlin

    It scared ME and I read the title

  • mister love
    mister love


  • mister love
    mister love

    Can I have $100,000 Ellen?

  • Frost

    3:27 (If you have headphones put volume up)

  • Kazzandra Crutchfield
    Kazzandra Crutchfield

    She's soo pretty.

  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler

    that's just too cruel

  • Renee Leigh
    Renee Leigh

    Who else is watching with a straight face? 😐

  • Sweet Lana
    Sweet Lana

    am i the only one that got scared even though i saw it coming...

  • Virginia Gutierrez
    Virginia Gutierrez


  • Dakota Rowell
    Dakota Rowell

    Nobody going to talk about the guy behind Kendall 3:05😂😂😂

    • Simone Corvince
      Simone Corvince

      Of coz u notice because he is very handsome.... But sure not for kendall, she always into black guys and the other siblings too

  • nicola dollard
    nicola dollard

    Can this family go away already ffs

  • Jaykay kiddone
    Jaykay kiddone

    How do they stay in that box for that long?

  • whiter park
    whiter park

    I like this program and following chanel

  • Eleanor Gonzales
    Eleanor Gonzales

    Ellen, this comment has nothing to with this show. I received an e-mail from you to win a gift, I filled out all the information and two credit card attempts, however, I kept getting a message that the cards were not good. I know that both cards are credable. I am wondering if this e-mail is really from you.

  • F M
    F M

    This video is a cure for insomnia. What a snooze fest

  • Lynner Sittard
    Lynner Sittard

    Only natural looking Jenner

  • Yoshicka Snow
    Yoshicka Snow

    That wasn't her.

  • Akshaya Reddy
    Akshaya Reddy

    guys can i mail to Ellen?? if so, could u please share me her email details??

  • Caroline Van Der Ryst
    Caroline Van Der Ryst

    A lovely young woman. The scaring stuff is becoming really silly. Enough already.

  • knowlight knowright
    knowlight knowright

    She is soooo thin omg!!!

  • HD Shah
    HD Shah


  • maria mazilu
    maria mazilu

    3:27 her mum scared her. You are welcome.

  • C K
    C K

    What a dull person

  • Roselie Pough
    Roselie Pough

    Everything is nice.👍😊🙂

  • Jazzy Grijalva
    Jazzy Grijalva

    I got so scared to

  • KATS D Faker
    KATS D Faker

    Love how they have to say which mom scares her

  • Rajneesh Shukla
    Rajneesh Shukla

    Ellen is a billionaire

  • Lorraine Sclavounos
    Lorraine Sclavounos

    The Kardashians are out of control! They need to just to dissappear

  • Chewy V
    Chewy V

    She was prettier before she got the plastic surgery, what are these girls thinking

  • 大开发


  • Charlotte Godina
    Charlotte Godina

    3:42 BLING👀👀

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf

    Omg it scared me too...i was looking for the ear rub that ellen does right before a scare....

  • Eliza Britton
    Eliza Britton

    At the end Ellen says and he almost killed himself getting out of there. Right?

  • TRAVIE W.F. 1939
    TRAVIE W.F. 1939

    Kendell is my favorite kardashian.... ❤💋❤

  • Mon Rosales
    Mon Rosales

    Kendall is the pretties one from all of the Kardashians Jenner