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Kendall Jenner Addresses Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Rumors
Kendall Jenner explained why she wasn't in the family Christmas card this past year, and also addressed rumors about her sister Kylie Jenner, including whether she's having another baby, and if her sibling's boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, proposed during the Super Bowl.

  • Abdo Usef
    Abdo Usef

    I can't tell if this is Kris or Kendall

  • Kiran Riar
    Kiran Riar

    Kendall is very pretty


    She looked better with her old hair and less tanned skin. Just my opinion

  • Jen Tan
    Jen Tan

    'Your mother would know?' Her mother would have PLANNED it.

  • Selena Dimitrijevic
    Selena Dimitrijevic

    Am I the only one who didn't like her outfit at all?

  • Rebecca Yegudayeva
    Rebecca Yegudayeva

    I love ellen

  • anel b
    anel b

    omg if u ever get phora in ur show and scared him that would be the best thinggg... his reaction 😂🤩

  • anel b
    anel b

    imagine phora in one of your shows 🤩

  • Shannon K
    Shannon K

    I love her earrings!!!

  • bncoolc

    Kendall now has Khloe's lips. The transformation is night and day.

  • Maria D
    Maria D


  • simply single
    simply single

    Lips got some filling😏

  • simply single
    simply single

    This girl doesn't need make up... NO NO

  • Uchiha Avenger
    Uchiha Avenger

    no tea to spill this time

  • Lana del Plaith
    Lana del Plaith

    I feel like becoming a model was the best thing she ever did. She feels ... happy. Don't diss modelling because it's still a passion and there is an art to it and there is a relationship between the photographer and the model's "character" she is playing and in that relationship the image becomes art. Fashion, modelling and image are all art forms - it is its own world and there's no pretence that models are as important as actors, but still I wouldn't diss them.

  • Lana del Plaith
    Lana del Plaith

    She's really so beautiful. Kendall is the prettiest of the Kardashians. I think Kim can look beautiful, but that bottom is so exaggerated!

  • VividQueen ღ
    VividQueen ღ

    IMAGINE KYLIE WITH A BABY BOY ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴜᴛᴇsᴛ 😍😍

  • atieh salemi
    atieh salemi

    Baby #2 means he’s her second baby. Like a cute thing you call your man because they’re still acting like your child.

  • Tacos Are life
    Tacos Are life

    What if Baby #2 is just a cute thing Kylie calls Travis (just a reasonable thought)

  • xDead Dolly
    xDead Dolly

    Kendall looks a little like Selena Gomez xD

  • Siphesihle Nkosi
    Siphesihle Nkosi

    That hair though🤓

  • Ashley Xo
    Ashley Xo

    Kylie Jenner is so famous that they bring her sisters into interviews JUST to ask about her

  • September seventeen
    September seventeen

    She talks fast compared to her sisters lol

  • Sammer Goals
    Sammer Goals

    Haters are telling kendelle to get her boobs done but she never did. Fact. She is the only petty kard/jen. Fact.

  • m e h e k
    m e h e k

    *Shes gorgeoussss😍💓*

  • Hüseyin Seven שבע
    Hüseyin Seven שבע

    I made a great video, but nobody is watching it :(

  • Interesting Stuff
    Interesting Stuff

    Her head looks deformed 🤔😐

  • m cadez
    m cadez

    Bangs doesnt look good on her

  • John Blake
    John Blake

    Where is Bumble Bee?

  • Nayema Nayen
    Nayema Nayen

    Kendall used to look so different than her sisters. She was the only one who had looks of natural beauty. She looks like Kylie now.

  • Jordyn Berezan
    Jordyn Berezan

    the bangs.................


    I think she’s pregnant to Especially with that Snuggie thing she wore to the Grammys

  • Mr Genius
    Mr Genius

    Total trash women

  • LopsidedCircle

    lip injections and nose surgery

  • harryginnyalways

    She looks so much like a young Kris! So beautiful and love the way she carries herself!

  • ADez

    Used to like her until she decided to go get lip fillers and surgery. Cool bro. Just another plastic barbie doll.

  • kurstie reed
    kurstie reed

    It’s kinda aggravating watching her ask questions about the other family members. Like ask Kendall questions about Kendall. Get the other people on there if you have questions for them. Must be so frustrating for Kendall...

  • Brenda Hidalgo
    Brenda Hidalgo

    Check out my closet on Poshmark brendahidalgo22 Please and Thank you🙏🏻💖

  • alphy abraham
    alphy abraham

    I just love this girl... She is so cute..

  • Caitlyn Shaffer
    Caitlyn Shaffer

    Such a classy look

  • MyLatestFix

    she looks a lot like khloe here

  • Shawqi Bukhari
    Shawqi Bukhari

    I don't call it anything 😂 Ellen 😆

  • GayerGeek VIN
    GayerGeek VIN

    It's like Audrey Hepburn of 2019 gal, u so fine

  • beign_Mello Dash
    beign_Mello Dash

    Jenners are extremely beautiful.

  • Vivian Hernandez
    Vivian Hernandez


  • Olivia B
    Olivia B

    Omg she’s BEAUTIFUL

  • sally theBoujee
    sally theBoujee


  • datswassup07

    Does Ellen ever wanna talk about anything else besides who's getting married and who's pregnant? God this isnt news that people are dying to know. She sounds like TMZ sometimes...

  • TheCrazyMango82

    I love the go to kardashian/Jenner answer to a rumour is “i don’t know” because then nothing is ever confirmed or denied

  • MrNikkimaxine

    Got news all for am coming to the Ellen show

  • Tanika Samuda
    Tanika Samuda

    I love her the most

  • Tanika Samuda
    Tanika Samuda

    She looks gorgeous

  • A caf
    A caf

    The banging would be strong in this yoda voice

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  • Blossom’s World
    Blossom’s World


  • julie luciano
    julie luciano

    “They’re practicing” Lol

  • Jessica Rose
    Jessica Rose


  • Rebeca VillegasM
    Rebeca VillegasM

    She is beautiful! Her and Kourtney are my two favorites. Both natural beauties😘😘

  • Jessica Seenan
    Jessica Seenan

    I feel like she is the “ most natural ‘’ Out of her family ❤️

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz

    Man I wish I could clap them cheeks

  • Adri Rose
    Adri Rose

    I wanna see Kendall’s baby

  • kiki ___
    kiki ___

    The dress just dope on me...who else???

  • Jillane Ballesteros
    Jillane Ballesteros

    sub to sub

  • V Soul
    V Soul

    Celebrities getting people scammed , i bet they only see money when they see people. 💰 💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💲💲🤑 Influencer are another word for legal scammer.

  • yndy go
    yndy go

    She's absolutely looking like khloe

  • Jessica Cameron
    Jessica Cameron

    but did you ask her about fyre festival and where that money went?

  • alwaysalicia13


  • R G
    R G

    She sure has matured. She’s becoming such a beautiful, well spoken woman. And no. I don’t care how she got famous, I appreciate that she carries herself with grace & class.

  • Nicole Chapel
    Nicole Chapel

    She looks just like her mother with those bangs

  • Joey Hunter
    Joey Hunter

    All I see is kris

  • Just Plain Money
    Just Plain Money

    Those legs, like two silky smooth sticks of dynamite

  • Maddie James
    Maddie James

    Kylie meant Travis is baby #2 and Stormi is baby #1 😂

  • Dortha Dingess
    Dortha Dingess

    I’m confused when Ellen said “you’re mother would know” which mother is she talking about Kaitlyn or Kris 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  • Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman
    Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman

    She got Ben shooting 3s!

  • OIF/OEF-0341

    I cant wait until all these Kardashian chicks are 50, they are going to look like complete mutants.

  • Leah Poulian
    Leah Poulian

    Her fringe suits her so much 😍

  • kelsi  ciongoli
    kelsi ciongoli

    Im never petty and comment things like this but i CANNOT stand that small circle part in that wig. Shes too rich to have that horrible wig on lolol

  • Steph Beauty Artistry
    Steph Beauty Artistry

    Awww she looks like her grandma jo now a lot so adorable I think it’s the bangs ❤️

  • 창연 Clara Park
    창연 Clara Park

    Imagine being in the news for not being in your family Christmas card...

  • 창연 Clara Park
    창연 Clara Park

    I have this urge to zoom in on her earring to see what's going on in the reflection

  • Dava S
    Dava S

    Nice wig Kendall

  • Tia Trione
    Tia Trione

    She looks like a vintage Barbie! Love this look!

  • Donna Lake
    Donna Lake

    Omgosh she actually seems like she isnt an airhead like the others I'm in shock

  • Aislyn Petrie
    Aislyn Petrie

    Hey Ellen you show is my favourite

  • Kay

    Rob wasn’t in the card either & I was really sitting her tryna figure out who was on masons back😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Mariana Velez
    Mariana Velez

    where’s Dream?

  • M Moody
    M Moody

    You should have sky and Jt from dancing with the stars juniors in the Ellen show❤️!!! Love you

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown

    Kendall is so boring

  • aly liz.
    aly liz.

    the first kardashian/ jenner to address a pregnancy rumor on the spot 😂

  • lotusmine_983 hyper
    lotusmine_983 hyper

    Bangs suits her..who knew..guess everybody her earrings and the outfit. She is all grown-up.

  • Caroline Cesar
    Caroline Cesar

    It’s so obvious that when they scare people the table behind them is really big, normally it would be very small

  • Candice Adochio
    Candice Adochio

    Kylie looks at Travis as her big ol'baby #2! ♡ her 1st baby is of course her precious Stormi 💎👑

  • Marisa Higdon
    Marisa Higdon

    I thought it was Selma Blair from the picture

  • norma esproles
    norma esproles


  • cotton candy
    cotton candy

    The fake bangs look cute on her

  • Eliza Nguyen
    Eliza Nguyen

    The bangs are just... no

  • Victoria

    I love the fact that she doesn't give any certain answer lol

  • Knight2 Knight
    Knight2 Knight

    The hottest Jenner by far cause she's the realest respectfully i say that and in the world Kendall is 🔥🌹🔥🌇🐰🐯🐾🐾🐾

  • TheLovingMusicGirl

    She looks so good!!

  • Aimee 82009
    Aimee 82009

    She looks like Kris with a fringe omg