Keith Eats Everything At Burger King
The Try Guys
Keith tastes everything on the Burger King menu, making him the true Burger King of Kings. Where should he #eatthemenu next?
*All leftovers were eaten across the next few days at lunch by the Try Guys' staff. The staff begged for alternatives, and they were given none until all the beef was gone.*
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  • Queen Squicken
    Queen Squicken


  • ra ch
    ra ch

    The Burger King equivalent in Australia is hungry jacks and their chips are sooo much better than maccas! Come to Australia and try hungry jacks haha

  • mrs Ann
    mrs Ann

    What is the girls food channel??

  • Kachow

    Corndiddy? I only know *Corndaddy*

  • Cassidy Stuidiot
    Cassidy Stuidiot

    I love their fries why do u hate them?

  • St. Attaché
    St. Attaché

    vegan = healthy?

  • assasincamper 1008
    assasincamper 1008

    3:35 he said Jesus

  • Lana Khader
    Lana Khader

    HOLD the FUCKING PHoneeeeeeee

  • City Guard
    City Guard

    3:08 you’re shitting me. You can deep fry cake?! Where is your country, I wanna know what your Burger King is selling!

  • City Guard
    City Guard

    Oh boy, if you wanted to be a vegan, ya should’ve probably changed your channel for your own sake XD Love the video regardless. Subbing!

  • Lexington Randall
    Lexington Randall

    Ok my dad tells the story like a million times how the spicy chicken sandwich was the first thing my brother ate that was adventurous as a kid and it was his food awakening toward more adult food so don’t knock the chicken

  • Tyson Cain
    Tyson Cain

    Mostly everything at burger king in America has a different name to it's subsidiary hungry jack's" in Australia

  • TheMasterKiller Frost
    TheMasterKiller Frost

    What the fuck,why does he has the mouth so big



  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel

    I worry for Keith. Becky seems so cold, mean, and apathetic about everything except food.

  • SimmithaViolet

    Real fans only stan the small rural town burger King that beat corporate burger King in a lawsuit making them completely different restaurants.

  • Rommel Jefferson
    Rommel Jefferson

    i am also a burger King boy

  • Gabi

    him doing those "fuck me up" sayings in the middle of the loaded ones lmaooo

  • Cameron Spencer
    Cameron Spencer

    Hey, I love Shake Shack because im allergic to everything in burger king.

  • Brittany Stack
    Brittany Stack

    Please do a Wendy's one!

  • NYAW kl500
    NYAW kl500

    Keith has had so much fast food that now he's such a critic of it😂

  • Curtis Williams
    Curtis Williams

    I personally still love my whoppers. Delusions.

  • Storm -PG3D
    Storm -PG3D

    10:37 BEEF Bosss???????

  • Gurkirat Singh
    Gurkirat Singh

    this is how you die.

  • dιмα вσяιsσv
    dιмα вσяιsσv

    why does he eat the burrito's like that?

  • Alyssa Rey
    Alyssa Rey

    keith should do “eating everything from chick fil a “

    • Alyssa Rey
      Alyssa Rey

      sandia sandy oh damn :( i really liked their spicy chicken sandwich

    • sandia sandy
      sandia sandy

      I don’t think they approve of chick-fil-a, considering that chic-fil-a is anti-LGBT (they give gross amounts of money to fund anti-LGBT causes)

  • Atiqul Islam
    Atiqul Islam

    Just imagine the cameraman smelling and getting hungry by seeing it!

  • suusj22

    First time i had a whopper, i had food poisoning during an Ed Sheeran concert :'(.

  • Cutie puppy
    Cutie puppy

    U should do Chick-fil-A

  • Harrison

    Can we ban him from eating burritos? Who the fuck eats it from the side

  • K Trav
    K Trav


  • mussy

    Well to be honest, i think american version's of these restaurants like kfc,McDonald's,BK etc are not putting their 100% into their food. I'm from pakistan and trust me, In asia these restaurants serve the best food and they actually taste and look perfect! Never ever seen a sandwich so fluffy and dull like this. I saw one of your videos eating whole kfc menu and trust me if that kfc was here in pakistan we would have sued him by now!Quality seems literally dull and patties are bland.Americans really need to check their recipes tbh

  • Simone Luu
    Simone Luu

    Who else loves his shirt

  • Sally The_seamoth
    Sally The_seamoth

    Do whatabuger

  • VoidCrypt

    This is not Keith Eats Everything At Burger King, this should be called BuzzFeed Roasts Burger King On Their Food

  • Kiki’s Corner
    Kiki’s Corner

    I died when he was like “aye ayyyyeeeee mini cinis” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TTV Blaziggy
    TTV Blaziggy

    I swear after seeing the way Keith eats a burrito I want to cry😂😂

    • KittyVs Media
      KittyVs Media

      TTV Blaziggy it was really only so he got filling since he was judging them. Cause when u bite from the top u get like just tortilla and he needed to judge from flavor and not ur basic burrito fold tortilla only first bite lol

  • Army Men Entertainment
    Army Men Entertainment

    How did Keith get such a pretty women

  • An O
    An O

    Did he honestly go almost 95% vegan? Surprising, for the fried chicken guy!

  • Martijn Oostenrijk
    Martijn Oostenrijk

    10:37 durrrrrr burger? Also go team minecraft

  • alyssa chansler
    alyssa chansler

    wouldn’t a double quarter pounder be a 1/2 pound?

    • LogicallyCrazy 101
      LogicallyCrazy 101

      alyssa chansler you just changed my life

  • Dr. Gaming
    Dr. Gaming

    Is no one gonna talk about how Keith ate the burritos

  • Downwhips

    Keith gets diabetes,Burger King edition

  • Hanne Kirkebø
    Hanne Kirkebø

    No one Absolutely no one Keith: it tastes like cat food

  • Jordan Branscum
    Jordan Branscum

    Burger King is better than McDonald’s don’t @ me

  • daisy nguyen
    daisy nguyen

    section: chicken stuff keith: let’s try the fish !!

  • Kienan Sabin
    Kienan Sabin

    Keith is the friend who always had the best and most snacks at his house

  • Adam Bonilla
    Adam Bonilla


  • Leszczynka

    I feel greasy just from watching it

  • Sumaer Brar
    Sumaer Brar

    broooooo donate the food to a local charity, its what we do at my school when we get wasted food.

  • Salad Boi
    Salad Boi

    Keith: It has that problem Taco Bell lettuce has. It kinda tastes... Odd. Immediately thinks of BurGEr KiNG FOoT LetTUcE.

  • furz kolio
    furz kolio

    New Zealand burger King chicken nuggets are the bomb!!!!

  • Hubert van Dalen
    Hubert van Dalen

    In australia, our burger king is called hungry jacks

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith

    "no no, they want to eat it" "oh god..."

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith

    i should not be watching these videos at 12:36 am, now i want burgers

  • Popped Tires
    Popped Tires

    He protecc... He attacc... But most importantly... He eat all da snacc!

  • Youssef Eskaros
    Youssef Eskaros

    Do this with Wendy’s and/or In n Out.

  • It's Rebecca A
    It's Rebecca A

    9:04 damn shane dawson conspiracy theoriess

  • Fresca Alexandre
    Fresca Alexandre

    I see the bois have their fair share of doggos. PLEASE LET THEM TRY BABY SITTING SOME CATTOS TOO 😭

  • Theresa Gillespie
    Theresa Gillespie


  • Tater Tv
    Tater Tv

    What’s the difference between a burger and a wopper

  • Crystal Tilford
    Crystal Tilford

    My ex workd at bk one tine he made an oreo chesscake milkshake. It was so good

  • Ian Bey
    Ian Bey

    You just offended me by throwing away the bacon king

  • Kawaiibunny 101
    Kawaiibunny 101

    Love Keith's Shirt, I remember when the Try guys roasted each others social media... Lol...

  • delor b
    delor b

    Why not have your staff cut off a piece and you eat that instead of biting into everything.

  • S h a n e
    S h a n e

    Why haven't they done McDonalds yet?

  • R Ford
    R Ford

    he needs to do mcdonalds now

    • R Ford
      R Ford

      just kidding he did that at buzzfees

  • Lara E
    Lara E

    Notice how every time eugene comes in, keith burps

  • Pure Beyblading
    Pure Beyblading

    I think I got a double chin just watching this

  • Kerry Thompson
    Kerry Thompson

    I forgot jack in the box even existed until you mentioned it

  • Gamerilla Gaming
    Gamerilla Gaming

    17:40 I almost died laughing and I dont know why

  • Otaku Army
    Otaku Army

    Burger King is still running!? I thought they shut down there’s none by my house I haven’t seen them since I was 8 and I’m 19 now 😂

  • Eden's Gate
    Eden's Gate

    Keith: (walks into a restarant) Employee: ah shit him

  • Hunter Hammond
    Hunter Hammond


  • ZooMsteR

    Im 14 and i just ate my first whopper (i think). Got to say, its better than mcdonalds burger. in my country mcdonalds burger is lame and bread is so soggy man, how did i not eat whopper b4.

  • Timey 255
    Timey 255

    FFFFFAAAAAAAAAA-falafel. Hahahha got u

  • Genci LL
    Genci LL

    while kosovo only has burger king and kfc

  • Benjamin Acosta
    Benjamin Acosta

    U should do one one wendys

  • SXG

    You should try Chick-fil-A

  • John Maynard Ubando
    John Maynard Ubando

    How do you still look like a stick tho??


    Why does he literally list every single thing when he can just say let me get everything on the menu😂

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    I cum in the Burger King burgers

  • Tariq Adib
    Tariq Adib

    we dont have a beef whopper in india :(

  • :DStarQUEEN

    The chair you gave to mark ye that’s the same and I mean same as mine :3

  • Linzo24

    I've noticed as time goes on in each of these videos Keith has a bit of a Jerry Seinfeld thing going on - but not nearly as annoying as Jerry. It's pretty hilarious.

  • rider rider
    rider rider

    Who's that nigga ass lady???

  • Danna Melendez
    Danna Melendez

    Burger King Employee: Welcome to Burger. King, what can I get you today? Keith: My name is Keith. Burger King Employee: *Say No More*

  • Elvira is a weirdo -.-
    Elvira is a weirdo -.-

    Is it just who hates how he eats ghs burrito?

  • Chris Zotos
    Chris Zotos

    Mcdonalds are a *G O D* And l am Raiden so I must *C O N S U L T*

  • port nut
    port nut

    Many yrs since Ive been there love me a fresh whopper..or chik sandwich. Do they have buns without seeds (Diverticulosis) BK are you listeninig? Whatever happened to the Whaler?

  • Mike

    He is the king of burger kings.

  • Sir Savage
    Sir Savage

    Keith don’t need to worry about costumers getting annoyed in line because there is never a line at Burger King

  • SebZmaster -14
    SebZmaster -14

    I dont know if burger king still sells them but he forgot the hot dogs

  • Matt Rowe
    Matt Rowe

    So like... does this guy not know what mayonnaise is...? He kept asking what the "jelly stuff is" on his chicken sandwiches... like what do you think it is??

  • Myah Firdaus
    Myah Firdaus

    I love the blah blah blah joke joke joke commentary shirt

  • Joar skjørstad
    Joar skjørstad

    Do the same with SUBWAY

  • Kitten Hearts
    Kitten Hearts

    Keith It's butter.

  • lil KNEJTZ
    lil KNEJTZ

    Keitch just stop, your not funny...okay. You think you are, its so sad that you think you are but you arent.

  • Starmist Animations
    Starmist Animations

    14:21 I’m pretty sure it’s grease

  • Liyah Lopez
    Liyah Lopez

    Keith looks like the dad from Coraline 😂