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Kane Brown - Good as You (Official Music Video)
Lonnie Chavis from NBC's "This Is Us" stars in the music video for Kane Brown's hit single "Good as You." Get the song now below.
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  • Hailey Gutierrez
    Hailey Gutierrez

    Flex city under Rc... 2702

  • Hillary McDonald
    Hillary McDonald

    He sucks😶😚😆👄😇

  • Adamari O
    Adamari O

    I love him so much this is why I hear country and I’m Hispanic ❤️❤️🤞🏼

    • Adamari O
      Adamari O

      JoeDoakes1015 yes it is sweetheart

    • JoeDoakes1015

      This isn't country music.

  • Megan Mack
    Megan Mack

    I understand watching a parent struggle with finances and such makes me admire my family so much ! My dad is my hero!

  • Jessi London
    Jessi London


  • Penny Williams
    Penny Williams

    The worst country song 😶😶😶😶😶

  • Barb Hargis
    Barb Hargis

    So good

  • Rosa Hodge
    Rosa Hodge


  • Abby Sharpe
    Abby Sharpe

    This song and video is perfect but the first time I heard it in my car, I braked hard as fuck when I heard the police siren 😂

  • Fabian I. Wooper
    Fabian I. Wooper

    This dude can't country. He will never be a true country singer. never. 😐😐😐😐

    • Daniel Johnson
      Daniel Johnson

      We aren't guaranteed to like everything nor everyone. Follow what makes you happy

  • Kourtney Gonzales
    Kourtney Gonzales

    Kane Brown grow up struggling

  • Brenda Melo
    Brenda Melo

    2 bad there ain't really cops like that

  • LuffLucky YT
    LuffLucky YT

    Anyone that bullied kane brown as a kid that sees him now is like wtf

  • Isla Ellison
    Isla Ellison

    I love this song

  • Leanne Gray
    Leanne Gray

    I lost be you Allen

  • St. Gravel
    St. Gravel

    This isn't country. 😂😂😂

  • Norma T
    Norma T

    Love it, give me my Country Music always make me feel good.

  • Queensland1000

    Love the meaning behind this song touches the heart

  • Dallas Pruitt
    Dallas Pruitt

    What an amazing video and song. The rhythm, lyrics and chords!!! Man I can't quit playing this song.. Great song and thank you...

  • Lee Anna Doss
    Lee Anna Doss

    Kane Brown better than Kevin gates

  • Lee Anna Doss
    Lee Anna Doss

    I like Kane Brown

  • Diana Martinez
    Diana Martinez

    Alright! I cried! 😭 I try not to let my kids see me worried or sad but I know sometimes they notice and this song reminded me of my son. He comes and hugs me and tells me he loves me every matter what. ❤

  • DaReal 71
    DaReal 71

    I went threw the same thing as this boy last year I no now no

  • Camden Bryngelson
    Camden Bryngelson


  • Montana Fougere
    Montana Fougere

    I bump this every morning ❤️😍😍 perfect country jam🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • East Texan
    East Texan

    Good song, but the video doesn't really match the lyrics.

  • Angel of Light
    Angel of Light

    Single mother of 4 and the song and video hit me Everytime! I just wanna cry

  • Kimberly M.
    Kimberly M.

    He will never be a country singer 😚😂😂😂😎

  • kate Choate
    kate Choate

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss he is cute too much

  • Veronica Brady
    Veronica Brady

    Kane Brown will never be a country singer. 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • OrangePork 01
    OrangePork 01

    It’s weird to watch it 😭😭 Where is Rebecca and jack (This is Us)

  • lambo may
    lambo may

    Kane brown is the best country music

  • levi young
    levi young

    The worst karaoke song. 😂😂😂😂

  • Vanesssa Mitchell
    Vanesssa Mitchell

    Kane, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL VIDEO, LYRICS, & MUSIC SCORE!!! The story behind this artistic piece is so Beautiful!!! Thanks for joining another great artist in Country music, Darius Rucker! He's good too like you!!! Darius was the only Country Black Artist I've known and NOW I know You and that makes two!!! FANTASTIC!!! Good luck in your music career. Always sing from and with your Soul because He is Beautiful on the inside like He (You) is Beautiful on the outside!!! PEACE!!!

  • Tya Leo
    Tya Leo

    beautifully executed kb!!

  • rm inc
    rm inc

    quality music kudos kane brown kudos.....

  • Aditya Sangore
    Aditya Sangore

    Song makes me wanna cry ♥️♥️

  • Nathan Mercier
    Nathan Mercier

    He can't sing country. I never considered him as a country singer not for a second. 😄😄😄 He can't sing like Luke Combs or Dan&Shay. His voice sucks

  • Mary Flores
    Mary Flores

    I LOVE ,,❤️🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺YOU!!!

    • Mary Flores
      Mary Flores

      No it's for my husband

    • Jamie Behrends
      Jamie Behrends

      U 2

  • Tammys life plus three
    Tammys life plus three


    • Lacy Hamer
      Lacy Hamer

      Tammys life plus three

  • Kaylee Jimenez
    Kaylee Jimenez

    Cant believe 3.3k people got drunk enough to accidentally hit the dislike button

  • kimberlym1948

    Love the song but video doesn't match it

  • Constance Curtis
    Constance Curtis

    i love going to his live tours

  • Hannah Tibbens
    Hannah Tibbens

    Kane is so cute and so nice 👍🏻 and I feel sorry for the little boy because he got bulled

  • Ricky Ransbottom
    Ricky Ransbottom

    U fag

  • Alexis Ransbottom
    Alexis Ransbottom

    Love u

  • Ricky Ransbottom
    Ricky Ransbottom

    Ur gay iddeot ur trash

  • Alexis Ransbottom
    Alexis Ransbottom

    your the besttttttttt.

  • Wayne St.Louis
    Wayne St.Louis

    Weird video for a love song. Great song! But weird video.

  • Katie Germek
    Katie Germek

    I cant wait to see him today he comeing to sioux city ia

  • unleashed rider
    unleashed rider

    This isn't country

  • J H
    J H

    I absolutely hate this song. Kane brown isn't a country singer. A rapper. 😄😄😄😄

  • Erick Scherzy
    Erick Scherzy

    but he's black...

  • Leikili Maile
    Leikili Maile


  • Wyatt Collins
    Wyatt Collins

    Ignore the haters that dislike this video and keep going forward and turn your life around

  • lewisevan316

    My mom raised me and my brother as a single parent.... figuring out how’s she’s going do it. My brother is 30 and I’m 25. She got blessed with a child and she’s 21. I tell my mom all the time that I’m gonna make it for her because she works 3 jobs and I swearrr I’ll throw down everything for that women because she’s my real hero!!!

  • Talita Coelhinha
    Talita Coelhinha


  • Jason Friess
    Jason Friess

    you are so humble and kind you are so aswome

  • Nina

    What a wonderful song.

  • Anny shaves
    Anny shaves


  • Kathleen Root
    Kathleen Root

    Wow! That was great!

  • Lee Rowland
    Lee Rowland

    One of the best songs ever, nothing beats homesick

  • Brianna McCullough
    Brianna McCullough

    Can someone be your spirit animal? I've never heard of Kane Brown, but this song, this sentiment, and the R&B chill style matches my whole soul. My inside never matched my outside and my outside never matched my setting. #represent #Irish #African-American #Cherokee #PuertoRican #German #English #Scottish

  • Jessica Moore'Duke
    Jessica Moore'Duke

    This is just the best song!

  • Flex Pena
    Flex Pena


  • Cora Albritton
    Cora Albritton

    Great song love Kane brown single mom here

  • OceanSun


  • Alexis Samantha Edwards
    Alexis Samantha Edwards

    Absolutely love ur voice! Love ur music! My dream is to get a picture with u with an autograph ! You’ve been my favourite country singer since I was little girl. God bless you Kane Brown! ❤️

  • Belinda Golden
    Belinda Golden

    I use to feel like I wasn't good enough for my usband. Now I know he will never be good enough for me. Good as me , ha he don't even come close . But Kane you are great . Love this song , hats off to a nan who sees it like that.

  • Perla Garcia
    Perla Garcia


  • Jasonc Simmonsjr
    Jasonc Simmonsjr


  • MrsDThew

    That voice! Wow!!!

  • Brylee Watson
    Brylee Watson


  • Chandler Terrill
    Chandler Terrill

    god bless all the hard working parents and children helping take care of there parents

  • He Who Ceases
    He Who Ceases

    love Kane Brown!!! My newest favorite country artest!!!

  • Why Not?
    Why Not?

    so sad at 1:57

  • MenosEs Mas!
    MenosEs Mas!

    He should have more than 1.8 mill subscribers he should have 15.9 mill bubs

  • Felix Pena
    Felix Pena


  • Madison Peoples
    Madison Peoples

    He know he can sing good

  • Chalunda Hampton
    Chalunda Hampton

    Awe..the little boy in this video is the kiddo who gives words of encouragement in videos.

  • kinghq1

    Saw you the other night on Ridiculousness. I'd heard your music before, been a Country listener for 30+ years, but I hadn't put 2 and 2 together. Needless to say, I pulled out my phone and purchased ALL your songs. So far I have not be disappointed. I heard Blake say a few years ago: This isn't your daddy's Country, but your sound is PERFECT!!! I dare say I'd rank you up there with George and Garth as one of those who know what is and can back it up . . .

  • Krausehause

    Love his voice ♡ Gives me all the feels ♡ Such a beautiful calm voice ♡♡

  • krimson chicken
    krimson chicken

    Aww so sad

  • Austin Scott
    Austin Scott

    Where is the father in this video. No strong male role models in the house. Sad, those kids need a good dad. Moms and grandmas are great, but it is the father that is supposed to be the leader... Children look to the mother, mother looks to the father, father looks to God. I do like the song just find this same thing everywhere.

    • Doris Doepel
      Doris Doepel

      That's how Kane was raised

  • suncraft vlogs
    suncraft vlogs

    I thought this was a love song not a mom song

  • Karina Carrillo
    Karina Carrillo

    Tears ❤️❤️

  • jack Coombes
    jack Coombes

    As soon as this came out in the UK everyone jumped on kane brown and said oooh I live his music... I swear I'm the only Britt that listened to him before he wa sbif in the UK... Things like Granddaddys chair Hometown Pull it off Better place Learning I could go forever with this list tbh... All the fake Britt fans go home! Why now and not before Hmmm?

  • Kimberly Peirce
    Kimberly Peirce

    I love your voice do more

  • paula massey
    paula massey

    hey that was GREAT !!!!! i luv watchin that video, it reminds me that i made alot of good memories with my kids !!!! THX !!!

  • Jacqueline Clark
    Jacqueline Clark

    My mom loves you

  • Rugby7swife

    Soooo sweet! I loved it!

  • Amigo panchio
    Amigo panchio

    I can’t count how many times I have listened to this song

  • Alyssa Hughes
    Alyssa Hughes

    This vid made me cry

  • Jeremy Buck
    Jeremy Buck

    You dont

  • Dean Routh
    Dean Routh

    Lonnie Rocks-luv's ! !

  • Flat Butt Evade
    Flat Butt Evade

    I love this song

  • patsy roam pachl
    patsy roam pachl

    Kane. that song is perfect. you are very sexy

  • Howard Smith
    Howard Smith

    so good!!!!

  • Tim Abbott
    Tim Abbott

    Lmfao, being poor skit, but having milk and OJ..

  • Rhonda Penman
    Rhonda Penman

    That means he's very respectful n humble n knows how to treat women... guaranteed