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Jungle - Casio
'Casio' is taken from Jungle's second album 'For Ever' out now on XL Recordings. Buy & stream it here:
A JFC Worldwide Production
Directed by Josh Lloyd-Watson & Charlie Di Placido
Producer - Rosanna Gouldman
Director of Photography - Olly Wiggins
Choreography - Nat Zangi


Will West
Che Jones
Nathaniel Williams
Jordan Melchor
Ziggy Taylor
Mette Linturi

Special thanks to S+O Media, AMCK Dance and Verdigris Management.

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  • megg go
    megg go

    ugh that guy in the beginning in the mustard shirt is beautiful...sO suAvE

    • megg go
      megg go

      ZIGGY TAYLOR i want you

  • La Nietzschéenne
    La Nietzschéenne

    PLZ STOP BEING SO SEXY WILL (n teach me how to dance)

  • Jeffer Lopez
    Jeffer Lopez

    Pure art Pure fiya!!!!

  • Knuper

    Щас бы перевод

  • Frederico Marchetti
    Frederico Marchetti

    Michael Jackson style dance! AAAOOOWWW! Who's bad?

  • Morten Besshø
    Morten Besshø

    Slate 1 Take 13 The producers finally managed to get the whole event in one go and the result is amazing. Awesome screenplay and choreography. JULIA, CALL HIM Jungle: - you rule the funk scene

  • BlaBla Bla
    BlaBla Bla

    This song without them dancing is simply dull

  • Liz Hernan
    Liz Hernan

    Bruh I am in love

  • Chris Joya
    Chris Joya

    UA-my recommended this to me and honestly, I’m not disappointed. Very smooth track and dope choreography.

  • John Richardson Meadows
    John Richardson Meadows


  • 神ShuazRei

    The dance is jaw dropping The song is so catchy and chill ...can’t wait for more😍

  • Marlo Ramirez
    Marlo Ramirez

    Makes me think of The Kings of Convenience and Jack Stauber.

  • Tony Cruz
    Tony Cruz


  • Bibs Turner
    Bibs Turner

    n canso de ver esses caras dançando

  • J Gonzales
    J Gonzales

    THAT CHORUS SOUNDS LIKE AN OLD SONG BUT I JUST CAN'T PUT MY FINGER ON IT.... "When all your dreams are gone And you're still holding on".... SONG FROM EITHER THE 90'S OR 80'S.

  • Roberto César
    Roberto César

    Finally, a director that respects dance choreographers by not adding an exaggerated number of cuts... beautiful man :D

  • Xinnaa Jeff
    Xinnaa Jeff


  • Keilon Braz
    Keilon Braz

    This song gave me a feeling and will to dance like those awesome guys. ♥

  • david vasquez
    david vasquez

    Had no idea about Jungle until one night where I walked into a Roses store and heard it playing. Pulled out my phone and used Snapchat to ID the song. Best thing I’ve ever done

  • Eve Prunes
    Eve Prunes

    la coreografía es simplemente genial y el tema está muy bueno también

  • Diyala Muir
    Diyala Muir

    who disliked this video? I just wanna talk..

  • Dave Baack
    Dave Baack

    Do I hear a little Thundercat in this production?

  • Niels van den Bosch
    Niels van den Bosch

    Is this black Matty from the 1975. Not trying to be rude, just wondering.

  • Nova OP
    Nova OP

    Melody sounds familiar can't remember where I heard it

  • Krzysztof Kościuszko
    Krzysztof Kościuszko

    Julia, just call him ffs

  • Bianca Ayuri
    Bianca Ayuri

    Daaamn I’m in love with one Will

  • Lisa Campos
    Lisa Campos

    love it !!!!!!

  • Taryn van Wyk
    Taryn van Wyk

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👌🏽just spectacular

  • Taryn van Wyk
    Taryn van Wyk

    If only you could hear me clapping and screaming! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! No words right now! Oh my word!!!!

  • Blu Jé
    Blu Jé

    Ayeeee I love me a bass guitar. I can definitely groove to this. New song added to my funky list ✨

  • aisha k
    aisha k

    I've been waiting for a track like this, I feel reborn.


    great tune and vid!!

  • EAFabian

    Pinche Julia ¿Ya le llamaste?

  • Mango Girl
    Mango Girl

    Theek hun :)

  • Abdulla Aliev
    Abdulla Aliev

    Лайк если пришёл с афиши

  • ShahD khaled
    ShahD khaled

    JB got7 STAN?😥

  • i

    от Афиши)

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов

    Спасибо Афиша, добавил уже в плейлист

  • Nastya Egorova
    Nastya Egorova

    Кто после Афиши?)

  • Juan Serrano
    Juan Serrano


  • Cynane

    Your music needs more lust

  • diego mardiaga
    diego mardiaga

    I want to live in that VIDEO.

  • TheJuan

    This girl looks like Sasha Banks 😵

  • Sean _
    Sean _

    That front flip at 1:31 though...

  • Lionel P
    Lionel P

    Wonderfull . sacré danseur sur une très bonne musique Génial

  • mari

    Will такой ммммм А этот в подтяжках вообще не старается ахах)))

  • Janis De
    Janis De

    Amo sus coreografías, es todo un deleite visual. 😍🤘

  • Michael yeuri nin medina
    Michael yeuri nin medina

    boooooooi 00:52 2:23

  • Pao pizza
    Pao pizza

    Jojo time 2:16

  • Vikram Kapoor
    Vikram Kapoor

    @2:42 check it, she's the only one who does the footwork correctly, brother on the left ... my man

  • Doli Surya
    Doli Surya

    2:16 bro it's me or they're jojo posing here ? 😳 anyway superb music and dances this is lit 🔥🔥🔥

  • tatsmng

    I love this song (from brasil)

  • Hamza Iqbal
    Hamza Iqbal


  • nasah99

    I'm in love with this song. I love you Jungle. My song of the year.

  • Apoorva Somaiah
    Apoorva Somaiah

    Julia, just call him.

  • Rushali

    It said "Glass Animals Vevo viewers watch this". I did. I liked it.

  • Betin Trejo
    Betin Trejo

    Me mama la pinche coreografía, lo malo es que tengo dos pies izquierdos jajaja

  • caitlin

    this is SO groovy! the dancing, the vibe, just everything. perfect.

  • Bibs Turner
    Bibs Turner

    esse cara principal q dança eh MUITO LINDO nossa swnhora

  • Giabao Tran
    Giabao Tran

    the dancers nailed it

  • Albert Montgomery
    Albert Montgomery

    Damn, julia must be bad af 🤔

  • Mardo

    this shit right here is a vision ❤❤💗❤❤

  • Forgot My Lighter
    Forgot My Lighter

    Getting real Gorillaz Murdoc feels from this. Like an Andromeda kind of vibe

  • Roln Clovers
    Roln Clovers

    Jungle always finds the coolest dancers.

  • David Essang
    David Essang

    Wow just found this!

  • Bianca San
    Bianca San

    Como as festas deveriam ser

  • Motives

    kali uchis, baby is that you?

  • Debbie Chen
    Debbie Chen

    dammmm!!!! jungle,your groove is soul felt

  • Elijah Song
    Elijah Song

    The only issue I have with this song is that its only 3 mins and 58 seconds

  • Esther Ndungu
    Esther Ndungu

    Wow... Really good music out here while we promoting trash....

  • Sunil RB
    Sunil RB

    Driving a car inside GTA vice city

  • אבשלום אלוני
    אבשלום אלוני

    Casio like the watch ?

  • A random person
    A random person

    I just wanna be in that nice warm room

  • Lindsey Burnside
    Lindsey Burnside

    I keep coming back to watch this video. The dancing is captivating.

  • Mariola D
    Mariola D

    Chcę tańczyć ilekroć słucham tej piosenki😀 jest doskonała...

  • KokkieSmilez

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate this amazing choreography??? I can't even

  • Tut B
    Tut B

    Michael Jackson vibes 😍😍

  • NezihBouali

    Don't call him, Julia

  • Lorkoification

    Who also had Casio :D ??

  • Hiraya Manawari
    Hiraya Manawari

    putangina ang ganda

  • Hugo Montenegro
    Hugo Montenegro

    The chorus sounds partly melodically like Madeon - You're one, much love to both 😊❤

  • Anton Hilado
    Anton Hilado

    🔷️What a gem of a song🔷️

  • Jorell Morales
    Jorell Morales

    Bruh, they got the shmooooves🔥🌊

  • Priscila Marquez
    Priscila Marquez

    There’s something soo soothing about watching them dance

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson

    Let's go full trottle Julia.

  • Tiona Miller
    Tiona Miller

    0:30 and just like that I’m pregnant.

  • Nova King
    Nova King

    1:34, Idk why I fucking love that move.

  • Ryan Burks
    Ryan Burks

    Very disco

  • Arthur Ortega
    Arthur Ortega

    didn't know you guys loved the casio watch that much

  • S. Y.
    S. Y.

    smooth af!

  • Hope Hartline
    Hope Hartline

    there is so much leg length in this video

  • Awely Yann
    Awely Yann

    The dancing is real sweet. Anybody knows his name?

  • Саша Саша
    Саша Саша

    Please insta of the leading dancer smbd!!!)))) So so talented and handsome! Music is amazing ))))))

  • valerio valezzi
    valerio valezzi

    This video is EVERYTHING!!!!! Love the song and the video is just PERFECTION 🙌🏼

  • davidcito354

    The sexiest thing I've seen in a while.

    • Shavone Granville
      Shavone Granville

      damn, you too?

  • Nicole


  • Camila Di
    Camila Di

    Muito bom!!!!

  • Maynard Bello
    Maynard Bello

    somebody teach me how to dance


    Someone pls post the lyrics of the song

  • Amber Razzaq
    Amber Razzaq

    i wanna dance like that