Joji - Sanctuary (Official Video)
Music video directed by Eoin Glaister
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    Stream "Sanctuary" and get official merch here! 👨‍🚀🌍🌟

    • K M
      K M

      Anyone get their merch* yet?

    • K M
      K M

      Anyone get their mercy yet?

    • Actual Garbage
      Actual Garbage

      Josef Stalin thanks joseph stalin

    • m o o d
      m o o d

      *aRe yOu aSiAn (just a harmless joke lol)*

    • Curious Betsy vlogs
      Curious Betsy vlogs

      I think it could have been improved if the second to last shot was the last shot of the actual video where George smiles, than a shot of the other guy who gouged his eye out smiling. That would have really pointed out the harmony between the two that they’re right now fighting but the guy is still friends with George. That would have made a really powerful impact. Just a constructive criticism it’s a beautiful video executed amazingly but that extra 2 second shot would have really affected me personally.

  • Daniel Wallis
    Daniel Wallis

    this is the ravioli in my pocketoli

  • Justin Armentrout
    Justin Armentrout

    S P O O N

  • Nadiaa

    Is so sayd

  • Alexis Bertrand Luna
    Alexis Bertrand Luna

    Gimme area 51 memes here it feels right

  • Rupesh Rajbhar
    Rupesh Rajbhar

    sad boi joji

  • April marla Oreto
    April marla Oreto

    Baby, you don't have to wait on me.

  • Kfloppy eh
    Kfloppy eh

    Was the gold dood that died a reference to rich Bryan's new album?

  • Aetreus

    "cause what you R is what I want Sincerityyyy"

  • Vector Calculus
    Vector Calculus

    joji look like voldemort if he had a nose lmfao

  • RunUrLifeツ

    _Insights of Area 51.._

  • Jase D Ace
    Jase D Ace

    Madd feels aye fam?

  • Joshua Green
    Joshua Green

    George should be so proud.

  • Jace Cooke
    Jace Cooke

    I watched the video 4 times and finally get it! His friend saw him sad so took on the role of the villain to make him feel the way he once did! Damn that's a selfless friend! Looking at the comments and everyone already figured it out :( lol

  • Cameron Burdette
    Cameron Burdette

    Thanks to Cold Ones this song is a reminder that when your friends are successful It should be an extension of your happiness, your life. Still a group of four lads making dumbass videos in my heart. never forget where you come from. Congrats on the success Joji. We arent mad at all.

  • NPC 144530113
    NPC 144530113

    1:33 Frank is still in there

  • Stanley Scalf
    Stanley Scalf

    So the "hero without a cause" trope is a metaphor for people who are only stimulated in relationships with some rivalry and contention. Summarized in the lyrics "If you've been waiting for falling in love, babe you don't have to wait on me - cause I've been aiming for Heaven above but an angel ain't what I need"

  • yaGamertag is gay
    yaGamertag is gay

    Damn.. I was born in the right generation.

  • Nick Sewerwater
    Nick Sewerwater

    dammmnnnn this nigga used to be filthy frank

  • brick house
    brick house

    there is definitely a diffrence between joji and filthy frank

  • twins x
    twins x


  • Emilio Cl
    Emilio Cl

    What gender is this kind of music?

  • brin 2476
    brin 2476

    Frank please upload on old channel filthy Frank more pink guy

  • mr conqueror
    mr conqueror

    He protected omniverse

  • Swagpuff123 Msp
    Swagpuff123 Msp


  • DJ RMAX Mahusay
    DJ RMAX Mahusay

    Message is too deep🤙🤙🤙dopeness

  • SlavicOreo

    I used to be sad that filthy Frank died but I actually enjoy joji's music

  • Sebastian Jones
    Sebastian Jones

    is that where kirk fought the gorn?

  • Hez

    This mans makin me cry what a friend

  • Shoji

    I miss papa Franku


    Haha fuck this is sick

  • Lil Hades
    Lil Hades

    Y'all can stop explaining the song ffs, its losing its uniqueness with every comment explaining it, we fucking get it, shut it.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    Its time to start gaing fame

  • The Muneh
    The Muneh

    Storming area 51 with the bois

  • EL Presidente
    EL Presidente

    TFW you kill your nemesis, fall into a state of depression, your friend takes his eye out and kills someone, and now you’re not depressed anymore.

  • Ammar Nasir
    Ammar Nasir

    wait i never paid attention to the meaning of this video until i saw one comment about it...i had to rewatch this video and only then i saw it(the meaning) joji n the director are like really great...

  • ARCTIC3650

    Joji should make a song with Billie ilish

  • Cein and Aidil
    Cein and Aidil

    Pink boy is that you???

  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz

    i listen to this song about 8 times a day

  • Samuel Bartlett
    Samuel Bartlett

    how the fuck does this have less views than his other stuff?!?

  • C-PORT Vlogs and more
    C-PORT Vlogs and more

    The more I heard this song the more I liked it

  • Ashton Baker
    Ashton Baker

    It reminds me of megamind

  • Owen Williams
    Owen Williams

    He's a lot like Michael Corleone at the end

  • Namiblesivfam Blesiv is a GODDESS
    Namiblesivfam Blesiv is a GODDESS

    Did you hear joji’s new song “no hope” ? ITS AWESOME 🖤

  • Baker Steez
    Baker Steez

    Joji is my happy place ❤

  • Johnny Gorman
    Johnny Gorman

    I love this guy he’s amazing

  • Ethan Moreno
    Ethan Moreno

    Come back filthy frank

  • Trihard Mccree
    Trihard Mccree

    Joji also plays the big head alien dude

  • Gabriele Avila
    Gabriele Avila

    He love joji but he wouldnt Tell him because he doesnt want It to ruin their relationship as best friend .So when he realized that joji is in pain he would do anything to make him happy and so he did as he took his eye and travel through space Just so his beloved one feels like he still have a meaning in life ...thats true love

  • Nobody

    Rip Papa Franku

  • Natalie

    Anyone else waiting for Joji to drop a beautiful acoustic remix of this song like he did with Slow Dancing? 😭 Please George, I need more beautiful angel vocals from you

  • AJ Hayes
    AJ Hayes

    What does this song sound like? I cant put my finger on it

  • bones22j

    This is part 1 of the Joji Lore Saga. There’s gonna be a whole extended universe. Pink Guy is gonna be their Thanos, but we’re gonna have to wait for 11 more albums for that war. It’s cool I’ll wait and buy all the albums.

  • Colas TV
    Colas TV

    Damn didnt know i could watch this in vr

  • Crystal Space
    Crystal Space

    wheres the filth ?

  • Ed L.
    Ed L.

    1:51 KHAAAAAAN!

  • Borya 000
    Borya 000

    The only thing this video lacks is some good fucking hair cake

  • RShurr1can3

    This song is pretty dope at 1.5x speed

  • MadMNG '
    MadMNG '

    Best song of June

  • Michael schwartz
    Michael schwartz

    I hope Joji can mimic Donald Glover's career in terms of expressing himself through film, television, and music. We need the genius behind FilthyFrank to bless us with more comedy and storytelling!

  • Duane Doldrum
    Duane Doldrum

    The music video's legit beautiful.

  • Barek Omaba
    Barek Omaba

    The music video is better at 144p hahaha

  • Sway Sniper
    Sway Sniper

    He revolutionised comedy across youtube and he will do the same with music.

  • ?

    hey b0ss

  • Hypr e.e
    Hypr e.e

    Love is a waste of time

  • 1,000 subs without video challenge
    1,000 subs without video challenge

    Now I know gravity on space exist

  • Alex

    Top ten anime bromances

  • BluPlayer

    Damn, new star trek looks depressing

  • muchamuchacha

    His friend shooting at their ship while his eye welled up with tears!! The sacrifice! 😭💔

  • Ryo Otsuka
    Ryo Otsuka

    How cool is he.Every time makes us so much fun, he can do whatever.