Joe Rogan Experience #1269 - Bryan Callen
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast. His new stand up special "Complicated Apes" is now available to download on iTunes, Amazon, and various other platforms.

  • M C
    M C

    Is this the podcast where he talks about healing and psoriasis?

  • B H
    B H

    Rogan socialist Jew confirmed

  • Sikisan

    If you have to read lyrics while preforming you should get off practice and memorize then thennnnnnn go back and preform...... boi....

  • O T
    O T

    Thought I was liking these guys, then they started talking about modern medicine and praising it. Just a side note guys try some natural elements like Iodine and Boron for your health. Pharma is pure evil!

  • bass daddy
    bass daddy

    Lol we are in a Infinite solar flare and we haven't been hit in 12000 years and ppl have been here only for how long? Literally proves God is real. Wake up.

  • Aggro Monk
    Aggro Monk

    So happy to hear Alonzo Bodden is doing a special.

  • Dreamsic

    it's terrible to hear joe describe a grizzly attack. now i will have nightmares

  • Morics Murnieks
    Morics Murnieks

    Sumo is not ridiculous

  • TallulahSoie

    Joe really took a left turn after that toke.

  • TwiztidJuggla420

    Always nice to see Coach Mellor outside the gym for a change.

  • Aki Koivunoksa
    Aki Koivunoksa

    My boy Steven West finally getting some well-deserved recognition! I hope Joe gets him on the podcast soon

  • Kira MPD
    Kira MPD

    2 hours and 48 minutes of two dudes bullshitting each other. Love it.

  • ___blackpanther

    Bryan "Yea, Good Luck" Callen

  • WitCh WitCh
    WitCh WitCh

    Joe “ It happens all the time “ Rogan

  • Тухлый Помидор
    Тухлый Помидор

    just bought complicated apes on amazon

    • Тухлый Помидор
      Тухлый Помидор

      watched it... its not that good.

  • Xavier Freeman
    Xavier Freeman

    St. Louis squad shout out💪🏻🔥💩

  • Андрей Соловьев
    Андрей Соловьев

    Bryan didn't have a brain. Most Russian citizens hate Putin and the fact that people see only dust in the eyes, image that was invented. You know that he was a staff and his nickname was a cigarette butt. Even when he was director of the FSB he was with the first mayor of St. Petersburg Sobchak stole state property and sold abroad. Here is an article on his criminal affairs of the past millennium, you can translate via google I think the main will be clear. He has been destroying my country for almost 30 years. His daughters live smartly in France. The official salary is 10,840 dollars a month. All the children of officials live and study in Europe, many who have stolen in Russia live in the US quietly. Their children learn with yours. Remember that their wealth is someone's death in Russia. And yes he is not only a thief, he is much worse, it is still unknown how many will die. I hope Google will not surrender me, you know, in Russia, he does not really stick to the rule not to be evil.

  • Paxton Richter
    Paxton Richter

    Huge fan of Bryan Callen man He is such a chill funny dude

  • Этхан Савой
    Этхан Савой

    Joe you aren’t a sportsman. Don’t call yourself a hunter. You hunt ranches and private land and on top of that you only go on guided hunts lol that’s not hunting. Go out with just your bow in public land by yourself and see if you can track and kill and an elk. Doubt he even cleans the elk he kills, probably tips the guide to do it

  • Этхан Савой
    Этхан Савой

    Bryan, Joe, and Brendan all admire men’s body wayyy too much. They’re always admiring or talking about guys bodies.

  • Jacob Buxton
    Jacob Buxton

    Is Bryan callen supposed to be a tough guy?

  • 36 Freeze
    36 Freeze

    We need Hickok45 on JRE

  • Pedro Solis
    Pedro Solis

    People tried living in the Mammoth Cave system (Kentucky, USA) in some attempt to cure their tuberculosis. I went on a cave tour through the area, and there are eerie stone buildings remaining. If I remember correctly the experimental community failed and several people died.

  • Marco DuVall
    Marco DuVall

  • Jordan Church
    Jordan Church

    "High level Greco" yeah that's why the Kenyans dominate the Greco scene 😂

  • timmy timson
    timmy timson

    2:04:53 lmao

  • Estevan Gallegos
    Estevan Gallegos

    Pee Wee herman 2019! That's the guest. Pee wees playhouse

  • grimsgrind

    First 5 minutes and already discussing flat earth...flat earth shakes Callen to his core of beliefs lol pathetic, flat earthers don’t even think about it as much as he does

  • Fadogar91

    46:00 joe's health routine

  • Mad Squad
    Mad Squad

    'finish your coffe fckface' 🤣

  • S Crosmun
    S Crosmun

    I like what they're saying around the 30:00 mark, gun control IS complicated. Part gun quantity, part lack of mental health support for troubled people, part sensationalized media, part politics, part human nature. I think many of these issues in which people become reductionist have their roots in childhood when kids go through our educational system learning only how to memorize and regurgitate facts for standardized testing. We do not teach critical thinking at all in K-12 in America and it's leads to the stunting of Americans ability to analyze any issue. Flat Earthers, Identitarians, zealously religious people, partisan politics, anti-vaxers, internet echo chambers, ect. It all seems to stem from the inability of Americans to process foreign information and develop a calculus by which to evaluate the world without falling into some kind of black and white, one size fits all template or ideology...

  • Otto Beumelburg
    Otto Beumelburg

    I fucking hate Bryan Callen. Why am I here? Mainly to see why it has so many views and likes, lol

  • Stephen Wilkerson
    Stephen Wilkerson

    also (in texas at least), sports gambling is legal.

    • Stephen Wilkerson
      Stephen Wilkerson

      59:30 - 1:01:00

  • Stephen Wilkerson
    Stephen Wilkerson

    56:33 this is because i have to click on another video. I love it will automatically save from where i leave off but it never hurts to have a back up plan okay? thanks

  • Paul Letchworth
    Paul Letchworth

    Bryan your stupid dude , heard you say before that trump supporters are Mexican haters , that we are racists , etc... that the problem now false statements , we are sick and tired of them leaking across the border illegally , every president has always talked getting tougher on the border with Mexico but because trump is actually trying to really be tough on the Border you dumb ass , but you think your smart and funny neither of which is true

  • Nelson

    11:00 👆👆this

  • BCzepa

    why does joe keep interviewing this disgusting piece of shit?

  • OG Nova
    OG Nova

    Fun fact: Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) are different from each other but similar. A solar flare is like you punching a guy in the face, a CME is like ripping off your own leg so you can beat a guy to death.

  • nettocxxx

    I would like to see Ken Wilber on JRE.

  • lee1776

    Fuck bryan callen

  • Bear Knight
    Bear Knight

    Global warming is a cult. Its followers believe in dogma w/o doing the research, and treat the state like their god.

    • scoop245

      97% of the scientists do the research

  • Dom Noe
    Dom Noe

    Ugh i love them

  • Domzdream

    Bookmark: 2:26:00

  • Chi Shaun
    Chi Shaun

    Coach Anthony brought me here

  • Beyaj

    Get myth on the podcast pls

  • Austin's Thoughts
    Austin's Thoughts

    Joe "most of my diet is elk meat" Rogan.

  • Jesse Cabezas
    Jesse Cabezas

    Bryan callen i like him but hes super wrong America independent 1776 the civil war ended 1865 that equals 89yrs .... from 1865 to 2019 is 154yrs without slavery we free slaves longer than we had slaves as a nation and America was the only country to fight a war to end slavery

  • Max Perez
    Max Perez

    The U.S. has not been a country with slaves longer than without them. If Callen's talking about the first people that came to the U.S. sure, but technically the country started in 1776 and to 1865 that's only 89 years of slavery. 1865 to 2019 is 154 years

    • The Great One
      The Great One

      Slavery is still legal tho. The 13th amendment allows the enslavement of those convicted of a crime basically making slavery legal by law. After the civil war, the south started passing laws called "Black Codes" which were laws that specifically targeted blacks making them criminals which made them slaves again which is why many Black Americans say slavery never ended in the US. Everyone always mentions the 13th amendment making slavery illegal because they haven't actually read the text and don't understand how enslaving convicted criminals can easily be abused.

  • Over Heated EsKim0
    Over Heated EsKim0

    People will say he is a lightweight but when your not a smoker and you smoke a blunt there's a lot of weed in one toke from none smoker

  • Mark Karavan
    Mark Karavan

    Get Donald J. Trump on the show.

    • Nethercide

      Mark Karavan fuck you

  • CreativeMe

    Joe "I love that guy to death" Rogan

  • uisce_beatha

    You say we need a well funded fire department... ROFL. 80% of fire fighters are volunteers.

    • David Delaney
      David Delaney

      Well we dont give those volunteers buckets and supersoakers to put out fires. Paying fire fighters in my area is stupid. Havnt had a fire in 50 years.

  • Andrew Zobava
    Andrew Zobava

    spending more money doesn't fix the problem Joe "I voted for Hillary and Bernie twice" Rogan

  • Austin Reid
    Austin Reid

    Every podcast seems to eventually turn into a MMA show

    • Christian Stober
      Christian Stober

      Right... I'm a dude with zero interest in MMA, yet I've invested *hundreds* of hours into JRE 🤔

  • David Hambrick
    David Hambrick

    Joe makes weed sound so pretentious it

  • Jay Rock
    Jay Rock

    joe "say you put a llama in a backpack" rogan

  • Matthew McCaffry
    Matthew McCaffry

    Callen eats pheasant spirits.

  • Mark Ferguson
    Mark Ferguson

    Albert and Jean flag....uh oh, - fucking Buzzkill.I get deja vous on such a regular basis , thinking it is real life Ground Hog Day,- only it's somebody else's day.Come to suspect that people are here for different reasons,- some just to keep the race going, and other's to make things happen; a few get to do both.Some have real choices and options, and some do not.It's the only explanation that currently makes sense; listen here for alternative possible scenarios.Thanks gentlemen, for being one of the few examples of non mindless entertainment.

  • Dale Wilsnagh
    Dale Wilsnagh

    Thank you Bryan for the shout out to Cape Town, it is one of a kind.

  • last generation
    last generation

    U tube needs the middle finger option.callen is a dry fk

  • Grace Period
    Grace Period

    Joe Rogan you should have NVIDIA’s Lead Researcher on the Applied Research Team Brian Catanzaro on the JRE! He is part of the team that developed the PhotoReal drawing Program that Jamie Vernon brought to your attention about 2 hours into this podcast Epsd

  • Dn D
    Dn D

    get some Bowmore 15 year old The Darkest for about 80$ a bottle, it used to be around 40$ a couple years ago, its fucking delicious. a good proper priceworthy scotish single malt

  • Andy D
    Andy D

    Are these guys high?

  • SimpleMan

    Is it the Elk , or all the testosterone therapy?????

  • Logan

    Where can I get Complicated Apes by Bryan Callen?

  • Mike Woodward
    Mike Woodward

    23 minutes in is where Joe loses me, we don't need to tax more to fix things. He's rich if he wants to put forth more he can and should. Some people though are in a spot where theyre good but not good enough to give back extra. Finally I can give back more than my share of taxes but I need less government policies with hands in my pockets and more freedom to use my extra money as I see fit. I'm starting a charity to send comics to kids in Africa. It's just getting going and I don't even have a cool snappy name but the pieces are starting to move.

  • crown

    International scandal Trump signed s447 and sh1224 international scandal. protest Warsaw 11 may 2019

  • villegas24

    "Skeptics" aka idiots

  • Tommy Gunn
    Tommy Gunn

    4 min in and Callen Trolls Joe with Owen Benjiman. 😂😂 (Mustache man)

  • Tommy Gunn
    Tommy Gunn

    Joe Never has an Encyclopedia Britannica banner under his Videos... Not Saying Joes a shill but if you tbink this is just an ad free unsponsored podcast you are wrong...

  • Kalkidan Deme
    Kalkidan Deme

    This is the best JRE

  • E村人

    48:50 I can attest to this bit. I stumbled on a certain reddit post about eczema, a lot of what they described lined up with my own experiences. Turned out I had systemic candidiasis. Fast forward about a year in on oil of oregano and probiotic supplementing. It is absolutely astonishing how much my health has transformed, not just the eczema. Gut health is *HUGE*. And just occasionally taking a supplement isn't good enough. Especially coming from the 'modern american diet' or any other background of not really minding what you eat and you want to start. You want to reset things with something like oil of oregano and other anti-fungals and then go hard on the probiotics. Eat something on a daily basis. Kefir / sourdough is simple to upkeep and intake every day. Lacto-fermented vegetables and pickles are great too. Not the storebought stuff (which might just be crunchy pickles in vinegar or something), make it yourself or make sure it's made right with bacteria.

  • Hogwire

    What podcast is Joe talking about 34:00 min? The podcast that didn't work out?

    • John R
      John R

      Callens buddy Jimmy Burke I think

  • Bedardo

    Wrt TB: I likely took the same cocktail of antibiotics. The pills can cause your optic nerve to swell. To prevent this, you're supposed to take B6 alongside it. Glad I didn't come out colourblind.

  • Nick Hambrick
    Nick Hambrick

    This entire podcast feels rehearsed...there isn't a thing in this entire podcast so far (currently 50% through it) that I haven't heard on another podcast...

    • John R
      John R

      I really enjoy Callen on here but they do go over the same things from time to time

  • blahbleh

    I wish Joe would talk more openly about money. Towards the end where they were talking about the comedian that sold out multiple Madison square garden shows, Bryans like “imagine the kind of money”. Joes like “I’m sure there’s that but...”. Bitch. If you’re selling out Madison square garden money is definitely a fucking thing. It’s just annoying how joe has this “money is not that important. Just save up money and quit your job and love what you do” meanwhile he travels the country/world, eats the best food, drives the best cars ect. Not hating on the dude. I’m extremely happy he’s successful. But don’t brush away money as if it’s this trivial thing. Ok I’m done ranting now lol

  • droid muncher
    droid muncher

    seems like this guest is full of poop imo

  • Levon Stilson
    Levon Stilson

    Lol “why are you running with a gun dude?” “Is that loaded?” “Don’t do that.” Joe is such a fudd

  • J time
    J time

    You have a giant fat abdomen from roids and alcohol joe. It looks like your wearing a flak jacket.

  • Deanna Leystra
    Deanna Leystra

    Bears... If it's black, fight back; if it's brown, lie down; if it's white, goodnight (you're dead)!

  • Danielle Jean
    Danielle Jean

    Anytime Bryan gets a chance to speak French...

  • Zen Zany
    Zen Zany

    i feel like joe’s whole persona changed after he hit the blunt.. like he became nicer. and i feel like bryan callen is constantly acting, like he’s never himself

  • David Walton
    David Walton

    Some of these comments man... Where do yall find the time in your lifes to watch youtube videos and start arguments and saying rude shit to people you don't even know? What a waste of food,space,air and any other recource you slobs take for granted and waste away. Enjoy your lifes go do somethong with your life. Stop wasting it on trying to hurt other people for idek what. How can one take joy in that i cant even compute. But i guess it takes a special type. Ba bye

    • last generation
      last generation

      Same ace u find the time to write a novel

  • Jackson Terrance
    Jackson Terrance

    Bam Margera or Johnny Knoxville would be good guests them Jackass guys are a bunch of wisenhiemers

  • Devante Poe
    Devante Poe

    Tin foil hat. Stay goin deep homeboy 🐍

  • Wolfsli

    Who sleeps for more than 6 hours ? if i press on to even 7-8 hours my whole body ache's. Even still Joe got some really entertaining podcasts, nice to have in the background when you go to the swimming hall.

  • D Money
    D Money

    This man was in a rap song😂 when I saw him I was like wtf




    Perspective? Or

  • schwift

    St. Louis is very industrial, concrete, bland colors, so I totally get what he means. My friend argued me the opposite. He comes from the rich parts and has a perspective of very small percentage of the city.

  • David Cameo
    David Cameo

    Now I want to purchase bespoke shoes...

  • Ethan Vonbehren
    Ethan Vonbehren

    I hate that bryan callen put his standup behind a paywall.

  • Zaiya

    Lol very gay friendly episode fuckin talkim bout guys the whole time still funny af

  • Freedom Cobra
    Freedom Cobra

    All new bullies meeting the new kid in school* “There are two types of people in the world, those who think Robbie was out and those who don’t, which one are you!?”

  • Logan Allen
    Logan Allen

    When all else fails, JRE will be the only station downloaded on my PIP-BOY

    • Meme Review
      Meme Review

      I imagine there'll be a pretty narrow pool of guests. Maybe just Alex Jones.

  • p_mongiello

    Did espn(Disney) send a ceases and desist order to Joe “ want to bet you can find it on the internet” Rogan?

  • Tom Cast
    Tom Cast

    I wanna hit off the shit that crashed Tesla's stock lol

  • Mr Freeman
    Mr Freeman

    Brian "100%" Callen

  • justin moegling
    justin moegling

    Philosophize this is something I recommend full heartedly.

  • Ben Martinez-Romero
    Ben Martinez-Romero

    When are we getting DC on the mma show?