JINJER - Perennial (Official Video) | Napalm Records
Napalm Records
Check out the third single "PERENNIAL", taken from the brand new EP “MICRO”, available via Napalm Records on January 11th 2019.
Pre-Order: smarturl.it/Micro-EP
Director: Shah Talifta facebook.com/shah.talifta
11.01. - OBERHAUSEN (DE) Turbinenhalle 2
12.01. - NIJMEGEN (NL) Doornroosje
13.01. - HAMBURG (DE) Markthalle
14.01. - COPENHAGEN (DE) Amager Bio
15.01. - STOCKHOLM (SE) Fryshuset
16.01. - OSLO (NO) Rockefeller Music Hall
18.01. - HANOVER (DE) Capitol
19.01. - LEIPZIG (DE) Hellraiser
20.01. - KRAKOW (PL) Klub Kwadrat
23.01. - SOFIA (BG) Universiada Hall
25.01. - BUDAPEST (HU) Barba Negra Music Club
26.01. - VIENNA (AT) Arena
27.01. - ZLÍN (CZ) Masters of Rock Café
28.01. - BRATISLAVA (SK) Majestic Music Club
29.01. - BERLIN (DE) Kesselhaus
30.01. - MUNICH (DE) Backstage (Werk)
01.02. - GEISELWIND (DE) MusicHall
02.02. - COLOGNE (DE) Essigfabrik
03.02. - ANTWERP (BE) Trix Muziekcentrum
04.02. - LONDON (UK) Islington Assembly Hall
06.02. - PARIS (FR) Cabaret Sauvage
07.02. - TOULOUSE (FR) Le Bikini
08.02. - MADRID (ES) Mon
09.02. - BARCELONA (ES) Salamandra
10.02. - LYON (FR) Le Transbordeur
12.02. - TREZZO SULL'ADDA (IT) Live Music Club
13.02. - WIESBADEN (DE) Schlachthof
14.02. - SAARBRÜCKEN (DE) Garage
15.02. - STUTTGART (DE) LKA Longhorn
16.02. - PRATTELN (CH) Z7

04.04. - OSAKA (JP) Fan J Twice
05.04. - NAGOYA (JP) Imaike 3Star
06.04. - TOKYO (JP) Cyclone
07.04. - TOKYO (JP) Cyclone
(w/ SÜMER)
03.05. - CAPE TOWN (ZA) Mercury Live
04.05. - JOHANNESBURG (ZA) Platteland

  • Manu Smith
    Manu Smith

    At first I was saying to myself another band with a girl on vocals and so but when I heard "Teacher, teacher"! Now I'm a fan!!

  • Khaled Immortal
    Khaled Immortal

    Man inside the women \m/

  • Project23TV

    Opening gave some old school gojira vibes

  • Orphydian▪Music

    Ridiculously good clean vocals, haunting like the ones of Cristina Scabbia, growls are absolutely unnecessary.

  • Blank 194
    Blank 194

    She's gorgeous to begin with. But her vocals....... That's fucking hot

  • gllivr223 lllovoi
    gllivr223 lllovoi

    Phenomenal song, keep up the good work

  • Monika Severová
    Monika Severová

    The songs made me happy for my birthday 11.1.

  • Oskar Doe
    Oskar Doe

    Прекрасно!!! Удивительный голос Татьяны,в совокупности с прекрасной ритм-секцией и красивой,и мощной игрой гитариста! Эмоционально! Восхищён!!! Надеюсь увижу вас живьём!!!!!

  • Oskar Doe
    Oskar Doe

    Sooo GOOD!!!!!!!!

  • WolfPack 632BBC
    WolfPack 632BBC

    This reminded me alot of Straight Line Stitch. Digging the sound and vocals. been playing this song in my car on full blast repeatedly

  • augusto352

    LOVE IT !

  • Luis Gore Gonzalez
    Luis Gore Gonzalez


  • Dima Shinder
    Dima Shinder

    Damn this is good!

  • Mariah Fox
    Mariah Fox

    I'm rarely impressed by female screamers, but she is phenomenal.

  • gary999t

    Did 1,161 people slip when they hit the dislike button. Jinjer are awesome.

  • Arian Azhari
    Arian Azhari


  • Big Chungus 2020
    Big Chungus 2020

    Dancing in the snow with no shoes on. Typical Ukrainian stuff.

  • Gluon PA
    Gluon PA

    If thinks she is Amirah Adara twin sister...

  • Dave Martin
    Dave Martin

    Liked before listening because Jinjer

  • 2HeadEagle

    a slash of gojira full of jinjer. welcome to new metal 🤗


    She's amazing God 🤟

  • Grasser Production
    Grasser Production

    ● NEW INTERVIEW IS ONLINE NOW ● ua-my.com/watchvideo/відео-V0PmOpOaX1k.html

  • U.Defender

    Мені сподобалось 👍

  • Alan Crapo
    Alan Crapo

    The parts where she's singing with harmonies over heavy guitars sounds like Faith No More. I love it! FNM was one of my favorite bands back in the day.

  • Jessica De la Cruz
    Jessica De la Cruz

    I really think that I was waiting for this song and I did not know it. Thanks, This song told me just what I needed to hear.

  • Mario Camillo
    Mario Camillo

    Really pulling for this band to keep picking at the tunnel leading to the mainstream.

  • Mario Bross
    Mario Bross

    Sorry i can stop to think about Jonathan Davis singing ADIDAS by listing this song... Coincidence maybe... The link for some of you wanna improve your listening hear... ua-my.com/watchvideo/відео-239vHrwt8Rs.html Btw good song

  • Edwin Gomez
    Edwin Gomez


  • M B
    M B

    Yesterday night I saw them live: they have been amazing. Beyond my personal expectations: They are the evidence of a higher entity in the universe!!!unfortunately in Italy Metal is underrated... few people for this amazing show

  • Ватник Рептилоид
    Ватник Рептилоид

    Ну чот скучно,поставлю лайк только за то,что наши братья украинцы,которые до конца 19 века называли себя русинами.

  • Фарадей Сипсон
    Фарадей Сипсон


  • Marko Stamenovic
    Marko Stamenovic

    Through half of the video I am thinking: "Don't put that guitar in dirt, please noooooooo!".

  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves

    I just turned lesbian

  • TheDONPZ

    She is amazing. Vocals are intoxicating.

  • Denden

    She looks more beautiful with less makeup, mygosh

  • Johan Meiring
    Johan Meiring

    wow, the intro is crazy and brutal

  • Samuli Auno
    Samuli Auno

    The snare, while natural-sounding (good!), is mixed /a bit/ too loud. The person mastering the track should've caught that...

  • Pariah

    HA I was prepared this time bitch! Scared the f outta me on Pisces but I knew it was comin this time

  • Robert D
    Robert D

    Dude I’m crying tears of happiness - tears of blood. This is fucking brutalful.

    • Neal

      Wait... if you're crying tears of blood you should go to the doctor

  • Ivan Vshivtsev
    Ivan Vshivtsev

    Трек заходит с третьего раза. Просто красавцы. Вообще, охренительную музыку делают с 2014го!

  • Ruel Santillan
    Ruel Santillan

    damn her voice

  • Dominic Wood
    Dominic Wood

    Damn... This song is fucking good

  • Dave R
    Dave R

    Her and King Diamond doing a song together would be the shit

  • fabrizio hernan cocco acevedo
    fabrizio hernan cocco acevedo

    Fantastico... Saludos desde Paraguay :D

  • my username sucks
    my username sucks

    Katty perry still thinks that she can roar......

  • Aling Jeprox
    Aling Jeprox

    I learned about Jinjer today.. better late than never! :)

  • Tommy Guerrero
    Tommy Guerrero


  • Kot Pavluha
    Kot Pavluha

    nice job по крайней мере 4 хита на ютюбе- есть

  • emmanuel velez
    emmanuel velez

    Love this

  • J K
    J K

    There is a GOD...

  • Antonio Budimir
    Antonio Budimir

    i love this song so much, cant stop listening for days

  • Faith Ann Marie Rose
    Faith Ann Marie Rose

    I cant stop replaying this song


    thats the best music video so far!!!

  • fv3video

    Love hearing harmonies in a metal song..03:28 We found our breathless paradise.....

  • Dane Sutton
    Dane Sutton

    I know it's quite a few levels heavier, but reminds me of sevendust kind of. Regardless she is amazing.

  • Станислав Снегирев
    Станислав Снегирев

    Танюша , любовь моя !!!

  • An drés
    An drés

    That long hair fits her perfectly.

  • Денис Шевирев
    Денис Шевирев

    Ох нихуя себе...

  • Mario PHF
    Mario PHF

    Looks way better without all the makeup

  • Sadtrack

    Imagine her giving birth

  • Escape Nights
    Escape Nights


  • MrMeraby

    Absolutely love that their featuring her clean vocals so much in this song. They're absolutely beautiful and gives the growls a much more powerful punch when she goes back to them. (Kind of like double bass rolls. Boring if that's all you hear, but when it's mixed up with other beats, it soars).

  • dodger Fan
    dodger Fan

    I love these guys!

  • François Lemieux
    François Lemieux

    Jinjer is loaded with talents! Tatiana is an awesome singer/frontgirl and Jinjer's sound is always top notch. I wish I could be friend with them : they seem fun, cool, and closed to their fans.

  • Shizzle *
    Shizzle *

    We need this, this is PERFECT!

  • William Keys
    William Keys

    My only regret is that I have but one like to give this video.

  • GiantEmeraldPanda

    I never listen to this type of music-but I just saw her live session of some other song and had to listen to another song. Her normal tone is actually really impressive! I don’t personally like the sound of growls/screams, but if I had to listen to anybody’s, it would he Titania’s. She should try recording an album that eliminates the hard rock/screamo part of her songs-maintaining the acoustic/clean tone aspect of her music. She’d undoubtedly get popular in the pop/alternative crowd.

  • Ian Short
    Ian Short

    I wonder if this video only having 1.3 million views versus the Pisces videos having 15 million has anything to do with the fact that she’s not wearing a tight ass, nearly see through shirt. Given, the other one is a year old, but I always assumed that people pay more attention to a band’s, well...music.

    • NaPa

      It has to do with time :Perennial has ~1.4 M views for ~1 month, and Pieces - 15 M for ~ 23 months. Plus the shock factor which people liked in Pisces and a lot of people who never listened to metal recorded reactions to Pisces. :)

  • Erich B.
    Erich B.

    Best parts 1:18, 2:13 -

  • Felikszh Zheleznyj
    Felikszh Zheleznyj

    it's like a flashback of a life out of habitual conscience

  • Lewis McNicholas
    Lewis McNicholas

    Awesome to see some groove returning to metal!

  • The Shadow Army
    The Shadow Army

    Listening to heavy metal instead of watching a video in my high school biology class. My parents did something right.

  • Soviet Onion
    Soviet Onion

    Saw someone recommend me this band on a Cerebral Bore video, yet all I can say is this shit is so generic.

    • NaPa

      All can be said about your comment: "this shit is" such nonsense. :))

  • motakitty

    Her vocal range is just awesome.

  • Edward Crenshaw
    Edward Crenshaw

    I love this woman! 🤘👿💖All of their work is fucking KILLER!!

  • Ioan Sem
    Ioan Sem

    ...дякую JINJER, за все дякую!

  • Rey Duran Benito
    Rey Duran Benito

    mas o menos

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams

    Just as awesome live! This band is so damn good...

  • Александр Боб
    Александр Боб

    Голос, великолепен!

  • Barnaby Jones
    Barnaby Jones

    fukin sick

  • Evgeniy Vitchenko
    Evgeniy Vitchenko

    1:55 fucking sick

  • Chris Wise
    Chris Wise

    By far the best band I've heard in along time

  • pipemaze1

    If you like Jinjer material on UA-my, or good heavy music, you should try their Spotify on random mode

  • Karak Burgos
    Karak Burgos

    anyone else think the guitarist was a little person at first?

  • Julius Black
    Julius Black

    I'm in love, people...I'm seriously in love with thia girl.

  • Jeremy Reeves
    Jeremy Reeves

    Jinjer has taken over as my all time number 1 group of all time. I have been a devout Metallica fan for as long as I could hear and understand music. This crew has forever changed my mind. I know it's like comparing apples to oranges but there it is. I also have a sorrow knowing I will probably never get a chance to see them live.

    • Jeremy Reeves
      Jeremy Reeves

      I hope they do come somewhere close to KC or St. Louis

    • Sam Adams
      Sam Adams

      They've been to the US 2 times now. I just caught them in Flint, MI back in November. My #1 group now, too. It was a bucketlist item to see them. Mark my words...they will be HEADLINING very soon....

  • Gergely Bocore
    Gergely Bocore

    These guys keep stunning me wiht...everything I can hear, and everything I can hear of them... This is a special group of people...

  • Kierstyn Pascetta
    Kierstyn Pascetta

    How the fuck do 1000 people not like this? Those people obviously dont know good music or good metal for that matter

  • Mike Reske
    Mike Reske

    Love this band.

  • snatchpony

    This actually works well as a pre-workout before training.

  • Nick Bohannan
    Nick Bohannan

    The five stages of holy shit when discovering Jinjer: 1. HOLY SHIT IS THAT VOICE COMING FROM HER? 2. Holy shit that voice isn't just surprising, it's incredible! 3. Holy shit she can sing like that too?! 4. Holy shit, the instrumentalists are good too! 5. HOLY SHIT THE INSTRUMENTALISTS ARE INCREDIBLE!

  • Marcus Paulo
    Marcus Paulo

    Wow....Jinjer fucking best band!!

  • Juan Enki
    Juan Enki

    Do not wacth with ligths off

  • Brandon Conley
    Brandon Conley

    Damn she is so beautiful and the band is fkn groovy metal groovy is my shit!

  • anpunefru

    Great band, saw them live supporting arch enemy. Now i am hooked...

  • Вова Шпаковский
    Вова Шпаковский

    круто, аж биба привстала!!!! Ребята, продолжайте расти и нас радовать. Мурахи на руках это не ваш предел, надо чтоб руки дрожали..... дрожат, а потом мурахи. А потом снова мурахи!!!! Всем вам респект, Тане особенно, за тяжкий труд вокалиста, харизму и наповторимость. Люблю, вас , ребята. Успехов , удачи и сил делать такую музыку снова и снова

  • Lourdinn

    if you're gonna have a music video placed in the 1800's you can't have the actor wearing big ass plugs.

    • Roughnegg

      you've missed the whole point of the video. It's not about the settings or aesthetics. It's about recurring life and death sequence, do not pay attention to her dress or earring, it won't matter here...

  • Михаил Конюшков
    Михаил Конюшков

    Столько энергии и в пустую.........

  • бабайка Nosok
    бабайка Nosok

    Недавно наткнулся на Украинскую группу DETACH и вспомнил, что есть ещё одна группа братьев наших с Украины, комментарии под видео которых почему-то только на английском.