Jay Leno's Jet Car
1:00 - Jay's Jet Bike
1:34 - 1962 Chrysler Turbine Car
4:16 - Starting the 1962 Chrysler Turbine Car
8:16 - Jay's "Eco Jet"
13:19 - Driving the "Eco Jet"
Dennis and Jay fire up the Jet Car and go for a spin.
My Classic Car Season 19 Episode 18.
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  • Stan TheObserver
    Stan TheObserver

    See? This bums Jay out..you can tell when the host says "It looks like a Cadillac" Because,Jay will always know that people think he's driving a custom crap car like a 2000's Caddy. If the guy had said "Looks like a Lambo,or Pininfarina design" he would have beamed. Instead all Jay could do was yeah,like one of them, kind of shrug answer.

  • Stevan R
    Stevan R

    This car from the side and front looks like copy of Koenigsegg

  • Jeremy Cooke
    Jeremy Cooke

    Why is there a safety pin looking thing on the center of each wheel?

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B

    Bob Lazar also had a jet powered car. Check out his appearance on Joe Rogan

  • D. B.
    D. B.

    Hey Jay, your Moto Guzi has a flat tire.

  • Mees Veldman
    Mees Veldman

    The turbune sounds like a vacuum

  • fried102

    The jetsons on a vacuum cleaner

  • john brown
    john brown

    Dennis could not ride in a car with a bench front seat with 3 on board, there would be no room for his 'stache.

  • Andrew Piatek
    Andrew Piatek

    I like Mr. Leno's Seiko Sportura watch. I remember seeing those at Macy's for around $7,000 list. Nice watch. Kinetic. Very unique technology.

  • Living Soul
    Living Soul

    This guy must be worth billions.

  • TheComputec

    Clearly, money and success often gives people a comfortable self-confidence but with Jay Leno he just looks like a guy who's actually a decent laid-back cool dude anyway. Seems like he'd be a decent guy to hang out with.

    • MyClassicCarTV

      He is!

  • Steve Wyatt
    Steve Wyatt

    This car was not built because a turbine failure means part flying through the firewall, and this was scrapped for that reason


    Does Jay ever wear something different?

  • ljt47. exploring anything and everything
    ljt47. exploring anything and everything

    Jesus put wings on it it would take off

  • James Grant
    James Grant

    "You'll see how quiet it is..." proceeds to be loud AF I'm pretty sure since he's an older guy he's not hearing the higher frequencies everyone else is.

  • Kevin CHills
    Kevin CHills

    Why is there a little boy all by himself on the corner behind Jay at 1:30? Hopefully they gave him something to drink to wash down his jet fumes :-/

  • Helen Bed
    Helen Bed

    I Would By the Chrysler Turbine Today!!!......The Bike On the Beginning was Sharp!!...What was it??...I Like that Cadillac You Are Standing Next to!!!

  • Keith Bardwell
    Keith Bardwell

    If Jay was a superhero, his uniform would be a denim suit.

    • david forte
      david forte

      Only smart ppl wear the same everyday, Jay, bill gates, apple founder, Albert the e=mc• dude ect

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor

    Stone washed denim is so sexy.

  • SupraManTT - Joshua Awesome
    SupraManTT - Joshua Awesome

    So cool!

  • Matt Carney
    Matt Carney

    wow man thats wild as hell!

  • jonathan riley
    jonathan riley

    it was like Jay was happy he said i wanna take it out LETS TAKE IT OUT

  • koffie man
    koffie man

    Beautiful art deco designed car.


    It sounds like a vacuum cleaner!

  • NeInE 670
    NeInE 670

    but it's not classic...

  • Jimmy Borowski
    Jimmy Borowski

    Haters always gonna Hate you can look by all the Comments Below

  • Skunk Ape
    Skunk Ape

    Dude, that car he designed with the helicopter turbine in it is super dope. I would've thought it was some type of Cadillac/Bugatti love child until I heard Jay say he designed it. Jay is so damn ambitious.

  • riphamra

    I thought that was Dr. Z from Mercedes. Lol

  • wheelingndealing life
    wheelingndealing life

    Kinda cool. What you think worth? I'd give maybes 9 or 10 thousand if he sell.

    • Knight Ryder
      Knight Ryder

      That wont even buy you even one of those wheels he has on that

  • a chevy monte carlo ss from 2005
    a chevy monte carlo ss from 2005

    The grey car looks like a Cadillac concept

    • a chevy monte carlo ss from 2005
      a chevy monte carlo ss from 2005

      Never mind

  • Vlad K
    Vlad K

    how can you review a car and don't go full Throttle

    • MyClassicCarTV

      We're not reviewing it. We're just showing it. You don't go full throttle on city streets.

  • Oghogho Uwaifo
    Oghogho Uwaifo

    good sir, your moustache is very outstanding

  • Matt V
    Matt V

    Jay is so very smart, funny and I really appreciate his cars. Thanks guys.

  • ERROL  P Lawrence
    ERROL P Lawrence

    Can I have one.

  • Excalibur John Deere
    Excalibur John Deere

    I love that car thank you Jay

  • J Moe
    J Moe

    Hood ornament by Owsley Stanley and Bob Thomas?

  • Nate Maier
    Nate Maier

    "The Island" Car from the Movie?

  • Stevie Jo
    Stevie Jo

    I'd love have a turbine powered car

  • Stevie Jo
    Stevie Jo

    Didn't The Lil Bastard have a turbine engine...James Dean's death car?

  • ThomasTheSailor Chubby
    ThomasTheSailor Chubby

    The 60's were the best.. Even with all the great stuff these days.. The 60's were chock full of enthusiasm...

  • john doe
    john doe

    No talk of how fast it can go?

  • Joe Schmidl
    Joe Schmidl

    Lost to a Ford Ranger

  • Vincent Gallagher
    Vincent Gallagher

    Turbines drew me in. Outro hooked me.

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug

    Ain’t no car like a corvette 💯💯

  • Burrito Sexy
    Burrito Sexy


  • Johnathan Doe
    Johnathan Doe

    I think an electric turbine hybrid could be a great way to make up for turbines being so inefficient/loud in traffic. You could run an electric motor with regen for part throttle acceleration and traffic, and then only kick the turbine in for cruising or full throttle launches.

  • TheRealSamPreece

    @9:10 The front end of the eco jet is inspired by jay leno's chin


    Roll up on some "built and boosted" car, honk 3 times- floor it.

  • Kelly Tolliver
    Kelly Tolliver

    To the moon and beyond

  • Youtube Moderator
    Youtube Moderator

    That car looks like Jay himself

    • Icarly Shoota
      Icarly Shoota


  • GameGuru

    Looks like a Cadillac Cien

  • TheRealLazloFalconi

    What wax does Dennis use for his moustache?

    • TheRealLazloFalconi

      @MyClassicCarTV oh come on you can't leave me hanging! Forget the cars, let's talk 'stache!

    • MyClassicCarTV

      I make my own blend.

  • Barrier Boy
    Barrier Boy

    i think at this point in his life, Jay has probably come to resent and maybe even hate all of these stupid cars and interviews about them, but also realizes you still have to feed the beast.

    • Barrier Boy
      Barrier Boy

      @MyClassicCarTV that's really amazing. i'm only 40 and i've been exhausted of everything for at least 10 years. lol. it was a nice piece and i did enjoy that unusual car quite a bit. thanks, sir

    • MyClassicCarTV

      Nope. This is still what he lives for!

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye

    Did he say how much horsepower his Eco Jet has?

  • Mike Sokolow
    Mike Sokolow

    And to think, Jay made millions by telling jokes twice in a row, Jay made millions by telling jokes twice in a row.

  • Jarod Honaker
    Jarod Honaker

    It’s crazy what an oil industry can do to the world environment and our wallets

  • Franklin Sharp
    Franklin Sharp

    Imagin that, a concept Cadillac that will never be built. Like that's some type of a shock, Cadillac has a problem with great concepts that never got built!

  • Mike Sain
    Mike Sain

    How do 493 dislike?? Weirdos

  • Carlos Maldonado
    Carlos Maldonado

    You mean to tell me they had a real Batmobile back in 1962!

  • Alen Mustlovski
    Alen Mustlovski

    Sounds like my Dyson V11

  • JackStrait

    There's the McLaren Doug reviewed!

  • Robert Reilly
    Robert Reilly

    Jay is the most normal rich guy in the world, and his passion and hobby of cars,he now has a great show,too cool. I watch all of them.

  • Flokko Jordan
    Flokko Jordan

    Ain’t no car like a corvette 💯💯

  • Manoj Dorle
    Manoj Dorle


  • crimp creep
    crimp creep

    A true Roller...

  • Bike Life_93
    Bike Life_93

    It kind sounds like you have an EXTREMELY loud turbo under the hood.😂

  • Johnathan Hartley
    Johnathan Hartley

    Why does jay Leno look like jake Paul

  • Shooter Dad
    Shooter Dad

    When he gets off the jet bike! Omg! Little kid standing on the corner by himself. Crazy!

  • jerimiah rouillard
    jerimiah rouillard

    I'm at 4:39 and they haven't mentioned a reverse gear

  • romello5kuggz

    looks like the cadillac from THE ISLAND