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  • kevin mungall
    kevin mungall

    Anyone a kpop fan well this song has been out for 2 months and blackpinks new song kill this love has come out 2-3 weeks and they got like more than 100m views in less than a week

  • anita CB7
    anita CB7

    Super!!! =) 👍🏻👍🏽👍🏿👍🏿👍🏻👍🏽👍🏿😂😂😘😍😜😚😋😎😎😻

  • - Del Rey-
    - Del Rey-

    He's my favorite singer 🙂❤️

  • Ciência É Tudo
    Ciência É Tudo

    Tentativa de Kpop.

  • Evgeniia Starovoitova
    Evgeniia Starovoitova

    the beat is amazing

  • Sonia Chermaneanu
    Sonia Chermaneanu

    DAMN UA-my Really need a replay button ( and translate )

  • Patrick Longchamps
    Patrick Longchamps

    thats so cool! my favorite music

  • Minours Aya
    Minours Aya

    Winnie l'ourson 🎶winnie l'ourson 🎶 😄😄

  • max mus
    max mus

    i don t why there are soo many people like justin sing like if they are womens

  • владимир корзюк
    владимир корзюк

    Это че правда что вы на каталке ездеете

  • Ярослав Жук
    Ярослав Жук

    Hello!! You have a very good song!

  • ϟkἰrMἰϟh

    Tooo Gay

  • Matt Weeks
    Matt Weeks

    Better without voice

  • Kamilka Saduloeva
    Kamilka Saduloeva

    Why I don't like them?

  • Marcelo Allan
    Marcelo Allan


  • jns brthrs
    jns brthrs

    This remind me of MJ 🤙 Love it

  • Silvestre crash. toro murry
    Silvestre crash. toro murry

    Years and Years -Jax jones -Olly ♥️🎧

  • Jani Rimpioja
    Jani Rimpioja

    On maailman paras biisi

  • Nina Rai
    Nina Rai

    Love years and years

  • TVGamer

    Jax Jones ist der einzartigste producer den ich kenne. Mach weiter so!

  • Sergio Molina
    Sergio Molina

    De nuevo Jax Jones haciendo videoclips diferenciales sobre el resto, excelente trabajo!!!

  • who's lois
    who's lois

    love it

  • Sara Telling Lund
    Sara Telling Lund


  • Chris Green
    Chris Green

    great tune, but the video flicks far too much...... :(

  • souls 3 Dark
    souls 3 Dark

    happy and its a good song but this guy is triggering becouse he's gay man

    • Number 4
      Number 4

      Who’s he triggering?

  • Anderzon Rivera
    Anderzon Rivera

    I don't understand how I just found out about this. GUYS MARKETING!!!!

  • Anderzon Rivera
    Anderzon Rivera

    I would totally buy Ollie in the supermarket.

  • Tom Stanley
    Tom Stanley

    This is a brilliant song

  • minecraft productions
    minecraft productions

    Super great song such good edit gg

  • krasioizgrevbs

    The song is very good, i like it! But.... why this boy act like a girl?

    • Number 4
      Number 4

      Because he wants to? Not all men have to be masculine

  • This Loser
    This Loser

    *this future content will be copyrighted in 2020 by 900 users*

  • Khinh Phu
    Khinh Phu

    Jim bean cola :)

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith


  • Ahmed Hussain
    Ahmed Hussain

    2:35 the prophesies have foretold that jax Kobe till this day is dancing on that box Ladies and gentlemen we got him

  • Lewis Williams
    Lewis Williams

    Ue megaboom 3

  • Louis Mass
    Louis Mass

    Wer ist deutscher?

  • Lee 4Real
    Lee 4Real

    my local ada omg i mean asda imma stop talking..i cant spell

  • Abe Carvalho-Davis
    Abe Carvalho-Davis

    Defult dance ? 1:12

  • Yaren İlhan
    Yaren İlhan

    Bayılıyoorummm sizee ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Sound like 90s song which is not bad thing

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller

    Those outfits are just so cool 😯

  • Kyle Cowden
    Kyle Cowden

    Love this ☺

  • abcdef perry
    abcdef perry

    I Love this song!!! 😍😍

  • Kristína Chirser
    Kristína Chirser

    Why does his voice sounds like Marcus and Martinus's?

  • Eliza Pękala
    Eliza Pękala

    Kto z Polski like! 😍

  • Rab Nawaz
    Rab Nawaz

    a cool track brov I LIKE IT!

  • רעות רויטמן
    רעות רויטמן


  • Nemanja Bošković
    Nemanja Bošković

    Serbia love this song!!

  • Sarah Jane Brittan
    Sarah Jane Brittan

    I love it xxx sorry for bovering u

  • Hannah Foster
    Hannah Foster

    Is it just me or does he look like a young Justin Timberlake in parts of the video😂

  • jonah4u

    love it from sweatheart Olly

  • Mergim Zogaj
    Mergim Zogaj

    Years and years Is gay

    • Number 4
      Number 4

      Is he? Really I would’ve never known

  • unkwon player 25
    unkwon player 25

    Best music best feelings

  • StarMaker dSt
    StarMaker dSt

    Пздц запала

  • Khinh Phu
    Khinh Phu

    the video is fun :)

  • Khinh Phu
    Khinh Phu

    can he buy himself?

  • Idodo680

    0:31 1:31 same take. Anyway very creative love it. seems like a hell of a party

    • phillip collins
      phillip collins

      How did you spot that.your not wrong

  • Daffadil Flower
    Daffadil Flower

    love it !! kinda reminds me of inna's tell me 💜

  • Mi Mundo Es Asia
    Mi Mundo Es Asia

    Olly I love You ❤

  • Team RC
    Team RC


  • esperanse j
    esperanse j


  • Magda Wlodyka
    Magda Wlodyka

    Me: mum can I pls go to the shop? Mum: yes Me: *goes to shop and enters* Me: WTF LOL THIS SHOP HAS CHANGED TO LIT MODE!

  • MSP Burcu
    MSP Burcu

    Am I false or is this the best song ever?

  • EarthQuak3 _
    EarthQuak3 _


  • Nomin Erdene
    Nomin Erdene

    And who is the red guy and the hat guy?

  • Oscar Smith James
    Oscar Smith James

    Why this song is under rated

  • liam i
    liam i

    This song is so good. 1 reason is because years and years are truly amazing, another reason is because Jax Jones is so good that they don't know how to make bad songs, all the songs they've done haven been amazing.

    • liam i
      liam i

      +Sarah Miller in my opinion the onley similarity is the picture other than that there both great songs

    • Sarah Miller
      Sarah Miller

      I agree too although I thought that demi collab was a little similar to Raye's collab but either way it's great 🤭

  • laura fox
    laura fox

    MT boaaaa

  • Lizbeth Rodríguez
    Lizbeth Rodríguez

    This is so 2010.

  • MasterG 25
    MasterG 25

    This is lit af, fam!!!

  • Random Youtuber
    Random Youtuber

    You are gay

  • Lorenna Gomez Peña
    Lorenna Gomez Peña

    Me encanta!!!! 😍😍😍

  • grab your left nut make your right one jealous!
    grab your left nut make your right one jealous!

    Anyone else notice the Chinese dancer from his last tune is in this?

  • София Барздун
    София Барздун


  • Ryszard Sound
    Ryszard Sound

    Great sound and vocal ! After "Breathe" i am addict with this...

    • Sarah Miller
      Sarah Miller

      Oh Breathe such an amazing song ❤️

  • A N N A tkd
    A N N A tkd

    My favourite song!

  • LuckyTuvshee

    This song deserves more than 100m

  • wolfenstein enemy territory
    wolfenstein enemy territory

    I sense a woof

  • Anthony O'Brien
    Anthony O'Brien

    I am loving these vibes!!! 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😘😍😍🤩🤩

  • Vickie Hall
    Vickie Hall

    Love how the visuals in this video connect with other visual video trademarks like "House Work" and "You Don't Know Me".

  • SuperToritoBravo

    Can someone teach these guys how to dance like real men?

    • Number 4
      Number 4

      What does dancing like real men mean?



  • Mic Drop
    Mic Drop

    Abril 2019?🌈

  • Kable

    Literally the only black dude making house music out there

  • flagger


  • kash Jenkins
    kash Jenkins

    Orlando vibs

  • Elife Nur Daşdemirli
    Elife Nur Daşdemirli


  • Nathaniel Yehezkel
    Nathaniel Yehezkel

    Olly Alexander has gorgeous blue eyes and amazing dancing skills!.

  • Crystal Wynne
    Crystal Wynne

    Love this song he's got amazing voice

  • Will Watson
    Will Watson

    I love how today’s pop music is influenced by 90s music. AMAZING 🎊🎉

    • Number 4
      Number 4

      Me too! 90’s is my aesthetic and I’m so happy there’s more 90’s vibe music out there.

  • No

    Sto cercando un video la trama è che non so vonoscono lei va a vivere nel suo palazzo ma si accorge di lui dopo tanto tempo alla fine si innamorano il cantante ha un nome italiano ma è straniero

  • Alina Schwarz
    Alina Schwarz

    Ich liebe das Lied 😍💖

  • Nether Weed
    Nether Weed

    Guy looks like Credence from Fantastic Beasts...

  • a l e x a n d e r
    a l e x a n d e r

    U look how a new Justin Timberlake

  • Mia Deneva
    Mia Deneva

    I love this song 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Zippo777 ASMR
    Zippo777 ASMR

    How handsome can a person be....?!

  • nik4o82


  • Ila Ramachandran
    Ila Ramachandran

    I like how the entire video was just fun and dancing but suddenly had to cut away to product place vodka.

  • Avery The alpha Gacha wolf games
    Avery The alpha Gacha wolf games

    Years and years looks like Steven from worth it but with dyed hair and cut hair! 😂😹

    • Avery The alpha Gacha wolf games
      Avery The alpha Gacha wolf games

      Louie Hill hello

    • Louie Hill
      Louie Hill

      Avery The alpha Gacha wolf games hi

  • Sarah Fiene Eliana
    Sarah Fiene Eliana

    Auch deutsch hier 🇩🇪