James May reviews the Tesla Model S P100D
Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model S P100D and nothing you don’t. Saddle up for a straight-down-the-line, no-holds-barred un-depth review of what May calls the "greatest muscle car that America has ever produced."
Watch James experience ludicrous mode:
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    You would be very stupid to spend that much of money on this type of car

  • John McDiarmid
    John McDiarmid

    How about a two door coupe, and a convertible? Something a tall driver ca get into and drive. Sorry mr musk, if you gave me one, I’d sell it and get an Audi.

  • MrCurry

    £127k? I’ll buy one when they’re £12k

  • TruAgape1234

    That rear seat “comfort” looks horrible. No thigh support whatsoever!

  • antsolja

    i agree they are way too wide for england, every time i see one out on the road it always looks like it only just fits

  • Nini Chiandra
    Nini Chiandra

    what kind of review is this? and how there are over 26k likes???what if infamous person doing stuff like this, then a trillion of dislikes

  • kcooga

    When captain boring tells you to Brighton a car up you know you’ve done it

  • Adam H
    Adam H

    James, did you run this video past your lawyers?

  • Suraj N
    Suraj N

    What an idiot.

  • Alexz

    The P100D Ludicrous costs £95,000, not 127,000 ;)

  • Liisa T
    Liisa T

    When did James May get so old and ugly?

  • Alexander a
    Alexander a

    *says P100 Dualmotor instead of P100D or atleast Performance 100 Dualmotor*

  • Robert Cronin
    Robert Cronin

    does James May have a bias towards Tesla or something? seems like he's being overly pessimistic and disingenuous

  • Martin McComb
    Martin McComb

    "It's ludicrously good". Love that sly bit of wit.

  • Theo Whatmore
    Theo Whatmore

    L u d i c r o u s l y g o o d .

  • wMediaOnline

    drinking game ideal: every time james may reviews something and gives a thumbs down during said review you have to down a beer

  • Fikitupper

    When James may complains about how boring the interiors are, you've got a problem

  • Goddess of the oak Gods Peace
    Goddess of the oak Gods Peace

    Stupid old cunt

  • WhereverHugo

    I'm wondering why people have disliked this video... It baffles me!

  • piotrekk

    @2:51 is that Mondeo ST from the s03 last episode?

  • John Nolte
    John Nolte


  • P V
    P V

    finally, they r actually reviewing cars now XD.....J.K LUV IT

  • john kilner
    john kilner

    How’s this old twat still judging cars?

  • Dean mather
    Dean mather

    It's vegan fucking leather? What even is that, a new soft cock PC word for toxic vinyl. For that type of money I want real not Fucking fake!

  • Ras Sari
    Ras Sari

    Not a bad review for those once unjustly dumped tesla

  • Kalle Hakala
    Kalle Hakala

    The problem with Teslas is that there is as of yet almost no resale market. You buy it, you drive it for 10+ years.

  • Oscar Healy
    Oscar Healy

    I've seen a few of these driving around the back roads of the west of Ireland, specifically Connemara which is so sparsely populated, much of it is considered a dark zone or whatever. you can see the milkyway at night

  • Daniel Alzate
    Daniel Alzate

    You suck reviewing, and you voice is annoying

  • Steve

    the real question is not whether or not it is good...it is whether or not James May will now be sued for having an opinion

  • sirnikolas

    So does that mean Elon Musk won't be coming on?

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    Elon musks lawyer would like a word with you James

  • David Miatke
    David Miatke


  • 50 Pence
    50 Pence

    Fart mode?!??

  • Mario Larouche
    Mario Larouche

    Seems to me like Mr May has lost his edge

  • Gandalfwiz2007

    James May, along with Clarkson are motherfucking british arrogant assholes! Fuck them! They think they are GOD! Nothing is good for them!

  • Ori Rijo
    Ori Rijo

    This was painful to watch.

  • Yello Lello
    Yello Lello

    2:10 Thats what she said

  • pangrac1

    Why this utterly boring cave man need any fancy colorful interior is beyond my understanding.

  • pangrac1

    James who?

  • S B
    S B

    This is part of DT season 3. Kind of over these pensioners.

  • craze09

    Is he gonna get sued for this?

  • Gerg C
    Gerg C

    Wow. Captain Slow approves!

  • R'mur

    What about romance mode?

  • James Morris
    James Morris

    Incredible this is a invaluable content.

  • Richard McKrell
    Richard McKrell

    Why does James May look 100?

  • Darren Palmer
    Darren Palmer

    It’s concise James, I’ll give you that! It sounds a bit more positive than the Top Gear review of the roadster at least 😜 Just a shame it felt you’d been forced into reviewing something against your will 😂

  • Karolis R.
    Karolis R.

    A brit hating on non gassoline based american cars

    • Tokarev

      Uh huh. So much hatred that this Brit is buying the Model 3 for himself.

  • Annie1962

    Ludicrously good.. I see what you did there

  • Randy Bobandy
    Randy Bobandy

    He's supposed to be funny but has something depressing about him.

  • MK Smoke
    MK Smoke

    James may is getting sued now 🤣

  • Mybuddyvalium

    Does anyone even care what James May has to say anymore?!

  • Gus Smedstad
    Gus Smedstad

    When he said “this is the 127,000 pound Tesla Model S” I thought “it doesn’t really weigh that much.” Then I remembered he was British.

    • Gus Smedstad
      Gus Smedstad

      Elias, I meant “the model S doesn’t actually weigh 127 thousand pounds” not “127 thousand pounds isn’t a lot.” That anyone would read it as the latter never even crossed my mind.

    • Attack Helicopter
      Attack Helicopter

      Not even a semi truck can haul 127,000lbs

    • Elias

      Wait wut 127k pounds doesn’t weigh that much

  • Matt Lewis
    Matt Lewis

    this is one of the most shit reviews ever - top gear gone.

  • BenMJay

    this dude sucks

  • tipped jungle
    tipped jungle

    Looks like a bog standard Jag 🤦🏻‍♂️ very bland

  • Zelek Uther
    Zelek Uther

    No test drive? Complains that the "boot too big"? WTF?

  • T

    James, the review was good. Producers, camera, and music have a lot to be desired. Please contact. Take care out there folks.

  • numeroVLAD

    His show is boring.

  • rusty2029

    Yes ludicrously good unless the battery dies or it needs repairs or parts for that matter

    • Alexz

      @rusty2029 Learn first... Tesla gives 8 year warranty, unlimited mileage, on motors and battery.

    • rusty2029

      @logitech4873 yes but Tesla is in a ludicrous category of its own 🤔💩

    • logitech4873

      I would argue this applies to all cars lol

  • Paul Gruodis
    Paul Gruodis

    I much prefer James May when he is Smart-Clever than when he's Silly-Clever. Disappointingly, most content from him lately has been the latter.

  • Bill Ter Burgh
    Bill Ter Burgh

    Who is this dim whitted limey loser anyway? The fart noises are a nice touch. It makes the sound I do when asked how I feel about your review! LOL Maybe I can get a shart out to give you a "Salisbury steak" to provide some substance for this benal review 😉

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable

    This comes off as a pity fuck considering their history involving Tesla. He really is kinda Meh on it. You can tell when he gets a excited over something and this just seemed like “Fine, let’s get this done and over” “Fart mode” just seemed to be the one feature he enjoyed, aside from the satnav dimensions.

  • Tariq Hassan
    Tariq Hassan

    What a rubbish review. James May has really lost his way - he also seems to have put on a huge amount of weight! He looks 23 stone.

    • Arvid xd
      Arvid xd


  • Hinaio

    This is a masterpiece

  • Giri Priyadarshan
    Giri Priyadarshan

    Rating : 3.9 *NOT BAD NOT GREAT*

  • Marcel Reiterer
    Marcel Reiterer

    Why isn't he driving the car? 😁👌

    • Tokarev

      You have to see the actual review on Drivetribe.

  • canon fpv
    canon fpv

    Still a cock 🐓

  • DaBirdman1989

    Now I want a Tesla just for fart mode.

  • Mats Andriessen
    Mats Andriessen

    Do the Model 3!

  • Waylander the Slayer
    Waylander the Slayer

    Over priced climate con....