Jaclyn Hill is LYING about her lipsticks...
Tea Spill
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  • kermit news
    kermit news

    no one: tea spill: so i snuck into a lab-

    • _umani

      and i *oOp-*

    • Park ChimMin
      Park ChimMin

      **mission impossible theme plays**

  • Alyssa Smith
    Alyssa Smith

    I feel like people shouldn’t go and give a opinion without actually having the lipsticks. I don’t think it’s fair.

  • Angelynn Neal
    Angelynn Neal

    I believe in refunds in some cases but in a case like this, don’t get one because it takes away your right for legal action if someone wanted to sue, they would lose that right when they get a refund.

  • Sofie

    I just think we deserve better than this tomfoolery :/

  • TerribleMemeCreator Movies
    TerribleMemeCreator Movies

    I’m watching Tea Spilled not Mission Impossible wtf

  • Danna Canlas
    Danna Canlas

    *YAWN* her explaination makes me sleepy 💤 You’re lipstick 💄 cause ma lip wound and dry 😑 Ya’ll get some fluffy!! defensive b*tc* ur reaction ain’t gonna lie!!

  • alittlebitjess

    I haven’t even seen a video of her showing us her makeup

  • Derpy Legiana
    Derpy Legiana

    Half lipstick half wig 🤣🤣🤣 that killed me!

  • EastofEden

    That puppy strangely looks like gary..

  • Lalalala

    When I got her lipstick, I thought she was collabing with Kiss Lashes like in a buy one get two products kinda deal giiiirrrrllllll...

  • christine.r0se

    exposed exposed exposed exposed exposeddddd

  • Akio Kuro
    Akio Kuro

    i fucking choked on my water at the dog rubbing the lipstick i can't breath send help

  • Adelaide Noonan
    Adelaide Noonan

    Isn’t that many “white fluffy gloves” bad for the environment?

  • Annie Rose
    Annie Rose

    cotton gloves would leave more prints and marks than regular rubber gloves. wow what a moron

  • Simply. Meggie
    Simply. Meggie

    For merchandise can you do tea cups

  • KrisuuuChan


  • Dark-Stormy- Sky
    Dark-Stormy- Sky

    I refuse to buy and JH makeup.. I have heard nothing but bad things, her collabs, he own line...the only one that worked was the becca highlighter.... Even that I wouldn't buy.

  • Keeping It Peachy
    Keeping It Peachy

    A wHoLe GoDaMn CaT

  • Haney Choi
    Haney Choi

    your dedication for these videos are 👏

  • Helsinki Dôskee
    Helsinki Dôskee

    6:48 love your choice of KitKat! Have you tried the Green Tea? It’s my fave. ❤️

  • Havana Rivera
    Havana Rivera

    “Look what’s in my lipstick. A WHOLE GOD DAMN CAT!”

  • molly donohue
    molly donohue

    i call MOLD sis

  • EYE-

    I mean, Safiya made lipsticks in her damn KITCHEN and no air bubbles and hair and shit turnned up so obviously some shit went down in that lab

  • Clare Gross
    Clare Gross

    I'm not an expert, but I reckon JH has a lot of traits of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder... the constant lying/denying, hoping that her problems will go away if she just ignores them, being very defensive and not owning up when she makes a mistake, etc etc...

  • Jayda Jayda
    Jayda Jayda

    Ima make a tea channel

  • Gacha 4L
    Gacha 4L

    A whole cat!

  • beyonce's beet
    beyonce's beet

    jacklyn hill? more like downhill

  • Lynnie’s ASMR
    Lynnie’s ASMR

    Nobody Tea spill's intro: YOu Are ExPoseD SiR

  • Taniyah McCall
    Taniyah McCall

    Imma get merch tmrw

  • Aylah Banda
    Aylah Banda

    THE END HAD ME DIEING! 😂😂💀💀💀💀🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • LittleWolves

    Jacklyn Hill product... Also known as 💩

  • louisa

    to be honest if she just said that she was totally unaware that it came out like this, never bothered to check on the lipsticks, apologises for this and gives everyone a full refund then maybe this scandal wouldnt be as big... people would actually forgive her and all the blame could just be the manufacturing...

  • Yuh

    Safiya nygaard would never

  • freakyangel1969

    I've worked in factories, they do NOT use ANYTHING fuzzy near machines😒

  • freakyangel1969

    The giant BAT that controls the quality of it🤦‍♀️ no wonder theres also BLACK CURLY PUBIC LOOKING HAIRS in a few shades as well

  • My Hero Academia Fan_Bri
    My Hero Academia Fan_Bri

    I just threw my phone in too pissed off rn. *WHO THE HELL IS GONNA BELIEVE YOU?! PEOPLE HAVE FOUND HAIR IN THERE LIPSTICK!*

    • ScribE

      My Hero Academia Fan_Bri Don’t forget the fucking glass and metal pieces people cut their lips on! Did I mention those cuts got infected?

  • Sj Skees
    Sj Skees

    Her lipsticks have more metal in them than my grandmas knee replacement

  • Lauren Lee
    Lauren Lee

    She said the bubbles went to the top but don't lipsticks cool upside down so therefore these bubbles should be at the bottom of the item not top, this women is just talking out of her ass

  • Benji *
    Benji *

    Hahaha I always love the intro of your videos and this is one of my favorites I'm laughing so hard

  • Yuki la serpe
    Yuki la serpe

    I have some concerns, 1 in which universe people would use cotton or wool, at least fluffy gloves in a lab. 2 I feel the same about the black cloth, we can only use paper. 3a lipstick is molded upside down how in the entaire nation is possibile that "air bubbles" forms on the tip, that happen due to temperature shock. 4 there were fucking Plastic shards in there, and they are still safe? Wtf? 5 the best lab in the us, well guys you have pretty low standards in America... 6 that lipstick is Made using wather soluble stuff... And this kind of product are mostly Made with fatty waxy products, it is quite obvious that the formula is unstable, falling apart, and not cool on lips. 6 using vegetal butters is Tricky, for example, suppository Made with coccoabutter are always full of cracks they leave oil on fingers, they are realy instable, and they don't take the form proprely, since coccoabutter as shea butter is fragile (they are fluid fat) use glicerc mixture is better since those compounds have a melting point higher and they are more stable, they don't crack. Leave beauty care to professionist.

  • Mady Luna
    Mady Luna

    your intro *sENT ME*

  • Emily Llewellyn
    Emily Llewellyn

    if they did start production in the same month, then they probably rushed or skipped quality control entirely. it would explain a lot

  • idyllic ll wheein
    idyllic ll wheein

    so they hired furries to make lipsticks? alrighty then

  • Tatonka Peaches
    Tatonka Peaches

    Jacklyn hill is lying and no I buy her excuses. She is a con artist. We want our money back. She can take her deleted social media excuses and get out of our lives. She needs to recall all products before she is class action sued.

  • mari reverend
    mari reverend


  • angel4u272

    I bet her makeup was made in a lab or factory that dog food was made. Think about it...alot of dog food is made from by-product which is ground up road kill including horse. This would be logical and why isn't a lab testing the hair to find out what kind it is??

  • sam ً
    sam ً

    people are insanely dramatic about this damn lipstick. if you see that in your lipstick AND thousands of others are finding the same thing and posting about it, why in the hell would you put it on? call her out for her mistakes but use common sense at the same time!

  • Landon Johnson and more
    Landon Johnson and more

    Thinking she may have taken all the old lipsticks and melted them again for whatever reason. Would explain a single batch code

    • Lava

      you can't do that, that's literally illegal.

  • Tinamarie ADVM
    Tinamarie ADVM

    My. My my my my my. My my my....

  • Tinamarie ADVM
    Tinamarie ADVM


  • Rachael Rae Johnson
    Rachael Rae Johnson

    Great entertaining video about the facts.

  • Lili F
    Lili F

    the backdrop of the bacteria I-

  • Claudia Yeung
    Claudia Yeung

    I never believed in her line, or collaboration, or anything anyway. Way too shady imo

  • jt rover
    jt rover

    Full disclosure. I'm old. I don't typically watch "drama" channels. This channel though is so well done though, I can't resist. Kudos to you, the creator of this channel. You're very talented. I look forward to your excellent videos. Congratulations on your success too.

  • Chocibunny

    but where can I get that kitkat looking make-up if it was make-up xD??

    • ladynikkie

      That was a limited edition makeup set from South Korea it came with the strawberry tiramisu Kit Kat sample. I remember Jeffree Star reviewing that


    You def seen FP on thise 3 where youbwere trying to prove a point...

  • Isabelle Sim
    Isabelle Sim

    Why don’t she try on her own lipstick

  • Minh Thu
    Minh Thu

    ... I'm really surprised nobody has filed a lawsuit against her company yet...Cause... Seriously, on a business standpoint and looking at what's happening to the consumers....I see lawsuits man...

  • Michelle

    There must be one hairy ass woman or man in that production line 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Invisible Nobody
    Invisible Nobody

    is that Gary the puppy?!!! Are you Atozy's gf???? (if not, you still have an adorable dog

  • B e l l a m i Lr
    B e l l a m i Lr

    Y’all act like she intentionally did it like come on! Nobody does shit and hopes for it to come out all wrong 🙄 labs mess up, people mess up when it comes to producing a product.

    • Lava

      byeeee. She's been working on this for about 5 years. She's unprofessional.

  • Jessica Lise
    Jessica Lise

    Her video gave me the cringe sweats!! Yikes 🤪

  • Sky Angel
    Sky Angel

    She's done! If people still believe in her then all I can say is there are alot of dumbass people in this world who deserve hairy ass lipstick.

  • Wag Wagz
    Wag Wagz

    What’s the song at 3:50?

  • Genesis Fleming
    Genesis Fleming


  • Floof and Dizzy
    Floof and Dizzy

    Next is zebra gloves!

  • Gold Skin
    Gold Skin


  • dbart0n

    Best damn editing ever!

  • Courtney Cox
    Courtney Cox

    Anyone else thinks she takes months off at a time for plastic surgery? She looks so different!

  • Ramennoodlesand Tacobell
    Ramennoodlesand Tacobell

    *_fda approved hair_*