Is The 2020 Hyundai Palisade The Perfect Family SUV?
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#Hyundai hasn't had the best luck in the large family SUV segment. It started 13 years ago with the Veracruz, followed up with a Santa Fe XL in 2013, but both were deemed too bland and cramped for the average American families. Enter the 2020 #HyundaiPalisade which is based on the excellent Kia Telluride platform. It's about 6 inches longer than the old Veracruz, has seating for up to 8 people, and an interior that would shock a lot of luxury buyers with excellent materials, comfortable seats, and lots of tech. Add in a price that is actually cheaper than its Kia cousin and the 2020 #Palisade should find its way onto many family shoppers short list when it goes on sale this month.

  • Redline Reviews
    Redline Reviews

    Good evening from the East Coast everyone! Do you guys prefer the Hyundai Palisade or the Kia Telluride? Let us know below and don't worry, we are planning to do a comparison test between the two SUV's very soon!

    • King of sting
      King of sting

      The telluride vs Palisade reminds of like the Traverse vs Acadia Denali.

    • Clint Harris
      Clint Harris

      Coming off a Cadillac XT5 lease... Palisade is much better. I had nothing but problems with the XT5. Warranty is also better.

    • Michael Wu
      Michael Wu

      Comparing the korean version so far I found it cut the power folding mirrors, on touch rear windows, mud and sand terrain options for AWD, dual low beams. What else am I missing, there must be something else they cut when introduced to the US, that’s the tradition for korean and Japanese.

    • S. J.
      S. J.

      Palisade interior and Telluride exterior.

    • eldar gasanov
      eldar gasanov

      i think you have improved in the way you review cars , my advice as a car enthusiast, less talking more driving , you are touching a lot of info especially in the beginning otherwise you have improved quality of overall videos you make ,if my opinion matters

  • Celestine Wright
    Celestine Wright

    That Palisade is a Beeeaaaast! Like the Teluride but that HYUNDAI is sweet. Says look at me and then get out the way! My new crush soon to be sitting in my driveway.

  • Ecid Not
    Ecid Not

    Omg! Yes! I hate Hondas blindspot monitoring. Only on one side?? Wth?!

  • Ecid Not
    Ecid Not

    Is this bigger than the Toyota Highlander?

  • Katherine Stough
    Katherine Stough

    Where are the 2nd row cup holders?

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer

    Nissan and Infiniti’s use the same rear view mirror as Hyundai and Kia. I not sure if other people notice that.

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer

    I remember the Suzuki XL7. The Palisade’s taillights look similar to the second generation XL7’s taillights, and the second generation Suzuki XL7 was built my GM.

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer

    Both look very nice.

  • Mark Lawrence
    Mark Lawrence

    Very good review, thorough and informative. What do you mean by "gutless" means with respect to the engine?

  • J.Chan

    I like the exterior of the Telluride and the interior of the Palisade. Hyundai really upped their game, this looks better than other competing 3-row non-luxury SUVs.

  • Hhla8485

    I liked the review very descriptive! Thank you!

  • evelin niko
    evelin niko

    If you know anything about cars you would know that it has more features that resemble BMW not a Mercedes. When you look at the exterior, the back has some resemblance of an explorer, the front has some infinity, the interior has BMW and Mercedes and the drive is simply Hyundai! For most US buyers this should be a good option since the car is half the price of European brands while the upkeep of the car is at least half of what you would spend in comparison to a BMW or Mercedes. When it comes to looks, The Hyundai put the time and effort to appeal to US buyers, since we like hefty large vehicles and the price is just right. We all know that it will last longer then an explorer but yet the price is about the same.

  • FHP

    Subscribe**** FTFY

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza

    After hard negotiations from 4 dealerships, We finally picked up the Limited Palisade this weekend. As we were picking it up, there were 3 families waiting in line to steal our SUV if we didn't go through with it. I tell ya what, it's a hot seller right next to the Telluride (1 month back order). It tells you something, the Koreans nailed this SUV on the mark. The SUV is simply amazing inside and out. Also, the MPG's are MUCH higher then rated by the automaker. We're getting 23 City and almost 31mpg on highway speeds of 55-65 speeds. We're coming from a 2015 Highlander where we had 24mpg Highway and terrible city. What a difference and the 3rd row seating is actually practical! Couldn't be happier

  • Mike Morrison
    Mike Morrison

    Palisade looks way better.

  • Alex Stickney
    Alex Stickney

    For some reason this vehicle sounded a LOT noisier than most you test esp since you mentioned how quiet it is. Maybe you had gain turned up higher than normal in this video. And thank you for not mentioning no red seat option. That was getting tiresome. Guess there's no spell check when you're writing in rear window dust! 😄

  • Henry Tran
    Henry Tran

    Jaguar SUV car is small than Hyundai car

  • Henry Tran
    Henry Tran

    Why I don't see any SUV of Elantra

  • A K
    A K

    No one talking about Hyundai non reliable and expensive indeed to repair in long run, + non fuel efficient, slow and lagish ?

  • Ezra Sudhakar
    Ezra Sudhakar

    Hyundai - Makes an awesome SUV, But without a gear Knob. 🙈

  • Banjoman523

    My wife and I had our checkbook in the car and were about to go buy one, only to find out that you cannot get the Limited edition with the bench second row. We have a big family so we want the extra seating. And then if we get the SEL then it doesn’t come with the panoramic sun-roof. I don’t get why car companies always box you in like that. Why the hell can’t I buy a car with the features the way I want them? Oh well, off to Volvo I go. Get fucked, Hyundai. :)

  • NO3-

    It is NOT a crossover. Every SUV is not a crossover. Crossovers are based on sedans.

  • Mara Jacobson
    Mara Jacobson

    I really like this but I LOVE the cup holders in my Pilot. Why don’t more car companies put cup holders near the armrest of the doors? It’s the best for families.

  • Sean _
    Sean _

    Not bad for 45k

  • DopeSwagBarbie

    chrome + Trim = Chrim This should be a word.

  • Air Asia X
    Air Asia X

    Definitely the palisade

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly

    I hope it pumps out lots of "greenhouse" gas. Although, since no such thing exists...

  • BeachMode

    Honda better watch out.....the Pilot seems like a dinosaur compared to this.

  • VictorTea

    The perfect vehicle for folks who refuse to support their own country and think patriotism is a dirty word.

    • Nathaniel's Phone
      Nathaniel's Phone

      I'd take you more seriously without your KKK mask

  • Benny

    I cringed seeing the writing in dirt on brand new paint. All the scratches on that paint.

  • Patrick T
    Patrick T

    Great Improvement in Photography and Shooting angles !!! Much much better before. The Introduction is Excellent. The only thing is lack of Caption. Bey is more and more Mature now.

  • t m
    t m

    The center counsel looks waaaayyyyy much better then their sister brand KIA,with kia's center counsel real shifter

  • fastevo276

    Both are nice but the I like Telluride better. The Telluride has a regular gear shifter and the exterior is down right handsome. I’m not a fan of the Palisade’s exterior or the push button shifter. Out of all of the 3 row SUVs the Telluride and the Ascent are my favorite.

  • Biggz Smith
    Biggz Smith

    The Palisade has the Honda Pilot beat hands down when t comes to the interior

    • Robert Dean
      Robert Dean

      Biggz Smith The Pilot launched back in 2015 as a 2016 model. The 19 got a slight refresh. The next gen Pilot should our this to shame...aside from price 😉

  • A.M.D. bike & Car
    A.M.D. bike & Car

    Hyundai Palisade & FORD Explorar nearly same same body cutting. This 2 car is very beautiful.💕💖💟👍

  • Toomas Argel
    Toomas Argel

    My car is 2000lbs / 960 kg and fuel need 4,9 Liters /100km ( 77 mpg )

  • Toomas Argel
    Toomas Argel

    Where is CD player ?

  • Toomas Argel
    Toomas Argel

    Manual gearbox /sifter is much -much easier then automatic in winter weather icy roads.

  • Toomas Argel
    Toomas Argel

    How use hands Free system at car to smartphone ?

  • Toomas Argel
    Toomas Argel

    4x4 ?

  • Toomas Argel
    Toomas Argel

    Better wheels are practical all roads = 265 / 55 R 18 T 112

  • mindovrmatter33

    Is the advanced cruise and lane keep as good as on the Telluride?

  • Meea Cunningham
    Meea Cunningham

    Wow!!!! Didn't even know this car existed!!! I'm impressed

  • i rum
    i rum

    front.. looks like angry bear.. i like it

  • Santhosh Kumar Ranganathan
    Santhosh Kumar Ranganathan

    Can you do a review on Land-rover Discovery Comparing 2020 Ford Explorer, it’s value, reliability and which one is best to choose.

  • V L
    V L

    Top of the line Pallisade or Telluride SX at full MSRP price or Honda Pilot elite at $43K?

  • Zacchias Williams
    Zacchias Williams

    How the hell is this huge SUV a crossover? Get your facts straight!

  • Mitch Barredo
    Mitch Barredo

    Far better looking than Telluride. I used to have my heart set on a VW Atlas but this Palisade has got me thinking otherwise.

    • Meea Cunningham
      Meea Cunningham

      Mitch Barredo me too!!!

  • beastchip

    Never looks like 45k car!

  • Harshit Baweja
    Harshit Baweja

    The interior looks very similar to the kia seltos sold here in India, interesting how kia and hyundai are sharing bits of designs being the sister brands.

  • Kevin Milleano
    Kevin Milleano

    Hyundai is always Best

  • MonsterAndroid

    Quit writing in the dirt on the new paint ... GOOD GOD

  • Arthur Choi
    Arthur Choi

    22:15 i think hyundai got that counterclock wise needle from astonmartin

  • Raynell Holmes
    Raynell Holmes

    " A bit skinnier and not real wide" lol, just say fat 🤣🤣

  • Clint Harris
    Clint Harris

    I went to a Kia dealership to buy a Telluride. yeah... that was a disaster. They wanted 13K above MSRP. Screw them. I bought a Palisade for Sticker. I would never buy a Kia ever!!!!

    • Outlandish Thinking
      Outlandish Thinking

      Clint Harris that’s what Kia do I use to work for them Shreveport ones are crooks

  • S.L Jones
    S.L Jones

    Idk what 'subsribe' means

  • Gonsaled Crownmolding
    Gonsaled Crownmolding

    Hyundai used to copy toyota and honda and mercedes engineers and designers. They even used to sell 2 cars price of 1 back in 2001 Now Hyundai have they own designs and technology That other car maker are copy from Hyundai. Hyundai was a student who became the Master .

  • Jason Walter
    Jason Walter

    I like them both, but they don't come with rear entertainment. ☹

  • rick kop
    rick kop

    Great review. Right on the money. Pick up mine today. What an awesome ride.

  • Hamza A
    Hamza A

    Dors it have embiant lights ?

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez

    Subsribe or Subscribe lol but Great Video and man i want that Palisade but can't afford it lol, so i'm stuck with my 2019 elantra Sport Manual for many years to come.

  • Dallas Shepherd
    Dallas Shepherd

    Need a mom with car seats review

  • agentscu11y

    don't like CCW tachometer in g20 bmw 2020sonata etc

  • Ric ardo
    Ric ardo

    Wow I know why they dont sell it in the EU. 😅 In my opinion, the car is extrem ugly.



  • DiyGsxrMommaof4

    No power folding mirrors

  • Charles allen jr
    Charles allen jr

    Hyundai is beautiful, but more luxurious and elegant. Kia is beautiful, but it is more sporty and rugged.

  • Charles allen jr
    Charles allen jr

    If you think the Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride look awesome, wait until Genesis version the GV80 comes out. You will not go wrong with all three.

  • Gtfo

    Honestly Hyundai has been doing really well recently.

  • David Gunter Jr
    David Gunter Jr

    Only visible flaw was "Subsribe" written on the rear window near the end of the video...can't believe Hyundai's design engineers didn't use spell check before this one rolled off the line... ;)