IS MY HACKER FRIEND GOOD OR EVIL? 24 Hour Scavenger Hunt Challenge for Missing PZ9 Trapped in Tunnel
Vy Qwaint
After Chad Wild Clay made MY BEST FRIEND IS A HACKER? We Reveal if PZ9 is Justin on Clue Scavenger Hunt for 24 Hours Challenge, Vy Qwaint created WHO KNOWS ME BETTER? MY BEST FRIEND OR HACKER GIRL PZ4 - Daniel vs Regina in Project Zorgo CHALLENGE and Daniel uploaded PZ1 is BACK! DANIEL RETURNS to Project Zorgo and Searching for Missing Hacker PZ9 to the Exposing Project Zorgo UA-my channel, Chad, Vy and hacker girl PZ4 Regina followed Daniel into the abandoned desert where attends a top secret meeting undercover with the hackers as a double agent. They gave him a map of locations to search and dig for hidden treasure. The spy ninjas their spy gadgets and ninja gadgets to uncovered and reveal clues! Will this will lead them to a $10,000 prize? Thankfully, Daniel's secret identity is not revealed nor Project Zorgo discovers the location of the safe house. Their best friend Justin who use to film and do fruit ninja videos with them might have betrayed them and joined Project Zorgo as PZ9. We need to uncover the truth! Is Justin lying? Who is PZ9? We need to do an unmasking challenge with him! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Do you think Daniel left the notes for us or was it a different hacker?

    • nathaniel ruiz
      nathaniel ruiz

      I think it was Daniel that left the notes 📝

    • Admin 1
      Admin 1

      Humm...... I dont know who left all of the notes in a lot of the channel's

    • Ivan Hoffmann
      Ivan Hoffmann

      It was Daniel he sayed the note in blue so it was Daniel love you guys

    • Braxten Chesmore
      Braxten Chesmore

      I really like your videos and just so you know can you I love I love your videos and can you can you up like can you show like us like my family or my family like from paytyn

    • Liew Salina
      Liew Salina

      If u r blind...y u can leave this comment? Not hatin just,asking😊😊😊

  • Shrithar B Monoj Kumar
    Shrithar B Monoj Kumar

    Teke PZ 9 mask of

  • Shrithar B Monoj Kumar
    Shrithar B Monoj Kumar

    His to fat

    • Shrithar B Monoj Kumar
      Shrithar B Monoj Kumar

      Vy I Love your video's

  • Stephanie Elliott
    Stephanie Elliott

    hi give me a soudout

  • Jesus Parra
    Jesus Parra

    I tink

  • Annette McManamon
    Annette McManamon


  • Annette McManamon
    Annette McManamon


  • Annette McManamon
    Annette McManamon

    Can you tran me

  • Annette McManamon
    Annette McManamon

    Get my merch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annette McManamon
    Annette McManamon


  • hannah Gale
    hannah Gale

    This is how many people love chad and vy 👇👇👇

  • Avneet Kaur
    Avneet Kaur

    Pz9 is justen and pz1 is Daniel

  • Diane Kammegne
    Diane Kammegne

    You just got shocked

  • Bina Gupta
    Bina Gupta

    No that is not Justin

  • Adara Hoeg
    Adara Hoeg

    This is pz2056

  • Sanjay Salunkhe
    Sanjay Salunkhe

    zorgo loves vyq

  • Lovena Mueller
    Lovena Mueller

    By I think green means true and red means daniel

  • Lovena Mueller
    Lovena Mueller

    Who saw the GLITCH

  • Rob Bae
    Rob Bae

    Go on the one on the left

  • Noma Netane
    Noma Netane

    I’m pe 48

  • The Chosen One Lee Wyatt
    The Chosen One Lee Wyatt

    I would always wondering what type of karate do you guys know? I’ve actually been taking taekwondo recently and I am in Orange belt right now going to be gone from My Greenbelt shortly

  • Cody Stlouis
    Cody Stlouis

    Oh pz9 that Justin am not trying to lie 😘

  • Elmer Catalan
    Elmer Catalan

    How long have you been rec

  • Katrina Semilla
    Katrina Semilla


  • Elmer Catalan
    Elmer Catalan


  • Elmer Catalan
    Elmer Catalan


    • Elmer Catalan
      Elmer Catalan


  • Elmer Catalan
    Elmer Catalan

    Stop it don,t do that

  • Nascisa Cisa
    Nascisa Cisa


  • Jgcr22

    Chad and Vy my daughter wants to know if Justin is your best friend and what is Justin’s favorite karate move.

  • legend_fartstabber is here
    legend_fartstabber is here

    In every vid there is always a hacker

  • Σταύρος Καραόκης
    Σταύρος Καραόκης

    A hacker is at my house and he told me pz9 name and he said he nos wut he looks like he is justin

  • Roberta Garcia
    Roberta Garcia

    No don’t open the one with the right piece in Niceville do that when you open the box even to get stuff in your

  • Roberta Garcia
    Roberta Garcia

    Where is Fac this is got a hoodie stuff pillows and put a mask and put some shorts on that’s all

  • Nga Tutai
    Nga Tutai

    It was a hacker who set this up not Daniel and he got zapped 🤔🤔🤔

  • Epic Duck
    Epic Duck


  • Madiha Daraji
    Madiha Daraji

    Are you okay what happened 😙😣so aas btw I love your videos I thing pz9 is justin 100%

  • Leonel Ortiz
    Leonel Ortiz

    That is not pz9 that s a fat hacker

  • jeff F
    jeff F

    Is that

  • Deanna Mccarty
    Deanna Mccarty

    Chad V that is not Justin

  • Anveer Rana
    Anveer Rana

    Gang mixtape maybe it's for the hackers are in the tunnels the nother hacker maybe right it open the right one

  • Cadence Snyder
    Cadence Snyder

    Its not l saw his face when he took his mask off he didn't have a big beard

  • Gricelda Arenas
    Gricelda Arenas


  • Gricelda Arenas
    Gricelda Arenas

    Justin is a

  • Lorena Luns
    Lorena Luns

    Hi vy


    Open the left box the right box is a big light and a big nose.

  • sait yordanov
    sait yordanov


  • Danielle Cooley
    Danielle Cooley


  • alan verginiza
    alan verginiza

    PZ9 is not in the tunnels (that note is for the project zorgo members only) Edit #1: that hacker is just a pillow.... Edit #2: believe ALL notes from the tunnel guys!

  • jocyn kk
    jocyn kk

    i think the one hacker big belly is billy bob

  • Bonita Hall
    Bonita Hall

    I love your..? Game

  • Janette Menchavez
    Janette Menchavez

    it is danile i whach the video

  • Kaydence Long
    Kaydence Long

    Vy and reagena look like sisters

  • Laurie Mark
    Laurie Mark


  • millie Rhind
    millie Rhind


  • Abbey Jeffery
    Abbey Jeffery

    I think pz9 is juston and u gus are grate

  • Abbey Jeffery
    Abbey Jeffery

    no it is not juston

  • Hanna Gal
    Hanna Gal

    It's not just me cuz he's way too fat

  • Hakun Palli Vilhelm
    Hakun Palli Vilhelm


  • Michael Rasmussen
    Michael Rasmussen


  • Livelovecolorfully

    Pz9 is Justin rumember wen you did the lie detector test

  • Rashid Ahmed
    Rashid Ahmed

    She or he is fat

  • Marcus Wexler
    Marcus Wexler

    what about you pretend to be the leader and make a talking that all mebers hear then make it if your name is justin from project zorgo you must leave now of the organiseation

  • Huda Waleed
    Huda Waleed


  • saydiez serna
    saydiez serna

    Justin is a hacker

  • I am MotoMoto
    I am MotoMoto

    Hi how are you

  • Deborah Simonds
    Deborah Simonds

    Hi chad I'm amber you mite not no me i woche your video

  • the0berry0patch

    My name is Daniel berry and my favourite spy ninjas are you vy Regina and Justin.

    • jocyn kk
      jocyn kk

      But justin is meen

  • Jericho Orcino
    Jericho Orcino

    Pz48 loves you Vy reaction video 😡😡😡🧐🧐🧐🧐😔😔😔🤯🤯🤯🤯🤭🤭🤭😶😶😬😬🤐

  • Megan Kidd
    Megan Kidd


  • Marcela Badajos
    Marcela Badajos

    You guys are always after pz9 just take his mask off get close to him