Is Apple Even TRYING?? - Airpods 2 Review
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Apple released the second-gen Airpods with little fanfare - so are the new Airpods secretly great, or just another overpriced gadget for Apple fanboys?
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  • Logan Scott
    Logan Scott

    I've been experiencing the volume issue with my Note 9 and my 2nd Gen airpods. It pisses me off so much.! Why is the volume going to full blast every time I play a video or music file? And there's no fucking way to control it.! I kinda hate them but the microphone for talking is amazing. I've ordered rubber tips to place on them so they can actually stay in my ears.

  • q370p

    I think i'll keep wired.

  • Andrés Louis
    Andrés Louis

    Dipping them in gold would be stupid. They wouldn't work any more. #faradaycage

  • # Speed-R
    # Speed-R

    Why would we Android people be crying for airpods while we have something as cool as the Galaxy Buds?!?!?

  • shadfurman

    My $6 monoprice headphones got something crossed and they'll randomly turn clear up or clear down, or back and forth. I sleep with them in, I can say this is not a happy way to be woke up. I thought for sure my phone had a virus or something, but I swapped them out for an old pair (with only one working headphone) and the problem went away. They don't even have a volume control, my best guess is there is a flake of metal crossing the pins somewhere or something. I think that's how volume controls on headphones usually work.

  • Darthmufin

    Ah yes two tiny things not attached to a string or anything so you have two things to lose instead of one. Great idea.

  • ISYM Fhantom
    ISYM Fhantom

    Androids are for poor lol

  • kmd subs
    kmd subs

    I would lose those things in less than a week.

  • Zane Hackim
    Zane Hackim

    Bruh my Powerbeats 2 have 12 hour battery life

  • InfiniteSauce

    Yeaah... Airpods 2 just mean Airpods 1 will get cheaper, which means I'll just get the Airpods 1...

  • flanery

    5:13 "Cheap" ^^

  • Pandu Monium
    Pandu Monium

    Yep. I'm one of those people that ISN'T symmetrical. I'm getting Galaxy Buds.

  • アニメカワイ

    If it doesn’t fit your ear, tough luck

  • Wombat

    Your ears look dumb..

  • WillieBaw

    Love that click bait thumbnail ecks dee

  • Zachary Miles
    Zachary Miles

    First true wireless earbuds* instantly* NO

  • Gregory Mountain
    Gregory Mountain

    does anyone know what song the intro music around 1:20 is?

  • ZenX100

    It's just a smaller Bluetooth buds, that thing the cbi uses

  • S 6 V 9 N
    S 6 V 9 N

    I put my earbuds in backwards.

  • Yusuf Aslanyurek
    Yusuf Aslanyurek

    almost everyone losing one of them. they don't fit the ear perfectly and that's why there is 0 noise cancelation, not even supression. I'll get sennheiser momentium wireless which costs a bit more but sound quality, ergonomy and noise canceling is just perfect.

  • SSG TempeRz
    SSG TempeRz

    well apple tends to recycle and reuse the same design for years until competitors design something better that blows them out the water

  • Mig 28
    Mig 28

    New Airpods? OMG! I knew it! Apple and Nintendo are one and the same! They both sell overpriced products! And they both hate giving their customers freedom!

  • Casey

    The innovation died with Steve Jobs. He was the innovator/inventor. Apple is merely the updaters now.

    • Mig 28
      Mig 28

      People need to stop worshipping other people! Steve Jobs was the man with the money, not the man in the lab! All phones have technology that had thousands of inventions made by many, many, many people. And not one of them was named Stevey Joby!

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI

    Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  • MagikGimp


  • Shawayne Stewart
    Shawayne Stewart

    0:41 💀

  • Ultra Gaming
    Ultra Gaming

    * People expecting the airpods 2 to look different than the first * * Apple makes the airpods 2 look like the first * AND THAT'S A VICTORY ROYALE * Steve Jobs Fortnite dancing in he's grave *

    • Morgan Freeman
      Morgan Freeman

      Ultra Gaming Wow you are extremely not funny

  • Thelonius

    None of Apple's earphones have ever stayed in my ears. I need the silicon capped in ear buds.

  • lovil likes chicken invaders two
    lovil likes chicken invaders two

    my ears are too small smash like video smash dislike comment

  • Heejun Suh
    Heejun Suh

    airpods are ugly it looked like the bottom part of it is meling down

    • Brady Higgins
      Brady Higgins

      Heejun Suh galaxy buds are ugly They look like apple users shit them out

  • Ross Dew
    Ross Dew

    think of it as an s upgrade numpty not a number upgrade

  • Crystal Writter
    Crystal Writter

    Who said they were?

  • Ethan Crowley
    Ethan Crowley

    Yeah, apple sucks. Such a Control crazy, money hog company that likes to steal and sue customers if they want to have a third party person fix their phone for $50 and not apples $1300. I hate you Apple.

  • Spooks

    I just got a pair a week ago and used them twice until I was forced to one man it due to my left AirPod mysteriously losing its ability to charge and honestly AirPods aren't worth the crippling anxiety that comes with wearing them, just thinking about the fact that I spent enough money to buy two pairs of shoes on one floating earbud... I'm going to starve to death when I go to college, if I even make it.

    • Mig 28
      Mig 28

      College? What is that?

  • Hamel

    Just grow up and get a set of Jabras lmao

  • homer1075

    at the end of the day, airpods still look dumb.

  • Shabbernigdo Xingjian
    Shabbernigdo Xingjian

    I cant imagine having a set of ear buds not connected by a cable. I mean i lose the ones with a 4 foot cable fairly often. there is no way in hell ide be able to keep these things from being lost for more then a few days at best.

  • kztar621

    Did you know that you can get a wide range of sound-cancelling wireless headphones with better build and sound quality for a fraction of the price of these pieces of shit? Why do people even buy this crap?

  • Callum Balodis
    Callum Balodis

    What’s with the earrings?

  • Sylvi Wolff
    Sylvi Wolff

    Watching this on my Galaxy S10 with my Galaxy buds 🤷‍♀️

    • Josh Draws
      Josh Draws

      You have airpods in your profile pic though...

  • Aryaman Urs
    Aryaman Urs

    This is how dumb Siri is..At 6:05 when the guy says Hey Siri..Siri was actually fricking triggered on my phone..lyk wtf

  • Ticijan Negovan
    Ticijan Negovan

    dip em in gold xD


    I'ma stick with Samsung

  • Jughead Is Hot AF
    Jughead Is Hot AF

    Were paying less for more we get wires AND earbuds AND get our phone saved 8D beat that A I R P O D S

  • Erdi Roblox & More!
    Erdi Roblox & More!

    Android is life

  • Chrypto

    >wireless charging

  • EMB Veno
    EMB Veno

    4:42 how james charles cries, but this is better

  • D T
    D T

    Good ole apple lol. Releases the same thing and just places a different number at the end 😂

    • TeleRenegade 2
      TeleRenegade 2

      Like Samsung with s8 and s9

  • AlexDabestgamer 131
    AlexDabestgamer 131

    Im sorry i own an s10+ if only i had money to BUY AN I PHONE 😂

  • Zac Quitzau
    Zac Quitzau

    My airpods constantly disconnect and the microphones stopped working. Cant wait to save for something else. Fuck apple.

  • Joel Caputo
    Joel Caputo

    I have a dbrand skin for my phone. I highly reccomend it.

  • Jesse Landreth
    Jesse Landreth

    Ok I'm not at apple user and have never touched airpods before but how on earth are these such a big thing?! They look so uncomfortable, little to no seal, cheap electronics and drivers for terrible sound quality, ugly as heck and the price.... How?

  • MrXometalox

    yeah but what about the fact that you look like a total idiot while wearing them? (also, its usually a teenager who didn't pay for them with their own money using them, never seen an actual adult wear them.)

  • vincent fong
    vincent fong

    After my iPhone 4 and iPad mini and macbook pro and apple tv , I had No desire to buy any apple product anymore. Instead , I can constantly buy new android phones and Bluetooth headset and laptops .

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Hahaha how am I gonna show everybody how loaded I am? Hahaha

  • Brett Clift
    Brett Clift

    I work in a retail store and the often get incorrectly stocked because they are impossible to tell apart.

  • if_flyer 2017
    if_flyer 2017

    4:00 I saw a kid drop his friends AirPods, his friend just brushed it off, and the kid just payed him $100

  • Thaddeus Lehman
    Thaddeus Lehman

    Apple is for losers now anyway

  • John Kilpatrick
    John Kilpatrick

    So what is the “cover” on the AirPods case?

  • Jace Vo
    Jace Vo

    Powerbeats pro

  • Anton Zinn
    Anton Zinn

    You habe a lot of ears.

  • yolo mein
    yolo mein

    Apple releases slightly improved earbuds which people were satisfied with Linus: is Apple even trying! Samsung releases a phone who’s main folding feature breaks itself Linus: looks the other way

  • Eli29

    was that a minecraft ad? XD

  • Fx4ever02

    Try the Bose free soundsports! Thank me later🔥🔥.

  • Bubbaboo27

    I’ll just stick with my TidePods

  • koji kabuto
    koji kabuto

    06:07 Hey asshole, Siri is just 5 years old. LOL

  • studivan

    AirPods II are the headphones they promised with a charging case a year ago, they were waiting to release them with the Airpower, but since there is no Airpower they just released them, as I remember Apple never released them stating the were better AirPods they just released them without any fanfare, So any wild expectations were solely in the media's mind.

  • Sam Medimusic
    Sam Medimusic

    so good you really again point out of arrogate Apple is

  • Falenir

    "Something about mary" Ben Stiller... cum on ear scene. Yup... that's what you look like with these in... like you have a wad of jizz on your ear. Nice.

  • CrotaSon OfOryx
    CrotaSon OfOryx

    Am I the only one who thinks that they sound shitty?


    Excuse me my phone is an s9+ we are not poor ok our phones cost more then chicken stupid Apple phones but I do have airpods:) cause I like airpods more then galaxy buds

    • VLight

      You're in the exact same position that I'm in. I have AirPods, with an S9+, because I got AirPods when I still had an iPhone. AirPods are truly amazing, and the main reason I love them so much, is that I can have them in for a long time, without them hurting my ears. Once my AirPods reach the end of its life span, I'll probably get some Jaybirds, since I have no intention of using an iPhone ever again.

  • 300DBenz

    The more “advanced” Apple music devices get, the more determined I am to keep using my “obsolete” iPod Classic. Headphone jack (FTW!) Plays lossless, high quality audio. (160gb of it) Plays music without internet connection. Only one battery to charge.

  • Lazar Games
    Lazar Games

    We all know galaxy buds are better

  • Neo Theone
    Neo Theone

    Why is this host too angry !! Chillax its just headphones...

  • the9file

    05:24 I would rather my iDevices NOT be completely conspicuous.

  • Peter Monev
    Peter Monev

    You should make a video on the new generation galaxy buds

  • Jackston

    i prefer my 3 year old crappy headphones

  • D Collop
    D Collop

    Airpod users: I have a few issues Apple: meh, here's an upgrade. It's exactly the same

  • Easy_E420

    put a little flex seal and they fit perfectly

  • OmegaGamingNetwork

    Yep, I'll stick with my far superior audio quality wired headphones and continue laughing at the suckers buying overpriced crap likes these and beats.

    • OmegaGamingNetwork

      +A random Human being You would be wrong. I've tried them, they are over priced shit. This actually isn't even a debatable thing unless you are an idiot. Bluetooth audio is empirically worse in quality due to compression than the wired equivalent.

    • A random Human being
      A random Human being

      OmegaGamingNetwork you Wouldn’t say that if you tried them.

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison

    Yeah, the Ear Pods fit my ears only so-so, and it’s wise of you to point out that that greatly affects the resulting audio quality!

  • BeamingBetelgeuse XD
    BeamingBetelgeuse XD

    7:39 Canadians eh?

  • MySSDRocks

    Is it just me, or are Apple headphones made for people with giant inner ears ? not sure who they modelled them on, Hodor ?...

  • Shaun Johnson
    Shaun Johnson

    Go for the copies. i60 tws. Perfect copy of the new AirPods 2. Wireless charging and work with Siri as well! Sound quality the same as the AirPods! Apple are a con!

    • Shaun Johnson
      Shaun Johnson

      Tr3vor far from it. lol! I just won’t be mugged off buying these.

    • Tr3vor

      Shaun Johnson I smell broke

  • JozzyOzzy

    Did anyone think this was a Ryan Traharn video from the thumbnail

  • Tankertimers 06
    Tankertimers 06

    why is he always so negative

  • cruxer666

    got galaxy buds for free with my S10+, I am so poor and uneducated...

    • Welipe! x3
      Welipe! x3

      Weird flex but ok

  • Lily

    They're still the most popular earbuds on the market because everyone loses them...

  • Bin al-Flecki
    Bin al-Flecki

    Love when this guy rips into Apple.

  • thewindow6

    Why would they update the airpods without doing something about the sound quality? Other headphones at their price point outshine them tenfold here

  • DerpEye

    Air pods are the most popular wireless earbuds, because Android users don't need wireless earbuds, mostly. And the audio jackless Android smartphones don't actually sell so well, you don't see them much around.

  • YellowSkinz

    Awesome review 👍

  • Elmer Gloo
    Elmer Gloo

    I wanted Bluetooth earbuds until I found the EarStudio DAC/Amp on Amazon. Better sound quality through my wired earphones. I just clip the EarStudio to my collar on my shirt and zip tie my good earphones cable to be shorter. Not as convenient as completely wireless earbuds, but you can’t get better sound quality otherwise.

  • Zach Z
    Zach Z

    OnePlus Bullets Wireless >>>

  • onlym8s YT
    onlym8s YT

    I use galaxy buds why am I here

  • Shinigami Lee
    Shinigami Lee

    The same flush em down the toilet as they fall off your head when you least expected it technology.

  • Tywin Lannister
    Tywin Lannister

    Wah. My ears will hurt getting so much wireless radiation directly in to the ears. I’ll stick with wired ones.

  • TechCentral Unboxing
    TechCentral Unboxing

    I love the timing of the sponsor in every video

  • Vojta

    7:25 you have to sacrifice a sheep to summon a genius from the depths of hell and he will update it for you

  • Trenton Quant
    Trenton Quant

    Heard the Gen 3 ones come with those rubber plugs instead of how they currently fit in your ear. It’s apparently for a new noise cancel feature.