Inside the Mind of Greg Heffley - Part 4 (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid may seem like a normal children's book series at first glance, but the main character Greg Heffley has a lot more going on to him than meets the eye. Let's dive deep into his disturbing mindset and figure out the type of person he is, as revealed through Dog Days....
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  • Vailskibum94

    Classic Greg!

    • theprettykitty29

      The VIP lawn service poster they made always makes me laugh XD

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      Ennard Oof


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      Awesome dude lol

      HEY Its Lego island 2 music! Nice 👍

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      1-up Bros

      How about you shut up you clueless 10 year old fan

  • Greg Heffley
    Greg Heffley

    Pinned Comment: "Classic Greg" let me add more context... Pinned Comment: "Lol, Greg is better than your life cuz he's more classic than y'all"

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    Messiah Panisse

    Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t snap his twig neck

  • sandy_seagull

    If I recall correctly, the festive “toilet paper” was actually napkins.

  • WgamerVGT

    I noticed and thought about snapping the title in dog days

  • GD Fire
    GD Fire

    There's a part in the story, that on a sleepover, Greg and Rowley think a ghost or something is in a room next to them. He says he sleeps near the stairs a little, so when Rowley gets grabbed by whatever's in there, he gets a five second headstart to escape. ... You might as well say ZOO - WEE - MAMA!

  • battlecatsfanatic AUUTP AFFC
    battlecatsfanatic AUUTP AFFC

    sweetie as a beach Ball gives my life #beachballwithlegs

  • Gnarwhal

    Lol the LEGO Island music in the background

  • JaxLew

    What is Greg going to do to be so famous? Everything else requires work.

  • Wyatt

    New subscriber :) You’re so much fun to watch. As a really anxious person with OCD, I like having safe, fun content to watch before bed or when trying to chill out. :)

  • Sr Bolainas
    Sr Bolainas

    Ok, but Manny *MUST* fucking die in the next book

  • Autismo-The-Magician

    I think that Greg is like this because he was molded by his environment, let me explain. If the bullying and family problems are true or at least slightly true he might have become this way to adapt to his environment. Like if people bully him he could manipulate them or others into not or reversing the affect or some other thing. My point is that he might just be responding to his environment.

  • Chef Pгооpy
    Chef Pгооpy

    Dog Days is pretty underrated compared to the other books. So is hard luck and double down.

  • bird thing
    bird thing

    next greg is gonna spoil endgame

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    Benny lugo

    Im a giraffe

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    Patrick Trist

    I’m not gay vail

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    You mean part 6

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    Austin V. TV

    I ran out of I’m gay greg memes... looks like i can’t comment anymore

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    HDB Animates/Film

    please more

  • David Steinour
    David Steinour

    The Ugly Truth: A book about what this entire series of videos is based on

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    Sindex the living being

    hi mumkey

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    Big black Sexy Potato

    Cough mumkey jones cough

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    Noah Maez

    Background music from LEGO Island 2 the bricksters revenge. Epic Game

  • Creative Jer Jer 3.0
    Creative Jer Jer 3.0

    I wonder if Jeff Kinney makes the books based on his real life experiences or just makes them up

  • Nuj 21
    Nuj 21

    By the way Greg kills himself 25 years later but only after he is burnt alive by a nuke Like if you get it

  • Froese

    I’ve read diary of a awesome frendly kid and I am scared for life

  • Mary McDaniel
    Mary McDaniel

    Everyone says Greg is psycho But nobody asks *Why is he psycho*?

  • 4N0NYM0U543V3RM0R32016

    Rodrick seems to be a character no one really talks about, just mainly wondering why he started picking on his brother in the first place...

  • Some random guy on the internet
    Some random guy on the internet

    Man I need to go to sleep but this came up in my recommended

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    Akatsuki Beast

    Ok we get it you don't have to make 500 videos about Greg!

  • Ryan Rusnak
    Ryan Rusnak

    Do a Part 5! Do it on Diary of A Wimpy Kid#5: The Ugly Truth!

  • my best friend Richie Valens Donna
    my best friend Richie Valens Donna

    Next diary of a wimpy kid book Greg goes to jail

  • Spiked Trap
    Spiked Trap

    Diary of a wimpy kid?! More like Diary of a psychopathic kid! (Please laugh at my joke, It will brighten up my pointless life and I excuse me for that a horrible joke)

  • Dominic Bergeaux
    Dominic Bergeaux

    0:50 it was not toilet papers it was napkins.

  • J U S T W H Y
    J U S T W H Y

    Mumkey Jones already made this series in one video.

  • Marcos Escobar
    Marcos Escobar

    I miss my middle school days of getting these books from my school library and "editing" them to make them funnier lel good times

  • kill morgz he sucks
    kill morgz he sucks

    If Greg tells lies to rowely the things in his journals could be lies he does want to be rich and famous people might think his life is too boring so he puts lies in his journal to make it more interesting

  • Rigby

    the truth is that greg has a mindset that he will be rich and famous. He tries to make himself look good at any costs. In the first book when greg breaks Rowleys arm, Rowley begins to all attention. Greg didnt like when Rowley was getting the attention and told them that he was the one who broke rowleys arm. He did this assuming that he would get the attention. when that failed he faked an injury to try and get people to sign his cast which failed. In one of the books greg becomes study partners with a kid named frew. Greg sees that Frew is smart and takes advantage of him. Greg says that if Frew wins any awards he should be given some of the cut for “Discovering Frew.” In the long haul when greg finds out that he had the key to the locker in his shorts he begins to worry. He doesnt want to take the blame for any of it and has an option where he puts the key in Rodericks laundry so that he could take the blame for him. In diary of an awsome friendly kid, When Rowley makes the superhero, Greg wanted rowley to give him 50%, so he faked called his “lawyer” to give him 50% for using his markers. Greg also lied to rowley about alot of things in that book like being 300 years old. The point is that Greg wants to make sure that he looks as good as possible when he “becomes famous.” Thank you for reading this 🙏🏼

  • salomon00

    If you were an english teacher...

  • christian neill
    christian neill

    its at this point its impossible to defend greg at this point

  • Wyatt Olinger
    Wyatt Olinger

    When you really think about it, Rowley is the protagonist of DOAWK, and Greg is the villain

  • Citavalo

    He’s going to read out the entire series.

  • Greg Heffley
    Greg Heffley


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    victor the penguin fan

    He says hes popular but only spends time with Rowley

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    cup man

    Wow its Shane

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    Lucas Noriega

    11k more subscribers till this becomes the devil cartoon channel

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    The new jake Paul phycopathy Shane Dawson docuseries

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    Raj H

    Well to be fair, Greg *is* famous. Thousands of kids read his books.

  • XPegasus_

    this couldn't have been more perfect. I was rereading the series and just finished dog days.

  • sanic hedgehog
    sanic hedgehog

    Therapist: colored sweety is not real, he can’t hurt you Colored sweety:

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    Waffles Sticc Draws

    I actually thought this was Slimecicle

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    Random Kid567

    Dude did you just do CEA to write your script that’s like what I do in school lol C claim E evidence A analysis

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    Like so ur mom doesn’t die

  • Brother Alabama
    Brother Alabama

    I realized Greg was a jerk when Rowley’s books came out

  • Typical Evening Pictures
    Typical Evening Pictures

    What’s funny is that we act like Greg isn’t going to be as famous as he thinks he will be...except for that he IS...we pay money to read his diaries ;)

  • Launch

    Rowley: Hi Greg lets make a business! Greg: **thoughts of making money off of making Rowley do all the work**

  • Dan Rus
    Dan Rus

    I m only subbed for your wimpy kid videos

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    Ethan Whitaker

    Nobody: Not A single living person Rowley: ZOO WEE MAMA

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    Adam Dihyem

    Who else clicked on this because they remembered watching not my rodrick?

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    Chris Ponce

    "Best friends" "Greg changes" NANI?!?!?!?!

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    King of Anvils

    Vail, you're taking this too far.

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    noah wiehoff it's called rowleys revenge yall might wanna watch it (:

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    Ch405_R4pt0R 0211

    Diary of a wimpy kid: Greg is good Diary of an awesome friendly kid/Vailskibum series: Greg is a dick Me: *_repeats previous statement_*

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    spud with a z


  • Nope Nope Nope So Much Nope
    Nope Nope Nope So Much Nope

    The farther I got into the series, the less jerky Greg becomes. I rarely saw any instances of him being a sociopath in books like The Getaway and The Meltdown.

  • Alan Leone-Bridges
    Alan Leone-Bridges

    The word day: Dog, i don't feel so good

  • ProwTheGamer

    Greg is interesting... (5/25/19)


    I'm not gay greg

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    Me seeing the thumbnail, “are you comparing Greg to a dog you sexist piece of

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    You are a fucking doctor You are a fucking doctor

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    Reece Dyer

    1:08 this is actually the last straw

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    yah classic greg btw nice video again

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    yo guys greg is pointing a gun to my head right now

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    Minemaster 1337

    You gotta hurry up, there is just too many wimpy kid books to cover. Hurry before the books consume us all!

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    I just subscribed

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    Jordan Brandon

    Good this just came out cause I just finished rereading dog days

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    Just Bored

    1:25 i actually thought greg was talking😂😂

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    pixel mode x1.25


  • Adicted2Mc

    It’s like if Morgz copies Mumkey Jones. Except instead of making 1 video, he makes an entire series out of it.

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    DJ Tile Turnip

    2:11 They actually made this

  • Mystic Plays2
    Mystic Plays2

    You:Thanos snapped and turned the title to dust Rowley: Mr.greg I don’t feel so good

    • battlecatsfanatic AUUTP AFFC
      battlecatsfanatic AUUTP AFFC

      Mystic Plays2 no bubby no!!!!!

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    online friend1755

    I thought the same video type was made by mumkey

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    How did you know what makes me subscribe

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    William Lucente

    我不喜欢 Greg

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    The finalbosstrio

    Do you think dog days is really a unacurite title to this book

  • kirby1781

    3:46 "Less things worth analyzing" as you show the part of the book when Greg "burns" Rowley in his sleep.

  • Michael Dunne
    Michael Dunne

    There's a movie version of this book and I seen it

  • SGreacts

    I have a theory Greg’s immortal because he’s in middle school for 12 years and he tells Riley that

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    I'm the 50,000th view!

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    Hey did you heard that the sonic movie is getting delayed?

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    oh damn i havent red the ugly truth yet

  • kill morgz he sucks
    kill morgz he sucks

    Well in diary of an awesome friendly kid rowely hits Greg in the face and doesn't even say sorry and thinks IT'S FUNNY!

  • Camozombie15

    I mean, to be fair, this is a diary, so most of the stuff is him talking to himself. But for the most part, he does sound like it. Think though, nobody else is meant to see it, in the last straw he doesnt want anyone to see it, because it shows his inner thoughts. Just something to think about

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    Gamer Playz126

    Nice video vailskibum

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    dragonball slayer326

    Can you please talk about the sonic movie being delayed to 2020 on your next video??

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    dragonball slayer326

    Shane Dawson needs to make a series on this

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    Mr. Jax

    the vailskibum intro is what you hear while your life flashes before your eyes

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    Clasic Greg

  • Crystal Gem Sardonyx
    Crystal Gem Sardonyx

    Just because something involves dust doesn't mean that Thanos was involved! If it wasn't funny a year ago, what would make it funny now? And what makes people think repeating something over and over and over again will make something funnier? You don't see Fornite getting shoved down everybody's throats like Thanos and The Avengers. Let a dead horse lay. Also, the book is about summer, so it's meant to be "Dog Days" but surrounded by sand.