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  • i shot the sheriff
    i shot the sheriff

    this song is full of different emotions. just like me.

  • kchibi gsama
    kchibi gsama

    Anyone still here? This song never fails to hit me in the feels. 🥺

  • Ulziizul Ariunbold
    Ulziizul Ariunbold

    I love IKON❤

  • annie kai
    annie kai

    I think I like it 😘😍 their music is different ♥

  • Khryz Ramos
    Khryz Ramos

    Blink and ikon go together not bts and blink

  • Khryz Ramos
    Khryz Ramos

    I hate bts i like ikon and blink and exo and twice

  • Maxx ii
    Maxx ii

    To all iKONICS there! Please pray for our leader B.I 😭❤

  • O X Y O X Y
    O X Y O X Y

    who's the guy in 2:56

    • 김비까

      O X Y O X Y thats Kim Jinhwan,stage name Jay,,hes is the oldest in group and the main vocal

  • Miazu Lee
    Miazu Lee

    I have been listening for a countless time now but never got tired of it. The lyrics is so relatable especially those who act cheerful outside but deep inside has full of worries and despair. I love this. Its like a representative for those who cant express their feeling. Thank you Kim Hanbin for making this song. And hope that iKON can keep on shining with their talent from now on and more poeple can recognised how talented iKON is.

  • MONBEBE Minmoongie
    MONBEBE Minmoongie

    Please rest well Hanbin-oppa

  • Leah Luayon
    Leah Luayon

    Hanbin-ahhh Pleasee get well soon, jebal 🙏 😭

  • katie sotejo
    katie sotejo

    Keep on streaming #IKONICS❤❤❤❤

  • Arianators Sss
    Arianators Sss


  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim

    hanbin'a condition made me felt so sad. we ikonic's were here! 💖

  • Sundari Umi
    Sundari Umi

    Suaranya june😍

  • jahd _desu
    jahd _desu


  • Yudis Tira
    Yudis Tira


  • Mora Swisswood
    Mora Swisswood

    Really good song 5ting ikon

  • the VERB
    the VERB

    I kept thinking about Yoyo right after the rumors the other day. 😪 But I know despite being fragile, he is a very positive person. Hoping that Chanu or Hanbin will not allow him to feel alone. I hope the boys will always cheer him up. Chanu please buy him all his fave food until he gets well to cook for all of you. You can all bully him for his lame jokes for now so that he will be annoyed of you and forget about other things. Know that we believe in you, Yunhyeong. Your happiness is our happiness too. Follow what your heart desires. iKONICS support all your personal endeavours. ❤❤❤ Love ka namin Yoyo. Laban ka lang dyan kyah!

  • Love Haze
    Love Haze

    Streaming today for whole day since I wasn't able to stream last week because there's something wrong with the wifi. And I can't open youtube using data. Sorry. Let me make it up to you guys and iKON ❤💪 Fighting

  • Kpopers multifandom
    Kpopers multifandom

    Sudahkah kalian streaming hari ini guyssss???

  • Dah Ayu
    Dah Ayu


  • Dah Ayu
    Dah Ayu


  • venelopee Vann Dale
    venelopee Vann Dale

    Let's pray for Hanbin's successful surgery..🙏🙏🙏 Hanbin, get well soon, dear😞 Guys, can we make this mv reach 20M before the end of Feb? It's just a simple way of us showing support and symphathy to Hanbin. Just imagine, who would have thought that this would be the result of his hard work and sleepless nights just to create songs for us? Aren't we getting tired of the others saying IKON is underrated? I've read this so many times and this is the reason why I'm trying to drive you guys.. if that hurts me, so do IKON. Let's prove them wrong. We can't do this if we wouldn't be united.

  • Choi Youngjae แตงน้อย
    Choi Youngjae แตงน้อย

    20 M Go Go

  • Smith 26
    Smith 26

    im ok : /

  • a i
    a i

    my boys on dark hair looks so damn fine😭

  • a i
    a i

    i just realized.. there's no dance scene on this mv..

    • a i
      a i

      +JUNHOESTINKYFEET i know i mean almost all their mv has dance scene but not this one :3


      but they have performance video x

    • Nichole ?
      Nichole ?

      a i omg there really isn’t woah

  • Sri Rahayu
    Sri Rahayu


  • venelopee Vann Dale
    venelopee Vann Dale

    IKONics, IM OK IS NOW THE #1 BEST KPOP SONG FOR FEBRUARY 😁😁😁 Thaaaannnk youuuuu soooo muuuchhh everyone- including other fandoms 😘 though there's a dating rumour thingy, just don't mind it IKONics😊 well, whether it's true or not, we should still support them as we love IKON with who they are.. Their happiness is ours too 😊 Yunnyeong, you're a big boy now huh..ahaha..kidding 😁

  • Gacha Cat
    Gacha Cat

    who else cried here

  • IL O
    IL O

    Keep streaming 😍😍😍

  • Kwon Eun Byul
    Kwon Eun Byul

    Ikon saranghae ikon yang terthe best diduji

  • Kurnia Erdiyanti Saputri
    Kurnia Erdiyanti Saputri

    Always support!!!❤️❤️❤️ FIGHTING!!

  • Piper _oreo
    Piper _oreo

    This should be in k drama

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy


  • o.o

    ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ KEEP ST. RE-AM. -ING "I'M OK" EVERY DAY!!! LET'S MAKE IT TO 20 MILLION!!!

  • Mari Eduarda
    Mari Eduarda


  • Mike Kim
    Mike Kim


  • annapttrs

    Why is this song so relatable

    • iKON-nic kim YUMbin
      iKON-nic kim YUMbin

      because this was based from their experience, especially the first verse. 😊

  • I need kpop corn
    I need kpop corn

    1:53 me trying to fly to Korea

  • ꕤ

    Me dijiste que esto era el bien para los dos, que realmente no te sentías bien pero sólo leí excusas y miedo a que en un futuro todo saliera todo mal; si no me amabas realmente, no tenías por qué decirlo y menos si no lo sentías, espero de todo corazón que puedas estar mejor con tu decisión porqué yo hasta que no me cure de esto lo dudo mucho.

  • 내 남자 친구KimJinHwan
    내 남자 친구KimJinHwan

    Br ??

  • lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
    lilcentlilbarbie lilcent

    iKON has 4M subscribers and chanwoo only has 300K subscribers are you kidding, if you haven't subscriber and share ua-my.com/watchchannel/UC1LiTfGNZiweSTu8_NFVi1g

  • Naran Kasakir
    Naran Kasakir

    Everyday ❤️iKON❤️

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy


  • Khaingmin Thura
    Khaingmin Thura

    Their style is like street fighter and same all mv like killing me

  • Changwoo Kimbap
    Changwoo Kimbap


  • Trang Cute
    Trang Cute

    I love KOO JUNHOE IKON ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shahed Hsasn love bts
    Shahed Hsasn love bts

    صوتهم ناااار

  • 빅뱅권지용


  • KowkJade

    I love you iKON. I think I am gonna be a ikonic😆


      if you are, welcome 😉 you should check out iKON TV if you haven't yet, btw goodluck stanning these crackhead !! and also kindly check out their album 'Return', it contents bunch of good song 💪 (sorry for my english lol)

  • JanRicky

    i am ikon's fanboy since predebut era..even since WIN era...they gave me spirit to try my best in life...I've made a cover of Love Scenario on my channel..Check it out uri ikonics!!😊😊

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy


  • Cub Choo
    Cub Choo

    As a gift to iKON and especially Hanbin since he is getting surgery tomorrow, let's make v*ews for goodbye road and I'm Ok sky rocket, all you have to do is put the link in your bio on social media, I guarantee people will watch. Some of you put the link for goodbye road on social media in your bio, and the rest of you can put im ok in your bios. Please spread this information around because Hanbin really wants us to stream and were on my getting like 80k v*ews a day

  • Truc Nguyen
    Truc Nguyen

  • koo junhoe
    koo junhoe

    20 M. Ikonic❤❤❤

  • Salma Abdirahman Mohamed Guide
    Salma Abdirahman Mohamed Guide

    Why do they always make songs about breakups? Can’t they make of how beautiful love is or something??

    • iKON-nic kim YUMbin
      iKON-nic kim YUMbin

      different vibe, different season, different concept. this is a tetralogy, stages of being in a relationship LOVE SCENARIO, KILLING ME, GOODBYE ROAD and I'M OK. i think their next comeback will be hype especially DoubleB sub unit.

  • Bening Embun
    Bening Embun

    GO iKON

  • Luana M.
    Luana M.

    Donghyuk's last part never fail to give me chills

  • IKONisKillingMe

    B.I. is having surgery tomorrow, let's get both Goodbye Road and I'm OK to at least 50 million v!ews, and before their comeback let's get to 100 million

    • Asrul Afiq
      Asrul Afiq

      Whats surgery ?

  • Evolve Piscean to Queen Of Swords 1111
    Evolve Piscean to Queen Of Swords 1111

    Bi ur voice is really something

  • Dian Marisa
    Dian Marisa

    I love this song


    I am an ikonic from Indonesia,Surabaya. I would like to meet the ikon, if I meet, I will issue tears of happiness

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy



    iKON IM OK 02/14 9:55PM KST:17,070,346 02/15 9:55PM KST:17,190,775 Today views:120,429

    • jahd _desu
      jahd _desu


    • Nguyen Hamy
      Nguyen Hamy

      Thank you

  • Exo-L Inspirit
    Exo-L Inspirit

    I'm ok and Killin me are my favorite songs from Ikon although I love all Ikon music but them my favorites!!

  • Nita Syafira
    Nita Syafira

    Sarangeyo oppa

  • iKON-nic kim YUMbin
    iKON-nic kim YUMbin

    it's b.i's surgery tomorrow and i hope everything's gonna be fine and the surgery will be a success. be safe hanbinie, be ok! 🙏

  • Ikonic Nctizen
    Ikonic Nctizen

    Ikonics c'mon

  • Truc Nguyen
    Truc Nguyen


  • Avid BlinKonic
    Avid BlinKonic

    Let's all comfort yoyo and confront those false accusations and rumors! He can't lie if that's true. And we all know that he is so fragile and he easily get hurt. He must be crying nonstop. Lets protect our prince Yoyo! He deserves love and love alone!

    • Avid BlinKonic
      Avid BlinKonic

      +Ricselle Abes he will. Lets just stand be his side.

    • Ricselle Abes
      Ricselle Abes

      i hope he will be alright..

  • Ben malim
    Ben malim

    Really I M OKEY

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy




  • A.R.M.Y TXT
    A.R.M.Y TXT

    I am fine Now its i am ok

  • prazz jamvers
    prazz jamvers

    L Lo Lov Love B.i And Song Love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Shaniah Mae Mastrile
    Shaniah Mae Mastrile

    Ni rak ko to para sa views hahahahaha

  • chan’s dimples
    chan’s dimples

    i’m literally up at 6 in the am crying my eyes out and listening to this. anyone else?

  • Yoyo

    Yoyo I'm okay. You are forever my love

  • Agus Mulyana
    Agus Mulyana

    ayeg go😊😊

  • Amisha limbu
    Amisha limbu

    Lots of love from blinks ❤❤ let's stream i am ok Ygfamily💖


    Im here again after yoyo and daisy news....

  • Park Jihoo
    Park Jihoo

    ‼️ *ATTENTION* ‼️ *while waiting for the next comeback, please stream iKONICs.*

  • nanda mahes
    nanda mahes

    0.33 -0.54 blessing my eyes

  • Truc Nguyen
    Truc Nguyen


  • Christian Dela torre
    Christian Dela torre

    I'm always ok baby yoyo.

  • Karum Hob
    Karum Hob

    Loser BIGBANG

  • blink army lizkook
    blink army lizkook


  • Rifqy Alfardan
    Rifqy Alfardan

    again and again play this music


    Guys, why. My first kpop group, BIGBANG, then I stan WINNER. But I do support and listen other YG artists. But now, just now suddenly I feel want to stan them. Suggest me shows? Song? Guess what... seems like only YG boygroups that really can attract me although its late. I'm late to BIGBANG bcos I'm new in 2016,same with WINNER. But, now 2019, I wanna stan iKON too. At the same time, I like Treasure 13! Yo ikonic, help meee. 😭

    • kchibi gsama
      kchibi gsama

      If you like Winner then I think you’re very familiar with iKON. But broaden your knowledge of iKON by watching Mix & Match, then iKON TV and I even recommend MBC Video Star with iKON! You’ll learn so much about the boys. Listen to their albums especially New Kids... you won’t regret it 😊

    • Tint Chen
      Tint Chen

      MAGNUM X TREASURE13 as for songs, check every song they have posted here on the channel. And don't miss out Climax(from Win:who is next), long time no see and just for you(fan songs). Ofc check their dance videos too. And watch iKON TV to know the dorks. You wanna watch the origin of iKON? Then watch Win: who is next and Mix&match(you will cry a ton). Oh thanks for loving iKON anf welcome from our family. Let's stay humble and protect the boys.

    • Park Jihoo
      Park Jihoo

      MAGNUM X TREASURE13 if u enjoy their music, check out their return album, all of the songs are amazing. if u wanna see dorky sides, watch iKON TV on their youtube channel.

  • Kevin

    How come these guys aren't that popular?

  • Slima 99
    Slima 99

    الاغنيه رروععه اول مره اسمع اغانيهم ،، قالت لي عليهم صديقتي (مو كيبوبية) من جد حبيت 😻❤🔥

  • asri andayani
    asri andayani

    i'm ok song yunghyeong... it's ok... chill..smile..but bleeding inside

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy

  • Night Zie
    Night Zie

    Do you have problems? Because i have I really love them. Im ok. Don't comfort me

  • Sri Rahayu
    Sri Rahayu

    Ikon from YG is the best

  • Qwertyuiop _
    Qwertyuiop _

    17M ✅

  • Kim

    I'm multifandom. Rn, i focus more on IKON. IKON need more love. Love IKON and IKONICS🌹

  • BeamR Story
    BeamR Story

    2019 Love ikon!❣☄