I painted for 24 hours straight
Joana Ceddia
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Hello there. This is your captain speaking. Before we land, I need to tell you all about why this video was obnoxiously late this week. I finished filming Sunday morning, and then I said:
“Great! Everything will be perfect and I will have the entirety of Sunday to edit, study for Calculus and finish my Chemistry homework.”

That’s funny.

Because that’s exactly what didn’t happen.

Well, for starters, I neither studied for Calculus nor finished Chemistry. The reason? Because my laptop was being a turtle and taking forever to import all the footage, which then lead it to be extremely slow during the editing process. All of this came to a climax Monday at 2 AM when my computer:
1. Screamed
2. Shut off
3. Told me its storage was full
Now mind you, I edit on a MacBook Air that has only 250 GB of storage, so I kind of had it coming. However, I was determined to make it work. I purged my computer; I did some spring cleaning and deleted all the useless garbage on it except for the video footage.

It still wasn’t enough space.

So what did I do now?

And then I went to the apple store the next morning with m parents and bought a computer with a phat amount of storage.
Anyways, that’s all and I hope you enjoyed the video. Actually, you are obligated to have enjoyed it because it was a pain in the butt to edit.
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With love,
Jariana Crande

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