I Let My Squad Pick My Boyfriend | Bestie Picks Bae
You know your best friends always have your back, so why not let them pick your date, too? In episode two of Bestie Picks Bae, we set Alexis up on a blind date with 9 single guys. She asked her best friends (and her sister!) to interview her potential dates and choose the best match for her. Did they choose the best boyfriend, or is this relationship destined to fail? Watch and see.
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  • Seventeen

    Who would you trust more to pick your bae? Your best friends or your sister?

    • Alyssa Hernandez
      Alyssa Hernandez

      Seventeen sister

    • Nora the potato! ;-; Gacha
      Nora the potato! ;-; Gacha

      Same her Maggie Jiang!

    • Smôl _twîg_aîden
      Smôl _twîg_aîden

      SISTER! my best friend would choose the ugliest on purpose because she loves me😂😂

    • Ellie Ann Maria
      Ellie Ann Maria

      I'd be the bff to pick my friends, me and my best friends have done this to my best friend, it was amazing, and hilarious ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • cassie h
    cassie h

    i needa see a “boyfriend picks bestie” type thing.

  • martina shoukry
    martina shoukry

    Chris was in episode 11! PLAYER

  • marilia0607

    Why does that 21 yo girl look 41?

  • Bree Conley
    Bree Conley

    Omg Scott is so cute

  • Bree Conley
    Bree Conley

    When chis said hockey game I fell in love 😍

  • Anisa Mars
    Anisa Mars

    Billy kind of reminds me of Nat Wolf

  • Minh Thư Lê
    Minh Thư Lê

    I thought she is 25 or something

  • Austeja S.
    Austeja S.

    Wtf she’s like 100 why is there a15 year old

  • Tik Tok Pickles
    Tik Tok Pickles

    Actually my favorite match on this series

  • caffeine

    Scott was cute :/

  • Brianna Fenton
    Brianna Fenton

    Scott gives me major breakfast club vibes

  • mira morgan
    mira morgan

    Wasn’t Chris on the show before?? Like if agree

  • bao bao
    bao bao

    all these music genres theyre listing...KPOP, KRNB, KRAP IS WHERE ITS AT HUNNY

  • My5a Seriki
    My5a Seriki

    hes SO CUTE im literally screaming

  • Tiana Jaye
    Tiana Jaye

    The 15 year old (one with red top) said hockey 🏒 but he didn't leave wth. Edited ) woops he also and basketball but still he's like 14 lol

  • Reylani Hudson
    Reylani Hudson


  • Michelle Marron
    Michelle Marron

    if this doesn’t work out he can message me just saying

  • Kayshla V
    Kayshla V

    The first kid in the beginning straight up looks like a baby 😂

  • Audrey Galang
    Audrey Galang

    Girls be so thirsty in these comments lol

  • Maartje Steehouwer
    Maartje Steehouwer

    What is Nat Wolff doing there tho

  • Karylle Mae
    Karylle Mae

    Is that chris? And he did this kind of challenge in this channel too.

  • Miss Sunny
    Miss Sunny

    Wait wasent Chris on another ep of bestie picks bae???

  • Laura's Annoyed
    Laura's Annoyed

    Siiiis I hope they don't choose someone younger than heeeer speaking from experience that's a VERDICT.... That's a DIAGNOSIS don't do that to yourself

  • its tana
    its tana

    this show is so weird but i cant stop watching

  • Hey it’s Phoebe
    Hey it’s Phoebe

    her interests are the same as mine i swear it’s so freaky

  • I am always right; even when I'm wrong, I'm right
    I am always right; even when I'm wrong, I'm right

    Honestly, if Scott didn't have a pretty face you all would have attacked him for that comment he made at the end. I'm pretty sure he was just an idiot but got away with it and y'all fell for it. Lol XD

  • Meg M
    Meg M

    Are you dairy free by choice? Because not the same -.-

  • 아리아나Ariana

    Wasn’t Chris on this show

  • sxdee15

    Billy on the right was happily stealing everyone's answers there

  • Jordan Laycock
    Jordan Laycock

    Scott is my favourite but not for her. Billy was the best match.

  • Lucy Villain
    Lucy Villain

    Wow, Scott is cute (tho he's 2 years younger than me, whoops).... He reminds me of like that mysterious/broody type of guy from novels, but definitely seemed cool and pretty intelligent :) Also love his hair! :D

  • Aureliana Velazquez
    Aureliana Velazquez

    I love baseball so I lowkey love Alex he's a shy cutie

  • Maddie Campos
    Maddie Campos

    Bro they we're all cute no cap 😍 but scoot was my fav 💞😘❤️

  • maddi denny
    maddi denny

    There should be another series where they do an update on how well they worked out, and if they were actually compatible

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine

    Aww Scott that's adorable D:

  • Jenni Mozo
    Jenni Mozo

    Um joseph hmu please😂😫

  • Jo Neverland
    Jo Neverland

    Young Benedict cumberbatch?

  • Nouf x
    Nouf x


  • Madison Pickett
    Madison Pickett

    This is the first time I actually liked the winner

  • Sienna Carhart
    Sienna Carhart

    no one: Alexis: “LiKe aRtSy”

  • Kameron Hamilton
    Kameron Hamilton

    billy kinda looks like nat wolff

  • Eva Katrín Danielsd. Cassidy
    Eva Katrín Danielsd. Cassidy

    I died when the girl in the purple said: *oh, this guy* 😂

  • Ayeisha Jahan
    Ayeisha Jahan

    Scott was funny. I wanted him to stay, also the blue cardigan guy

  • Christine Ng
    Christine Ng

    TBH Billy's smile at 13:05 is kinda weird and umm... disgusting? Like, If I were Alexis I would like run fir my life! lmao! 😂

  • Jada Ogala
    Jada Ogala

    Wtf... what type of question is sour candy or chocolate like u don’t have to have everything single fricken thing in common like... and wat is that I gonna do in a relationship like...

  • It’s Amiee
    It’s Amiee

    Chris has been on here before

  • Hidden Stars
    Hidden Stars

    10:18 ok there buddy that’s a bit harsh “sometimes it good to be eliminated. You could meet someone with a better smile” um too far 😂

  • go stoopid go crazy go stupid
    go stoopid go crazy go stupid

    Chris is on a different vid but his friends choose him a bae

  • I am a princess
    I am a princess

    Billy is cuteeee omgggg😂❤️

  • Wonders Fully
    Wonders Fully

    Quentin like paper towns????

  • Brianah Allen
    Brianah Allen

    Marrage counselor: y r u here today Me: I like skittles he likes chocolate Marrige counselor: please leave my office Me: bu..... Marrage counselor: GET OUT NOW AND STOP WAISTING MY TIME

  • Brianah Allen
    Brianah Allen

    Bring her to McDonald's then Wendy's if we hit it off

  • theWildWallflower

    Chris didn't seem that enthusiastic about getting picked (?)

  • Shahzeen Chowdhury
    Shahzeen Chowdhury

    can we talk ab joseph 😍

  • Undazzling xo
    Undazzling xo

    i love bill AHHHHH ima take ur man

  • Leo Rodriguez
    Leo Rodriguez

    The 2nd last person was on another bestie picks bae and he got a girlfriend but he came to this show the 2nd winner

  • Avni T
    Avni T

    yooo why y'all out here pairing 18 year olds with 15-16 year olds lmaoo

  • Brooklyn Lloyd
    Brooklyn Lloyd

    Alex, I want you, hit me up.

  • Sharon Tangkilisan
    Sharon Tangkilisan

    Is there anyone who knows alexis @ ?

  • Oof foO
    Oof foO

    Alexis texas😂

  • Pilar Gonzalez
    Pilar Gonzalez

    Billy is so freakin cute wth he can break my heart lol

  • emily toal
    emily toal

    billy could punch me and i would be okay with it

  • Eaint Yoon Thu
    Eaint Yoon Thu

    Isn't Alex the cutest one? Wishing I could know his last name lma(.

    • Observer Jr.
      Observer Jr.

      Right!!! No one's talking about him. He was one of my top two

  • Kiwi

    wOw!!! AlExIs IsNt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs!!!1!1!!1!1

  • teenage boy
    teenage boy

    Why nowadays girls are either bis.e.xuals or lesbian but never straight

  • Jana Habib
    Jana Habib

    Also scott if you are reading this i am here. I don’t have a cute smile but i am here

  • Jana Habib
    Jana Habib

    Let me know if things didn’t work with Billy and her , CAUSE I WANT BILLY

  • Adelina Cazacutu
    Adelina Cazacutu

    I think yall need to re-evaluate your criteria 😂

  • big dick
    big dick

    Esto es como enamorandonos JAJAJJ

  • Rafa Sevan
    Rafa Sevan

    yo what’s billly’s @ ??

  • Alexa Mora
    Alexa Mora

    The guy in the solid navy blue long sleeve kinda looked so uncomfortable and annoyed

  • Alexa Mora
    Alexa Mora

    Chris was literally the only cute one there like sis

  • Mikey Boi
    Mikey Boi

    Y O scott wanna talk 🙃😁

  • eleanor x
    eleanor x

    Wtf is the difference between football & soccer??

  • yeohoon yoon
    yeohoon yoon

    No Asian guys here yall are racist

  • Apple and toffees slime shop
    Apple and toffees slime shop

    Chris was in one and he got put with a girl called rebbecca

  • Anna Z
    Anna Z

    The part where the two of them are talking alone together to the camera at the end... TOO cringey

  • Jasmine sdigui
    Jasmine sdigui

    the @ insta of scot plssssss

  • Jasmine sdigui
    Jasmine sdigui

    scot can u be mine pls?

  • Rylee Renae
    Rylee Renae

    Awhhh yayyyy billy and her are really cute together. Overall I would’ve picked billy or Scott!

  • Pink Ice cream
    Pink Ice cream

    OMG Chris did his own bestie picks bae

  • Dina Enjoli
    Dina Enjoli

    alex reminds me of corey fogelmanis

  • Natalie Lunzer
    Natalie Lunzer

    The blonde guy in the blue flannel looks JUST LIKE WOODY HARRELSON I CAN NOT UNSEEE IT

  • Natalia Fernandez
    Natalia Fernandez

    Wasn't Chris in another video trying to find his perfect match? 😂

  • KMON

    can i get a billy

  • Carrie Currier
    Carrie Currier

    Ooooo Scott I need like brooo he’s the cutest thing everrrr omg I’m crushing oof 😍💗

  • Carrie Currier
    Carrie Currier

    Chris can shut my fingers in a car door and drag me don’t the road and I’d say sorry😭😍🤤🤤

  • daneesha marie
    daneesha marie

    Did my boy Billy get the digits tho

  • little sunshine the big baby
    little sunshine the big baby

    Isn’t that Chris from the other video

  • April Brackley
    April Brackley

    When he said he'll take take her to maccas or wendys i was like he is the one

  • Atomic Scales
    Atomic Scales


  • Sara Walied
    Sara Walied

    Okay , let’s talk a bit realistically ... I love billy :) , and well my friend looks like him soooo I guess imma ask him out 😂😂😂😂, idk what the hell um saying 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Maddy loo
    Maddy loo

    Why are there a couple of toddlers

  • K Lor
    K Lor

    Scott was out of her league. He was too matured and classy compared to her

  • Hannah

    Scott and Billy’s @@???!?!?

  • Emma Hansen
    Emma Hansen

    Billy lowkey reminds me of Cole Sprouse

  • Noor Nashash
    Noor Nashash

    Billie was literally eboy Nat Wolfe 😂

  • Jailene Carrasquillo
    Jailene Carrasquillo

    Can I have scott instead please-

  • Zaina Zaman
    Zaina Zaman

    Chris is better then all of them