I Got My Closet Professionally Organized
Safiya Nygaard
It's time.... to declutter. Again. So a few months ago we got my makeup collection professionally organized, and it was very, very exciting - so I asked our professional organizer friends at Practically Perfect to come back and help me tackle all of my personal clothes in my closets (and drawers and cabinets). Chaos ensued, but we eventually got it under control and ended up with a beautifully file-folded bedroom!
PS: also, saw the comments about the fiddle leaf fig plant and the cat - thanks for the heads up! for ur peace of mind, crusty is not a leaf chewer at all (and he has not tried with this plant at all either), but we will keep him away from it for sure!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard

    HELLO FRIENDS!! sorry for the long delay on this video - we ended up with like 19 hours of decluttering footage and it semi-killed us. but we are here now!! hope u guys enjoy our new video :) EDIT: also, saw the comments about the fiddle leaf fig plant and the cat - crusty is not a leaf chewer at all but we will keep him away from it for sure!

    • Jet Monster
      Jet Monster

      Safiya Nygaard you should do your jewelry next

    • Emily Burns
      Emily Burns

      I love the organising videos

    • QianaLikesKpop xX
      QianaLikesKpop xX

      Safiya Nygaard I watched a video on how to fold clothes now. I don’t have enough money and dignity to have someone other than family come into my room

    • Jocelyn Escobedo
      Jocelyn Escobedo

      I will gladly take all the cloths u don’t want lmao

    • Dailyfish

      you could put your socks in the belt drere

  • Katie Akin
    Katie Akin

    I love this video 😍 and I have plantar fasciitis too, Tyler. I feel you; it’s very painful

  • m o o n c a k e
    m o o n c a k e

    how many clothes does she need??

  • Madelyn Connelly
    Madelyn Connelly

    You should put fancy trash an on merchant lik if you agreee

  • Alena Woodson
    Alena Woodson

    do an update on if its still that organized!

  • Aura EnchantethYT
    Aura EnchantethYT

    *Holds up craft supplies* tImE tO mAkE mY oWn OrGaNiZaTiOn StUfF aT 8:00 pM!

  • Kaethe Sigloch
    Kaethe Sigloch

    How can someone have so much makeup??!?

  • Maddie Tannie
    Maddie Tannie

    Low key want to jump into Saf’s (and Tyler’s) donate pile. Some of those are gems.

  • Cecania cc
    Cecania cc

    if someone does my closet and see it again after maybe two or three days, she will faint. it will go back to exactly how it was before she organized it.

  • Jordan Godina
    Jordan Godina

    0:13 Yassssss Marie kondo

  • Moraya Walls
    Moraya Walls

    Clodes or clothes?? I’m hearing things 😂😂😂

  • Jacolin Jimmmaku
    Jacolin Jimmmaku

    Was that game theory merch?

  • Ally Heath
    Ally Heath

    ok thank you for loving all matching hangers. bc my family thinks i’m crazy for it😂

  • Saule Strabeikaite
    Saule Strabeikaite

    They Basically Had A Baby With Their Socks Didn't They... Skskskksksk

  • Kathy McEwan
    Kathy McEwan

    My dad has that exact same huzzah tee from the Benjamin Franklin museum

  • Jaylin M
    Jaylin M


  • Roseanne Fares
    Roseanne Fares

    Why do you need all this makeup 😣

  • I LiKe FrIdGeS
    I LiKe FrIdGeS

    Now good luck keeping it that organized

  • Leona Zhu
    Leona Zhu


  • Kaleigh Gradel
    Kaleigh Gradel

    Did anyone notice Tyler was wearing pink shorts and a pepper print sweatshirt?

  • Emily Redwood
    Emily Redwood

    I actually need these people

  • Gabriella Parache
    Gabriella Parache


  • Abby Weber
    Abby Weber

    "we are going to... water it... when it needs to be watered..." So promising XD... jk I'm so proud of you!

  • Avery Rizzi
    Avery Rizzi

    My mom had Planterfisiatis

  • Avery Rizzi
    Avery Rizzi

    my parents have a shared sock cabinet

  • Im Bleach
    Im Bleach

    Only safiya could make me want to clean my closet 👁👄👁

  • B i s h W h o ?
    B i s h W h o ?

    Dang all my bottoms take up 1 drawer and under garments take up 1 drawer, and I have about 15 shirts and dresses in total. I think she has more clothes than me...

  • YoGurl isGucci
    YoGurl isGucci

    next you should have them do your kitchen!

  • Not Valerie Rangel
    Not Valerie Rangel

    I am watching this at two am, completely forgetting and then realizing that I have to do this very thing with my own clothes lol. What a coincidence. (hope I spelled that correctly)

  • Ray Tagra
    Ray Tagra

    Her donate pile is literally my 'style' can you donate them to me pls huhu

  • Mariah Keith
    Mariah Keith

    28:24 tyler is a m00d

  • NurseEricaXoXo

    Where are your shoes?!?!?

  • racheltodd123

    i just opened my pack of blenders, my violet is dry kdfebgnaerjgjuara

  • Nora Oksanen
    Nora Oksanen

    It’s like the sorting people are hair dressers and they did a cut and style

  • Jimin Stole my jams
    Jimin Stole my jams

    *[insert that clothes pile from BTS’s Spring a Day MV here]*

  • Ace Case
    Ace Case

    OMG you have so much clothes!!

  • Hex: Ruin
    Hex: Ruin

    did you just motivate me to clean my room?

  • grace lucas
    grace lucas

    I kinda feel just... sad about this, personally. All my clothes fit in half of a laundry hamper and juat reside there folded when clean. No closet or dresser space. I wish I had enough money to buy things like she does. Tbh, it's such rich, white privilge to do this sort of professional organizing and cleaning...

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star

      You realize she is mixed race right? Also, you don’t need to blame everything on white privilege, and also, she is rich because she works really hard for it. I understand that you wish you were as lucky as her, but try to be grateful for what you do have.

  • Audrey Garrett
    Audrey Garrett

    Me: A middle school girl Also me: Dresses like Tyler 😂😂

  • Julia Mastouri
    Julia Mastouri

    i think you two still have WAY too much stuff. go back to declutter in a year. you will see: you do not use 25 yoga pants!

  • ArtsLilly 0-0
    ArtsLilly 0-0

    this bedroom is sims 4 friendly

  • Lucy D
    Lucy D

    I want my life to be professionally organized

  • Coffeebear Ofpower
    Coffeebear Ofpower

    Plz do more organizing vids I love them so much

  • YoYass Pinedo
    YoYass Pinedo

    You could of helped me pay for college with the money you spent for your lipstick experiment...lol I accept donations saf 😭😭 help meeee lol 😂 #brokelife😂😸😸😸😸😸😸

  • ItsMe_GirlNoob _ Love
    ItsMe_GirlNoob _ Love

    12:10 I saw that simply t-shirt I'm a holo sexual that can't slip from me. Haha 😂

  • Cora Gillette
    Cora Gillette

    Just reminds me of the fact that I have my baby clothes in the very back of my closet

  • Christina Madanat
    Christina Madanat

    I honestly can never let anybody organize anything for me, it just drives me crazy, i like to do it my self.

  • Nada _2004
    Nada _2004

    "I have nothing to wear"

  • sayitallnow

    That is the ugliest rug I have ever seen... I don’t get it their place is so nice

  • Zoe Tatgenhorst
    Zoe Tatgenhorst

    I had literally had a panic attack at the end when she was talking about how much clothes she still had

  • Jungkook Jeon
    Jungkook Jeon

    Good to know that I’m not the only one who spaces out their hangers to make the closet look more full XD

  • Jungkook Jeon
    Jungkook Jeon

    Status: Deceased SKSKKSKSKSK

  • Rosalind Carter
    Rosalind Carter

    I hate how she says clothes with a " d"

  • Barsat Rithi
    Barsat Rithi

    Your messy closet is more organized than my life

  • NixieNoo

    I know I’m late, but 16:06 is when they show the Marie Kondo file-folding technique!

  • Money with Maggie
    Money with Maggie

    Amazing video! I want to go do my closet now!!

  • Tricked You
    Tricked You

    I need to hire these people IMMEDIATELY!

  • IcedSpinachCocaCola 74
    IcedSpinachCocaCola 74


  • Olivia Kukahiko
    Olivia Kukahiko

    Remember kids, thiccc thighs get all the guys But thin thighs can get a lot of guys too

  • Amanda dolan
    Amanda dolan


  • kyd

    closet update!!!

  • Sara Ahmed
    Sara Ahmed

    I don’t even have a quarter of her clothes.

  • Thunderdrum

    This video inspired me to finally clean out my sfx makeup closet, which I haven’t done for years

  • Sonos C-R
    Sonos C-R

    18:08 Everyone's talking about the Game Theory shirt/jacket and "Holo it's me" shirt, but is no one going to mention Patton's cat hoodie???? WHERE DID IT COME FROM?????

  • Jo L
    Jo L

    Hey Saf, I love this organizing video, I’ve gone through something like this myself recently. Decluttering feels awesome! But have you ever watched this great documentary called The True Cost? It was really eye opening about the retail industry and life as a consumer. Not a criticism or anything but just something I think about a lot when purchasing.

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith

    I need to declutter my clothes, not as much as this , but I have way too many t shirt, I have three jackets and I dont really wear them, my hoodies are my jackets. I'm gonna declutter my bedroom right now

  • i ate ur cereal
    i ate ur cereal

    Bruh,, i own 2 jeans and 6 shirts...

  • Kiba _Owl
    Kiba _Owl

    This gives me the urge to own one fully-black top wardrobe...

  • NightfallMoonrise Animations
    NightfallMoonrise Animations

    Too much freaking clothes 😳

  • Roos De Wolf
    Roos De Wolf

    did anyone else saw the holo its me shirt from our hol0 queen cristine??

  • sara watson
    sara watson

    I literally have 1/8 the amount of clothes Saf has and I had an anxiety attack trying to clean out my closet :/

  • Athena 11
    Athena 11

    Who else wants a house tour

  • Tracy Dee
    Tracy Dee

    good grief.

  • Steve Steele
    Steve Steele

    Doorless closet could have a curtain.

  • Steve Steele
    Steve Steele

    You need a color intervention

  • Steve Steele
    Steve Steele

    Tyler has zero clothes

  • Beth Hillman
    Beth Hillman

    So satisfying! I need to organize my life...especially my messy room haha

  • Dhanielle L'aine
    Dhanielle L'aine

    Were going to need to know if you donated that GOT shirt based off the finale..

  • YankeyPeaches〈3

    “I live in a meme” -Safiya Nygard 2019 😂😂😂😂 Me too.. Me too..

  • dilemma713

    You have too much stuff. This was stressful to watch 🙈

  • Mackenzie Smith
    Mackenzie Smith

    You should get your kitchen professionally organized Also love your videos 😍

  • Lizzy Dream
    Lizzy Dream

    So I'm just now watching this video but, how did you feel about the GOT ending?

  • 100% oberzicke vuckovic
    100% oberzicke vuckovic

    And I thought I had too many clothes

  • Maria Kakouras
    Maria Kakouras

    Your room looks so good! This is going to inspire me to declutter my room too! I might even steal the fancy hamper idea, and the pants hanger! 🙂

  • vikakui

    Oh my God she talks too much..

  • Summer Adams
    Summer Adams

    Saf: "I'm a hamper fiend" Me: *glances at the 3 hampers sitting around me*

  • PianoMaster44

    When you said “Hello” you sounded like Cate Blanchet... 00:02

  • Isabel Capes
    Isabel Capes

    12:09 what does that top on the rack say? 🤔🤔🤔 dOes thAt say "HOLO IT'S ME" lol am I the only person to notice she has SimplyNailogical's merch

  • hashtagNOTPREPARED


  • Arden Richardson
    Arden Richardson


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    Emma Hunt

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    Kristin Woodcock

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  • Teresa Skripek
    Teresa Skripek

    Tyler: “I wore this when I was 5! I wear these all the time” everyone else: “what?”

  • Potatobread

    So I feel like you like the colour black?😂

  • TheMelrose1961

    New subscriber..really enjoyed several videos..loved your organization purge...best wishes

  • Charley S
    Charley S

    I know you said in the beginning that your prop clothing is pretty well sorted, but you also mentioned that it's taking up a lot of space you don't want taken up. I'd like to see a video where you put all of your prop clothing in one place with labels and all and just sort it into where you'd like it in your house.

  • Sowft Crystal
    Sowft Crystal

    Before, I thought Marie Kondo was the one who's gonna help you 😂

  • Nico Soteras
    Nico Soteras

    I wish I had a walk in closet lol 😆

  • Addie and Chloe gymnastics Gym
    Addie and Chloe gymnastics Gym

    Anyone else like really want to know what she did with the cat Christmas shirt ......... no just me ok

  • damexicanunicorn

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Tyler: THATS MY LITTLE LEAGUE SHORT FROM 1997

    • damexicanunicorn

      Person Person thx

    • Person Person
      Person Person

      damexicanunicorn Btw he said 1997