I CHASE HACKER TESLA ON SKATES while Spy Ninjas Vy Qwaint, Daniel & PZ4 Challenge Project Zorgo
Chad Wild Clay
After Chad Wild Clay made HACKER GIRL UNMASK HIDE & SEEK CHALLENGE - PZ4 Will Do a Face Reveal if We Win Her Game, Vy Qwaint created Throwing a DART at a MAP & Hacker Girl PZ4 Unmasking Whatever It Lands On - Spy Ninja Challenge, and Daniel uploaded I RESCUED HACKER GIRL from PROJECT ZORGO in Real Life (PZ4 Escape Mystery Box Traps Challenge) on the Exposing Project Zorgo UA-my channel, Chad and Vy are with Dax on the lookout for Project Zorgo's new mysterious Tesla. Former PZ member Dax shared information and clues with the spy ninjas and help vlog and together stop the hackers. They search JCPenny and Sears to find the car parked outside. A Project Zorgo member is carrying heavy boxes and loading them inside the Tesla model 3. He drives away but the three follow the electric vehicle on electric scooters and inline skates. They spot the car again so Chad and Vy sneak over like spies. They overhear the hacker mentioning he is collecting all of the mystery boxes. The hacker mobile leaves again and CWC chases it on rollerblades. They decide to stop the hackers and take control of the Tesla. Will they succeed? What is Project Zorgo's plan? Will Dax ever find permanent employment?! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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