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Hozier - Almost (Sweet Music) (Official Video)
“Almost (Sweet Music)” from the new album Wasteland, Baby! which is available now:

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Director/Editor: Blythe Thomas / @_blythethomas
Producer: Libby de Leon / @libbstagram

DP: Julia Swain
AD: Matthew Breda
Steadicam: Peter Keeling
1st AC: Jasmine Chang
2nd AC: Sam Heathwolff
Special thanks to Panavision

Gaffer: Jonathan Alvarado
BB Gaffer: Nathan Krauss
Key Grip: Larry Schuler
BB Grip: Dom Ciofalo
Swing: Tannie Xin
PA: Alex Woods

Production Designer: Philip Sieverding
Production Designer: Griffin Stoddard
Art Assistant: Zack Angeline
Art Assistant: Gio Mjavanadze

Colorist: Arianna Shining Star
Sound Design: Cody Twitchell
VFX: Matthew Delisi

Talent Coordinator: Mia Shelton
Dance Couple/Choreographers: Cameron Boyce, Christine Flores
Tap Dancer/Choreographer: Leo Manzari
Jazz Trio: Grace Kelly, Olithea Elizabeth, Compton Timberwolf
Cello: Susan D. Mandel
Piano: Julius Rodriguez
Listening Room: Philip Sieverding, Christina Suzuki, Ryan Cobleigh, Hal Degroat, Azain Brito, Rachel Kang

Hozier HMU: Megan Lanoux
Talent HMU: Emily Klein

Columbia Records:
Video Commissioner: Jill Kaplan
Video Assistant: Alexa Zeliger
Video Intern: Audrey Fenter
Marketing: Alyssa Lopresti
Digital: Betsy Whitney, Ian Block
Stills: Ian Block
BTS: Andres Escobar

Mgmt: MCD / Caroline Downey

Filmed at The Metropolitan Building in New York
#Hozier #AlmostSweetMusic #WastelandBaby

  • Kelli Elaine?
    Kelli Elaine?

    Almost...... Written By: Kelli Elaine? I almost felt something Then lost the feeling when the phone didn't ring I almost lost it over you But restrained myself, you never come through I almost said your name But when you say mine, it doesn't touch me the same I almost fell for you But then remembered you I almost smiled when I saw your face But was reminded, I'm easily replaced I almost reminisced about the good times But then remembered the good times were only mine I almost came when I heard your name But remembered, the sex acts weren't experienced the same I almost never sometimes Miss you so much But then remembered how you get ghost and we lose touch I almost let myself think you cared for me too But then remembered that I really don't have a clue Almost Maybe Sometimes Never I almost said something but words don't mean a thing It's the actions shown that pull my heart strings I almost let things said go to my head Thank God, it's time for me to go to bed....... Almost Sometimes Never Again This is where the story starts This is where it ends Almost............

  • Jodi Howard
    Jodi Howard

    This man literally writes music and lyrics that's magic to my ears and all of it travels right down into my feelings and emotions every time. Tragic romance, poetically written for everyone who allows themselvels to feel it.

  • Arianna Giaffreda
    Arianna Giaffreda

  • Micah Smith
    Micah Smith

    Can we also talk about how masterful this camera work is?

  • Everybody knows A Mike
    Everybody knows A Mike

    Just saw him live in Fort Wayne!! Absolutely killed it. Better than I expected and I’m a fan

  • P S
    P S

    This song makes me dance . I feel like I am in heaven . 😄😄😅

  • Noa Berry
    Noa Berry

    Dang no words to express how much I love this song and beautiful music video 😍

  • Ulvatrix

    Avi Kaplan and Hozier please

  • blues

    as part of the Lesbians Who Love Hozier club, i want to thank you for existing in my generation

  • funnybeasty 1235
    funnybeasty 1235

    I couldn't focus on Cameron Boyce being in that music video.

  • lyonclaws

    hi luke

  • Courtney EllenVlogs
    Courtney EllenVlogs

    Absolutely love this he has the voice of an angel 😍👌

  • Jemimah Ngu
    Jemimah Ngu


  • Busayo Atekoja
    Busayo Atekoja

    ....Okay, Tumblr. You got it right this one time.

  • Maria Laurainne Del Rosario
    Maria Laurainne Del Rosario


  • XxgamingnukexX Gaming
    XxgamingnukexX Gaming

    Wait this guy is still making music?

  • BlueBell

    lool is that the kid from Disney?

  • Hannah

    He brings out the humanity in us

  • Catherine Gaspar
    Catherine Gaspar

    Es hermosoooo

  • R. Lima
    R. Lima

    I seriously can't stop listening to this

  • Azure Lunacy
    Azure Lunacy

    Amo sus canciones


    Je něj má hezký pisnicky

  • Muhammad Marwan
    Muhammad Marwan

    @hozier you need to make songs like this more often

  • DemKatie42

    I could watch a whole video's worth of the couple dancing--they look like they're having so much fun :)

  • Angela Wanjiku
    Angela Wanjiku

    🌻💕 My gahd!

  • Steven Lovell
    Steven Lovell

    Beautiful and so far my favorite tune and the one I feel should have gone to number one is. "From Eden."

  • thay

    hey, love u are my favorite one ❤

  • Lloyd Lutz
    Lloyd Lutz

    Wow!❤️️ amazing voice and talent

  • Micah Harrington
    Micah Harrington

    he expresses a divinely insightful story through his lyrics, sounds, and rhythm in all of his songs. i love the music video, and it's cool to see so many people coming together over music. very glad i can experience and relate to this

  • Daniela Thompson
    Daniela Thompson

    I came in from the outside Burnt out from the joy ride She likes to roll here in my ashes anyway Played from the bedside Is "Stella By Starlight" "That Was My Heart" The drums that start off "Night And Day" The same kind of music haunts her bedroom I'm almost me again, she's almost you I wouldn't know where to start "Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark" Be still "My Foolish Heart, " Don't ruin this on me I wouldn't know where to start "Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark" Be still "My Foolish Heart, " Don't ruin this on me Tell me who, and I'll be thanking them The numbered lovers of Duke Ellington Do I owe each kiss to lip and cheek as soft As Chet can sing "Let's Get Lost" And "Let The Good Times Roll" Let "Smoke Rings" from this "Paper, Doll" Blow sweet and thick 'til every thought of "It Don't Mean A Thing" I've got some colour back, she thinks so, too I laugh like me again, she laughs like you I wouldn't know where to start "Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark" Be still "My Foolish Heart, " Don't ruin this on me I wouldn't know where to start "Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark" Be still "My Foolish Heart, " Don't ruin this on me I wouldn't know where I wouldn't know where I wouldn't know where, I wouldn't know where I wouldn't I wouldn't know where I wouldn't know where I wouldn't know where, I wouldn't know where I wouldn't know "The Very Thought Of You" and "Am I Blue"? "A Love Supreme" seems far removed "I Get Along Without You Very Well, " some other nights The radio news reader chimes Reporting "Russian Lullabies" She'll turn to me awake and ask, Is everything "Alright" I wouldn't know where to start "Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark" Be still "My Foolish Heart, " Don't ruin this on me I wouldn't know where to start "Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark" Be still "My Foolish Heart, " Don't ruin this on me I wouldn't know where to start "Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark" Be still "My Foolish Heart, " Don't ruin this on me I wouldn't know where to start "Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark" Be still "My Foolish Heart, " Don't ruin this on me

  • Megan Pulliam
    Megan Pulliam

    Just realized Cameron boyce is dancing in this😂

  • ヴァネッサVanessa

    i kept trying to scroll up because i thought my page was being weird lmao.

  • Jom Jom Cabuang
    Jom Jom Cabuang

    hi love

  • among 98
    among 98

    I waited soo long for his new mUsic

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris

    to sing the songs of your heart and hold while you breath that fire

  • Maria Rafaela Tomé Braun
    Maria Rafaela Tomé Braun

    Mais algum brasileiro com bom gosto musical? Música muito bonita! Parabéns.

  • Michaela Villanueva
    Michaela Villanueva

    Cameron Boyce!!!

  • Phillip Wells
    Phillip Wells

    Tap tap😊

  • November Mourning
    November Mourning

    So i was listening to work song the other day... My brother: hey you know he's gay? Isnt it weird he makes church sounding music considering god doesnt like gay people. Me: Well i dont know about any of that but Jesus sure did give him a lot of talent. Why would the almighty hate him and yet make him so awesome?

    • happy person
      happy person

      Hozier has never said he was, so that's an assumption on your brother's part, but he did write a song called 'Take me to church' which the music video showcases hatred and the murder of a gay person which shockingly still happens to this day, hence why your brother might of assumed Hozier is gay. And you're correct, Jesus taught love and for people not to judge and leave that to God in which if we believe he made every individual, he definitely took all these different facets and things into consideration and still 'liked' our heart and spirit enough to create us all and bless us with gifts. We all see things through a different lense but Love and empathy is the most important thing, which you seem to obtain. Have a blessed day.

  • Alexsandra Lusk
    Alexsandra Lusk


  • krayziebone8353

    Pure shite

  • anahi T.
    anahi T.


  • Tigran Rshtuni
    Tigran Rshtuni

    Love Supreme Nice reference.

  • reb

    as an Irish person I’ve been such a disgrace for sleeping on such talent my goodness

  • Σαπφω Κουντουρελλη
    Σαπφω Κουντουρελλη

    The first song i heard of him was take me to church and since then i havent missed a single song Legent❤❤❤

  • Khujasta Younis
    Khujasta Younis

    No matter how famous he gets. He is still underrated

  • Sea Bird
    Sea Bird

    THis guy mUst know that his music's good, like , c'mon. Cmon Comethefk on It's talent at its finest

  • Bruce Calder
    Bruce Calder


  • Tcs_Skyrim

    My sister used to play take me to church when I was 7 i still love that song god bless you hozier for my journey

  • Ana Daniela Gonzalez
    Ana Daniela Gonzalez

    El solo escuchar su voz en cualquier canción me pone de muy buen humor ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kuellar

    Hey random stranger Have a Marvelous day (:

  • KettiexD

    That guy tap dancing is my faaavorite! So much feeling. I wish I could move like that

  • Antonio López
    Antonio López

    Qué grata música.. muy diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados:

  • Dicky Hervirawan
    Dicky Hervirawan


  • Lysons Nyambe
    Lysons Nyambe

    Is this voice tenor?

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Soooo beautiful x thanku x love an god bless x

  • KettiexD

    Holy... I love one (1) man...

  • Welcome to wakanda My friend
    Welcome to wakanda My friend

    Take me to church is my favorite of all

  • Otto Alvarez
    Otto Alvarez

    Does the song seem ever so slower than when they first heard it? Or am I going crazy

  • Nikita

    This is the only song they play at work that doesn’t make me absolutely lose my shit

    • KettiexD

      @Nikita oh.. goodness lmao work made me hate sooo much music. I can't listen to Halsey without wanting to jump out of the top floor of the building

    • Nikita

      Nanometer, they play “bad liar” by imagine dragons every 20 minutes. I don’t think I can put into words what that does to your mental state after several shifts. But every once in a while, they’ll play this gem and for a few minutes, I can forget all my stress and just feel the good vibes😊

    • nanometer

      what else do they play

  • Abigail OGara
    Abigail OGara

    Christine Flores and Cameron Boyce are amazing in this.

  • Sadaf S
    Sadaf S

    His voice is so smooth and calming I love it❣️

  • 18 DAYS OF villainism
    18 DAYS OF villainism

    Still cant pass a way without take me the church.... awsome work hozzi

  • Bernardo Rosenthal
    Bernardo Rosenthal

    TF was listening to Aurora and suddelly i'm in this video

  • Samira Babel
    Samira Babel

    I love this song soooo much!!!!

  • Sol Tarano
    Sol Tarano

    Ends on such a strong note I just gotta play it back; been here for days B..

  • Joe SushiJoe Kelly
    Joe SushiJoe Kelly

    Great song

  • Purple Blu
    Purple Blu

    the first song of the year that fills my heart and cheers my soul!

  • Mustafa Akif
    Mustafa Akif

    which guitar is this at begin?

  • Intan Putri
    Intan Putri

    OMG! I love it!❤️❤️❤️

  • Sheena Lucie Serrão
    Sheena Lucie Serrão

    I'd love to hear a quieter version of this song. just one instrument or two x i'm sure there'll be beautiful covers of this song :)

  • Kurt Bryce Singson
    Kurt Bryce Singson

    his not prepare in his music video the music video is very ugly and down looks like someting in the back of his mind not show in this music video... are you gay...

    • Sunlight Fade
      Sunlight Fade

      @Kurt Bryce Singson He's currently on a sold out world tour and his new album debuted at #1 in the US two months ago, so that's a pretty weird definition of "not famous anymore". Anyway as long as people still appreciate his music in the millions, as his view counts show, what's the problem??

    • Kurt Bryce Singson
      Kurt Bryce Singson

      @Sunlight Fade i dont have any nervous maybe you you have a nervous because your idol its not famous any more

    • Kurt Bryce Singson
      Kurt Bryce Singson

      @Sunlight Fade hahaha

    • Sunlight Fade
      Sunlight Fade

      @Kurt Bryce Singson are you feeling okay, you sound like you're having a nervous breakdown

    • Kurt Bryce Singson
      Kurt Bryce Singson

      where is your charm why you looks like lazy here .. you have alot of fanz ... dont make your self like old one and never forget the past ... you looks like empty cribz

  • Kurt Bryce Singson
    Kurt Bryce Singson

    he looks like skelaton.. hahaha ....

  • Kurt Bryce Singson
    Kurt Bryce Singson

    what happen when he cut his hair maybe he will forget the past ...

  • lisdanka rocuant
    lisdanka rocuant


  • Piotr Kosatka
    Piotr Kosatka

  • chailee

    Cameron is just wow. can we just appreciate him and this song and ofc Hozier!!!!

  • P S
    P S


  • Milica Belosh
    Milica Belosh

    This man is pure joy.

  • M Y
    M Y

    Anyone From Aurora Its mv Always Recommended? Why

  • ruan kun Tetsu
    ruan kun Tetsu

    Música horrível seu maldito coisa mais irritanteee !!! seu feio maldito feioooooo morre feio morre maldito

  • rosenie modeus
    rosenie modeus

    Anyone got some good music to recommend me

  • Jess sseJ
    Jess sseJ

    Omg Cameron Boyce did so good !

  • Toxic Jacob
    Toxic Jacob

    Not the best song not tryna be rude definitely not my jam is song sorry

  • Madeline Shimizu
    Madeline Shimizu

    can we just acknowledge hozier's beautiful voice, the lovely tap dancer, anD cameron boyce in OnE VideO

  • abby teape
    abby teape

    came for cameron boyce stayed for the song

  • Khobkun Somboonwong
    Khobkun Somboonwong

    My heart is so moving. I’ll love this song to the end of my life. For me growing up to be a huge fan of jazz music is quite hard to share in common. The way he sang the name of my favorite songs like “my foolish heart” “in the dark” “smoke rings” make me feel so alive. ❤️🧡🌈

  • Vestígios de mim
    Vestígios de mim

    num é que o cara é bom, vei

  • Kaye Cole
    Kaye Cole

    And hey! That's Cameron Boyce from Descendants dancing!

    • Megan Pulliam
      Megan Pulliam

      It's ironic how some people know him from descendants and some know him from jessie lol

  • peter simukonda
    peter simukonda

    This songs just touches yo soul differently ❤❤

  • Derby Mods
    Derby Mods


  • Kellen Miller
    Kellen Miller

    Blythe Thomas needs a raise.

  • Belen Ramos
    Belen Ramos

    god making hozier: God: A bit of greatness, a bit of handsomeness and a bit of talent... OPPSIE!

  • Rhea Terner
    Rhea Terner

    It is really fascinating how Hozier makes those sad songs with all those deep meanings behind it and still is able to do music which cheers you up and want you to recover new things.

  • Inggit Fatihah
    Inggit Fatihah

    Is that cameron boyce i see?

  • Daniel McGowan
    Daniel McGowan

    I've came to this multiple times

  • Kristi B
    Kristi B


  • caramel latté
    caramel latté

    wow i cant believe this is the father of all lesbians

  • rishi raj Singh
    rishi raj Singh

    To anyone who hasn't listened to his cover of Sweet Thing and We are Young, do it.

  • Benni H.
    Benni H.

    The ac30 is the best