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  • Hope McBeth
    Hope McBeth

    Miss u girl. ♥️

  • Claire Madison
    Claire Madison

    I’m still here for you, Jaclyn.

  • Vertell

    Nicely done!

  • Ashleigh Woolley
    Ashleigh Woolley

    Step one - shave your lipstick

  • Victoria Lynn
    Victoria Lynn

    I doubt you’ll ever see this, but I just feel the need to put it out there anyways. First of all, your true subscribers want you to do what’s best for you. Whether that’s taking some time to heal, getting back into the tutorials and favorites videos we fell in love with, our pouring your passion into your own brand. Secondly, when you do come back, please make sure you’re ready to come back. I feel like you’ve been so on and off for the past couple of years because you’re coming back into social media before you’ve given yourself time to heal. Give yourself that time. We’re all human and we all need it. Just make sure that when you do come back you’ve given yourself that time of healing and you’ve found that fire and passion that started all of this. The same fire that I saw when I watch my first video of you several years ago doing your foundation in your back yard. Thirdly, if your own makeup brand is what you want, raise it up and protect it like it’s a fucking baby shitzu. Once you’ve straightened things out, I’m DYING to try whatever product you put out because I still trust your experience and talent with cosmetics. If thats not what you truly want, then don’t put it out. Find whatever it is you most desire and freaking go for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s UA-my, social media, being a brand owner, a full time shitzu mommy, or a freaking clothing designer cause I’d buy that shit too. Bottom line, if UA-my and product creation isn’t what’s going to make you happy, it’s never going to make anyone else happy. Take care of yourself, and take some time to heal and figure out exactly what it is that you want. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. We’re all just swallowed up by the louder crowd. You taught me what I know, and thanks to you I was finally able to find my own self confidence through makeup. Not because I think I need it to be confident, but because through makeup I’ve learned what features I love about myself. I honestly owe that to you and for that you’ll always have my support no matter what you do with your career. I truly hope that you see this and take it to heart.

  • Meg Boudreaux
    Meg Boudreaux

    I just got your pallet today and I love it so much

  • Adrian165

    Hey jacklyn , idol if you still go on here to read comments ...but hopefully you read mine !!! I really want you to come back to the world I bet you’re going through hard times cause of the social media and I get it ! You want the best for us but you have to remember at the end of the day we are human ... we make mistakes ... it’s never going to be right the 1st ,2nd , not the 3rd it’s all about trying to get it right ... please Jaclyn just come back to do make up videos ... I miss seeing your work online !!! You’ve even inspired me to start my channel it’s coming up soon ... well hope you get better soon and don’t give up just yet I know good things are coming to you . Love you @jaclynhill

  • Dara st.angelo
    Dara st.angelo

    her nails are so bad ...and not in a good way ... they look like press on nails .. yuk get a good nail tech .. well i guess thats the least of this womans worries rt now

  • Shirley Wangari
    Shirley Wangari

    I miss your videos so much 😭😭😭😭

  • Angela Siame
    Angela Siame

    Miss you Jacklyn and hope you’re okay. Pray whatever you’re dealing with, that you get through it victoriously. You’re my makeup GOAT 😘😘😘

  • Melody's Vanities
    Melody's Vanities


  • Nikki Walker
    Nikki Walker

    Still love you and hope youre doing okay♡

  • Oceanchild818

    Tooooooooo fast

  • aimie85

    I have learned so much off you jac thank you for that x

  • Kim Colo
    Kim Colo

    Love this video

  • Audrey Two
    Audrey Two

    1) Clean/exfoliate face 2) Primer (something slightly tacky/sticky) she applies w/ her fingers 3) Second primer on t-zone (Jaclyn does this because she sees pores, so this isn't necessarily for your t-zone) 4) Press foundation onto face using a damp sponge (thin layer initially, then a second application if preferred) *sheer/dewy products will always move 5) Oil-free concealer on t-zone using damp beauty sponge (be attentive at nostril creases) 6) Set undereye area w/ powder lighter than your skin tone (but not w/ translucent powder) 7) Set face w/translucent powder by pressing w/ beauty sponge 8) Touch up w/ colored powder using brush 9) Setting spray, maybe too much ;) Jaclyn uses a little fan to dry the setting present - don't move your face muscles! 10) Looking cakey? Use a damp sponge (no product) & gently touch everything up 11) Apply bronzer w/ fluffy brush 12) Bake at & under cheek contour as well as outside nose contour, especially along nostril creases, using translucent powder 13) Do yo brows & eyes 14) Brush away baking powder 15) Apply blush w/ fluffy brush 16) Use same, non-translucent powder on chin & areas on both sides of the nose 17) Apply highlight 18) Set w/ setting spray 17) Highlight again then press it into skin w/ sponge 18) Do you lips *For touch ups* 1) Spray setting spray on damp sponge and tap all over face 2) Apply powder, higher etc if needed

    • Coraline Brown
      Coraline Brown

      Thank you for doing this! I was getting dizzy trying to keep up 😂

  • Leah Ellyson
    Leah Ellyson

    My question is how does your bottom lash mascara not leave vague black smudges under your eyes throughout the day?

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H

    I watched your videos from day one, loved them... haven’t watched you in a long time and this video 😔 who are you anymore? Showing your breasts on camera but blurring them? Cmon. Have class and decency. I’ve always commented and been a lifted of you when ppl were mean. I’m not trying to be mean but I don’t even see the down to earth Jaclyn anymore. Your body is your temple. It is not for the world to see just bc kardashians do it doesn’t make us cool or right in the eyes of the lord. I won’t watch another video.

  • mary quintana
    mary quintana

    I miss you pls come back

  • Amanda Nicole Hoffman
    Amanda Nicole Hoffman

    My tip is not using your lipsticks

  • tjbmom3

    Miss your makeup tutorials ❤️

  • Lady Kush Mua
    Lady Kush Mua

    Just stop sis you are no longer a influencer .. you did good by deleting all your social media but you forgot one platform ..UA-my !! Delete your channel once and for ALL 🗣 no one believes you’re lying clout chasing ass ppl like you I can’t stand you’re only in it for the money bitch step aside and let new upcoming influencers shine and do better!!!

  • B E Y O N C É W H O ¿
    B E Y O N C É W H O ¿


  • Riya Vyas
    Riya Vyas

    So informative 💕

  • Becca M.
    Becca M.

    :( I miss Jaclyn!!

  • sands rivera
    sands rivera

    Is her eyeliner tattooed?

  • Giao Bui
    Giao Bui

    Why does her skin always look soooo flawlessss!

  • Katie Hanson Photography
    Katie Hanson Photography

    Does anyone know what shade she’s using for the Lancôme Absolue powder?

  • Crystal Perales
    Crystal Perales

    I’m barely learning how to do my makeup and I have oily skin, so I wanted to know what good setting powder and baking powder is good for my face

  • Laura Spain
    Laura Spain

    Girl dont go again to that nail technitian because she or he dont know how to glue getting sick seeing that high tips.....btw I never watched any video of you I dont knew who are you and girl ...get a real job....your videos are pure garbage 🗑

  • Laura Spain
    Laura Spain

    Marylin Manson look

  • Bri Sullivan
    Bri Sullivan

    What do you do if you just wear bb cream and blush?

  • Bridget Kearns
    Bridget Kearns

    I dont know if you will see this, but I miss you and still believe in you! Hope to see you soon

  • Judy Leclerc
    Judy Leclerc

    Stop the hate people!! OMG!! It makes me so sad to watch people just hate on people... What did she do to you??? She's just trying to do the best she can do. Sometimes things don't go as planned. If it were you, and everyone was jumping on your makeupline. I'm sure not everyone has issues with her lipstick line. I got a few tubes.. it looks perfectly fine to me. Stop hating on this girl and anyone else that is trying to do what's right, make a living. I'm telling you , dealing with the hate is far worse then problems with a lipstick........Get a life!

  • diana Beltran
    diana Beltran

    Too extra just focus on the point. Concentrate 🤯

  • Taylor Loukas
    Taylor Loukas

    What are thoooooooose nails?! 👀

    • Robyn

      Her nails usually look pretty awful, lol

  • daisyhinojosa23

    Prep skin (cleanse & moisturize) Tacky primer Foundation w/ damp beauty sponge Concealer (same damp sponge) Set under-eye w/ powder & sponge Set face w/ powder & sponge Set face w/ powder with brush Use setting spray 14:00 Apply bronzer w/ brush Bake face w/ sponge for 2+ mins Apply blush w/ brush 19:15 Add under-eye powder & T-zone w/ brush W/ sponge add more face powder to stamp out contour & then brush to swoop excess Use brush for highlight Use setting spray 21:50 Add more highlight w/ brush & press into skin w/ sponge Add bottom mascara & lip

  • Kylie Unicorns
    Kylie Unicorns

    I have your pallet

  • Mj

    I need t know how to make my mascara stop smudging and flaking...I need Texas proof mascara!

    • Aimee Dennis
      Aimee Dennis

      Make sure you use a tubing mascara! Kevyn Aucoin makes a really great one. Tubing mascaras don't budge and they're way easier to remove.

    • Sarah A Games
      Sarah A Games

      Mj use waterproof mascara and don’t rub your eyes idk

  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller

    We love you Jaclyn!!! Keep your head up!!! You do have a support system behind you I swear!!!! Remember our mistakes do not define us. How we rise after we fall is our defining moment and you will rise from this. I know it. Love you!!!!


    you speak fast

  • JonnyB

    Enjoy your millions in your bed of lies. Bitch

  • Creepala Love
    Creepala Love

    Stop fucking lying to your fucking audience

  • Brethil

    you are canceled girl🤣

  • Savannah Naranjo
    Savannah Naranjo

    I’m so incredibly sad that you are gone right now! But I hope you are doing well focusing on you and your health in every way possible 💖 I can’t wait for you to come back better than ever. I hope this time gives you what you need to come back and do what you love and what brought you to where you are today and that’s making wonderful videos, teaching us new tips and tricks for a makeup routines, showing up your favorite products and being our best girl pal 💕 I’ll be patiently waiting for your return, in the meantime you are in my prayers, Jaclyn❣️

  • Jamie Kerrigan
    Jamie Kerrigan

    *mothers day exists* Jaclyn: me, myself, I, my videos, my followers, MY subscribers!!! Jaclyn’s mother: .......

  • Allison Fisher
    Allison Fisher

    Did you delete your insta?

  • Marisol Vargas
    Marisol Vargas

    Hi! I enjoyed your video however I was wondering if you could make a video of how to apply eyeshadow without it creasing.

  • Susanne Tucker
    Susanne Tucker

    Wow!!!😆 She's so pretensious. Wtf?!?! You may want to watch a few Tati videos to know how to be professional & not so damn ratchet.😒

  • Martie

    Sorry if you tried this technique on your lipsticks. It didn't work!!

  • Clint Codling
    Clint Codling

    I would prefer to buy makeup for my wife off wish than her.

  • Kendall Pelletier
    Kendall Pelletier

    Thank you for this. Always good to learn tips and tricks from others as we all dont have the same skin types and some tips work better for others.

  • Robyn

    You are FILTHY RICH and you produce the CRAPPIEST products now. Below dollar store quality. How does that happen exactly with you being a "good hearted person"...real question how do you sleep at night scamming the people who got you this money and fame to begin with? You'd be nothing without your subscribers and you got your money and stopped caring. Your Stans are low IQ gullible sheep.

  • Christina jones
    Christina jones

    How to make your make up last all day, DON'T use Jaclyn Hill cosmetics that's how you can make it last all day, your stuff is crap and you are so egocentric and don't care about anything but making money!!!!

  • waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw
    waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw

    come back don't let the bitches get you down -- their so full of jealousy they need to try get a cyber bullying bitch fest on you - only words lady J XXXXX your a talented artist and i LOVE your tutorials and that's what you do for a living - COME BACK because you have TRUE fans who appreciate you saying that about your anxiety. depression - it never goes away - But in the mean time get out of your headspace and get back on here and rock us with some wicked eye tutorials and maybe fantasy looks?

  • YensecaTube

    how about "how to make your makeup last until it is delivered to your customers" video

    • Jessica

      @basically lol you salty as heck, can't even take a joke AND defending jaclyn?? LOOOOL 🤡🤡🤡

    • CallMeNaeNae

      Y'all two year olds here? Lmao

    • Bailey Alexis_XO
      Bailey Alexis_XO

      That's not funny🤔😂

    • YensecaTube

      @basically And yet you didnt recognize the sarcasm. this is awesome content lol

  • Tanisha Renae
    Tanisha Renae

    With everything going on, on social media i hope all is well with you always loved your content you’ve taught me a lot 💜💜

  • BeGlamorousByLindsay


    • waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw
      waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw

      back that shit up dicksplash

  • Zia Walther
    Zia Walther

    I just started watching your channel due to the drama surrounding it but tbh after watching your videos I feel like you’re a wonderful person through and through, I love your videos and I think you’re a truly good person doing good things and I wish you the absolute best because you deserve it

    • Milagros Essentials
      Milagros Essentials

      Zia Walther this is so nice! Thank you for spreading positive vibes ❤️ Have a beautiful day

  • Claudia Ortega
    Claudia Ortega

    How about using products that 90 percent of the viewers can actually afford-

  • Eloir Maria Prado
    Eloir Maria Prado

    Alguém do Brasil 🤗 ???

  • Donna Laney
    Donna Laney

    THIS WORKS!!!!!!!!

  • Barbie S.
    Barbie S.

    Me: counts how many times Jaclyn makes narcissistic comments about herself being perfect, looking perfect, having perfect makeup, perfect skin... I could go on. Outcome: The number outweighs the bacteria count and mold on her bad lipsticks.

  • Leilani Perez
    Leilani Perez

    Jaclyn ily even through the drama I know it was a mistake and I will always support u and ily your new lipstick has no problems

  • Carolina Delgado
    Carolina Delgado

    Just go away from youtube please.

  • maria jibran
    maria jibran

    you look trash, until you look amazing🤣

  • MsChechins

    When did she switch form Dior Forever foundation to Two Faced Born this Way?

  • rowan black
    rowan black

    and you somehow couldn't make your lipsticks last for a minute

  • F xx
    F xx

    i feel like if i did this i'd be out of powder in a week

  • Jazzy375

    nah fuck that lol we wondering if your makeupline will last lmaooo