How To Be Popular As An Introvert
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Keanu Reeves has become the internet’s crush, whether he knows it or not. Normally on the channel, we cover extroverted celebrities, who charm in larger, obvious ways. What’s amazing about Keanu (aside from the fact that he’s 54 and looks 34) is that he is massively popular in spite of his reclusive and more introverted nature.
So in this video, we are going to explore why Keanu is so popular, and what you can learn to exude incredible charisma as an introvert.

0:31 - Reason #1: He directs praise towards others.
2:05 - Reason #2: He exudes zen-like presence.
3:15 - Reason #3: He uses enthusiastic hand gestures.
5:12 - Reason #4: He embraces his type.
7:03 - Reason #5: He lives generously.
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  • So be a much better person, and gesture with your hands.

  • Theresa Hecita
    Theresa Hecita

    9:33 *If your interested in developing more of his character Me: grabs pen and paper... oh wait screenshot. Captured We need more people like Keanu in our lives

  • Jack MeHoff
    Jack MeHoff


  • MisterCynic18

    I get this channel is for helping people be more confident, but it kinda comes off as trying to teach sociopaths how to imitate genuinely good natured people

  • SquidkidMega

    Introverts don't want to be defeats the purpose of being an introvert

  • Davivd2

    I always liked the dude because he was just a regular guy doing an irregular job. Early in his career he was practically a meme because of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. His attitude was "whatever" and he just kept doing what he does. That's what makes a man cool. Confidence without arrogance. He sees everyone as the same. That also makes him cool. Keep doing you Keanu.

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    How to be popular: 1. Care about literally anything else than being popular. 2. Most important rule : be rich.

  • Kailani

    I just found your channel, and I love your videos so far! I'm subscribed and look forward to seeing more great work!

  • Mike Miracle
    Mike Miracle

    I'm eccentric

  • Tiga Time
    Tiga Time

    man, i wish i was friends with Keanu

  • Hapkin

    Just leveled up my charisma

  • alex johnson
    alex johnson

    It's a simple answer really. Just be yourself and don't focus on what others think of you

  • KT GE
    KT GE

    He also does this thing where he name drops unknown people like his stunt double or the horse master he mentioned. That tends to create a sense of humility in my opinion. Most actors do it during their award speeches and it seems disingenuous but when he does it just telling a story it comes off as more sincere.

  • Marc Padilla
    Marc Padilla

    If I had his money I would spend my time between Spain,Morroco, and Italy.

  • Govava

    I'm not gonna donate, I don't care

  • Juan Pablo Robayo
    Juan Pablo Robayo

    when that lady was like "You can't take a compliment! Can't you?!" I got legit creeped out.

  • Neal Berkey
    Neal Berkey

    The secret to being popular as an introvert, according to this video, is to be a good person. I quietly say bravo.

  • J. P. Burfitt
    J. P. Burfitt

    He's a genuinely beautiful person!

  • Christian Warren
    Christian Warren

    I appreciate so much that your donation is directed to charity: water. I genuinely get emotional every time I learn of the compassion and impact that is changing individuals as they provide such a crucial life force as water to people they have never met. Thanks for reminding me of the good in humanity! Keanu would be proud

  • Micah Jones
    Micah Jones

    Liked what I got to see but UA-my tried to force a 5-minute ad on me. I had to move on *sigh*

  • Jay Hanns
    Jay Hanns

    nah i think it’s his long flowing hair

  • Brownie314

    Not looking at the person helps you keep focus on what you're going to say, especially when you're interrupted alot, it really doesn't need to be dissected

    • Brownie314

      On the other hand someone like Gordon Ramsay who can directly address multiple people at once can and will completely avoid looking at all of the people at the same time as a host who can't get interrupted because he is the damn host. What personal issue could that be linked to?

  • Samurai FighterZ
    Samurai FighterZ

    guys, his biography is awesome. He is a hero😁

  • Ruslakall

    How to be popular as a 30 yo virgin who is afraid of people because he spent all his time in his mom's basement playing world of warcraft instead of maintaining a healthy social life and identifies as an introvert to feel better.

  • Carl Troia
    Carl Troia

    It’s because of his intelligence most intelligent people are usually quiet and calm They’ve figured out any situation quite quickly and are very observant

  • nigger faggot
    nigger faggot

    He is an attractive famous guy?

  • Afif Jazli
    Afif Jazli

    I was hooked unti they started talking about NLP. As someone who formally learns psychology, not my cup of tea.

  • A bunch of raccons
    A bunch of raccons

    I am very introverted and watched the video to socialize more I didn't get most of the video but thanks so much for your time and effort :)

    • A bunch of raccons
      A bunch of raccons

      Apologies for bad english I am french

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell

    Keanu may have asperger's

  • AG Creations
    AG Creations

    Turning off vision temporarily boosts other things...... Just a thought lol the body is subconsciously turning off functions to conserve energy to think better? Idk I'm just some guy

  • TJ !
    TJ !

    The antonym of Keanu Reeves would be Brie Larson.

  • betochon

    this guy is in love with Keanu

  • omegapointil

    Tom Brady said something similar when asked why he was the GOAT. He responded, "I'm part of a system. Had another qb been in my place he might have had the similar success." Or words to that effect. Used to dislike the Pats, now Pats moved up a notch since they're not my team or city, but Brady issued a class response while everybody is calling him GOAT. Its complicated.

  • skulletor

    I'm an introvert and I hate anyone praising me .

  • Die Swan
    Die Swan

    Kindness, humility and authenticity go a long way.

  • Brianna Anderson
    Brianna Anderson

    Yeees you should do a video on the three types of recalling memories

  • audial isn't a word. it's auditory

  • Penguinexpress


  • Stegosaurus Checkmix
    Stegosaurus Checkmix

    Make that video

  • Björn Törnlycke
    Björn Törnlycke

    Your channel makes me so happy. Thanks

  • nihl hinz
    nihl hinz

    As I decrease you are magnified. Hmm, think it's in the bible.

  • RS S
    RS S

    So the key to being charismatic is to be kind and care for others? Wait...wasn't there some other long-haired hippy type who...oh...WOW... :-O

  • Vree Free
    Vree Free

    Step one: Be super attractive and successful :*

  • He's 54 and looks 34 because he's part Asian.

  • Harry Sanjaya
    Harry Sanjaya

    BRIE💩💩💩💩✔✔✔🐒🐒🐒 KEANU😊😊😇😇😄😄😄😂😂😎😎😎😍😍

  • Dhulfiqar Ali
    Dhulfiqar Ali

    He can't take a compliment or not be humble.. because he can't ACT.. pun intended

  • Roland Cole
    Roland Cole


  • Embermaker

    So you clickbait people with legit question to make them watch piece about Keanu? That's fkd up

  • angry teapod
    angry teapod


  • TechYK

    I think Keanu is so liked because he is a rare find in Holywood. In Holywood the norm is to be a stuck up asshole or diva, specially if you are a high payed actor and Keanu is the total opposite of that.

  • Scott Pilgrim
    Scott Pilgrim

    I think his genuinity combined with his “flaws” is what makes him him. He’s a totally approachable human being.

  • Lars Oluf
    Lars Oluf

    Keanu Reeves is MGTOW.

  • Scott Pilgrim
    Scott Pilgrim

    7:00 They’re all wearing sunglasses, but come on. You can feel the “Ill make your neighbors hate you with my screaming your name” eyes.

  • Scott Pilgrim
    Scott Pilgrim

    2:25 I know she’s a married woman but cmon. Those are “I’ll break a bed mattress with you, boy” eyes. 😂

  • BrokkenSkull

    By the way, why does he always cover his mouth when he smiles? 9:52

  • RockCh4lk

    I have hard time with eye contact as I find it distracting. I tend to look down and to the left/right I believe.

  • craftywoman

    Keanu is my new celebrity crush.

  • Arete

    You had me until you mentioned NLP. Thanks. But No Thanks...

  • eJacob Cornelius
    eJacob Cornelius

    Wow, over 2 million views inside a month! I expect to see millions of Keanu look-alikes walking around very soon. Megakudos on the clean water fund drive.

  • Lazar Catalina
    Lazar Catalina

    Keanu is the hottest guy i have ever seen.Physically which matters 50% but also his character which matters 50%!He is perfect! He is my nr 1 celebrity crush,nr 2 Joaquin phoenixx and nr 3 Dave Gahan, ALL brunets,humble and misterious.

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams

    Keanu Reeves with the Birdman hand rub.

  • You too can learn all these traits when you become immortal.

  • Giaroscope

    Charlie, Ben, how do you decide which traits people express are worthwhile? In curious because in most other contexts looking down or away is seen as low self esteem but here it's expressed as just Keanu's style

  • Zacky

    Change the title to "How to be breathtaking as an introvert"

  • Arkaprava Dutta
    Arkaprava Dutta

    I feel really good after watching this video . I dunno why but I feel faith again. Thank you just thank you

  • Red

    "you've been dubbed the internet's boyfriend, how do you feel about that?" "i've been what"

  • Daniel Queiroz
    Daniel Queiroz

    Keanustethic reeves

  • DocTinycatMD


  • J Cav
    J Cav

    I think looking down and to the right has more to do with where the interviewer is sitting and where the camera is.

  • Remi Bobet
    Remi Bobet

    yes please, i need to learn how to speak to people. Right now I have an oral presentation.