How to Aerial Silk Dance
Taylor of The Dancing Fire teaches me how to DANCE IN THE AIR ON SILKS!!
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  • Flavia Alves
    Flavia Alves

    This is awesome!

  • Squrtle sargent
    Squrtle sargent

    You could have been an engineer mark you disappointment

  • freddie

    every time she said come out my closeted ass was like wish I could do that lol

  • iTacos94

    Her face at 25:16. She's so proud! XD

  • Eagle Pride56
    Eagle Pride56

    6:46 the realization that Mark is actually thicccccc with infinite c’s

  • Ella Hayes
    Ella Hayes

    as a person who does aerial silks, it took me 4 months to be able to do straddle back. it's such a stubborn move but once you get it the first time it's so easy afterwards.

  • Lillian Black
    Lillian Black

    I Love doing aerial silks

  • Foxmisstris 022121
    Foxmisstris 022121

    Pleaseeeeeee bring Felix and Sean if you do it again Mark🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • SongPOP

    Mark *takes off socks* Mark: You know that feet are a huge thing now? *brings up twitch ls rules* Taylor: Oh I thought you were talking about a fetish thing! Mark: I was... Taylor: *nervous laughter* Me: Nice first impression Mark

  • Tyler Young
    Tyler Young

    8:21 lol

  • Addy Lofton
    Addy Lofton

    6:20 that caaaaaaaaaake 😂♥️

  • cheyanne johnson
    cheyanne johnson

    I've done pigeon pose for after my workouts to stretch and dang does it feel good

  • Reality

    I wonder how much their business goes up after Mark recommends it.

  • Crappy Wagner
    Crappy Wagner

    25:10 0.0

  • Zack Lee
    Zack Lee

    Can we get a r.i.p in chat saying pain

  • drunkenteardrops

    taylor seems like an absolute sweetheart. i can't wait to see you do this again, but with ethan!!

  • y though lol
    y though lol

    I was not prepared for that beginning

  • The RainbowGirls
    The RainbowGirls

    When he said he was going to bring a friend I knew it was going to be jack

  • Abedur Rahman
    Abedur Rahman

    You did GREAT DANCING Markiplier!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  • Michael Harrington
    Michael Harrington

    mark normaly your suffering brings me great enjoyment but this time you truly earned my pity.

  • KasDaOtaku Anime Lover
    KasDaOtaku Anime Lover

    This is great

  • Robbie Fraser
    Robbie Fraser

    24:42 *Mark struggles being suspended in the air*

  • Robbie Fraser
    Robbie Fraser

    Taylor:don't release your left hand okay. Mark:I would never release my left hand right now! Mark:gets off and releases left hand Me:WHAT DID SHE TELL YOUUUUU!

  • Rayna Bananas
    Rayna Bananas

    She's a good teacher but... teaching a beginner with no crash mat is super risky haha xD

  • Belle

    As an aerialist, I love this

    • Belle

      Also I hope you'll try aerial hoop next! Hopefully with more Taylor, she's such a good teacher!

  • Mark Charcas
    Mark Charcas

    That was really good! Please do go back!

  • Sparked

    Anyone else notice how thick mark is come pared to thanos

  • Peytton Setu
    Peytton Setu

    imagine doing this falling over and cracking your head open on the concrete floor

  • Samantha Taylor
    Samantha Taylor

    I would nEvER

  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller

    Mark is me except I shake terribly even just standing

  • Tatianah Taylor
    Tatianah Taylor

    Totally crying of laughter, lol lol lol lol lol lol lol, she totally tortured you, lol lol,with a lovely smile ,lol lol lol .

  • FREE plain avocado
    FREE plain avocado

    Taylor You can lift your chest now mark No I'm having an exicetial crisis

  • egg sauce
    egg sauce

    6:22 dat booty tho

  • Emily Croucher
    Emily Croucher

    8 learned the splits in a day i taught myself I’m 11 12 in September

  • Robbie Fraser
    Robbie Fraser

    Don't tell me Mark has a fucking vandura

  • Who Knows Studios
    Who Knows Studios

    Im a circus performer and I can confirm that SILKS ARE ACTUAL HELL ( I'm a duo acro performer if anyone's interested)

  • reptilian x gaminng
    reptilian x gaminng

    you can see his nuts in pain when he splits

  • Amanda Nield
    Amanda Nield

    camera man stop zooming in and out! find a distance and stick to it! you can pan and zoom in in post.

  • ThoughtlessKat

    Damn Taylor is goals

  • noodles 4life
    noodles 4life

    Taylor Is Wii fit trainer (d -_- d)

  • Marvel Wolf CJ
    Marvel Wolf CJ

    Mark you need to do this agin but you promised to be in better shape!

  • Marvel Wolf CJ
    Marvel Wolf CJ

    That markiplier booty though

  • Marvel Wolf CJ
    Marvel Wolf CJ

    She’s so bubbly! I like her!

  • Elijah Bickle
    Elijah Bickle

    did anyone else see marks legs twitch 10:06

  • Pandana Bear
    Pandana Bear

    his socks I- I have never been able to relate to him more

  • Crystel jade Avestruz
    Crystel jade Avestruz

    those stretching exercises look painful

  • Weirdoes Off the rails
    Weirdoes Off the rails

    I wish I was as pretty and awesome as Taylor

  • Kye Godfrey-Myers
    Kye Godfrey-Myers

    6:20 mark is thicc

  • C A N D Y
    C A N D Y

    22:13 - the moment that Mark witnesses one of the worse pains in his life while people celebrate.

  • Brian Bommarito
    Brian Bommarito

    Even the strongest athlete can’t beat gravity, Mark.

  • Brian Bommarito
    Brian Bommarito

    This is the worst idea for a video Markiplier has ever had. The subject matter isn’t so bad, but it’s not the place for “harmless” flirting. Although I think it’s mostly her fault, Mark better be grateful for what he already has with Amy. You can’t burn a candle at both ends without the flame eventually reaching your hand.

  • Brian Bommarito
    Brian Bommarito

    This is the worst idea for a video Markiplier has ever had. The subject matter isn’t so bad, but it’s not the place for “harmless” flirting. Although I think it’s mostly her fault, Mark better be grateful for what he already has with Amy. You can’t burn a candle at both ends without the flame eventually reaching your hand.

  • Brian Bommarito
    Brian Bommarito

    8:28 “Bendy and the Ink Machine”. And Amy DEFINITELY should keep an eye on Mark. I’m no expert, but even I can read signs that are so obvious. I hope Mark is smart and doesn’t go with his animal instinct.

  • Brookie

    0:04 when I see mark maid new vid. Lol Avery day. Edit: 5:43 also And you can’t make him do the splits in jeans. At least let him change into his pink yoga pants

  • Brian Bommarito
    Brian Bommarito

    7:33 There’s something about Taylor’s tone that makes me think “Amy better keep an eye on Mark.”

  • LPS Sugar Cookie 01
    LPS Sugar Cookie 01

    Lady: i think maybe you're just a *Lefty* Me: ... LEFTY?????FNAF

  • Brian Bommarito
    Brian Bommarito

    Mismatched socks. All of Mark’s fans with OCD had to stop watching when they saw that.

  • Brian Bommarito
    Brian Bommarito

    Careful Mark! Nobody wants to see Markiplier show us “How to Get Drawn and Quartered.”

  • jester jordan
    jester jordan

    Mark do more now

  • Adorable Axolotl
    Adorable Axolotl

    He didn't show her his weird foot-twisty-ability-doodad!!! That makes me sad...... Edit: It's where he twists both feet outwards more than 90°

  • Gracelyn Anderson
    Gracelyn Anderson


  • Sliced Wolf
    Sliced Wolf

    Am i the only one that heard Mark's periodic bone cracks?

  • Madison Hardy
    Madison Hardy

    Markiplier and his mismatch socks

  • Froilan Abagat
    Froilan Abagat

    Mark is dummy thicc

    • Froilan Abagat
      Froilan Abagat

      Thanks to the only person who liked this

  • Okand Vlahos
    Okand Vlahos

    mark dummy thicc an lookin good, still doin more than i can hoo boy

  • Shadow_ Princess158
    Shadow_ Princess158

    "I havent been to school in a long while" i cant wait to say that

    • FREE plain avocado
      FREE plain avocado

      is your avatar chrona from souleater

    • FREE plain avocado
      FREE plain avocado

      me too

  • Zesty Boi
    Zesty Boi

    Mark if you think thats hard try laughing hystarically for thirty minutes straight. Trust me it hurts. (Speaking from a new personal experience)

  • Vibrant Lps
    Vibrant Lps

    Mark is thicc 😂😂

  • Blueberry Awful
    Blueberry Awful

    I need him and Ethan doing this again now. like right now. NOW

  • Darkshadow5566

    I was kind of surprised at first that a lot of the stretching they did I’ve done for martial arts but after thinking about it they are both activities that emphasize flexibility

  • poof chan
    poof chan

    Why does Taylor look like Maddie from Dance Moms. XD

    • poof chan
      poof chan

      Like the intro.

    • poof chan
      poof chan

      Also I mean in the beginning.

  • Symone Hawkins
    Symone Hawkins

    9:04 -9:12 is me when my freinds eat all my donuts lol🍩🍩

  • Brenna Schroeder
    Brenna Schroeder

    25:11 I've noticed something I can never un see...

  • north shepherd 007
    north shepherd 007


  • Megan Jones
    Megan Jones

    Poor Mark XD Having an existential crisis the whole time.

  • Yoonah_El

    3:57 (3:56) got me dead lmfao

  • JLabz

    Markiplier is becoming a renaissance man.

  • chi-noir

    She seems very nice and I personally, think Mark did a very good job. Not saying I know what I'm talking about though. BiG bLeSs, MaRkImOo uwu

  • Daniel

    why the heck she teaching him french style climb (the harder one) not the russian (the basic and safe one) :( The french is good for professionals and looks better on stage but it's not good for beginners like Mark. And why the heck she teaching him split? I'll choose something more fun, something more manly .. there are plenty tricks for not so stretched men ...

  • Taylor Mobbs
    Taylor Mobbs

    Close your eyes in the beginning and you should get a little tingle down there lol

  • Matthew Walsh
    Matthew Walsh

    I can tell candy cane was not comfortable at all

  • Rachel Wu
    Rachel Wu

    At first I thought the silk ribbon thing was slime and the place he was at was his garage._.

  • Shane Thissell
    Shane Thissell

    And when I do Ariel silks I don’t suffer

  • Shane Thissell
    Shane Thissell

    I do Ariel silks 😁

  • Bailey Vukovic
    Bailey Vukovic

    From what I see on this video it seems like ballet is the same but youre in the air. Because you engage allot of the same muscles and have to pretend not to be in pain.

  • Tbonnica Loves sans
    Tbonnica Loves sans

    Mark on silks: Ima Beautiful Butterfly

  • Qwertysometimes

    25:11 MARK NO

  • Spaniel Towell
    Spaniel Towell

    This is me when I have to do yoga at school :,)

  • Blueberry sans I am the one
    Blueberry sans I am the one

    In 22:38 mark is making the a assassin creed symbol lol

  • Blueberry sans I am the one
    Blueberry sans I am the one

    Mark will be ded after this lok

  • WolfieX Bowers
    WolfieX Bowers

    Instructor: you okay? You need water? Mark: nah I feel good. I am alive Later: *faints*

  • honorabletech

    *markiplier doing stretches and looking like he is going to give birth *teacher ok new positions

  • Katie Gansner
    Katie Gansner

    I have to do that for baton

  • Jack Richards
    Jack Richards

    I cant wait until he brings Ethan. :3

  • Emily Czech
    Emily Czech

    I totally wanna do this!

  • Nyan_cat 101
    Nyan_cat 101

    This is a great tutorial

  • winterwolf1122

    i do this all the time

  • ftx_jay

    i really wanna learn this!

  • Gay

    *Next time Sean(Jack) visits, you have to do a part two--*

  • wyshfulthinkin11

    **grunts**Alpha male!