How Things Actually Work
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How Things Actually Work

  • SSSniperWolf


    • A Google Reviewer
      A Google Reviewer

      Lol! Thanks guys I needed a good laugh. 😊

    • Marcos Fugon
      Marcos Fugon

      Yas I fid

    • Tafari A.M.
      Tafari A.M.


    • Miajha Black
      Miajha Black

      Umm of course

    • Official Titanic
      Official Titanic

      Not really

  • Dino 20132014
    Dino 20132014

    I prefer the closet

  • Lexi W.
    Lexi W.

    2:31 I used the inside of the a pen and a pencil and it worked.

  • Potato Socks
    Potato Socks

    I broke into my moms room with chopsticks yeah I stabbed those chopsticks into the lock and giggled it and bam it opened

  • koydere

    you ever seen a snake shit ?

  • Davinno Hayles
    Davinno Hayles

    The closest

  • Powtoons! !!
    Powtoons! !!


  • John Luciano
    John Luciano

    You@SSSniperWolf and Digitanex should do more videos together, idk i find it funnier

  • Alora Russell
    Alora Russell

    That string has good dance

  • Alora Russell
    Alora Russell

    Just say it don’t spay it

  • Mushi Shi
    Mushi Shi

    Spiders crawl in our mouth when we sleep. Statistics show that ever human eats about 2 spiders a year

  • Joshua and Jaylan /Awesome brothers
    Joshua and Jaylan /Awesome brothers

    But if you lock the deadbolt lock the card will not work

  • mattstan77


  • Gamer Goth
    Gamer Goth

    i like ur old room

  • Niall Wharton
    Niall Wharton

    ^ ^

  • Jill Landry
    Jill Landry

    I’m as confused as a male ladybug

  • Nikita’s World
    Nikita’s World


  • slashrazor wassup!!!
    slashrazor wassup!!!

    my grandfather is a locksmith and the tiny poles r different sizes and colors

  • mattie mika-tamihana
    mattie mika-tamihana


  • The Milly Show
    The Milly Show

    My friend ate a snail

  • ?ħάȡάşşάħ¿

    Wait so then how does mafia work?

  • Anissa Franco
    Anissa Franco

    I say G I F

  • Montana Snyder
    Montana Snyder

    You finally came out of the closet

  • Sarah Lagerweij
    Sarah Lagerweij


  • Dylan Beaven
    Dylan Beaven

    I have a question Are you single

  • Thomas Torres
    Thomas Torres

    Humans on average eat 3 spiders a year while sleeping

  • Cringe Queens
    Cringe Queens

    Oh honey there is only room for one histarical Queen

  • Tylor Wilkinson
    Tylor Wilkinson


  • Nightmare Moon Lover
    Nightmare Moon Lover

    0:04 😂That intro XD 😂😂😂😂 😂

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore

    1:27 the person who made gif said it is ment to be pronounced jif not gif

  • hayden king ching
    hayden king ching

    Both were fine

  • Amanda Carmen
    Amanda Carmen

    Ppl eat 8 spiders a year in their sleep

  • Elizabeth Waite
    Elizabeth Waite

    My hair was shaved and i didn't wear wigs.

  • Caroline Haywood
    Caroline Haywood

    Closet I think

  • Makai Kuhn
    Makai Kuhn

    5:19 daaaaaannnnnngggggg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😂

  • CV TV
    CV TV


  • Khloe Spurgin
    Khloe Spurgin

    I love it

  • Ali Al-Saedi
    Ali Al-Saedi

    I had an ad of t seires

  • Marcos Fugon
    Marcos Fugon


  • Moris Gomez
    Moris Gomez

    Row row row your legs gently down the ground marly marly marly I liked this video 😁

  • Jay Dizzy
    Jay Dizzy

    You're the best

  • Mimi Hill
    Mimi Hill

    It turns into the “flower” and then the blow ting

  • Gacha Bullet 606
    Gacha Bullet 606

    I just saved my 5 yr old sister from an ant 3:22

  • bRaDiG gIsGaM
    bRaDiG gIsGaM


  • Amelia Keyes
    Amelia Keyes


  • Jean Pereira Lourenço
    Jean Pereira Lourenço

    Man I have such a great time watching you guys!!! Please make more videos together!

  • dance to problems
    dance to problems


  • Squidelleotious

    I won't eat a spider after seeing a barn spiders insides running down the side of my house, however I do love eating scorpions, in is my favorite food

  • Aleiah R
    Aleiah R

    I love how the ad for this is taco bell

  • latiesha branighan fun life
    latiesha branighan fun life

    I love you so much xxxx

  • Evie Petrey
    Evie Petrey

    I'm a seamstress and so the sewing machine made since to me

  • Tru3Blu3. WolfieYT
    Tru3Blu3. WolfieYT

    Finally, she came out of the closet!!!

  • Gacha bee
    Gacha bee

    I still have the ps1 game

  • Mr Wierd
    Mr Wierd

    What's your Snapchat account? Plz tell me.

  • kid gamer
    kid gamer

    I learned she uses a mouse as her phone

  • Lina Saley
    Lina Saley

    Why is it actually venelope and wreck it Ralph 2019

  • Juan Camacho
    Juan Camacho

    She hangs out with a lot of fat guys

  • Kiwi Kiwi
    Kiwi Kiwi

    Boy he thicker than thick


    This better

  • Julie's beauty
    Julie's beauty

    Pick bedroom locks with butter knifes I totally never did that

  • ceasar medina
    ceasar medina

    i like the closet better

  • cashawndra irving
    cashawndra irving

    I like the room that u are in

  • Karla Betzabel
    Karla Betzabel

    I’m scared of lady bugs 🤣

  • Noa Salvador
    Noa Salvador

    I was drinking something while I watched the first clip.😅

  • Gacha Kitty
    Gacha Kitty

    🥺 This is Mia Mia is sad 10 likes=1 happiness point for Mia

    • Luna Wolfspirit
      Luna Wolfspirit

      Thank you

    • Gacha Kitty
      Gacha Kitty

      Luna Wolfspirit if I were Sssniperwolf or the creators of comments could heart replies I would heart that one cause it’s hilarious 😂

    • Luna Wolfspirit
      Luna Wolfspirit

      Sorry Mia you will never be happy so learn to embrace misery.

  • Xxrayana gachaxX
    Xxrayana gachaxX

    Where is my favorite French UA-myr 😂

  • YanguAdonisu

    One by one you all will fall. You can’t imagine what it does for the ego to see people young and old uniting against me. I pray I’m set free soon. But if not, I’ll be fine. My greatest enemy now is Bordem. My success a rare kind. And though I may not get the things I had hoped for in this life, things 1000000000x better await. And since I’m OLDER and WISER now, the concept of patience isn’t foreign to me. Neither is the enemy’s playbook.

  • Arianna Beteta
    Arianna Beteta

    I have also done that with the credit card

  • Alex Benton
    Alex Benton

    If it is gif not jif name one word that starts with a j but the j sounds like a j



  • Daliya_ Hannan
    Daliya_ Hannan

    1:00 I chocked on my drink;-;

  • jay park
    jay park


  • aiden downey
    aiden downey

    The person who created the sewing machine was to because he didnt like seeing coming home and seeing his wife in pain after sewing all day

  • Jer Villanueva
    Jer Villanueva

    Hep I did SSSNIPERWOLF :)

  • Natalie Camacho
    Natalie Camacho


  • Kasey Billingsley
    Kasey Billingsley

    It gif

  • Kasey Billingsley
    Kasey Billingsley


  • Alexis Perkins
    Alexis Perkins

    I hated the closet,it looked uncomfortable

  • Alana DeGiulio
    Alana DeGiulio

    I'm Corian. But you know what I'm not: Stupid.

  • Ida Glasscock
    Ida Glasscock

    OMG i was drinking water while I was watching the drink one 😭😭😭

  • Louis Hudson
    Louis Hudson

    I knew the key one

  • jack sootler
    jack sootler

    My brother lock picked into my dads closet to get a video game

  • The ROBLOX Player
    The ROBLOX Player

    I saw a spider v bee fight and idk who won

  • Travis David
    Travis David

    I was legit eating my food when I saw this...1:00 Well this really sucks doesn’t it? ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)

  • m_umix

    They have such a good time together

  • m_umix

    Twist: SSSniperwolf is a phsyco path

  • Alyssa

    GIF when he said creator I thought he said Korean I’m like k-pop?

  • Maddie K
    Maddie K

    tf ladybugs are nasty xD.

  • Kalia Ramirez
    Kalia Ramirez

    Not the closest

  • Tala Taweel
    Tala Taweel

    I feel like lia is antra funny when she collabs with digitalnex

  • Monarae Bisasor
    Monarae Bisasor

    Ariana Grande should of said in thank you nex digital nex

  • confetticupcakeYT the gamer
    confetticupcakeYT the gamer

    Are u and sosaje together still?? IDK Im just wondering

  • The Real Mom Life
    The Real Mom Life

    Am i the only one who thinks they make a cute couple!? No hate js.

  • subscribe to Ari potato-comedy queen
    subscribe to Ari potato-comedy queen

    This is Marina, she gets bullied by the whole universe 🌚 👗 👟👟 1 like=1 bully DESTROYED

  • subscribe to Ari potato-comedy queen
    subscribe to Ari potato-comedy queen

    Yalls is crazyeeze

  • Deb Straughn
    Deb Straughn

    I love the first set up

  • Deb Straughn
    Deb Straughn

    Hay sssniperwolf I need to tell you something... I watch your videos when I should be doing school I I love the danger and its so worth it because I love your videos and I am only pretty yong. your way to awesome please responded to this text .

  • its reinahbeatriz
    its reinahbeatriz

    You can use a spoon i tried it for a key

  • mpho mocha
    mpho mocha

    You have a connection with that guy

  • Weronika Grande
    Weronika Grande