How I get Free Groceries at Walmart Extreme Couponing for income
one cute couponer
Learn how to make money by using coupons! Couponing could be your way to financial freedom!
Manufacturers want you to use their products so they put out coupons to encourage purchases. They want you to shop!
Stores also put out coupons, they also want you to shop!
When you combine store coupons with Manufacturers coupons, the possibilities are endless! Most grocery stores allow and encourage this practice. You could be getting CASH or gift cards back, just for shopping. You also get to keep the products. Subscribe to my channel & I'll teach you how to eat & live for free! With a few video lessons, you can improve your lifestyle & be on your way to financial freedom. Every dollar you save, is a dollar you can use to come out of debt. I'll teach you how.
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Where do I get my coupons from ?
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  • one cute couponer
    one cute couponer

    The shirt I'm wearing is here:

    • Raven From the Cumfy Couch
      Raven From the Cumfy Couch

      I watched the whole video. You said you were going to show how to look up clearance fast. Did you mean before you shop on the app or just scanning in the store? So many random things in clearance do I have to come in with all my coupons all the time or is there a way to prepare before I actually go in store?

    • K Abrams
      K Abrams

      Thank you!

  • K T
    K T

    employment is a extremety

  • Sandy Grose
    Sandy Grose

    I used the scanner on your advice and got the rug deal at walmart a few weeks back! $80 rugs for like $20 each!! Ty, ty, ty!!!

  • Momz Of4
    Momz Of4

    I understand what you’re saying .You are saving with couponing but it seems that you’re not really saving because you’re spending it in gas driving all around. Are you making these trips specifically for couponing items?

  • Crystal Morris
    Crystal Morris

    Start using those coupons sis.

  • Shakeira Aydelott
    Shakeira Aydelott

    I havent couponed in a few months because i had my stockpile stocked good now they everything is running out your making me get excited again🤗🤗🤗im over here taking notes🤣🤣🤣i just ran across your channel tonight i will be watching more videos😊😊thanks for sharing your knowledge😊😊

  • Clari Valdez
    Clari Valdez

    First time in your channel, thank you running to my walmart now,your awesome!

  • HotMessBudget Mum
    HotMessBudget Mum

    Can you use coupons at the self-checkouts cuz my Walmart doesn't ever have a lot of cashier's open it's mostly self checkout

  • Bre Wolf
    Bre Wolf

    Heya! I signed on with your Ibotta team, but can't find the tutorial video . help ;) XOXO Cali

  • tammy moreno
    tammy moreno

    OMG I love your T-shirt

  • Veronica Williams
    Veronica Williams

    My store

  • Tiffany Padilla
    Tiffany Padilla

    Girl, I am a Floridian too... Can you by chance meet up with me and teach me your ways...

  • Sonia Sanchez
    Sonia Sanchez

    Love your videos ! Learned so much ! Can you make a video explaining the coupon policies for stores ?! Target , Walmart etc. Your awesome at explaining as you do the deals but maybe more in depth ?!

  • Teresa O'Brien
    Teresa O'Brien

    So happy I found you! You are fun to watch, I love your enthusiasm!

  • Alexandra Colunga
    Alexandra Colunga

    Tiffany coupons are a mess don't do it 😂

  • Mz Amaze
    Mz Amaze

    You’re a BEAST in these COUPON STREETS! I love it!

  • Iliana Marten
    Iliana Marten

    Where do I get coupons? I need help getting into this

  • Kazuka Brown
    Kazuka Brown

    .... just amazing 😍

  • Bigfndeals

    Nice job. You should be able to get cash back if overage. I have done it multiple times in the past, and the coupon policy appears to say you still can. "In select instances, Walmart may give cash after overages are applied to the transaction total (remaining basket)..."

  • BEE ChAnEL Many hats
    BEE ChAnEL Many hats

    Everyone seemed irate that you had coupons 😂

  • Krystal Pallas
    Krystal Pallas

    I have to say, I love the scanner! Back in the day, I used to just grab a bunch of clearance stuff and scan them at the little price checkers, and would always get awesome deals for way less then marked, but love technology! So much easier Lol

  • Nikki Stubbs
    Nikki Stubbs

    Also where are you getting these coupons at. I never see any coupons for Walmart

  • tcottman06

    Your sister is like mine she has no interest in couponing at all lol.

  • Fiona Ash
    Fiona Ash

    i love ur channel i used to watch the couponer show [even tho im from nz] they have banned plastic bags here. i wonder when wallmart will. do you ever consider using plastic bags i doubt youd see this but i like how friendly you are and easy to watch and listen to :D i go online shopping these days i wish we had that kind of couponing here. i binge watching ur shows but do consider cotton tote bags!


    Where do you get your coupons? I'm a beginner and I'm in Florida as well.

  • cooldude


  • cooldude

    Love your videos so fun to watch!!

  • Cristina L
    Cristina L

    Omg so glad I found your channel!!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 You are absolutely amazing!!! & yes my love, PLEASE repeat the breakdowns cuz Im 58 yrs old female & going thru menopause so I NEED folks to repeat things to me!!!😂😂😂 You are adorable!!!! 💖💋💖💋💖

  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn

    Where do u get your coupons?

  • Nikki Stubbs
    Nikki Stubbs

    Man I need to go to Florida. Here in Texas I can't find shit on clearance

  • debra burger
    debra burger

    I have a ? I amreally getting into $$Tree shopping and I do not know but will $$store have 2/1.00 after V Day? Do you know?

  • dottie cassell
    dottie cassell

    I got overage put on gift card last month.Add overage get card scan card first with overage amount the ring item and coupon.

  • Kleeroy Roy
    Kleeroy Roy

    You stole that stuff

  • Maliha Willoughby
    Maliha Willoughby

    You have encouraged me to coupon and I'm am a 10

  • Ashley Telling
    Ashley Telling

    They gave me cash once at walmart they said I can’t use overage anymore

  • M L
    M L

    What app to scan walmart prices

  • MaYareli17

    The walmart thats where i live has nothing like the first day they put somwthing on clearance its gone 😒

  • Peek` boo
    Peek` boo

    Really! you can use the coupons on the clearances item......

  • Sjrios 16
    Sjrios 16

    Great job! I wish my Walmart’s clearance section looked like that

  • sandra perdun
    sandra perdun

    Are you only using Ibotta? I was in the true coupning in the early 80’s. We were buying full carts of groceries and getting cash back. It was great while it lasted but the stores put limit s on how much we could get back and double coupons got blown away. I never got back into it.

  • Pennsylvania Prepper
    Pennsylvania Prepper

    Great video, BUT, your total should be zero. You pay tax on the amount of your purchase, which was $0. I believe there was a lawsuit or something similar, WM was supposed to be taking the coupons off BEFORE the tax was calculated, and they weren't. Wow same thing at FD?? Maybe it's a FL vs PA thing...

  • Angelica Yanez
    Angelica Yanez

    Then get what you have on the coupones and if you spare 50 cents on your coupons, buy gums so you don't go over and you don't loose the .50.

  • Charmaine Seymour
    Charmaine Seymour

    U r so good at this

  • Debby Brigham
    Debby Brigham

    If you were in NH you would save even more, we don't have a sales tax. I hope we never do, I can't imagine paying so much more every time you walk into store. Great tips! Thanks

  • Tamika Eberhardt
    Tamika Eberhardt

    Love your video

  • Toyosi Akinsanya
    Toyosi Akinsanya

    What app do you scan with?

  • Leelee


  • Rosa Jones
    Rosa Jones

    You are incredible!

  • alisha t
    alisha t

    It makes me feel better knowing you can't get your sister to coupon, I can't get my mom to either. She refuses to go into Michaels with me anymore because I once insisted she use a 40% off coupon. To me it is wasting money if you don't use the coupon. I don't understand why some people are so against coupons....

  • Bella x
    Bella x

    Where did you get the coupons from ?

  • cynthia Martinez
    cynthia Martinez

    How do you get p&g coupons. I try to coupon often, but I’m not that good yet lol

  • darlene cyr
    darlene cyr

    Happy Valentine's day ❤

  • Heather Nicole
    Heather Nicole

    You’re like a money saving ninja! Way to go!

  • Sue-yen Spencer
    Sue-yen Spencer

    I'm new to this and would like to know where do you find the paper coupons?

  • Noelle Hollingsworth
    Noelle Hollingsworth

    Did anyone else sign up to ibotta and then lie about their age, or is that just me? PEOPLE UNDER 18 CAN SAVE TOO GUYS

  • Mom Encouragement
    Mom Encouragement

    You're so excited I love that! I'm in Texas n no Publix but a smaller town corsicana lol glad u didn't get hit

  • Mom Encouragement
    Mom Encouragement

    Thank u for this info! I was trying to find some mm with clearance n coupons but I forgot to scan I'm going to do the loreal too

  • opchick05

    Who the heck is giving a thumbs down?

  • Chelsea Fields Schultz
    Chelsea Fields Schultz

    At my Walmart I went to the clearance section in the woman's department and there were bras I use the scanner in the toy department they did have a sticker on them but sometimes are marked wrong so I went and scaned them and they came out a dollar a piece and they were regularly $12.99.

  • Cindy L
    Cindy L

    I found nothing. It tells me not in store but holding it in my hand.

  • Dee M
    Dee M

    Awesome video. Thank you! BTW, you remind me so much of Angela Simmons! (Rev Runs Daughter)

  • Maryam Khaafid
    Maryam Khaafid

    Love your video, did the exact same deals a few days ago. But I actually do put my overage on gift cards. My Walmart allows it

  • Thomas Jacob
    Thomas Jacob

    You’re honestly so full of crap. Like you’re literally stealing from companies when you do that. You say this is to help low income people but you yourself waste money on getting your nails done and getting your weave attached to your head. So you’re fine with spending money on yourself but not willing to work hard and buy actual necessities. It’s not being a smart shopper it’s called being lazy as fuck and stealing. If you guys are willing to go to salons and eat out all the damn time then you don’t know what the fucking struggle is

    • Emily Nichole
      Emily Nichole

      You're so fucking DUMB LMAO

  • sushree patro
    sushree patro

    How and from where did you get coupons

  • lori sabbagh
    lori sabbagh

    Awesome deals!! Thanks so much for sharing!! God bless!!

  • Paulla Wells
    Paulla Wells

    Way informative! Thank you! I’ve always wanted to extreme coupon but, one I do not like to shop and two I’ve always been busy working. Last year I was laid off and decided to call it an early retirement. I still hate shopping, but I still like to make money. Seems like a good combo for extreme couponing to me. 😉 Now I have to learn. So far you’ve been the best at explaining how it all works. I will check out your other videos now. And, yep, I’ve subscribed. Thanks again!

  • D. León
    D. León

    Love your videos! But I'd love if you didn't use a bag when its not necessary like at Family Dollar, and for the rest reusable bags would be awesome

  • D. León
    D. León

    Love your videos! But I'd love if you didn't use a bag when its not necessary like at Family Dollar, and for the rest reusable bags would be awesome

  • Gloria Smith
    Gloria Smith

    Thanks for showing us the way! I always think Walmart is so cheap, I don't need my little $1 off coupons...SO NOT TRUE! And I think I'll venture out a little further because my clearance here in MD doesn't look anything like yours in FL!

  • fitAlittlebit

    Check this out: You Deserve All The Credit: A Financial Guide With Proven Steps ...

  • Ivette Puga
    Ivette Puga

    You are so sweet and real and I love it. I seriously tried couponing a couple years ago but couldn't quite understand but you make it so easy and repeat it enough for me to understand. You're a true helper! Keep the videos coming

  • Red

    Yes! Thank you for showing us how to do that. I appreciate the repeating sometimes I need that. I love your intro! Bay AReaaa! You’re so beauty. 💐

  • ciana baltimore
    ciana baltimore

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  • Ann Mittelstadt
    Ann Mittelstadt

    Wow great savings, thanks for sharing

  • Kathryn Honesto
    Kathryn Honesto

    My best fit at my Wal-Mart was face masks original price $2.50 on clearance for $1 I scanned them and they came up for 5 cents each ! Best believe I bought a ton !!

  • Brittany Adams
    Brittany Adams

    Also if you have a Walmart card and the Walmart app there is a way to scan the receipt and and sometimes it helps I grew up poor and my mom didn it a lot

  • Areidy Ramos
    Areidy Ramos

    Girl how is the clearance section at your walmart so dang clean and organized? Mine is a hot mess all the time, no matter what time of the day.

  • Kasey Reynolds
    Kasey Reynolds

    I got 10 of those $1.50 herbal essence the other day and got a large Scott’s toilet paper pack for free the other day!!!!! ❤️

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown

    This is an amazing video, so many great tips and tricks especially since I am always in Walmart lol buttttttttttt anyone consider this clickbait? It say free groceries and only food items purchased at a discount were yogurt and drinks. Just wondering if I am the only one lol

  • M Jackson
    M Jackson

    You are amazing! I love EVERYTHING u teach us! I got $127 from EBATES for just shopping bc of you! Ibotta is next for me! Ty! I don't have tax in my state (Delaware) so I am psyched to try rhe coupons!

  • DLR Young
    DLR Young

    Why didn’t they use the overages for the tax? I know that sounds silly but still...

  • Anna Ells
    Anna Ells

    Would I be able to do that here where I live , Canada, Nova Scotia? Your taxes are not very much maybe I should move there lol ours is 15% and its so stupid. I am glad I stopped by and thanks I learned something new. 😇🙏

  • Heather Bray
    Heather Bray

    Isn ???What app are you using to scan with????

  • Rhianna Galvan
    Rhianna Galvan

    So we download the walmart app?


    That was an awesome deal!

  • Giovana Mendez
    Giovana Mendez

    Girl you’r awsome!! 🥰

  • Aerielle Mitchell
    Aerielle Mitchell

    I tried extreme couponing at DG this past weekend, and while I didn't do as well as I wanted because they wouldn't take some doubled coupons, I did get $20 off of a $70 total, which was nice. Gonna plan more and try again this weekend. Maybe I'll be an expert after some practice!

  • Jenny Fogleman
    Jenny Fogleman

    I tried doing this at 3 different walmsrts they all say they don't do overage. I showed them their coupon policy and they said it's against the law (even though I know it's not)

  • Saby Soto
    Saby Soto

    Ibotta currently has a 5- Schick rebates for $10 each. I purchased 4 Schick from CVS used my CRT's & MQ of course. Then went to claim the rebates & it didnt work😥😥😥😥


    Would the money made apply for taxes ? If you had any !?

  • trababe01

    I didn’t realize how much I would miss Publix till I moved to Jersey!😩 triple coupons, overage, and the discounts was life! But you definitely have to do your homework before you get there (list for coupons)..

  • Linda Fitzgerald
    Linda Fitzgerald

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  • linda B
    linda B

    Do you have a job?

  • Yessenia Vallejo
    Yessenia Vallejo

    man i tried this at my walmart and all the good stuff was WIPED out of clearance section lol my family is too picky to get certain things but there were a lot of good deals too

  • Tiia Jones
    Tiia Jones

    Could you do more healthy food hauls? 😩 I really enjoyed that. I’m trying to eat healthier but I have no idea where to start.

  • Linda Reedy-oman
    Linda Reedy-oman

    Are you in Bradenton sure looks like Wal-Mart I use to shop when I lived there

  • Donna M
    Donna M

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    Arielle Taylor

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