How Clean Is Your House S05 E01

  • IAmTheAmericanDream 88
    IAmTheAmericanDream 88

    I almost threw up when she pulled that nasty drain hair out with her bare 🤢🤢

  • very blessed! DYSH
    very blessed! DYSH

    This is pure awful- just not right! There's some people that have a disease and there's others just plumb lazy!!

  • Saint Sinner
    Saint Sinner

    Holy shit

  • Chris Pyle
    Chris Pyle

    OH Heck this place is nothing compared to what my nasty half sister has done to our Mom's place. Finally the place in condemed. Estimated it will take 30K just to remove all the crap she had hoarded. Sad Mom will lose her house but so glad she is now safely with my brother and other nice sister. No longer being misstreated.

  • Beth Masterson
    Beth Masterson

    He should clean it up. Why is it all her responsibility

  • margie niles
    margie niles

    Why no windows?!?!?

  • لاولي الاعلي
    لاولي الاعلي

    مغرمة بهذا البرنامج

  • sara

    Damn, i live alone, work 2 jobs, deal with depression and still manage to clean my home. I'd strongly suggest therapy if the house gets to this point, for both of them. Both are lazy and that man is sexist, sorry not sorry.



  • Dani

    I was having lunch when this started... that's one way of going on a diet. And now I want to clean my whole flat 😂

  • Jane Mann
    Jane Mann

    This couple needs to work together,how nasty can people be

  • Michelle Preece
    Michelle Preece

    Lazy fuckers

  • Hevi Lina
    Hevi Lina

    Bukadar pisliğin içinde yaşadığınıza gerçekten inanmıyorum.bunlar kurgu olmali😨😨😨😨

  • Lenocas Nascimento
    Lenocas Nascimento

    Sick couple they need therapy

  • Workmines Philippines
    Workmines Philippines

    Great house cleaning motivation!!!

  • Lisje xox
    Lisje xox

    Can't the husband clean?😂

  • Celtic Lass
    Celtic Lass

    Had to stop at 12:23 and do some cleaning. Now I'm back to continue watching. ;)


    Dont know how people can live in such filth. Flip, I clean on a daily basis and my floors are washed every day, sometimes twice a day. This is just laziness!!!! I go out to work everyday, floors are washed before I leave for work then when I get home in the afternoon they are washed again, I do all my own housework, cooking, baking even my own gardening.

  • Josie Davis
    Josie Davis

    I'm so happy to see it again on here I could watch it over &over

  • Josie Davis
    Josie Davis

    My granddaughters and I used watch how clean is your house every day at 7:30pm it was our most favorite show. My oldest granddaughter was a very clean young lady she said she learned so much. It's was so disappointing when it was on anymore. Didn't like Kim's rude awaking at all

  • ron donnis
    ron donnis

    that angela what an air head. angela by name but not by nature!

  • Francis Hape
    Francis Hape

    Oh dear

  • naim gamer dz
    naim gamer dz

    كيف يلمسن ذلك العفن بايديهن

  • Sam Clairs
    Sam Clairs

    “Just write FILTH there” hahaha love Kim 😂😂

  • Bevey Dillon
    Bevey Dillon

    Most of the people that alow there home to get like this is going threw something émotionally and mentally. You can clean there home but they need help. These two ladies are the best cleaners i have every seen.

  • Vicki Mingus
    Vicki Mingus

    ladie stop touching this stuff without gloves

  • Vicki Mingus
    Vicki Mingus

    A lovely area and you should be more thankful, So many ppl would love a nice home.

  • Kathryn Johnson
    Kathryn Johnson

    I love Kim amd Aggie!!!!! They are cleaning Angels!!!!! 😇😇😇😇😇

  • Ro7y Alemarat
    Ro7y Alemarat

    The man looks like weasly the father in harry potter

  • yoo jin jan
    yoo jin jan

    Look at that damn spider !!!!

  • Frances Grech
    Frances Grech

    She`s a graphic designer! `Well, her place is certainly graphic!`

  • 👽

    That is not shopping Is hoarding rubbish, things she does not need. I think this program should be named how filthy you are.!!! Because home didn’t become dirty by itself.

  • Epic.Mrs.Epic

    Thank you for uploading this! I miss this show!

  • Kaitlyn UK
    Kaitlyn UK

    Thanks for uploading. I miss this program!

  • Elissa

    She keeps bringing up biological powder in these cleaning episodes- what is biological powder - or which one are they using. It's not a phrase we really use in the US.

  • Vickimus sparkle
    Vickimus sparkle

    "I have back problems". Well I have chronic pain and chronic fatigue and regularly dislocate joints. It doesn't mean that I don't clean, you just need to pace it if you have difficulties, although she seems to move around okay

  • choceechup

    I don't know how Kym and Aggie can touch anything without gloves on! ...yikes! Or sniff close up omg!! 😂🤭🤮🤪

  • Ika Mustika
    Ika Mustika

    House hold is a team work job

  • Doris Sykes
    Doris Sykes

    I'm pretty good with cleaning my house but this show lit a fire under me to try and make it cleaner, this is a nightmare!

  • Ruby Myers
    Ruby Myers

    Hah the husband blames his wife hah

  • Ruby Myers
    Ruby Myers


  • Rosanna Rodrigues
    Rosanna Rodrigues

    You ppl too nasty

  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams

    Good heavens, lazy woman. Never mind,that the lazy slob of a husband does not help! Have some pride! You can walk as I see you shopping. Even the bloody dishes you lazy good for nothing. And don't let me get started on that lazy slob of a husband of yours!

  • vince mastura
    vince mastura

    2weeks later,it's a dump again...she will never clean.i know woman like this,you can't change them.

  • vince mastura
    vince mastura

    The guy goes to work,comes home and guess what,she done fuckall all day...your man is hungry,feed him...

  • Karen Ward
    Karen Ward

    I love this look of him wth .u talking of job..Hugh..o.m.g.

  • The Lovely Mel Chan
    The Lovely Mel Chan

    She is so freaking lazy. But she probably refused to clean to spite her douche husband

  • bun

    i do agree w the man a bit minus the sexism. if he’s out working, and he’s the only provider, the least she can do is keep the house tidy? from what i gathered he works and she shops. even if he was living w another man i would still feel the same way. but...he could at least try to clean the house? that’s the part i don’t agree with. :/

  • jennifer McDonald
    jennifer McDonald

    This woman doesn’t really think her house is that bad! She is also a bit stupid, and that man is a total waste of space! He’s hopeless! Both of them just want someone else to do all the work. They’re prepared to make happy noises at the end, but not to do any of the work! Have to say she’s a dirty, lazy pig of a woman!

  • Meg Caskey
    Meg Caskey

    "If you'd maintain the place more, I'd be able to clean more!" "Well if you'd clean more, I'd be able to maintain it more! " And they go around and around while the filth piles up higher and higher!

  • Laura M
    Laura M

    Man is so old fashioned. My man deep cleans once a week. I clean all throughout the the week. And sometimes we don't at all and we relax....we are even Stevens

  • JBO2493

    To all the women screaming ‘sexist’ in the comments: I’d like to know how many of YOU would be willing subsidise your husbands to spend their days frittering away YOUR earnings on cluttering the home (that you paid for) with superfluous junk whilst you go out to work all day, and not do a scrap of housework to boot. If you’re anything like me you’d go ballistic (and yes I’m a woman.)

  • Christine Dunphy
    Christine Dunphy

    I got rheumatoid and a tin leg, but I don't live in nast you dirty mare.

  • Christine Dunphy
    Christine Dunphy

    Filthy dirty nasty lazy slobs. No excuses. . .and it's not bloody funny...

  • Nyssaki

    I really want to watch more of these shows, but the "horror movie" sound editing just kills my eardrums :/

  • Brenda Cowell
    Brenda Cowell

    This husband pissed me off. He has 2 hands to clean with to. He is just as much to blame !

  • Eva

    I cant believe there has to be a show on cleaning in 2019 ! ppl have showers, hoovers, washing machines water on tap, everything ! and still ppl are dirtier than 100 yrs ago , go evolution!!

  • Mulan

    I swear the U.K. version and American version are so different !!! The American version is horrible I think they feel that they need to baby them and it was okay to have the mess . Don’t want to hurt their feelings . they just need to clean up for them and all their lazy asses do is sit there and cry NO !!!! The U.K. version shows the way it should be done show them cheap and effective ways to clean up and ways to STAY clean && they make them do it themselves ! They aren’t going to sit here for 4 days and go through bug infested trash trying to pick out things you want to keep . GET RID OF IT ALL !

  • Ashley Glover
    Ashley Glover

    What is the stuff she mixed with hot water and bleach to clean the stove?

    • Yaya Goes Online
      Yaya Goes Online

      Its biological powder. You can get it at tesco. I'd recommend persil brand. But if you have sensitive skin, you'll likely get irritation. The "bio" version of persil breaks down stains better than "non-bio" ones

  • ArtJourneyUK

    Woman’s clearly a hoarder

  • Sorianez Numantinez
    Sorianez Numantinez

    Min 2:19 Is there a condon on the floor??? 🤯

  • Евгения Горшенина
    Евгения Горшенина

    Вот заморачиваются... Всё хлоркой. Фу!!!!!

  • Mirela Zaroubi
    Mirela Zaroubi

    Omg 😱How some people can live like this??🤕😱😱

  • Josette Pardoe
    Josette Pardoe

    Don't understand how aggy can touch the mess e.g. Hair in the plug hole and not throw up 🤢

  • A.Taste.Of.Honey 77
    A.Taste.Of.Honey 77

    "Bits are falling off their regions, and you're handling that..and you're smiling!" 😂

  • Mari__

    What are the mixtures that they teach them? The kitchen counter tops Boiled water + 3to4 flat spoons of Biological powder (is it the same as baking soda? Because here they translate what we have - soda bicarbonate - direct translation - as baking soda and I've never heard of biological powder) + a squirt of bleach For the bathroom sink was Boiled water + ?? + salt (table salt?) The table was wax with drops of xxxx oil??

    • D. E. Smith
      D. E. Smith

      We also use sodium bicarbonate for cleaning some things, and also in some cooking , but biological powder us a chemical product which is completely different, it is especially for washing clothes and definitely NOT safe to be used in food products.

    • Mari__

      @D. E. Smith I live in Brazil 🇧🇷 Here we use " sodium bicarbonate" (directly translating and not sure if correct, i don't really know chemicals in English) that we use to clean things and clothes.. And even use in some recipes to bake... Is this?

    • D. E. Smith
      D. E. Smith

      Where do you live? Biological powder is bought by most people in the UK for washing clothes.

  • Doaa Diaa
    Doaa Diaa

    انا نفسي اعرف هما ازاى بيوصلو لهذه المرحله دا الوحد اما يلاقى شوية كركبه بيقوم لا اراديا يروقهم حتى لو كان تعبان وانا من الناس اللى جسمها ممتلئ ان كانت هذه حجة البعض

  • Laura c.
    Laura c.

    Could you activate the automatic subtitles? Plese. Thank you.

  • black berry
    black berry

    Wonder how much they makes 4 cleaning this 😱🤭🤭

  • Μαρία Παπαδόπουλου
    Μαρία Παπαδόπουλου

    Πωπω βρωμιά θεέ μου