How Brie Larson Cost Marvel One Hundred Million Dollars
Marvel is now in the business of losing money. Thanks, Brie....
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  • Donna Lynn Douglass Price
    Donna Lynn Douglass Price

    this is for the narrator

  • Donna Lynn Douglass Price
    Donna Lynn Douglass Price

    you are an idiot

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos
    Kronickillness Nikolaos

    I saw tweets and an article in a yt comment that proved that they bought tickets some 200per theatre of reserved seats that no one showed up to see and ppl said there were lots of empty seats opening weekend ! They knee it was a fail they had to make the numbers lie! And that's sad cuz even with the stat padding it performed shitty! And that just proves more that ppl do NOT want to see this shit but WHY is Hollywood so determined to ruin everything we love?! at great cost to themselves cuz after end game sucking then GOTs now n I don't even watch that turns out there was never any reason to do so with the way its gone shit! Like evry thing else star wars n everything! But WHY? They know it won't sell yet do it any way WTF are they really THAT insane?! Or dumb? Or is there something more going on here then meets the eye? Like "ruin the establishment of the everything white males have ever made or enjoyed" like a modern day book burning ffs wtaf is going on cuz 1x or 2x is a coincidence 3x + that's a conspiracy! Wtf is really going on here? I see a pattern predictable as day but WHY does it NOT seem to be trying too make $but spend it to waste! wtf

  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson

    I'm amazed at how you know what people want. All the self made you tube "critics" think that their opinions are the only 1's that matter. I'm a 40+ year old white guy that wasn't bothered at all by what Brie Larson said. If a man had said basically the same thing, all the insecure men out there would be saying "You see how he doesn't take any s*** from anyone, he's his own man", but let a woman say it and all hell breaks loose. Captain Marvel was a damn good movie and Ms Larson was just fine in it. F****' live with it.

  • hunter559

    At this point could we stop betting against Marvel? You just look like a jack ass when the movie is awesome and makes 100s of millions of dollars in profit.

  • Your Racing Heart
    Your Racing Heart

    Hmm, this didnt age well

  • Rosie Rosebud
    Rosie Rosebud

    dc needs to cut bait and run from brie larson .... if they want to continue captain marvel.. recast with somebody who is not anti white males.... or full of just herself and hate

  • Rosie Rosebud
    Rosie Rosebud

    captain marvel was originally a male. . since they have remade the female over 5 times in 7 years.. maybe make the character male again ... i liked the comic back then ..

  • Figgy5119

    I don't think Marvel is perfect, but I wouldn't be surprised if given Captain Marvel's reception they try to take the character in a different direction

  • Figgy5119

    Where I live there is a campaign with Coke bottles with the End Game characters on them. It's been going on for a month, so now when I went to the store yesterday, the only ones left that no one wanted to buy were the Captain Marvel ones

  • christopher skaggs
    christopher skaggs

    Bullshit. This movie was great and Brie did what she could with the script and being shown with End Game coming up.

  • Duzzit Matter
    Duzzit Matter

    It just seems as though she's insufferable b/c she's aware of the direction that Hollywood is going and she's intent on shoving it down everyone's throat regardless of their acceptance level. Even as CPT Marvel in the movie, Brie seems kinda self-centered. Flying around the fucking universe doing god-knows-what while MAJOR significant events are going on right there on Earth.

  • Chris Cowey
    Chris Cowey

    Erm In its three-and-a-half weeks or so in theaters, Captain Marvel has hauled in $358 million domestically and $645 million internationally to bring its worldwide total a little over the $1 billion mark. So.......this video is a little bit wrong...

  • Adam Drozdz
    Adam Drozdz

    I am just going to say it. Female Marvel characters need to show more skin. Ms. Marvel could have worked with her original swimsuit costume. I could write a Firestar movie better than this.

  • Arlo Pear
    Arlo Pear

    This video aged well didn't it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Steve Luiting
    Steve Luiting

    Special effects were good. Writing sucked beyond words and the thought shaping was so obvious it made me want to puke. Captain Marvel was weird as in what was she doing in this?

  • Kelvin Adcock
    Kelvin Adcock

    They should've done a Black Widow movie, like a long time ago!

  • Robert SixFive
    Robert SixFive

    I give this review an "A" for creativity and Humor.

  • Russell Schell
    Russell Schell

    Yeah, after dumb dumb said that stuff about white people. I said I'd never watch Captain Marvel, also apparently everyone in Marvel hates Bri Larson.

    • Todd Reyes
      Todd Reyes

      You are a moron

  • ElectroBlissMusic

    Brief barfson cant be a strong female lead, when shes already a strong Male lead. Swear, saw. Her peeing standing up. There's a reason why brie thanos wants to snap half of the white males into oblivion.... so it rids him of his main competition, other white males. #hulksmash.

  • Beep_Boop_Beep

    You really are a woldclass bullshitter LMAO

  • Jon Hyde
    Jon Hyde

    And how to russos made marvel several billion dollars over 4 movies

  • Daniel Aaron
    Daniel Aaron

    went to go see captain marvel and wish i could get my time and money back it was my wife brother in law myself and 7 other people in the theater its was such a sh!t show if brie larson would have kept her mouth shut there may have been more people going to see it i dont understand how she thinks there will ever be a captain marvel 2 maybe if they replace her with a different actress and get new writers but i doubt they will so even if there is a second movie i will never go see it

  • Donna Haight
    Donna Haight

    Well, I’m not watching anymore of the shit they keep trying to shovel down our throats. We all thought going to the movies was a way to escape the, we get it here too! I stopped watching most movies and regular tv, I won’t miss this dumb ass either.

  • Wolfy77

    I LOVED Captain Marvel !!!

  • dave johnson
    dave johnson

    Captain Marvel has now made over 1 billion dollars in ticket sales... Maybe stop complaining about children's movies and grow the fuck up?..

  • Cassandra Brothers
    Cassandra Brothers

    Im sure marvel gives a fuck about $100 mil...they spend that on the pointless press tours to talk about movies they can't talk about......

  • Sarah Wilkerson
    Sarah Wilkerson

    Brie Larson does not piss me off at all in the slightest. We all say things that we should have phrased a little differently but her as a person I like her. I like her sarcasm I like how she is related to me by being introverted and just kind of weird and awkward and misunderstood. I think Disney ruins everything it touches. I think Hollywood has their own agenda and it is very toxic. I think the Hollywood should just stick to entertainment and leave politics out of everything. But I also think that females do need better representation in all parts of life. This is just me speaking from my own personal experience. I think women are degraded constantly in life based on their looks and appearance. Female representation has come a long way but it still isn't where it should be.

  • Sarah Wilkerson
    Sarah Wilkerson

    First off I want to see Captain Marvel because it's Brie Larson. Secondly Twilight. Nobody went because it was Kristen Stewart doing Bella. They all went because of the boys. Kristen Stewart got bashed tremendously for her role. She did a great job it's just that het character in the Twilight books sucked

    • Joseph Payne
      Joseph Payne

      you went to see a film because it starred a wooden board?

  • Mordahigh

    Is that the Retch BlockWork instrumental at th end

  • Lucian James
    Lucian James

    I have no idea who this bitch is also who is Brie Larson? Oh black Panther sucked btw

  • Whôlf Sweinz
    Whôlf Sweinz

    I haven't watched the trash movie captain marvel and I will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER Watch that 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 SHIT !!!! Disney has ruined the hole prior movies with this crap !!


    Brie Larson has a bitch resting face. How did the Russo Bros miss this?🤷🏽‍♂️


    Captain Marvel is a rental at best.

  • Michael Metler
    Michael Metler


  • Matt Loader
    Matt Loader

    Im only me but Marvel lost me with cap 3 . After that its a blaaaaaa Mickey mouse shit ...

  • russell5078084

    Complete nonsense. The movie was great. Has made over a billion dollars.

  • Marx Man
    Marx Man


  • Cuenta de estudios :Christian
    Cuenta de estudios :Christian

    "Do i hear one dollar,Bob!?" i died

  • Alpha Focus
    Alpha Focus

    The United States is a powerful country. But RACISM is also very powerful there. Shame on schooling in US! All race, colour and gender are equal. Forget Brie’s words, forget the reply to her also. It isn’t worth our energy. Instead, focus more on improving health department.

  • Malik Olawale
    Malik Olawale

    Captain Marvel was like that in the movies.

  • Kim Weir
    Kim Weir

    You’re info is so flawed! Captain Marvel brought in 358 million dollars domestically, 645 million internationally . They crossed the 1 BILLION DOLLAR mark by APRIL 2. You are a total idiot. 😂

  • The Blue Marvel
    The Blue Marvel

    Its all good she made them a billion dollars back

  • GiggityGoo205

    In retrospect, Marvel made back that 100 mil pretty quick lol

    • TheAbsol

      +Kronickillness Nikolaos They are trying to be Robin Hood, only with virtues and minorities instead of taking from the rich and giving up the poor. And it only damages them, look at what it's doing to UA-my. Didn't UA-my lost 70 billion over being too "safe"?

    • Kronickillness Nikolaos
      Kronickillness Nikolaos

      +TheAbsol yet they're like hold my beer watch us fuck this up almost on purpose ffs! At this point one must ask WHY are ALL these franchises being destroyed? seems there's more than meets the eye going on here! And at great cost to them as well.

    • sarikatimmi

      nah in the long term. they messed up real big

    • TheAbsol

      +jblaw_81 Lawson If Endgame makes $100M more than they're aiming for, I think they've technically made up for it. They'd lose ALL of it if they went in the direction Brie wants, though.

    • jblaw_81 Lawson
      jblaw_81 Lawson

      You don't make it back. 100 mil lost is lost. Whatever the profits now, they are 100 mil less than they could and should have been

  • sinhen li
    sinhen li

    I like his scarlett Johansson keeping quiet she got paid more than Chris Evans

  • sinhen li
    sinhen li

    Ehy are feminist and sjw ruining everything yeah shit on white men or men in general. The idiots that spend money on movies

  • TTV Ghanges
    TTV Ghanges

    Lmaoooooooo literally most of the audience just watched CM because we thought it was important to understand Endgame. Everyone really out here in the comments saying this dude is dumb because he made good points but didn’t consider that. Honestly, this movie fucking sucked I hope marvel yeets CM out of the universe, she was the worst female lead I’ve seen in a while, overshadowed by only Bella from twilight who had as much personality as cheap white socks.

  • Raju Zala
    Raju Zala

    Captain Marvel made a billion dollar worldwide and movie was also good.

  • DuskDawnJC

    Coming back here after Captain Marvel made 1.1 billion.

  • ethan n
    ethan n

    i really wish it bombed so they would push away the character and slowly remove any trace of her

  • dannimac

    It feels like this is kind of Disney's perception, actually, the awkwardness of her appearance in Endgame suggests to me that she was cut out of the whole thing except for the very few minutes she is in the film, they even didn't include the arrival clip, it's SO messy and awkward. I don't hate her and I dont agree that the movie shouldn't have been made, that's sillya nd the movie is pretty good but I do think they cut her from Endgame

  • Derek Drake
    Derek Drake

    Two Million views! Lmao! Nobody likes Captain Marvel!

  • Sherry Russell
    Sherry Russell

    I haven’t seen it and don’t want to after seeing her interviews and snooty attitude she made me not want to waste my money on captain marvel I always thought captain marvel was a guy anyway

  • Animations Forever
    Animations Forever

    I think people are looking at it wrong or too invested personally with all the background noise. Not the best character or movie. However, certainly not the worst (Thor Dark World, Iron Man 2...). It was definitely rushed to make it in before endgame. But what makes it great is the introduction of cosmic characters and the possibilities to come. Hopefully Silver Surfer will make his way in. Awaiting Adam Warlock for sure.

  • Mike Ridge
    Mike Ridge

    Yeah, how dare she not defer to white men? Just to be absolutely clear, that's sarcasm, 'cause with these whining MRA types you never know. I mean, there just aren't enough white male super heroes, amirite? I remember these chuckleheads calling Black Panther a bad idea too. Because, reasons. None of these films are high drama, they're comic book movies. Get over yourselves. Bree Lawson, and Marvel, are crying all the way to the bank.

  • Alex Glascock
    Alex Glascock

    I stand corrected...

  • Bill Pittman
    Bill Pittman

    Thank you VERRRY much. By the way Maisie Williams and her character Arya Stark kick behind and kill bad guys, taking the show way out in front of the men and she is only 21.

    • jim jimjim
      jim jimjim

      But she would've died in the last episode had 2 men not defended her.

  • Clarke Staton
    Clarke Staton

    I'm not sure I see them losing money right now. Think again, and then again, run it by your girlfri... mom, think about it again and then don't say anything. You are still wrong.

  • Nati Pati NPC
    Nati Pati NPC

    Do you know how long I've been waiting for a god damn Black Widow movie? Forever son. Miss Marvel is great, but this is just pushing it for the sake of pushing it.

  • mirko panichi
    mirko panichi

    Now, all you complainers, you all know to be morons...

  • Jouseph Postma
    Jouseph Postma

    Pepper pots, black widow,the wasp, Scarlet witch,valcari,black panther's sister who's name escapes me.gamora,nebula aunt may, so many strong relatable female cerrictor's in the MCU we really don't need Carrol danvers.

    • Jouseph Postma
      Jouseph Postma

      +jim jimjim yes, my spelling sucks, oh well.

    • jim jimjim
      jim jimjim

      "cerrictor's"...….. Was that supposed to say 'characters'?

  • Jouseph Postma
    Jouseph Postma

    My wife's favorite MCU carictor is Thor. My three daughters like Groot,drax, and yondoo. So fun and funny always wins.

  • Daliana Torres
    Daliana Torres

    I just wanna see doctor strange and eat burgers

  • Broken

    18k down votes .. Hey look guys Capt Marvels entire fan base has seen this vid

  • Gerardo Rodriguez
    Gerardo Rodriguez


  • Brandon Kyle
    Brandon Kyle

    She got political to fast..pushed her agenda to fast..her career will die way to early because of this

    • Tifa's 09
      Tifa's 09

      +Alias Z50 the way she pushed it is wrong..Both brie larson and michael jordan wants the same thing which is more diversity but michael b.jordan delivered it so well and the way he said just bc im pro-black doesnt mean i am anti white or anti other races and it doesnt mean they couldnt watch the film..everyone is welcomed in blackpanther movie(this is the correct example of pushing ur agenda)..brie larson on the other hand said "i dont care about old white male people and i dont care about their opinion,this movie is not for them..this movie is about diversity but for white women its ok cause i dont want to lose my job" She is being sexist and in multiple interviews said that white people should be limited in jobs(im not white but im asian btw)..thats why she flopped and lots of people is tired of hearing her..and thats why lots of people love michael b.jordan cause he isnt secxist,ravist and understand that diversity is for all

    • Alias Z50
      Alias Z50

      so what ? she is rich and he is an oscar winner . thats great carreer who cares hoe long it last

  • Brandon Kyle
    Brandon Kyle

    Alot of actors are on board with THE AGENDA now and they are winning unless everyone cuts out Hollywood and the industry they will win the first fight and lose the last

  • PVZ Sucka
    PVZ Sucka

    I keep wanting to forgive here then I remember what she said about white males. My kids are white males. 🤔So, instead of forgive her, I’ll punch her head repeatedly instead. Captain Marvel this you goddamned feminazi 😡🖕🏻 But I’m not bitter 😃

  • DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun
    DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun

    As someone who LOVED Blade as a child, I didn't even realise it was Marvel until recent years, it bugs me that no one seemed to remember. But then again, the race of the character was irrelevant. He was just a cool character in a world that I wanted to experience. Henry Cavill is a fantastic actor. It's a shame about Superman's writing. James Gunn can do anything, if he makes Suicide Squad 2 a success, that solidifies that he is a god. Brie isn't good enough to be such a cold-hard-bitch. I don't mind smug people, but they need to be likeable to some degree. It seems intentional with how unlikeable she comes across.

    • Joseph Payne
      Joseph Payne

      people forget blade because the third one sucked monkey dick

  • Alice Misaki
    Alice Misaki

    I would have deleted this and went into Witness Protection with how wrong this video turned out to be😂😂

  • BP Nova
    BP Nova

    Finally someone mentions that blade did the black superhero thing before black panther

  • jim jimjim
    jim jimjim

    Should've been Charlize Theron. She's a nicer person, better looking and a better actress.

    • jim jimjim
      jim jimjim

      Brecht I disagree. She's played a few strong, intimidating roles. From Prometheus to Snow White and the Huntsman. She's also been a superhero in Hancock and a badass in Mad Max. As for too old..... She still looks younger than Brie Larson.

    • Brecht

      jim jimjim She doesn’t really have the face of a strong, fighting hero, and is probably too old?

  • Bobby Cabral
    Bobby Cabral

    So tired of all these culture wars I hear from TV and newspapers. I've tuned off CNN, NBC, NYT, etc...I hope Disney stops destroying Marvel.

  • Closed Eye Visuals
    Closed Eye Visuals

    Never blame the actor, she was chosen, yeah i see she is a grade A cunt in media, but her performance is just that, a performance. The real enemy is who cast her.

  • Jonathon gussner Gussner
    Jonathon gussner Gussner

    Ironically enough, brie Larson would have been better suited to play rogue... due to her bitter dispisition, also stealing Carol danvers soul...😁😁😁

    • Cassandra Brothers
      Cassandra Brothers

      Amber heard would have been a better choice imo but yea rogue would have been a better choice for brie

    • PVZ Sucka
      PVZ Sucka

      She would have been some good random buttless whore too 🤔

  • Dax Orien
    Dax Orien

    It amazes me how many people in this comment thread are going "it was a success! It made tons of money!" That doesn't mean it was a good film. Let's be honest, it wasn't great. It was meh. Brie was fairly wooden in the role, didn't really gain anything, didn't really struggle, and honestly the best friend was better at emoting. Sam Jackson was fun, the Skrull were fun (though completely diverting from the Skrull of the 616 world, but then, we're not in 616 so I digress) and the cat got some chuckles out of me. And this is coming from someone who loved MISS Marvel back when Carol was the titular character. She was my favorite female super hero at the time. She was strong, confident, powerful and didn't take crap. She didn't need SJW marketing to get me to read or watch her in media. Hell, she's my go to character in Ultimate Alliance. Suffice to say, I don't love this movie. I don't really like it much either. You could've skipped it and you wouldn't have missed much at all in Endgame. Before this, only two other Marvel films got that feeling from me: Thor 2 and Black Panther. This might've sold well, but it wasn't a great movie.

    • Dax Orien
      Dax Orien

      ​ vaiciant Anyone who said it would flop was being disingenuous, however it's not a success in terms of appeal. That's important for a little something called "longevity." People seem to forget that sometimes a movie will make a shitton of money but it's sequels will drop hard because the hype and the name recognition sold the original; stuff like that. Honestly, why are you responding to me at all? I didn't say it didn't make any money. I say why I wasn't thrilled with it and why I was surprised by the not-completely-honest decries of "SUCCESS" just because it made money. Commercially, yeah, it killed. For the fans? It was "meh." Don't kid yourself there.

    • vaiciant

      Maybe because the title of the video is "How Brie Larson Cost Marvel One Hundred Million Dollars"?? And the movie make more than a billion dollars?? And for the record I didn't like the movie but to say it was gonna be a flop is stupid.

  • Roger Brock
    Roger Brock

    Hey there, saw captain marvel and it was OK. probably won’t watch it again. I thought Bree Larson did not act very well. I feel like she pulled the storyline to one side when she appeared in endgame. Relevance there was very dodgy at best. The Scene of her and all the other ladies were together made no sense to me. Why are all these ladies just standing around in the middle of this battlefield. It did not seem to fit into the movie. If they do make another captain Marvel and brie Larson is in it, they won’t get my 10 bucks. She comes right across as an arrogant egotistical witch, Maybe I should re-spell it with a B.

  • kyle staley
    kyle staley

    I I completely agree with everything you said. All Captain Marvel was is a sjw feminist pushing movie and the only reason it made a billion dollars was because Disney bought most of the empty seats if Marvel keeps going down this road they're just going to lose a ton of money and eventually crash

  • Hornacek

    Wow, this video didn't age well.

  • Giveme Yourmoneeh
    Giveme Yourmoneeh


  • Sarah Roddey
    Sarah Roddey

    To be honest she didn’t say anything that wasn’t true...

  • cha thor
    cha thor actually lost money, the proof is in Endgame. The Russo's stated that if CM performs poorly then she will have less involvement in Endgame.

    • Hornacek

      The facts don't back you up.

    • Sarah Roddey
      Sarah Roddey

      That can’t be true because 1) she made 455 million opening weekend, 2) they shot Endgame before they shot Captain Marvel. Where are you getting your information?

  • Yassaka

    Honestly, I feel that they really blew this entire sub-series out of any chances for a strong revival. They might get a sequel out of it, but that's about it. They should've taken things back to the beginning. Possibly starting the Captian Marvel franchise in 2010 and slowly bringing it up to date just before Endgame. Not only is the series of Captian Marvel new to some fans, it's also a long, long, complicated history that should've also been integrated into X-Men as well. Simply plopping Ms.Marvel randomly in the Marvel Universe now, is honestly quite stupid of them. Clearly a lot of people don't get it and those who do, are contemplating on whether they should or shouldn't see it.


    in the future she'll become the new villain in the civil wars II

    • ElectroBlissMusic

      +Sajj Man well if they follow the comics. Shell be the villain for sure.

    • Sajj Man
      Sajj Man

      ZUFLIH Brie Larson?

    • ElectroBlissMusic

      Shes already a villain now, in real life.

    • ohnonorin

      ZUFLIH true tho...

  • ssaunders1122

    What episode of joe rogan was that from? Id like to see that first hand.

  • dan sathira
    dan sathira

    to be fair, though story in twilight is revolving around female main character, but i think the buzz was revolving around 2 or more male characters mostly... the hot wolf boy! ;p so imho revenue mostly come from audiences went to see boys LOL

  • sayonara 1994
    sayonara 1994

    why dont let gal gadot be a captain marvel or because she had some jewish in her?

  • Eddie The Cat
    Eddie The Cat

    I cant wait till someone makes a gif of THANOS BITCH SLAPPING CAPTAIN MARVEL OUT OF THE MOVIE

  • Izzy Freedom
    Izzy Freedom

    How many people knew about Iron Man? How about Thor? And how about the fricking guardians of the galaxy? Basically no one knew about then but the films became extremely popular. This is ENTIRELY because she is a feminist who beleives in EQUITY not EQUALITY.

    • Izzy Freedom
      Izzy Freedom

      Also you said "the nerds" you mean the white male and hateful men. As an NB person I have to say I personally love the Captain Marvel character in the comics

  • Asian Carlos
    Asian Carlos

    Yea i didn't watch captian marvel cuz of the actor its not because she is a women its because she is so unlikable

    • Thao Porter
      Thao Porter

      Very dislike Bri.. did not carry out the real hero character

    • ElectroBlissMusic

      Hey Asian Carlos, its Asian Jerry here, aka yellow snow. You should watch it, just so can have a spectrum of how great a movie can be to how bad captain marvel is. Cereally, She joins a team built for success, and some how scores a 50% when the lowest score on that team was 80%. What will help is Playing a drinking game when watching that movie. Take a shot or a beer when you see her stupid face on screen until the end of the movie or until you die of alcohol poisoning, and trust me, it's the only way to survive her dumb face. #hulksmash

    • Sarah Wilkerson
      Sarah Wilkerson

      I love brie

  • Aidan Southwick
    Aidan Southwick

    If you Google this,,, Google will say this movie is SUCCEEDING. Google is so anti fact its unfunny. It's just damage control. Brie Larson also stole a role from a black girl (Monica rambeau)

  • Aaron Michael
    Aaron Michael

    Watching this after it hit a Billion in a few weeks is hilarious. What happens when you get your poor wittle feelings hurt 😄

    • Aaron Michael
      Aaron Michael

      Whatever belief helps you sleep at night dude

    • Miguel Venida
      Miguel Venida

      Aaron Michael like disney bought most of the tickets?

  • Ronald Rebolledo
    Ronald Rebolledo

    Boy the numbers always matter

  • Susana Weeber
    Susana Weeber

    Captain marvel literally ruined endgame. It was a huge propaganda, hopefully they’ll kill her off in the next movie😂

  • Hayden Correia
    Hayden Correia

    This never happens they made like 450 million dollars

  • josh

    tfw they actually made like a billion dollars and movies dont actually do poorly just because you didnt like them

  • CardinalRule

    I now know why this channel is called "World Class Bullshitters."

  • Nishant Singh
    Nishant Singh

    She cost 100 million dollar and gives 1 billion dollar to Marvel

  • Farouk Tamer
    Farouk Tamer

    Glad i didnt see her movie. she was fucking unbearable in endgame. Can not imagine how i can live through a whole movoe with her

  • Giggles and Lollipops
    Giggles and Lollipops

    Joke video right?