How Brie Larson Cost Marvel One Hundred Million Dollars
Marvel is now in the business of losing money. Thanks, Brie....
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  • Rick Khoun
    Rick Khoun

    Movie was garbage!!

  • Shawqi Bukhari
    Shawqi Bukhari

    Brie in real life is Thanos. Half of MCU fans will disappear because of her.

  • siddharth nagar
    siddharth nagar


  • daku

    I think you are wrong. Look at the money it made. And how excited people are.

  • Incawarrior1491

    800 million.....😅

  • Incawarrior1491

    800 million.....😅

  • otmanh

    Marvel made a movie: Cost 100 million, grossed 800 million. Uploader made a UA-my clip: Eats crow for free. Who am I supposed to laugh at here again?

  • Manish Ingnam
    Manish Ingnam

    Who is here to dislike the video??

  • The 4th Horseman
    The 4th Horseman

    The movie sucked,so what,life goes on. People are acting like she launched a new nuclear missile or something. The first two Thor films were horrible as we're Iron Man two and three. All of the sudden all the butt hurt fan boys are concerned at how much money Marvel has supposedly lost because the movie was so bad. Get over it.

  • line step
    line step

    lol well this incel bullshit sure didn't age well.

  • Dayib Baba
    Dayib Baba

    The black screens and random pictures with small refferences do not help

  • Kirk Krajewski
    Kirk Krajewski

    I loved it so did a lot of people

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    There is verifiable evidence that Disney is propping up the numbers by buying up advance tickets at theaters around the country. One theater had 200 advance ticket purchases and none of those 200 even showed up. Various people have recorded views of theaters 5 minutes before the movie, and they were practically empty. Somethin' ain't right in River City for sure, and this dumpster fire of a movie is probably the end of the MCU as we know it.😢 I really liked pretty much all of the previous 'live-action' Marvel flicks, but now that Stan Lee is gone (RIP), the narrative is changing, and definitely not for the better. After seeing the trailers, and various appearances by Brie 'NoAss' Larson, and her toxic rhetoric, I wouldn't even grab this movie from the $2 bin at Walmart. There's enough issues with politics and the SJW's in this world without dragging it into a 'super hero' movie. I usually go to the movies to get my mind *OFF* of that sort of thing, not to go and have my nose rubbed in it yet again.😡 Stan originally started with the Marvel Comics to appeal to 8-18 year old boys (and some girls) to make them feel good about themselves and give them a super-hero(s) to look up to. This continued on throughout his whole life, and even into the age of the live-action renditions of his works, and they were always well-received and basically politics neutral until recently after his death. Why they allowed something like Captain 'Manverse' to hit the screen without completely re-casting the main character is beyond me, but Brie Larson managed to single-handedly destroy MCU in the course of one movie. If Endgame actually makes it to the theaters, I'll be surprised. I'm done with Marvel *AND* Disney as a whole.😜 If I want to see a *REAL* female super-hero with compassion and completely bad-ass abilities, I'll go watch Alita: Battle Angel (again)! I may have to wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray now though as it was pulled in over 700 theaters nationwide the night Capt. whats-her-name came out... including the ones in my area. Coincidence? I think not!😐

  • Ikes comments
    Ikes comments

    . Brie Larson's is terrible as Captain Marvel. Larson is a bigot and she hates men. The movie was marketed to make a political statement to support women. It’s disappointing and sad that Walt Disney is exploiting a Marvel character to make a feminist statement. It was not enough that Walt Disney changed Captain Marvel from a man to a woman. It’s unfortunate that our families cannot enjoy a movie because of someone’s political agenda. Now science fiction movies are being poisoned with gender and feminist entitlements. Brie Larson promotes an anti-male agenda and the media shelters her. This is one reason why Rotten Tomatoes removed the pre-released wanted to see score and comments from their metric when Captain Marvel’s rating fell to 26%. Too bad that MCU has placed a political agenda a head of storytelling. But what do I know ….I’m just a black man.

  • Humankin Globetard
    Humankin Globetard

    I see that Disney has been buying dislikes for this video along with their own movie tickets.

  • Jesse Cole
    Jesse Cole

    Wow... sixth largest movie opening of all time. I guess they didn't hear your warning about all the "lack of interest."

    • Jesse Cole
      Jesse Cole

      +Humankin Globetard That's hilarious. You're cute.

    • Humankin Globetard
      Humankin Globetard

      Jesse Cole LMFAO What miscalculated statistics is this horse shit based on? I was in the theaters on the opening days and more than half of the seats were empty.

  • Josh Parrish
    Josh Parrish

    If I could, I would fund Marvel to redo the whole movie with someone else and by the whole movie I mean all the parts with her in it. I’m not a sexist guy, I just don’t like her, because she turn a syfy movie into a political movie which is a d*ck move. With the amount of anime I have watched, I’m alright with having an ultra powerful female character, so I’d just find one that better fits the role, one that can be a badass without being a bad nut.

  • Bill Travis
    Bill Travis

    To be honest, I'm impressed you actually sat through the whole movie LMAO :-) my wife and I walked out after about an hour. I just feel like all recent superhero movies are on the steep decline, please please bring us back to Superman 1&2 (Christopher Reeves), Batman 1989 and the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, Blade, X-Men 1-3, Logan, Iron Man part 1, Avengers part 1, Thor Ragnarok, blah blah.... 🤘😎🤘

  • Michael H
    Michael H

    I want to make a movie, so I can say, “this movie is groundbreaking! It has a strong male lead!” Public: “oh, that’s sexist”

  • Anton Van Tonder
    Anton Van Tonder

    Lots of mumbling and not enough substance. Sorry dude! Try again!

  • Steven Tuthill
    Steven Tuthill

    Oh I guess you were completely wrong, eh?

    • Humankin Globetard
      Humankin Globetard

      Steven Tuthill Wrong about what? The empty movie theaters and Disney buying their own tickets?

  • Jacob Glenman
    Jacob Glenman


  • Ask Me
    Ask Me

    There is no such thing as being a reverse racist There is only being a *filthy stinking racist*

  • Ask Me
    Ask Me

    4:29 Heyyyyyy I loved the virtual boy ; w ;

  • Swift016

    Don't mind me, just here to reverse my thumbs up on this video.

  • Peas_N_Carrots

    $750million!!!! Can we all raise a glass to Captain Marvel??? Oh wait...wrong crowd. Have a good one!

  • Joseph Taci
    Joseph Taci

    Just another troll

  • Tchitchouan Inouane
    Tchitchouan Inouane

    The movie is very successful tho

  • Jacob Bender
    Jacob Bender

    Give it a rest. You were wrong. Movie is extremely successful. Sorry your ego and woman hating attitude made you ignorant

    • Jacob Bender
      Jacob Bender

      +Humankin Globetard There's really no reason to HATE on Captain Marvel unless 1. You hate Brie Larson 2. You are letting an actresses politics affect your opinion on the film 3. You hate marvel films or 4. You're part of the bandwagon of white, insecure males who can't even imagine a movie where they are not the targeted demographic

    • Jacob Bender
      Jacob Bender

      +Humankin Globetard Captain Marvel has made over 500 million dollars so far. If you honestly think Disney bought out 500 mil worth of empty theatres, then you need to get your head checked lol

    • Humankin Globetard
      Humankin Globetard

      Jacob Bender He already debunked the “woman hating” lie within the first two minutes. Also it’s hilarious how you call empty theaters a “success”. Are you a shill or just an idiot?

  • Prophet ZZZ
    Prophet ZZZ

    Fuck Brie Larson

  • Sherbert's World of Schlock
    Sherbert's World of Schlock

    Well this video aged badly.

    • Sherbert's World of Schlock
      Sherbert's World of Schlock

      +Humankin Globetard "evidence".

    • Humankin Globetard
      Humankin Globetard

      Sherbert's World of Schlock Yeah, now there is much more evidence that this movie is garbage.

  • Mark Needham
    Mark Needham


  • Josh M
    Josh M

    This man made a 20 min long video before the release just to be proven wrong a day after release.

    • Josh M
      Josh M

      +Humankin Globetard Aww ur a hungry lil troll arent you, copy & pasting that on every comment lmao. Get a life

    • Humankin Globetard
      Humankin Globetard

      Josh M lol yeah, theaters full of empty seats and Disney buying their own tickets proves him wrong.

  • Victor Kellar
    Victor Kellar

    want to take back anything? as the movie hoves in on a billion dollars? maybe just take back your insipid attempt to be an influencer

  • Aaron Escobar
    Aaron Escobar

    Man.....this aged really well...

  • Caelan Richter
    Caelan Richter

    I liked the movie I thought it was really good why is everybody hating

  • Just an Albertan
    Just an Albertan

    they keep injecting SJW culture into everything. I keep with holding my families money from them and investing it in our future instead.

  • peter blood
    peter blood

    Too bad you don't own Power Girl, she's hot.

  • Irrelevant402

    So uh about to hit 800 million...The end of Marvel huh? Y'know I really didn't want it to outgross Wonder Woman since I think that was a better movie BUT then the anti-Captain Marvel crowd got really annoying so now I hope it hits a billion just for the delicious tears and SJW-esque meltdowns.

    • Irrelevant402

      +4GB MEANS 4GB Uh yeah that's fine if people dislike the movie. I see plenty of one to two star reviews that sound legit. Whoever the lead is I don't care about their gender. I just found it dumb either way, no matter how much or little money the movie one movie can just ruin the MCU. Especially after it survived Iron Man 2, Thor the Dark World and a few other weaker entries.

    • 4GB MEANS 4GB
      4GB MEANS 4GB

      Irrelevant402 guy who made this video is an idiot I agree, as for the lead being a woman, well my opinion is the movie would have been garbage with a man or woman so who cares. Would have been the same plot and story.

    • Irrelevant402

      +4GB MEANS 4GB That's cool. But this video was all 'OMG BRIE CLEARLY COSTED THEM LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS!' Seriously so many people getting butt hurt over an okay movie because a lady with a flat butt was mean and hurt their feelings.

    • 4GB MEANS 4GB
      4GB MEANS 4GB

      It can make 40000000 billion, it's still a bad movie. People have to go see it find out for themselves if its garbage or not. Kinda like how Black Panther made over a billion and was the worst movie I have ever seen.

  • RP0104 -15
    RP0104 -15

    She is an extremely unlikable character. Its sad that they had to introduce her to MCU. Over 11 years of effort, all thrown away.

  • S J
    S J

    That success came despite attempts by trolls to derail “Captain Marvel.” Ahead of its release, the film was the target of efforts at online sabotage by users apparently lashing out against its star, Brie Larson, who has been outspoken in her support of more diverse representation in Hollywood movies. The campaign prompted the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes to make major changes to its longstanding rules, including the elimination of audience reviews for movies that have not yet been released. - The New York Times

    • Humankin Globetard
      Humankin Globetard

      S J That failure came despite attempts by SJWs and shills to prop up “Captain Marvel”. Ahead of its release, the film was the target of justified backlash by the general public apparently lashing out against it’s star, Brie Larson, who had made some openly racist and sexist statements. The tears and butthurt of SJWs prompted the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes to make major changes to silence negative feedback. There, fixed it.

  • Caleb Morgan
    Caleb Morgan

    $750 million in two weeks. How you feeling bro? Need some aloe for the burn?

  • Hornacek

    So we're all waiting for your retraction video where you admit that you were wrong and didn't know what you were talking about. (looks over box office results from first 2 weekends) Still waiting ...

    • Matthew Reynolds
      Matthew Reynolds

      +Hornacek My point in that argument was pointing towards how you falsely stated that the people complaining about this movie are MEN. And my demand for an apology was satirizing your pathetic demand for this youtuber to apologize. The world doesn't revolve around you or your fictional belief in men hating anything with women in it. I'm sure there are but they are the vast minority. Men and women took issue with Brie Larson, not women in general. My comments have not alluded to me not supporting women, and it's not your place to jump to deluded conclusions and judge me on that over such a stupid issue. I don't support Brie Larson. A person. Not a whole gender. I am a feminist/egalitarian, and hold to the values of equality, not trying to hold any one above another. I don't think there needs to be more female critics, it would be nice but we don't need it. It is their choice to become a critic in the first place and clearly there just aren't a lot of women looking to become critics, bottom line. Do you read or look further than surface level when analyzing anything? From all of your replies I'm gonna take a guess and say no, you just keep circling around in your little closed off bubble. I'm actually trying to add some insight and all you can do is try come back with the same thing time and time again. Stay on your high horse and continue on as you are so.

    • Hornacek

      +Matthew Reynolds As I said I watched the video, lots of questionable sources and opinions, very few facts. And the main point of the video was proven wrong once the movie came out, so yeah, there's that. Most of my female friends loved this movie, so that means as much to this argument as your claim that your most of your female friends were underwhelmed by the movie. Sorry that this video's claims (and entire point) were proven wrong with the box office success of this movie. So I am now awaiting an retraction video from you too. :) "I wholly approve of more representation for women, people of colour and anyone else" Yeah, your comments here really back that up. Oh, in case you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic. You're right, there are no female film critics so it was wrong of Larsen to ask for more diversity in the interviewers. Do you read what you say before you click the REPLY button? Try doing that next time.

    • Matthew Reynolds
      Matthew Reynolds

      +Hornacek Literal pictures in the video showing the headlines of the estimated box office, try watching it. Yep blame men again, most of my female friends were underwhelmed by this movie, the people thinking this is the first time we've had a strong female character on screen and like me found Larson's claims to be unsubstantiated and ignoring further insight to why that is, just broad statements with little insight. Quite like yours. Your claim about it has been proven false, I demand my apology, you can make a video but comment format is preferred. I wholly approve of more representation for women, people of colour and anyone else, but these changes will not be seen without more interest from those people in becoming critics. As I believe I said before, men just seem to be far more interested in criticizing films, as a form of employment or just shooting their opinion on IMDb.

    • Hornacek

      Black Panther is a garbage movie???

    • Hornacek

      I watched the video and didn't find it very substantive. He obviously made a video based on the belief that this movie would cost ruin Marvel (the title literally says the actress, not the movie, would cost Marvel $100 million, an absurd claim). No legitimate news outlets were making this claims - only men who didn't like (a) Marvel making a movie where a woman was the lead character, and (b) an actress acting for equal representation in the interviewers talking to her. So yeah, this entire video is suspect, and as I have said, been proven false with actual facts.

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    266 million dollars at the boxoffice so far

  • ben blevins
    ben blevins

    You realize, reporters and journalists wrote things about her. Hence she never said anything negative! Saw the movie, liked and enjoyed it! You should see it instead of waiting to spend 2 doll hairs. Wait, you’re busy making a video on a movie you haven’t watched. Ironic, you’re name does suit you. Bad critique from an ignorant... still quoting other peoples opinions person. Brie, never and still isn’t using her status and power to do anything. Are you mental. Hahahah, I don’t know I posted on this, but comparing this to Twilight? Come on man. What about Wonder Woman for DC? You know she is going to safe everyone in the McU next month? And I bet you never watched Black Panther! Which is also a movie enjoyed by myself!

    • ben blevins
      ben blevins

      Btw, she is gonna rack in more than 100 Million in her contract with Marvel! Have fun being butt hurt. Watch the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahah why don’t give some money to charities that need it! Instead of bringing people that help others while trying to have a career down!

  • Stefan Eichhorn
    Stefan Eichhorn

    Some of you like the movie, some of you not. This is the thing with movies and favor. But in case of cashback, Captain Marvel is definitely a 100% sucess! Sorry to the haters but dont ignore the facts 😉

    • Ben Metz
      Ben Metz

      This movie is riding on the success of the Avengers series. Most people watch it because they know the need to be familiar with it for the story line of Avengers Endgame. The movie is shit in my opinion, and I agree with most of the criticism on it.

    • Metalmanmick13

      Succsessful things can still be utter shit. Kanye West and Gangman Style for example. Religion another.

  • Kelly Briggs
    Kelly Briggs

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt

    marvel bought tickets to the movie so the numbers are bullshit. brie larson also begged people to pay money to a "charity" that paid money to marvel via tickets.

  • Mirage

    Captain Marvel has always been a shit written character. That's why she is not known nor liked by most. Wonder Woman has always been known by pretty much anyone that knows DC, or comics in general for the most part. I didn't like the movie for Wonder Woman, and don't much care for her to begin with. To me, the animated DC movies are great. Live action these days, not so much. I love Batgirl, as well as various women in comics, but I would never want a movie of them, because they always fuck up the character. With Marvel, the movies are generally ok, but not so much lately. Brie is horrible… just absolutely. With her playing the character as well as the PR she spews, it's all bad and no redemption. It sucks for me to say, as a woman, I don't want movies of women characters from comics because of all this bs. For me personally… they always ruin the character for me and I hate feeling that the character I love has been portrayed so badly and the actress completely screwing everything else up. Makes me sad. The characters I love, the women of comics, are usually at the shit end of the stick because of how all this bs plays out. I want to love the characters and not have them ruined because of some asshole's agenda or actor/actress pushing their own.

  • Noah Freitas
    Noah Freitas

    At 760 million after 10 days I would have to say you and all of the haters were wrong. But on the bright side you did live up to your name.

    • Pierre De L'amour
      Pierre De L'amour

      Noah Freitas. Or maybe the soy has squeezed you brain to your chest and now you have titties like a little girl.

  • mlc449

    Turns out you shouldn't trust some anonymous bullshit video made by a whiny little MRA snowflake bitch. Captain Marvel now made $1 billion globally. Cry more little gatekeeper fuckheads. Do everyone a favour and commit mass suicide or something. The world is rapidly moving on and leaving you Altie shits behind. Lol.

  • Sen3.14

    18k dislikes are from cucks, leftists, and feminists.

  • Jason Peng
    Jason Peng

    lol then when it actually releases...760 million. let the results speak for themselves

  • Hagen Stovall
    Hagen Stovall

    I thought it was going to stuck and so far yes

  • Roman Draco
    Roman Draco

    Congratulations, 56410 of you were full of shit. Saw the movie today and there was nothing feminist about it, and in addition it made alot of money. As much as you'd like to believe there is nothing special about a woman main role, only from the late 1900's to now have women received equal footing with men (And even then they are still discriminated). Sorry, but even if Larson was extremely feminist... she has good reason to. Especially with people like YOU here, proving she needs that barrier.

  • Steve Ostrowski
    Steve Ostrowski

    Just got home from Captain Marvel. It was good, not great, definitely not bad. Better than Thor 2, IM 3, and both Ant Man movies

  • EnzoTheBaker

    Told you Captain Marvel will make tons of money weeks ago. It's now at $760 million worldwide in only 12 days, and broke March records for a solo MCU film. Wonder Woman made $820 million in its *entire* run. Turns out Conservative crybabies are shit at movie predictions. Isn't this the group that always says "Facts over feelings"? Because it seems like "feelings" clouded accurate movie prediction data. Captain Marvel did *not* flop, nor sink the MCU or end careers. It did the complete opposite (and sequels are likely going to be made).

  • Black Spruce
    Black Spruce

    End of the 2nd weekend and it's only profited ten million so far. XD

  • Baptiste M
    Baptiste M

    This video is pure BS. Baitclick title, entitled narrator, no content...

  • Irrelevant402

    "As a maker of UA-my videos discussing why Captain Marvel is a flop and how Disney is conspiring against white men, this information triggers me to no end. Time to make a new video showcasing my insanity"

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith

    Not excited to see it because of Brie comments and unprofessional comments.

  • Vortexx

    Captain Marvel was only great because of Samuel Jackson. Brie Larson sucked

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    Keep in mind Disney lost 50 million dollars because of Kathleen Kennedy last year with Disney buying the seats for Captain Marvel I'm pretty sure Captain Marvel put Disney in the negative but not sure how far if Disney keeps this up they're going to have to file bankruptcy how much money are the social justice Warriors going to cost Disney to the point where they have no money I don't care how big of a company you are when the first big flop of Star Wars loses 50 million dollars that has to hurt and I'm pretty sure Marvel lost a good chunk of money

  • kevinranders

    All of the records being broken surely spell the end of Marvel....hahahahaha. neckbeards - 0, Brie -1

    • Black Spruce
      Black Spruce

    • kevinranders

      +Black Spruce source please.

    • Black Spruce
      Black Spruce

      What records? Disney buying twenty five tickets every single showing and baffling cinemas by having a supposedly sold out theater be a ghost town?

  • Frank Trudell
    Frank Trudell

    Regardless how much the film made.. It's garbage plain and simple.. SJW's ruin everything once again

  • R B
    R B

    Alita was better than Capt marvel.

    • BK

      Alita wasn't good

  • idontcare4490

    Brie Larson is an idiot and I’m not seeing this movie.

  • Irrelevant402

    It's hit 600 million in just a week...yep a failure!

    • Irrelevant402

      +4GB MEANS 4GB Oh no they weren't saying it was bad. They were saying it wasn't going to make money. It's fine not to like the movie. It's another to hate it and review bomb it because you hate the actress.

    • 4GB MEANS 4GB
      4GB MEANS 4GB

      WTF is your point? Black Panther made over a billion and was one of the worst movies iv ever seen.

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti

      Irrelevant402 marvel is no failure but that doesn’t stop the industry from sparking drama.

  • Johan Zhao
    Johan Zhao

    Hello salty white people

  • erickus36

    As a white old dude I could not care less about Captain Marvel movies ! I would rather see a return of Jaws on the big screen than any politically sjw movies made today!

  • tjl102

    captain marvel feels like the goku of the mcu, i mean she even goes super sayan at one point in the movie

  • Alexandria Ocasio Crazy Eyes Cortez
    Alexandria Ocasio Crazy Eyes Cortez

    I'm fat but identity as skinny, I'm trans fat.

  • oishicurrypuffu

    look at this loser, he got it all wrong and started to link "How to get a million views in 4 days" in his other videos to this one.

  • Geotpf

    It opened at $153 million domestically and $303 million foreign, so...

  • Curtis Shores
    Curtis Shores

    Why does people keep saying it's a success. Movie cost nearly $200million to make and about $120million in advertising. Not to mention hush money and paying people off. Ooo btw that's what it cost in the USA. Movie's do have to adjust to other countries standards laws plus advertisements.

  • darknight bat
    darknight bat

    who cares, let comic book movies whither and die, watch them or dont

  • Colt Magnus
    Colt Magnus

    Her body language shows her true feelings. Believe me, I'm an empath. She doesn't care the highest grossing actors are white men, her arm is just flicking off the statement instead of shrugging through the statement as a sign of defiance. Also when she speaks of black women critics, she's shaking her head because, she literally couldn't care less. When she stated that she doesn't like white dudes her simplistic acting skills forced out the body language but the small grin on her face at the start of the statement is actual proof that she loves white men and probably can't get enough of their attention from the right ones.

  • Just A Random Guy
    Just A Random Guy

    Brie Larson... I'd fuck her.

  • Killer Assasin
    Killer Assasin

    People don't hate the movie, people just hate the fucking actress

  • Deep raj
    Deep raj

    Oh boy you need to quit making videos now lol xD

  • Logan J.
    Logan J.

    At least your channel name is accurate

  • Gustaaf Argoan
    Gustaaf Argoan

    I skipped Captain Marvel and just watched Infinity Wars tonight. Glad I skipped IW in the theatres. IW sucked compared to X-MEN. TGOTG were good movies. Thor 1 and Ragnarok were good. IM 1 was good. All the X-Men were good. I'm skipping End Game..

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan

    Jokes on you, I got appflix so I can watch it for free and not spend money on it.

  • Mike Conlin
    Mike Conlin

    For me the biggest turn off is the constant crusading.. but she is correct about one thing.. men like me will NOT pay to see this.. and I will continue to make you irrelevant until you no longer are paid to be an actress and a sexist cunt. Im sick of the anti white man vomit I hear on my TV and on the net. get over yourself. As long as Hollywood and their questionable moral base wants to cram their gay, pro female, anti white male agenda down our throats, my wallet will stay closed. Its not that I dont accept your way of life... you just dont mean anything to me. so stop the gender twisting of history and get some creativity back and make NEW female characters. Wonder woman wasnt a success because of your sexist bullshit.. it was a success because it was a good movie.

  • Rigo Arevalo
    Rigo Arevalo

    LOL what a fucking loser, how did that opening weekend ticket sales and reviews work out for ya?

    • Black Spruce
      Black Spruce

      Disney buying their own tickets to grab headlines isn't exactly a success.

  • Andy Tegenkamp
    Andy Tegenkamp

    She sucks.. And should have just kept her mouth shut.. I will never watch another mcu movie again.. Im done.. Fuck that dumb bitch l

  • OuterRaine

    Black Panther was a solid movie, but here is a person that Remembers that Blade was the first successful Marvel movie with a person of color. Before Blade the bar wasn't high and it might have been Howard the Duck.

  • Oh adams
    Oh adams

    Brie larson hate for males especially white males has a background. She has been hurt and rejected and used by a white male in the past. its her subconscious and rejection and hurt speaking.

  • Jon Kent
    Jon Kent

    Well you got that wrong

  • Marios Zekou
    Marios Zekou

    "Larson is reportedly making $5 million for Captain Marvel, from a $150 million budget that is certainly expected to be one of the year’s biggest blockbusters." EXCUSE ME!!!?? I thought being a female actress was really hard!

  • Thanatos Garvey
    Thanatos Garvey

    This movie will suck because it’s not called “Ms. Marvel”. Shazam is captain marvel. The reason why anime is gaining popularity is because they use continuity instead of betraying fans who made them popular in the first place. Pedowood favors sheeple and taking advantage of the masses money.

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi

    I’m so happy your bitch ass came out wrong. Stop speaking on shit you don’t know anything about. Based off your sources lmfao

    • bla bla
      bla bla

      The movie was just ok so he was not that wrong

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi

    You’re so wrong, you’re just another fake ass drama channel tryna eat it up and hope your channel grows.

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs

    Him pointing out the numerous successful female led franchises just serves to put the captain marvel hype in perspective. No one outside of cali gives a fuck what gender leads a movie. We just want it to be good. After black panther crushed it, i have zero faith in this one. Cuz panther was shit. On top of charity dollars, and making it the lead up to infinity war, its box office is skewed. Theyre setting this one up the same way, so its probably shit like panther was.

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs

    Disney will just donate to one of those send kids to see OUR movie charities if they need the numbers boosted.

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs

    Also, pretty big slap in the face to the women whove been with marvel for years amd still have no solo

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs

    I wanted emily blunt, and im just not interested at all

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs

    Worlds greatest star wars fandom is still shit

  • Raymundo Santana
    Raymundo Santana

    Apparently Captain Marvel was going to open to a massive 253 million in the first weekend and 556 global.

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown

    Spider man far from home: i got this Endgame: let us take care for this