His Maid For A Month || Gacha Life Mini Movie
Cream Puff
Welcome to the description~
Thank you for taking the time to read the description ❤.
Okay so this mini movie took me so long to make!! But I don't regret putting all of my time and effort into this because I love how it turned out ^^
I love the anime feel to it and the new and different backgrounds just adds to everything.
I did turn my series, "The New Girl" into this and changed a few things so I hope you don't mind.
Please don't ask for a Part 2 because now I want to focused on music videos, skits, and shot videos but I'll definitely make another mini movie in the future 💕🤗.
I apologize if there are any mistakes but I hope you enjoy enjoyed the video anyways.
Frequently asked questions:
Who inspires you: MidoriStories, Murfie and I can't remember the rest xp
How old are you: 14 years old
What apps do you use: Powerdirector, Ibispaint x (for shading sometimes ), Picsart ( for thumbnails )
Profile picture by @cerys_sellick on instagram.
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  • Đäŕķ Ğåłäxý
    Đäŕķ Ğåłäxý

    26:23 WhO TeH FrICk iS CuTTiNg TeH OniOns ;(

  • Space Sisters
    Space Sisters

    Plzz mane an part 2

  • iiDonutGamezz 35
    iiDonutGamezz 35

    1:27 - 1:28 How weird is it that the music lines up with the transition?

  • Unicorn :3
    Unicorn :3

    I’m literally crying 😭 it’s so sad 😞

  • IT'Z _Rachel_blink
    IT'Z _Rachel_blink

    i cried lol but i love the vid

  • Sara Chilly the Penguin
    Sara Chilly the Penguin

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  • merry ciangsianzo
    merry ciangsianzo

    This was really long but still the good🤗

  • Earth worm Sally
    Earth worm Sally

    I was just a bout to pause and save so I can sleep / AND THEN AT 9:09 IT GOT JUICEY!!!!

  • •nour studios!• 222
    •nour studios!• 222

    1:46 Me:*looking at the girl whit white hair* All the people:*looking at willow and dylan*

  • {MIZZChichi pwaz}
    {MIZZChichi pwaz}

    Haha kill her die MUHAHA!

  • Devon Williford
    Devon Williford

    If I said I'm falling in love with u Dylan I'd feel gay but not saying theres something wrong with her name tho

  • Reni Gacha
    Reni Gacha

    I love that anime

  • Michaela Blig
    Michaela Blig

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  • Aubrey C
    Aubrey C

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  • The diamonds band
    The diamonds band


  • ria nuez
    ria nuez

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  • panagiota gog
    panagiota gog

    Omg that was soo cute!❤❤ I LOVE YOUR VIDS STILL LIKE THAT💎💎❤❤!!!!

  • Killer Bunny
    Killer Bunny

    Awwww I remember that Festival night at Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! It was really nice. I remember that Usui and Misaki moments they were really sweet

  • Killer Bunny
    Killer Bunny

    I watched Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! (Class President is a Maid!) before and It was really great. That mini-movie is also great too.

  • Destini Aaliyah Jones
    Destini Aaliyah Jones

    I still don't like em >¦[ The movie is amazing tho😸

  • gacha evergreen
    gacha evergreen

    Your so nice for the apoligies

  • Mehran Jones
    Mehran Jones

    Who, this is definitely an amazing story, and I couldn’t help but rewatch the maid sama series again after watching this mini movie.😁

  • Paws

    Dylan: i'll do anything! Me: (Lenny face)

  • Yajaira Bernal
    Yajaira Bernal

    Part two plzzz! 😭

  • Gacha Meira
    Gacha Meira

    Omg I love that glmm

  • Ellie J
    Ellie J

    20:46 Mom: It’s snowing so dress in warm clothes Dylan: I am Mom Also Dylan: *wears a skirt*

  • Gina Sanchez
    Gina Sanchez

    this was published on my birhday! Awesome

  • Jessica Oliver
    Jessica Oliver

    ;-; so sad! (If Alec didn’t take that picture... there would be NO story!)

  • Daughter Of Olympus
    Daughter Of Olympus


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    Blagoy Stoilov

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    Macon Ava gacha

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  • ktk k
    ktk k

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  • trolling some
    trolling some

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  • Shuzaru Playz
    Shuzaru Playz

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    • Shuzaru Playz
      Shuzaru Playz

      @LegoPeach & Friends is this it ua-my.com/watchvideo/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-RPe3iUIWuxU.html

    • Shuzaru Playz
      Shuzaru Playz

      @LegoPeach & Friends ty

    • LegoPeach & Friends
      LegoPeach & Friends

      Kaicho La Maid Sama, But It Was Made With Gacha Life ❤

    • Shuzaru Playz
      Shuzaru Playz

      @LegoPeach & Friends what's it's name

  • Elizabeth 4life
    Elizabeth 4life

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    UωU CuteLily

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    galaxy gacha heart

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  • s a d t e a r s
    s a d t e a r s

    Welp that wasn't a mini movie, that was a _movie_ (●’◡’●)

  • Angelina Enter
    Angelina Enter

    actually I watch the Whole anime and ( i don't wanna be rude but yeah ) i DONT like her hair but ,thats how it is😐😟

  • XxxTheunderscoregirl Xxx
    XxxTheunderscoregirl Xxx

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  • brittany thorson
    brittany thorson

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  • vanessa tomato
    vanessa tomato

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  • Ella Cassel
    Ella Cassel

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  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson

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  • •DarkestShadow•

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  • Loving Lilly
    Loving Lilly

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  • Lucia Patti
    Lucia Patti

    I cried While seeing the scene of dylan telling why she was Worning at the maid cafe, anyone did too?

    • unikornu •
      unikornu •

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  • Lucky Playz
    Lucky Playz

    I loVE THE ENDDDDDDDDDDD ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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    Lisa Chickenfingers


  • 还和 angelica starz
    还和 angelica starz

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  • Nur Syifaa
    Nur Syifaa

    Can u do a maid for a month 2.0 try to make it more of a sad ending

  • Bee Hive
    Bee Hive

    This is like maid sama but other way round!

  • Riri Hariadi
    Riri Hariadi


  • Riri Hariadi
    Riri Hariadi


  • Riri Hariadi
    Riri Hariadi

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    Riri Hariadi

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    Riri Hariadi

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    asthetic sunsets

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  • asthetic sunsets
    asthetic sunsets


  • 0to100shooting

    One of my family members work a job out of a cafe and I'm Korea this is literally the same thing that happened to her it's almost like she did not get boyfriend and her mom was not sick don't know if she was cuz I can remember that much😅😅😅

  • Kawaii Potato Gaming
    Kawaii Potato Gaming

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    Ma squerader

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    Average Amaiya

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    Brianna Rodriguez

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    Arun Singh

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    Jennyfer Apuhin

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    Lonley Person


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    kiara Semedo

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  • Maja Seibel
    Maja Seibel

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