Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat
Morgan Adams
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  • bibidibobidi

    I don't understand you americans: *WHY do you eat butter and bread before meals?!*

  • loney asmr
    loney asmr

    Morgan says i could have taco sauce drippy down my tit 0:48

  • Cloud Shadows
    Cloud Shadows


  • Aisha A
    Aisha A

    Lol I love it 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mishell Coronel
    Mishell Coronel

    This was so funny 😂

  • Katie Slattery
    Katie Slattery

    alright when she asked how long she's been married, I literally thought it my head 36 years a second before Morgan said it. I am shook

  • Alisha Hope
    Alisha Hope

    This gave me so much tips. My partner roasts the crap out of me every time we eat out because I eat like.. Well a Maori lol.. 😂

  • lucy vis
    lucy vis

    I thought that was how everyone held cutlery

  • Cale Lambert
    Cale Lambert

    So.....How long HAS she been married?!? I can't sleep until I find this out LoL

  • So Peachy Cute
    So Peachy Cute

    😂😂😂this video is beyond amazing . they need to go with shaneee

  • Hannah Freeman
    Hannah Freeman

    I would fail out of this so fast.

  • Tim McDonnell
    Tim McDonnell

    We just got free lessons

  • graduated fool
    graduated fool

    My mom always taught me to eat a lot like these “rules” and for me it is almost a casual thing. She always told me these were basic table manners, not even for fancy places

  • Fouad Aljoari
    Fouad Aljoari

    Hi, can I get to know you Miss Morgan, I'm from Iraq

  • Kyla Bozemon
    Kyla Bozemon

    “That was a big sip”

  • Marvin Mckenzie
    Marvin Mckenzie

    someone send her to Trisha Paytas lol

  • deRochaDidIt

    They don't sell this at Party City.

  • meat blanket
    meat blanket

    They payed $100 each for that lesson and we have it for free😁

  • Erika Garibay
    Erika Garibay

    Can she teach me how to walk in heels???

  • Erika Garibay
    Erika Garibay

    Ryland lowkey dragged her on her age lmao

  • Anjellike1

    14:37 Morgan I think you two just shared a bit of a connection there.....Im jealous!!!!^_^

  • Layla Harper
    Layla Harper

    Like ships that go out to sea, I spoon my soup away from me And when the soup has left the bowl, I cram the soup into my hole

  • Camilla Leon
    Camilla Leon

    I love drunk Ryland

  • Camille G.
    Camille G.

    They're basically learning how to eat when you're in a normal family gathering in France btw

  • delina

    i just wanna know how many years she has been married

  • Josemaria Acosta
    Josemaria Acosta

    just found out I've been eating right my whole life haha

  • Alyssa Dominguez
    Alyssa Dominguez

    “This mukbang is lit” “wait it’s what?”

  • Jocelyn Hewitt
    Jocelyn Hewitt

    i cannot believe she said your skirt was “on the shorter side” like what the fuck😂😂😂

  • Becky Thornton
    Becky Thornton

    “Or worse they’ll put it in their plate” but honey the waiter/waitress doesn’t want to touch your dirty napkin it’s so much easier just to scoop up the whole plate

  • Siena _thegirl
    Siena _thegirl

    Once they hit around 10:30 it was chaos

  • Valerie Valle
    Valerie Valle

    "The only time someone has pulled a chair for me is when they have pulled my chair from UNDER me to let me fall" HAHAHAHAHA OMG I THAT IS MEEEEEEE HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Aayan Safwan
    Aayan Safwan

    The lady looks like an actress

  • Ember Celica
    Ember Celica

    Ryland: "What if I wanna get the remnants?" Me: Remnants. Remnant. RWBY. *Vale* *AtLaS* *JaMeS irOnwOoD*

  • Xander Kyle
    Xander Kyle

    5:50 yes when Shane becomes president #Vote4Shane2024

  • gqn2008


  • Erii Riversong
    Erii Riversong

    soooooooo ratchet xD

  • Kenziex

    If only Garret was in this video, there'd be a lot of Garrett in this vid.

  • carniカーン

    I don't need to hire anyone to tell me that I eat like a pig because I already know.

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith

    She is so patient and sweet

  • Bella Currie
    Bella Currie

    Having good manners doesn’t hurt and it is super important if you’re in a sales role or run your own business. My mum also said it doesn’t hurt to know how to eat around the queen.

  • Erin Tank
    Erin Tank

    Now we don’t have to pay $100 for a lesson

  • Mel Rose
    Mel Rose

    Ryland is LITTY

  • hyaga beesh
    hyaga beesh

    I wanna see what happens when tequila is in action

  • Pineapplegirl

    Now the thing is in Chinese culture you absolutely can lift the bowl to your face as it’s a sign of respect indicating you think the food is good

  • Lizbeth Perez
    Lizbeth Perez

    I thought these were common sense ... no?

  • Kiwi 31
    Kiwi 31

    Was Andrew filming? And did he eat or just watch them eat and try not to laugh??

  • AJ AJ
    AJ AJ

    Roland has me DYING

  • kallie bourgeois
    kallie bourgeois

    When your from the south and this doesn’t concern you 😂😂

  • Andrea Romario
    Andrea Romario

    When Morgan’s straps kept falling 😂😂

  • HuffleFluff

    Now Veronica Wang needs to do this.

  • Bea Bonilla
    Bea Bonilla

    I have to say I slept on watching this but as I’m watching now I’m glad I did. I agree that the teacher lady was nice and not stuffy I thought I was gonna get a full video of a teacher being all judgy and i realized that my grandma taught us “continental” manners🤓

  • Ba Ri
    Ba Ri

    Now i get why baby boomers were so strict about table ettique. Im Late 40s and know and eat like this mostly but my children Morgans age are clueless. Because i was lax on table manners for my kids as i remembered what a drag it was as a kid. Thisvis the result.......Worldwide.

  • tamia inaliel
    tamia inaliel

    i'm living for the subtle rainbow reflection on ryland's face @ 4:33 what a fabulous gay queen 🌈

  • YourMomIsAPerra

    do more vids with her!!!! she was amazing

  • IbKinHaan

    Do more of these!

  • Sofia Caldwell
    Sofia Caldwell

    IM CRYING. IM CRYING. "I shoved a whole roll in my mouth in 5th grade and had to get the Heimlich from the lunch lady" IM SCREASMMINGGGG!!!

  • Sofia Caldwell
    Sofia Caldwell

    SCREAMING!!! "You lost your strap, sweetheart"

  • Savannah Mohart
    Savannah Mohart

    Okay I actually find this very helpful just because I do think it’s very respectful if you have proper manners at the dinner table with your friends or even family.

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana


  • andrea curran
    andrea curran

    Literally it's Morgan getting criticised for 18 minutes straight 😂😂

  • DuxFeminaFacti

    I want to be friends with this lady.

  • T Cuboyd
    T Cuboyd

    "Taco Sauce dripping down into my tits" **I AM READY** for this video...

  • Meredith Haydel
    Meredith Haydel

    Ryland: This Mukbang is lit Lisa: *wait It's what*

  • Zoe Vazquez
    Zoe Vazquez

    Why is Morgan my spirit animal? 🤣❤️

  • Jillian Yancey
    Jillian Yancey

    wait so how long has she been married

  • Deleted channel
    Deleted channel

    As if im watching this while eating chips in my stained top in bed 🤣

  • Katie Garner
    Katie Garner

    Why was the fact that Morgan’s strap kept falling so absolutely hilarious to me


    I believe I learned this in home ec. Deff not at home.

  • Cassie Anguish
    Cassie Anguish

    You crack me up! That is all...

  • Koleccionista32

    More videos like this!!!