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  • Gay guy
    Gay guy

    uhhh this the clout house lmao

  • TheAz4r :V
    TheAz4r :V

    And tfue?


    Where is the fucking faze game that u guys promised years ago?


    Bro it say 666 dislikes

  • It’smePeter 123
    It’smePeter 123

    *666* dislikes

  • Why Hello There
    Why Hello There

    666 dislike ;) i love the vid but i couldn't miss that opportunity

  • Over Rated ツ
    Over Rated ツ

    I am the apenator 😂😂

  • David Do
    David Do

    Not on 2nd not on 3rd... must be on the roof lol

  • Jayden Jirele
    Jayden Jirele

    Do you think smoking weed and recruiting a 13-year-old would go well together


    Where is tfue

  • Phantom ツ
    Phantom ツ

    I wanted Kay to win so bad

  • Parker Rios
    Parker Rios

    Hey check out my friend he’s UA-my is TTV_Steelhouse27 check it out people

  • Rebel Graphics
    Rebel Graphics

    Can i be in faze if i do call me faze sayid

  • Ammara Shah
    Ammara Shah

    Moving on from the hiding part of prison break to the MONEY oml i loved that plot point in season 2.

  • Pelex

    What channel does FaZe upload CSGO videos to?


    I hate Faze blazikens fake care on camera “Yo don’t hurt yourself” fuckin liar

  • Basim TheBullsFan
    Basim TheBullsFan

    00:50 jeez he pushed him just freindly hit him

  • Zackeri Wilson
    Zackeri Wilson

    I have too say something I made UA-my channel named LVM Clan and it's a gaming channel just like faze clan became a clan with black ops mw1 mw2 mw3 etc... I want too make a clan exactly like you guys I hopefully will become a challenge too you guys one day that's my dream and I bet no one can stop our clan

    • Zackeri Wilson
      Zackeri Wilson

      New vid posting up tmr at 5:pm na east

  • AstroNation

    Damn 6 million subs and only 1.5 million views. I though I would never ever say this because I love Faze but faze is dying and it will die soon 😫😭

  • Kaiden Gallagher
    Kaiden Gallagher

    FaZe doesn’t play cod any more 😢😢

  • NightWolf

    James Charles has kissed you! Like to undo

  • Flameboy 2kxl
    Flameboy 2kxl

    why doesn't the faze clan recruit black people please reply to this

  • RvG Bull
    RvG Bull

    I wish it was like that with my family but except way less money

  • Rory C
    Rory C

    JaMeS cHaRLeS kissEd YoU LiKe tO unDo


    When is this channel gonna hit 6M already

  • Elissa Parfitt
    Elissa Parfitt

    The time I’m watching this, you need 100,000 more subs to reach 6mill subs.

  • ghostface killah
    ghostface killah

    And all the members are cold af at fortnite and specialize in a certain talent except tfue he mastered all the ELEMENTS

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez

    Why dose the face house have an work out room the size of my house??? We all know those skin freaks don’t work out

  • Jizmo Plays PC
    Jizmo Plays PC

    Is it me or is apex so small?

  • llamasir 2
    llamasir 2

    "Faze Carl" ----> "Soar Carl" 10:53

  • ThatOneJr 1
    ThatOneJr 1

    They found the money at 10:55

  • Lina Bigbear
    Lina Bigbear

    Take a shot every time somebody says “bro”

  • Stefan Bethlen
    Stefan Bethlen

    The fake money was from Spotify's playlist RapCaviar

  • ljashby

    Tfue found it lol he stole it all and replaced it🙈🙉

  • Aznboy123

    like a couple months ago I bought this long sleeve shit from faze and it said it would come in 1 or 2 weeks it never came I bought it with my own money and I’m 12☹️

  • y y
    y y

    Can one of the faZe menbers one v one me I play on Xbox one

  • Redhoody11

    Where’s H1ghSky1?

  • josh jw
    josh jw


  • Navy Tortoise60
    Navy Tortoise60

    That's the clout house

  • Captain Yt
    Captain Yt

    Imagne if Tu forgot where it was

  • Lochlan Stark
    Lochlan Stark

    Someone tell me what happened at 11:22.

  • BeenGlobal

    More hide n seek vids

  • Ree Flex
    Ree Flex

    Thought it was 10000

  • RG Mosa
    RG Mosa

    James chArlEs kissed you Like to undo

    • Recon FN
      Recon FN

      RG Mosa too many of those horny 12 yr old

  • Jay Runner
    Jay Runner

    Who tf is the guy in the yellow shirt he Awkward asf

  • xBeTrayz

    (801) 349-0436

  • MetZ BTW
    MetZ BTW

    FaZe Cicerz

  • Corey

    U guys all try too act black and it’s funny

  • Kamron Bornhoft
    Kamron Bornhoft

    What's up with rain?

  • Russell Stone
    Russell Stone

    faze is a fucking joke now

  • Sherwood Kyjuan
    Sherwood Kyjuan

    Why tfue never in The videos??? 😤

    • Sherwood Kyjuan
      Sherwood Kyjuan

      Alfie Bush True !!! 🥶

    • Alfie Bush
      Alfie Bush

      Sherwood Kyjuan he don’t need the money

  • Billy O
    Billy O

    With that money I would buy Gucci hoodie or some yeezy’s

  • 7th Guerra
    7th Guerra

    10:54 when 5k is the world to you because becoming a full time rapper doesn’t work out 😂

    • PalmTree Productions
      PalmTree Productions

      Pretty sure if anyone found 5k they’d be very happy no matter what the person.

  • Jackson Krueger
    Jackson Krueger

    I only watch the faze boys cuz of Nelk😂

  • Alexia Gate
    Alexia Gate

    Why isn’t rug in any of these

  • Luffy.D. Harsh
    Luffy.D. Harsh


  • whο knοws??
    whο knοws??

    All the og members except Nikan and Rain and the cook of which I don't even remember the name. You know it's been a long time if you confused teeco with teawap

  • Pandora Phantom666
    Pandora Phantom666

    Faze bank is very rude to logan poul and he is bad news

  • Trevor Glor
    Trevor Glor

    Banks gulls hat is dope

  • Kixx

    really jus here for the nelk boys

  • Its Byzo
    Its Byzo

    I disliked this video just because of Blaziken

  • Fardin Rabbi
    Fardin Rabbi

    If there's one person I would have added to the og faze squad(NY days) It had to be Cizzorz

  • 宇治虫抹茶こーひー豆


  • Johann Fuchs
    Johann Fuchs

    You should do a treasure hunt in a park with fans tho

  • Paul H. Kircher III
    Paul H. Kircher III

    To be Christ is your First real Failure.

  • Hadlea Downing
    Hadlea Downing

    Tfue isn't in this vid and he's part of faze

    • Russell Stone
      Russell Stone

      faze is a fucking joke and so are u

  • Mr. HBK
    Mr. HBK

    The reason banks found money was because of his karma for the hide and seek with faze kay

  • Antonio Wrobel
    Antonio Wrobel

    5:24 idiot

  • Ginja Ninja
    Ginja Ninja

    Blaze is everyone’s least fav of course he won

  • Bongo

    I’m a new fortnite player on the come up

  • Simon

    Thought that cringe anime girl merch was a joke

  • Karter Khamsisavang
    Karter Khamsisavang

    they should hide $100 bills around the house and however much you find you keep

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia


  • Dinosaur

    4:27 they smoke wax as pre workout

  • VrS_ElemenTrox TV
    VrS_ElemenTrox TV

    Mi prendete

  • Darren gaming ' dancing channel
    Darren gaming ' dancing channel

    Can i join faze for my 10th birthday

  • ItsWolfStein

    Maybe he can use the money and buy recording equipment since his clearly isn't working right now

  • nhal3Datbud420 gg
    nhal3Datbud420 gg

    What's up with the dab torch in the gym

  • Just an Irish teenager
    Just an Irish teenager

    I’d put it in the car engine Under the battery

  • IRNG Architect
    IRNG Architect

    anyone notice Jesse from NELK

  • Txm

    none of them need 5k lets be honest

  • Jared Dent
    Jared Dent

    I don’t think Adapt likes blaziken

  • Makayla Evans
    Makayla Evans

    Wheres rug

  • Exile 44
    Exile 44


  • Nick Chaki
    Nick Chaki

    this shit is so funny to watch! keep them coming!

  • CrazeeControllerManiac

    Blaze: “I don’t think it’s in the garage” Tu: “It’s in the garage” Blaze: “I called that shit bro”

  • Unicorn Dream
    Unicorn Dream

    Why is faze clan not a gaming clan anymore more like a vlogging clan

  • Brae_the_kitkat 59
    Brae_the_kitkat 59

    7:08 wtf is adapt fckin spiderman

  • Rowan Nichols
    Rowan Nichols

    1:53 do you just have those laying all around your house

  • Bingo Boy
    Bingo Boy

    Oh rich people 🙄


    Put it in a various zip lock bags and tape it to the bottom of the pool.

  • Diego Hinton
    Diego Hinton

    7 year olds will be where is tfue? OGS will be where is Replays?

  • Ben Garrett
    Ben Garrett

    Should've hid it in the elevator

  • Brandel Butler
    Brandel Butler

    What’s the Intro song????

  • Tooth Fungus
    Tooth Fungus

    Blaziken needs that money his channel is dead

  • SamB

    if apex is a midget what even is jesse

  • Lance S
    Lance S

    They switch houses to much damn they live here they live there just stay somewhere

  • KindaKatt

    dude this makes me miss blaziken’s vlogs 😭 when things were a much simpler time

  • FC 3S
    FC 3S

    It would be hilarious if they're all in the garage and finding the money and so focus that it's so quiet and someone honk the horn and everyone just shit they're pants

  • The Godly 1
    The Godly 1

    Faze is desperate for money once again?