Heinz Combo Sauce Taste Test
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Want another taste test?! Find out which Heinz combo sauce is the best! GMMORE #1560
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  • Talia Dublin
    Talia Dublin

    Chic fil a sauce is essentially mayo, kc masterpiece, and honey mustard:3

  • mike honcho
    mike honcho

    Fancy sauce

  • mike honcho
    mike honcho

    sweet baby rays! you guys know whats up

  • Autumn Garrett
    Autumn Garrett

    I literally screamed for joy when I saw Cotton Candy Randy slip on on to the screen!

  • Matthew Wunder
    Matthew Wunder

    in my neck of the woods we mix mayo and ketchup and call it fry sauce i like to had a little hot sauce to it to spice it up.

  • sidearmzh

    where does josh gets his flamingo tee from!!

  • Rene Sauce
    Rene Sauce

    You think cotton candy randy just sits in the back of the studio until he decides to come on camera?

  • DestroyerstormAP

    Bro kranch is pretty much me I put ketchup in my cheeseburger and then I use ranch to dip my cheeseburger

  • Amanda Macon
    Amanda Macon

    That South Carolina Sauce is for chicken

  • Annabelle White
    Annabelle White

    No in Texas you use Rudy's sause and that is the only acceptable option

  • 360carcrazy

    Mayo and ketchup is called fry sauce!!...

  • Falcarious

    I personally like rayochup

  • Kat _ Garbo
    Kat _ Garbo

    A little hole. No head

  • ElleCullen17

    Red Robbins campfire sauce is just two parts sweet baby Ray's hickory BBQ sauce to one part Hellman's mayonnaise

  • Paola Hernandez
    Paola Hernandez

    Mayoketchup on fried plátanos 👌🏼true puertorriqueño stuff right there 🤤

  • Phoebe Anderson
    Phoebe Anderson

    yeah the mayo and ketchup is fry sauce

  • Reinaldo Pa'ReirTv
    Reinaldo Pa'ReirTv

    Mayo ketchup was created in Puerto rico and was created for foods like mofongo and fried chicken

  • jen willis
    jen willis

    I love Rhetts face when he saw Cotton Candy Randy 😂😂

  • kaitlyn anavitarte
    kaitlyn anavitarte

    Mayo Ketchup in Puerto Rico is just special sauce 😭

  • littlehumanoid

    in russia we call mayo/ketchup mix ketcunaise and that's the only valid way

  • Danni Hernandez
    Danni Hernandez

    No one needed to know that mayo curdles 😂

  • Morgan Thompson
    Morgan Thompson

    I know it’s just a regional thing for Idaho and Utah for the most part but mayochup is just fry sauce. And we use it for well fries all of the time

  • Dameos

    Josh is a national treasure XD

  • shmizzy -
    shmizzy -

    Tht Ketchup and Mayo be hittin b, where my hispanics at

  • t0astYshiNya

    Heinz really had the chance to use Ranchup but went with Kranch.

  • Rebekah Pietras
    Rebekah Pietras

    My day has been blessed by the king daddy. Also ketchup and mayo is always my goes to.

  • Kira FN
    Kira FN

    Columbia, South Carolina ayeeee my home.

  • TheOneAndOnly197

    So, mayonaise and ketchup mixed together makes what the western USA call fry sauce. It's great on burgers and fries.

  • Courtnesaurus

    I wear jeans and flip-flops too lol

  • Phil Nye
    Phil Nye

    josh seems so intimidated by rhett and link lmao

  • Julian Cota
    Julian Cota

    We are at 666k views at 6 days old. Something is up.

  • Sommer Stockton
    Sommer Stockton

    but where's the mayomust??? mayo and mustard is amazingggg

  • RiZWAN

    so officially stubs wins!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    on the east coast mayo + ketchup is called "russian dressing"

  • melissa jackson
    melissa jackson

    My dad got me hooked on stubbs and we both liked sweet baby Ray's. BBQ was our bonding thing before he passed. Lost but not forgotten.

  • Ben Carter
    Ben Carter

    josh is a beautiful beefcake of a man

  • DoorKnock80

    The guy in the middle reminds me of Jesse Eisenberg

  • MasterBeta343

    Why is josh always emotionless

  • sister xan
    sister xan

    mayo and ketchup is called fry sauce everyone eats that in virginia !

  • Scottyyy

    I absolutely freekin love Cotton Candy Randy!!

  • Melinda B
    Melinda B

    You guys forgot Mayomust

  • every thing
    every thing

    Why am I getting the notification 6 days later :')

  • HikaruRain

    For homemade Chick-fil-A sauce use BBQ and honey mustard sauce. It is a super close version.

  • Mr Spacely
    Mr Spacely

    I puts the ketchup in my pepper gravy, where you at heinz?

  • Henry Beaverson
    Henry Beaverson

    Mayocue seems like a really good idea

  • TheOldGods

    Mayo + sriracha = lifechanging

  • ryker miller
    ryker miller

    Tf you people dissing on Oklahoma

  • banana money
    banana money

    Mayo and sriracha sauce

  • SuperCookieGaming

    ketchup, mayo, mustard, relish is a great burger sauce.

  • Aveleigh Sloan
    Aveleigh Sloan


  • Ryland Reacts
    Ryland Reacts

    It’s not Big Mac sauce

  • Ryland Reacts
    Ryland Reacts

    Well in Utah it is

  • Ryland Reacts
    Ryland Reacts

    Mayochup is called fry sauce

  • Featured Style
    Featured Style

    Flamingo shirt guy knows what’s up on the sauce game

  • Alex Sawyer
    Alex Sawyer

    the absolute best of Cotton Candy Randy

  • CosmicGiggle

    This is like the episode of breaking bad where the german ceo guy tastes the weird dipping sauces with tater tots before electrocuting himself

  • Justin Skinner
    Justin Skinner

    12 Bones Sweet Tomato BBQ Sauce (the location in Asheville is fantastic) is easily my favorite sauce I’ve had so far

  • FrenkHenk

    Everything mixed with Mayo isn´t new to Dutch people. We like them freaky mixes.

  • Siddhi Sharma
    Siddhi Sharma

    I literally make mayochup at home and it’s sooo good

  • Capnbreadsticks - Minecraft
    Capnbreadsticks - Minecraft

    I’m going to be honest with you I mix mayo and mustard together and eat it on my sandwich and stuff 😂

  • Eric Justin Bates
    Eric Justin Bates

    And Josh lost any credibility in BBQ he had with me.

  • prank girls
    prank girls

    Ive made all these and a few others like >> SCRANCH(sour cream ranch), SCARBEQUE(sour cream bbq), MAYANCH (mayo ranch), MAYUSTARUP (mayo mustard ketchup), SCAYOSTARD (sour cream mayo mustard) . you guys should try a few and let me know because i think they taste good

  • That One Hobo With A Bagel
    That One Hobo With A Bagel

    And, another good sauce combo is ranch and Tapatio,and you want it to get the ratio, which would make it the color of marmalade (trust me its good)

  • That One Hobo With A Bagel
    That One Hobo With A Bagel

    My favorite sauce combo is barbecue and mustard, any barbecue works, but I use spicy Head Country sauce (its the main barbecue sauce in my city)

  • Cameron Quinn
    Cameron Quinn

    I grew up calling it pink sauce and I always added a dash of lemon juice to it

  • T Rex
    T Rex

    cotton candy randy lol i love everything about his relationship with rhett and link and also how he always hold his pants up lol

  • Grandpa Garp
    Grandpa Garp

    In Canada, we use mayo ketchup to dip our raw vegetables in as like a snack

    • Shadow Gaming
      Shadow Gaming

      Wtf in Utah it’s called fry sauce and it’s everywhere that serves fries every big chain restaurant has to implement fry sauce on there menu when located in Utah

  • Moppy G
    Moppy G

    My friend eats mayo and ketchup mixed when i smell it i gag like link eating a tomato

  • Nation Rose
    Nation Rose

    That "mayochup" is used in the UK as a basic seafood sauce... love it with king prawns🍤

  • Louie

    Mayochup? It's called Mayokatsu.