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HEAT vs WARRIORS | Thrilling Finish In Oracle! | February 10, 2019
DeMarcus Cousins knocked down two free throws with 5.4 seconds left in the 4th quarter to lift the Warriors to a 120-118 win over the Heat tonight in Oakland. For the Warriors, Kevin Durant tallied 25 in the 2nd half to give himself a game high 39 points (16-24 FG) to go along with 6 rebounds and 4 assists, while Klay Thompson recorded 14 in the 4th quarter for 29 points (11-21 FG, 6-13 3pt FG) in the game. Stephen Curry also added 25 points (9-18 FG, 5-10 3pt FG) in the victory. For the Heat, Josh Richardson recorded a career high in points with 37 (14-22 FG) and threes in a game with 8, as Dion Waiters recorded a season-high in points with 24 (9-19 FG) and a season-high in threes made with 6 in the losing effort. The Heat tied a their season-high for threes in a game with 18 (18-43, 41.9%). With the win, the Warriors improve 40-15, while the Heat fall to 25-29 on the season.
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  • Makenna Olson
    Makenna Olson

    6:12 Bell was not even acting like he was open

  • Angelia Bledsoe
    Angelia Bledsoe


  • Jugainka Tiega
    Jugainka Tiega

    Wow I have to laugh every time I see is people you guys are stupid all stupid professional sports is stupid.Because you’re doing something literally anybody can do with enough practice you were not beautiful and unique snowflakes you were literally a waste of human existence

  • Realness Rabbit 2038
    Realness Rabbit 2038

    Jeez when will the Warriors commentators realize they have been mispronouncing Bam Adebayo's last name for the entire game?

  • Angelia Bledsoe
    Angelia Bledsoe

    My nigga be balling y'all//// lmao!!!

  • 0ldCat

    Whew! Too close for my liking 😬 But a win's a win! Great job, GSW!! 👍🍻

  • Michael Kuca
    Michael Kuca

    Warriors had no business winning this game, the heat played great but couldn’t overcome the refs being bias in favor of the warriors. So obvious.

  • Phong Vong
    Phong Vong

    Wayeitz. You got your breakfast, mall, tournamens. Fully Bonita. How About Bullies' Botany. Charismatic vivas for hopes.

  • Reese Garcia
    Reese Garcia

    Ofc Curry trader Jerseys with Wade

  • Phong Vong
    Phong Vong

    I accept all the fact of my faults because of the Confused Heat.

  • LaToya R.J. Davis
    LaToya R.J. Davis

    Thanks never next same all star young old and me no meme just one oops Jesus 23

  • hailee horak
    hailee horak

    i love the warriors, but how is this number 47 on trending & shane dawson’s conspiracy theory video it’s not trending at all. lol smh.

  • Lil ToothPaste
    Lil ToothPaste

    Durant clearly double dribbled. Slow it down and you’ll see. I can’t believe they didn’t catch that


    Wade and Curry two of the most overrated players in NBA history.

  • nathan enadeghe
    nathan enadeghe

    Golden State was so lucky. Boogie as you can see in the high lights did nothing

  • Doron One
    Doron One

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  • eVCephei

    more entertaining than the superbowl

  • worken360

    33, their mark is everywherw.

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts

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  • Miami Heat
    Miami Heat

    Wade suppose to get that ball

  • Bj Brown
    Bj Brown

    Today is my birthday if I can get 100 subs good things will happen to the people who subbed trust me

  • NesQuik2258

    Lebron lost 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts

    Everybody here needs to go on Google and look at pictures of mutilated white babies murdered by black racist monsters in South Africa. Saddest thing I've ever seen. This is your future, United States.mvpc

  • Eddie Bounty
    Eddie Bounty

    Bunch of bitch ass Miami fans its all about bay area dub nation baby

  • Josh Hwang
    Josh Hwang

    Didn t wade get carried by shaq and lbj?

  • SandStorm XII
    SandStorm XII


  • Savannah Lewis
    Savannah Lewis

    Pretty good game I guess... kind of a let down 🤷‍♂️

  • SteveShao24-7

    How tf y’all put the thumbnail as them switching jersey but not even show smh

  • APPLE & HAPPY x-files
    APPLE & HAPPY x-files

    Close game !!!😩...😂😂

  • E M
    E M

    KD !!!

  • PJ Lewis
    PJ Lewis

    Josh richardson was held by the warriors bench so he wouldn't get open 💁how does the reffs not see that ....

  • micheal mastersonmantooth
    micheal mastersonmantooth

    Bet those basketball boys got tight little asses bubble butts for me to cum inside of deep

  • Rooster From Houston
    Rooster From Houston

    Just like the no call when he was clearly out of bounds vs The Rockets NO CALL !

  • Hunter Jenkins
    Hunter Jenkins

    We already did through Ximo

  • Ryan Daniel
    Ryan Daniel

    Just spent $200 for tomorrow nights game lower level

  • Hi, I'm Paul!
    Hi, I'm Paul!

    D Wade gonna put Curry's jersey up for sale on eBay

  • herman miller
    herman miller

    I just slowed the video down to 1/4 speed and the so called double dribble IS NOT a double dribble. It is clear that the ball hit the foot of the defender and rebounded toward the opposite goal, no way he is going south and the ball goes north due to his dribble. The NBA with all of its sophisticated equipment can see that better than I can with a simple youtube speed plug in yet they have called it a missed call.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Is d wade better then Steph .who would you build a team with. It's hard to say . im go with wade I think his body would hold up longer🍟🍔

  • Jonathan Jackson
    Jonathan Jackson

    First he takes 3 steps of bounds (no call), now this... Really

  • DWADE’s Retirement Home
    DWADE’s Retirement Home

    I’m a heat fan, but I’m not disappointed in the L. Also, who else noticed the KD double dribble!

  • Randooph Jedede
    Randooph Jedede


    • MoneyMaker

      Your mom in my bed last night

  • Parker Jones
    Parker Jones

    Is D Wade the 2nd best shooting guard of all time? I’d say yes

  • Matthew Oppliger
    Matthew Oppliger

    Im am a Curry fan but these Warrior games are getting boring

  • carson pemberton
    carson pemberton

    Heat are so underrated

  • Kelcie Mount
    Kelcie Mount

    Yaaaaaaaa!!!! Let’s gooo warroirs that got my worries up

  • Repent, Ye
    Repent, Ye

    ourforgiveness. c*o*m Gods strength is made perfect in my weakness. And my faith is made stronger through my trials.

  • Sunconurelotl Boi
    Sunconurelotl Boi

    Only 14

  • DeMarcus and Cassie
    DeMarcus and Cassie

    DWade is a legend!

  • Jay Storms
    Jay Storms

    They had enough time to drive it in what were you thinking!!! This was a awesome game to watch.

  • triodesrbetter

    those pop up screens at the end of every video are annoying. there's no way to watch it unless you download it.

  • Danrin Lloyd
    Danrin Lloyd

    Kevin durant have them 80 year old handles lol

  • So So
    So So

    Are you fucking kidding me

  • Rooster From Houston
    Rooster From Houston

    Durant TRAVELED & CARRIED 🤮🤮

    • Keep Quiet For Now
      Keep Quiet For Now

      +Rooster From Houston ...Who cares? It doesn't matter now.

    • herman miller
      herman miller

      +Rooster From Houston Wishing a thing does not make it true. The ball hit the defenders foot and he recovered it, that is no different than in bounding the ball off of a defenders back, recovering it as being in bounded.

    • Rooster From Houston
      Rooster From Houston

      +herman miller regardless what the ball hit , he picked it up with two hands and redribbled. It would've been kickball if not so

    • herman miller
      herman miller

      +Rooster From Houston It is not a fact that in that final sequence he carried the ball and traveled. The ball hit the defenders foot and rebounded toward the other basket instead of up. Once the ball hit the defenders foot he could pick it up and dribble again. Slow the video down and you can see this happen.

    • Rooster From Houston
      Rooster From Houston

      +Keep Quiet For Now no ifs ands or buts.. just facts

  • I. Ponce
    I. Ponce

    Love those and will miss these wade smart plays 8:02

  • GARY Gwin
    GARY Gwin

    Hahahaha!! Their is no Parody in the NBA! Golden State is WAYYYY the best, and that's not gonna end anytime soon!!!

  • marcus love
    marcus love

    Refs cause another bs end

  • Nitro

    Jesus Christ 8:32

  • Abel Negash
    Abel Negash

    These commentators dick ride warriors



  • HonestLyrics 100
    HonestLyrics 100

    For all the people blaming KD for the bad call this has been going on for a while in the NBA. Bad calls like this have occured often, this is not a Warriors problem this is just a referee problem that has to be fixed.

  • Midnight Ninja
    Midnight Ninja

    Durant post game comments were like, yea I see why Wade is retiring and remember when y'all called me crazy for saying Harden was better than Wade, I don't look crazy now huh?

  • Neal Schuster
    Neal Schuster

    Anyone else see Klay shove Richardson down by the bench and Cousins keeping him on the ground on that last possession?

  • Armando Bermudez
    Armando Bermudez

    Slick move by draymond at 8:30, by holding winslow it bought enough time for KD to sink that shot! Every championship team has a dirty player!#FACTS

  • Tony Brown
    Tony Brown

    Heat should not have made this trade!! Dam Pat Riley!!

  • eliel gogetsu
    eliel gogetsu

    That was a top class game !

  • M2B mluvAndgrace
    M2B mluvAndgrace

    The teams want to beat the Warriors so badly but yet just don’t! Good game and nice tribute to Wade!

  • Trizzy Smeez
    Trizzy Smeez

    Yo that nigga doubled LMAO wtf going in Oracle arena. They letting this man run out of bounds and all type of shit lol

  • Kevin Marrero
    Kevin Marrero

    This game proves the nba is rigged not only did kd double dribble but that call for cousins to get free throws is fuckig crazy the nba is getting hard to watch that’s why most people just watch higlighta on UA-my and say fuck the games

  • Elijah crump
    Elijah crump

    In about 10 years the top 5 shooting gaurds will be M.J. Kobe D wade Harden and Klay

  • Elijah crump
    Elijah crump

    Bruh jonas jarebko hit a 3 the warriors are magical when it comes to 3s

  • Nathan Spratt
    Nathan Spratt

    There arena looks different

  • Cassandra Gilbert
    Cassandra Gilbert

    Wow that was a close game but dang good lead the heat but u already no that the warriors will beat you so

  • TTV Adrian
    TTV Adrian

    We will miss you d wade

  • Melvin Williams
    Melvin Williams

    Lucky G.S warrior game

  • charles pitter
    charles pitter

    Dubs escaped

  • Chubsnugger House
    Chubsnugger House

    Wade always been on point with his game since day one

  • Will ALLEN
    Will ALLEN

    Nobody can guard KD Nobody!🤔

  • Leo Hernandez
    Leo Hernandez


  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins

    As many travels that occur in an nba game, THIS is what you want to hang your hat on?

  • eagleman0977

    Durant once ran out of bounds hit the ball back in and nothing called, something about those refs at that arena get to caught up in the game and forget to do there jobs.

    • Keep Quiet For Now
      Keep Quiet For Now

      +eagleman0977 hehehehe

    • eagleman0977

      +Keep Quiet For Now when it's so blatant you should start caring, that's when you start to think maybe the fix is on. Rams vs Saints.

    • Keep Quiet For Now
      Keep Quiet For Now

      Who cares when there are so many other non-calls? Since Durant does it, the world is about to come to the end?????

  • Carolina Fan
    Carolina Fan


  • nathan j
    nathan j

    Reporter: " Hey Kevin, btw, did you double dribble on that last play?" Kevin Durant: "Dawg Who are you?! I'm out!"

  • Kingjean Gilet
    Kingjean Gilet

    I said the warriors was gonna smoke the heat but look close game I regret it😁😂😂

  • Fumi Yama
    Fumi Yama

    If warriors continue to play like this, they will not win the title

    • Keep Quiet For Now
      Keep Quiet For Now

      Who said they were gonna play like this every game???

    • Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is the G.O.A.T.
      Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is the G.O.A.T.

      Fumi Yama LMAO

  • Quintel Trahan
    Quintel Trahan

    What has been going on with the warriors lately?

  • Colin Maruskin
    Colin Maruskin

    This motherfucker double dribbled smh

  • Luning Zhao
    Luning Zhao

    KD is the boss !

  • Gators95

    2:40 come on how do you not call a foul there


    thrilling? guess that means double dribble....but since everyone takes 3-5 steps, gets ghost fouls, big deal. refs are a joke anyway

  • Justin Nicklas
    Justin Nicklas

    That steal by Richardson

  • Kenneth Petrovic
    Kenneth Petrovic


    • MoneyMaker

      Another dumb who think there is only 2 team in the NBA who tf care about Lakers when the video is about GS vs Heat TF

    • Keep Quiet For Now
      Keep Quiet For Now

      Who cares???? You win some; you lose some!!! Tell me who's undefeated.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    They almost lost

    • Keep Quiet For Now
      Keep Quiet For Now

      almost doesn't count dude


    practice on a good dribble and a decent 3 point shot thats all you need in the league now become a millionaire

  • outoftime

    wers the double drible

  • 19509b4

    Great highlights

  • S Shin
    S Shin

    Omg dwades ability to block a taller players jumper is just nuts. Hes been doing it since his rookie season. Most underrated defensive player in history.

  • Alan Beets
    Alan Beets

    kevin durant double dribbled last play

  • Thomas Sanchez
    Thomas Sanchez

    It was a defensive kickball, not a double dribble

  • David Houghton
    David Houghton

    Heat have blown so many games this year. Wade balled out tho. Ya love to see it!

  • Elvis Perez
    Elvis Perez

    All those moving screens by Loney wack I swear