He gave me his S15!
Want to give a huge shout out to @reggiecmah for letting me drive his S15 around Canada. I know what I want to do to my SR20 when I'm back in the States. Hope you guys love turbo noises cuz today's video is full of that!!!
Check out Thomas' Channel: ua-my.com/watchchannel/UC8UT-bOYUjcYCzG71T0-iAg
Check out Derpy FRS' Channel: ua-my.com/watchchannel/UCeVtyedpTYrATq43P6HUHgw

  • Adam Hmaidan
    Adam Hmaidan

    the bmw cinematic looked like it was from a video game

  • Wittzzz

    When Randy break’s a $2,000 lens, 5 seconds later...

  • Brent Fullero Real
    Brent Fullero Real

    CW UNIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Juan Pulido
    Juan Pulido

    “Who wants me to ride me” that had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Christina Lee
    Christina Lee

    is Tony and Thomas are brother's? they kinda look alike.

  • First last
    First last

    Who is the girl in the tan shirt asking for a friend

  • Matthew Romano
    Matthew Romano

    What’s the guy who owns the Lexus instagram

  • carlos Quezada
    carlos Quezada

    I actually saw them cursing at Wilsonville on June 28

  • Dc Teddyboy
    Dc Teddyboy

    Go follow the guy with the nsx Ferrari and the Nissan r35 @doczilla

  • bunholio villa
    bunholio villa

    That dude was like " fuuuck " when they were messing around bout stepping on his skirt

  • John Vincent
    John Vincent

    I came here for the cinematics and the background song by lakey inspired. I really like the cinematics.

  • anthony benitez
    anthony benitez

    I love you guys

  • Tutoy fromyt
    Tutoy fromyt

    Randy is a blink.....yeyyy hahahaha

  • Tamaug

    man i love their jokes and then the way the laugh right after

  • Yung Majin no Kami
    Yung Majin no Kami

    Okay now two on my hate list lol Vancouver and CA...

  • TopClipz jz
    TopClipz jz

    2,600$ camera lens - BRUH

  • Sauce Gawd
    Sauce Gawd

    I drew the s15 on so many school desks.

  • Esteban Del Sol
    Esteban Del Sol

    Just bought a work collab t shirt ! 💯 I fuck with you heavily bro

  • LazyShrooms

    Knew it was clickbait, watched only to see reggie masterpieces

  • Beatrice Velasquez
    Beatrice Velasquez

    Dude just wanted to say I love your car. I saw you last week at target I was gonna say what’s up but you were driving out @illuminate

    • Beatrice Velasquez
      Beatrice Velasquez


  • neil francois
    neil francois

    Hell yeah Vancity Reppin !!! Great content keep up the good work.

  • MIMCK Media
    MIMCK Media

    Great idea... let the guy who dropped a 2.6k lens earlier drive your car haha. Greetings from z nation Germany ❤️

  • Mask of Wally
    Mask of Wally

    Another awesome entertaining video!

  • Harley Te Maro
    Harley Te Maro

    Tbh by a new drift car s15?

  • Oh Teck Xuan
    Oh Teck Xuan


  • eat ass
    eat ass

    It looks like the one i built in need for speed

  • Damé Dinero
    Damé Dinero

    dude buggin out over $15, ok. 🤷

  • Dario Alcala
    Dario Alcala

    That video was a catch eye.lol..great video Randy !!!! But i luv the old school illuminate videos i feel like they were more reall, maybe cz i only have 5k cars, but i will not stop watching ur videos ...

  • Fernando Roque
    Fernando Roque

    2600$ lens?? What lens...??! Just cop an 18-135 OSS and call it a day bruh

  • DamnDaniel

    Who's red Wrx is that at the back ?! 5:10

  • Eric Mezenberg
    Eric Mezenberg

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  • Eric Mezenberg
    Eric Mezenberg

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    Adam Taylor

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    Fon. Yuen

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  • Jonathan Reynoso
    Jonathan Reynoso

    Randy you should try to get 650hp on the s13 when you get back to California

  • Steve Bacchus
    Steve Bacchus

    hope to see you at Wekfest San jose this week Sunday.

  • Dirtyd23

    I don’t know which one is worse,Clickbait or me knowing it was clickbait and still watched it

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    Taylor Tyree


  • Nate Harris
    Nate Harris

    Y these cops so worried about someone's car, they need to focus on rapist and murders.

    • BiG Cheese
      BiG Cheese


  • Livan69 69
    Livan69 69

    500hp for Randy's s13 dont sound too bad 🤔🔥 P.S. cant wait for my WorkxIlliminate merch 😍😍😍🔥

  • FraZe Le-diot
    FraZe Le-diot

    Wuts diz instrument song called when u cinematic the Silvia s15 😳🤤shittt sick ass hell

  • Somboy_brian

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    Mack Flem

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  • Sugee Performance
    Sugee Performance

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    Angel Soto Gastón

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  • x ChillsNotSkills
    x ChillsNotSkills

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  • Android Gamer
    Android Gamer

    That shots though


    I might sound stupid asking this but... when is the merch dropping?? (Work collab tees and stuff) I preordered two shirts and im just wondering when they will start working on the orders.

  • jakeromero86

    Should have showed the artwork on the Porsche more

  • Coda5610

    Randy take the broken lens put it back into the box and use the new receipt and return that shit

  • Tr Vlogs Car Life
    Tr Vlogs Car Life

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  • Chandler Ferguson
    Chandler Ferguson

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  • Slightly Crooked Garage
    Slightly Crooked Garage

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    Obrien Luna

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    Ryan Huncho

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  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia

    Randy you and the crew should go to a shooting range with kevin jude as the instructor

  • sOn

    nightrunner really about that no club thing except his trust no one bcus he let you drive his car and he trusted you so cool 😎👍

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  • God

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  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez

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    Dakota Mejia

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    Chandler Smith

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