Halsey - Nightmare
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Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio & Targa Sahyoun
Production Company: London Alley

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  • Destiny

    2:20 Slap ass for transition, great idea

  • Angela Gomez
    Angela Gomez

    This song means everything to me. This is A MASTERPIECE

  • Samsung Tab
    Samsung Tab

    Come on little lady give us a smile is my favourite

  • Dr. Jeffrey Howell
    Dr. Jeffrey Howell

    Awesome symbolism, also, Debby Harry and Cara D.

  • Doc Gilbert
    Doc Gilbert

    I don't like white people but this song is fiiii 🔥🔥🔥

  • Terpene Torpedo
    Terpene Torpedo

    Ashley’s mad she loves cock so much.....

  • Terpene Torpedo
    Terpene Torpedo

    You trusted a boy not a man.

  • Terpene Torpedo
    Terpene Torpedo

    Ashley got some fakies....

  • Phonix Gaming
    Phonix Gaming

    No offence is she itching her bum on the wall XDDD

  • No Reel Filter
    No Reel Filter

    This song is pure 🔥 Favorite line: I've been polite, but won't be caught dead. Lettin' a man tell me what I should do with my bed. I heard that line and that attitude is beyond sexy ;D

  • TaZiya Sanders
    TaZiya Sanders

    2:28 when your moms says “ your room better be clean or you not going anywhere “ 😫

  • xd_ splitz3
    xd_ splitz3

    I think in all of her song there just that one moment of that song that changes it all like I've tasted blood and it is sweet

  • Im no one
    Im no one

    I tasted blood and its sweet? What is the point is that... and why would you cut yourself? I'm sorry but I got to hate it...

  • Just Guys Being Dudes
    Just Guys Being Dudes

    I searched "UA-my Whore," for the meme and this came up and now I am triggered.

  • sera doll
    sera doll

    And Debbie harrie appearance?! I can't help but love this song Hey

  • Роман Кислюк
    Роман Кислюк

    такая экспрессия и всё в жопу 😈

  • music obsession
    music obsession

    i have the slowed down version of this song up on my channel 🤩💛

  • Владимир ЖИРиновскый
    Владимир ЖИРиновскый

    Next song is Halsey I tryed BBC. Feat blacked

  • Lee Ptak
    Lee Ptak

    This sounds like Avril Lavigne and t.A.T.u collabed

  • Natalia


  • Elizabeth Giatti
    Elizabeth Giatti

    1.dirty and clean 2.old and new 3.blood and boxing

  • Elizabeth Giatti
    Elizabeth Giatti

    1.dirty and clean 2.old and new 3.blood and boxing

  • chanthalaty vilayphan
    chanthalaty vilayphan

    Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and I think my dad's name is a curse his name is tui when we do the lottery and he buys it the numbers switch I'M LIKE WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS SO SHITTY😂🤣

  • freya keville
    freya keville

    Anyone know the female cast for this? Especially the girl at 1:00/1:01 model maybe?

  • Jane Eyre
    Jane Eyre

    in a jacket and short hair you’re so awesome🤤

  • fuck my arse
    fuck my arse

    best belive i had this on full volume screaming along

  • fuck my arse
    fuck my arse


  • Katalin Kucsa
    Katalin Kucsa

    I like hét🤗💕

  • janeta uzden
    janeta uzden

    воу воу воу

  • Alberto Carballo González
    Alberto Carballo González

    Women trying be men

  • Laila Watford
    Laila Watford

    Halsey I love this song you did a great job I listen 👂 to it everyday

  • Kitty Kitten
    Kitty Kitten


  • Rosana Gargiulo
    Rosana Gargiulo

    I LOVE U Ashley

  • Brystel


  • Scorch the sandwing
    Scorch the sandwing

    Even though I’m a guy I feel like this song is so powerfully worded of what women have to go through and I fully support who they are!

  • Sunnyz __
    Sunnyz __

    One of my fav songs

  • BlackMagikWoman

    This video (& song) is a nightmare... The only thing good about it is Debbie Harry's (Blondie) cameo


      BlackMagikWoman true

  • Mackenzie Bradford
    Mackenzie Bradford

    Halsey looks so so beautiful

  • assil abdelaali
    assil abdelaali


  • Jordan Porter
    Jordan Porter

    Alright but tell me she doesn't look like a grown up Eleven

  • Cloud Galaxsy
    Cloud Galaxsy

    2:30 wtf

  • Thipa anan
    Thipa anan

    I love it

  • The Dark Angel
    The Dark Angel

  • Sierra Quinn
    Sierra Quinn

    This would be a great workout songs.

  • Eyleen K.
    Eyleen K.


  • purple ARMY
    purple ARMY

    I LOVEEEEE her expression when she says "somebody should be".... Keep slaying like that....💜

  • Charlie Official
    Charlie Official

    i really love Halsey.

  • EInars a
    EInars a


  • Brandy Walker
    Brandy Walker

    I'm thinking that she should do a song with post Malone and or cardi b

  • Tanya Di
    Tanya Di

    L Lo Lov Love Love i Love it Love i Love Lov Lo L

  • carmen golding
    carmen golding

    they broke her free her inner self

  • Laura Loboda
    Laura Loboda

    Hi ;-;

  • Μαρια Οικονόμου
    Μαρια Οικονόμου

    What the fuck😂


    Directed: how much blood you want in this video Halsey: YES

  • Nicole Wagner
    Nicole Wagner

    Yes. Love this song.

  • Adi Sahab
    Adi Sahab

    I've tasted honey and it is sweet

  • Mae Supan
    Mae Supan

    Wentworth Con brought me here

  • Sierra King
    Sierra King

    This brings me back to the badlands era but more grown up and with a pinch of hfk.

  • Feyza Çifçi
    Feyza Çifçi

    Halsey is the new Avril Lavigne


    You friend BTS?

  • Itzel Esparza
    Itzel Esparza

    Doctor: you have 4:03 minutes left to live Me: listens to this✊

  • mal wolf
    mal wolf

    I'm not asking much just play this at my funeral

  • Kierra Michael
    Kierra Michael

    I'm pretty sure atleast 2000 of these views are me alone. 😬

  • DjoCrow

    Посыл мощный, клип не понравился.

  • lil Nae
    lil Nae

    *Fights in this video: blood, punches and yelling* *Reality: slapping, pulling hair and screaming*

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf

    Ummm I love the song but the vid is kinda inappropriate😐😐😐😐😐

  • Autumn Melson
    Autumn Melson

    Shes my role model

  • Malia And Fox
    Malia And Fox

    Love you and all of your masterpieces!😘💖

  • vale - chan XD
    vale - chan XD

    #edsheerantheboyofARMY I like you music halsey

  • Lilith Light
    Lilith Light