Goodbye Drogo...I SHAVED!
Jason Momoa
Goodbye DROGO, AQUAMAN, DECLAN, BABA! I'm shaving this beast off, it's time to make a change. A change for the better...for my kids, for your kids, the world. Let's make a positive change for the health of our planet. Let's clean up our oceans and our land. Join me on this journey. Let's make a switch to INFINITELY RECYCLABLE aluminum. Water in cans, NOT plastic.
Aloha J.

  • Provocunt !
    Provocunt !

    Dude water bottles are the least ecologicial issue with modern air traveling...

  • Provocunt !
    Provocunt !

    He: Stop plastic pollution! Me: Yeeaah! He: Aluminium is the solutiun! Me: Nooooo...

  • Cynette Barnes
    Cynette Barnes

    I Think Its a Fabulous Thing to do!! Shave looks Great Jason!! 🙌🔥💞

  • forbiddenXsanctuary

    Damn he did the most to shave his beard haha

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman



    Back to "Conan the Barbarian" look...awesomeee

  • murahkami

    Hi Jason! You're so sweet and have a big heart to want to make this world a better place. Thank you for that! Aluminum may be better than plastic to recycle however it causes all kinds of mental imbalances like dementia which is becoming prevalent nowadays unfortunately. Aluminum cans, foil, pans all contribute to not only mental imbalances but cancer as well. If you do research on this you will see for yourself. Hopefully you can find another container like glass to use for your water bottles. :) God bless!


    Khal Drogo!!

  • Isolina Aviles
    Isolina Aviles

    I’ve tried to find the water where can I get it I look at my plastic ones and now I’m grossed out

  • Beyond ThePale
    Beyond ThePale

    About damn time.This beard trend must die

  • Suzanne Davies
    Suzanne Davies

    This guy is a mans man, he’s tough and muscular and yet he’s a proud family man who openly loves his wife and kids- he cares about the plant and everything we could ever hope for and he has or does the whole damn lot!! Wow - what a role model for the generations to come on how a man should be!!! My hero!!

  • Ed Santiago
    Ed Santiago

    I D A H O

  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll

    Its me.jason mamoa we said yes to payment becuz she whitr nah we blek all.over the world but net here so payment is pay me we said yall blek and all so pay me beyhive🥋🐰🐏

  • Jami

    Wonderful message!

  • sumnima sampang
    sumnima sampang

    Sometimes we dont realise but carrying your own water bottle and not buying plastic mineral water bottle can be helpful for environment as well. I would simply think, I can buy water bottle (plastic) anywhere so I was too lazy to carry water bottle. I didnt realise until now. Sometimes we fail to think of the simple3 things. And Canned bottles are definately better than plastics. Thank you Jason. You.made me think. Aloha and Namaste 🤘🤘🤘

  • misha

    what a beautiful specimen of man

  • Erin Johnson-Foster
    Erin Johnson-Foster

    so sad but you look great either way

  • Iliana Salazar González
    Iliana Salazar González

    Te ves lindo

  • loochboy

    Thought you'd appreciate this.

  • Books by Roni
    Books by Roni

    Hi Jason, I'm in Mompiche, Ecuador and I'm currently working on a project to build a recycling center managed and run by local women. We're looking at recycling plastic, glass, metals, fabric, wood, bamboo, paper, cardboard, and organic waste. We're a small village with a huge garbage problem and we're looking for people to work with to find funding, build the project, and help us out with education and training. If this is something that interests you could you please get in touch with us @SecretGardenMompiche on FB or Insta. We had a great meeting with Ichthion today and we're hoping to talk to more people in the future about funding. We have a great project outline if you'd like to see it, and our mission is to 1. eliminate trash from our village and surrounds, 2. empower women. We hope to hear from you. Cheers, Roni

  • Jennifer Ulrich
    Jennifer Ulrich

    And aluminum helps your drink to stay colder longer!! I am on board. Thanks for the insight from your heart!

  • Nisso& &
    Nisso& &

    Follow my brothers channel -> VAD OSTOR he looks just like Jason momoa 🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🥰🤩

  • jlacc1

    Aluminum beverage cans are coated with a very thin plastic film. cause in pure form it has been considered that it can cause Alzheimer's decease. We should consider lead free glass bottles. It maybe heavy but it does the job.

  • Christopher Moltisanti
    Christopher Moltisanti

    I'm going to collect the hair and leave it in my fridge like Norman Reedus did to Andrew Lincoln

  • april rose arrojo
    april rose arrojo

    U look better now..... Love it

  • Kinni Wright
    Kinni Wright

    Recycle the hair.

  • Andreia Helena
    Andreia Helena

    you are charming anyway!! #loveofmylife

  • Lindsey Leisti
    Lindsey Leisti

    Why on earth are there thumbs down on this video. The man makes an excellent point and bye beard :)

  • Daniel Neroese
    Daniel Neroese

    Jason cuts beard: goodbye Drogo GoT fans: crying Me, a Dune fan: *well, hello Duncan*

  • Mylia International
    Mylia International

    7.8m people must have arrived here accidentally. This is boring and pointless.

  • Mylia International
    Mylia International


  • Stephanie Haskell
    Stephanie Haskell


  • Evilyn Sousa
    Evilyn Sousa

    Oh razão dos meus sonhos .....

  • Yudi Prasetyo
    Yudi Prasetyo

    Drogo the beard 👌

  • MAsonTRIX

    Thank you brother. 1Love

  • GaMe RiveW
    GaMe RiveW

    I see a THOR new actor😉

  • Semiramis

    NOOOOOO that beard is what made him look so sexy :(

  • Amy Seymour
    Amy Seymour

    Reduce reuse recycle! I love everything about this! Sometimes I feel like I am the only one... your a great man! Our children will grow to hopefully solve some of these problems! Your a cool dude!

  • missdjs1975

    PLEASE market your water cans to holiday resorts that supply endless plastic bottles of water! My family of four probably went through 50 single-use water bottles on a recent trip to Mexico; we would have LOVED to have been supplied with cans instead of bottles!

  • kchilz32

    Dude i didn’t know Steven segal is Jason. Serious note, awesome job on the water. Much love

  • Linda  Butler
    Linda Butler

    Hi Jason! I much prefer you without the beard,hiding away your very handsome face! But i guess it's Lisa's opinion that matters most to you,and your children! Thank you for using your fame to raise awareness about recycling,it takes us all to do our bit to make a impact for real change! I buy aluminium and re-use any containers but it's not easy avoiding plastics when so many products are packaged in it! I do hate how it isn't recyclable a lot of people are against plastics! But you can recycle the paper parts,takes time to pick them off though! And some you cant at all! It's the big companies that need to invest more into earth friendly materials,if it raises the cost then so be it if it means mother earth is being helped! I hear if we dont turn it around within twelve years it could be the point of no return! But mother nature is always evolving and changing all the time! Scientists say we survived the ice age,so why cant we survive the changes this time? But we are draining the earth's every natural resources, oils and minerals,metals! Deforestation is detrimental to animals their foods! And also our atmosphere too and the oxygen we also need! Many beautiful animals are being forced or hunted into extinction or starving because their food isn't growing in as many places! and that in turn effects Everything else! It is all needed,it all has a purpose! One thing is food for another creature,so we cut down forests effecting the wildlife that need it to eat,the bugs that live on them! The birds that eat the bugs ect! It all sends ripples throughout everything else,you understand where I'm coming from! I can tell you are passionate about this subject,so thank you for helping to raise awareness! I totally respect you for trying thank you so very much! Our planet is beautiful and we need to take better care of it,for sure! You obviously love beautiful landscapes,i see that in the location you picked for this video! We are all connected to the planet,pain effects people more when it rains! I am a fibromyalgia sufferer and i know when it it going to rain,i feel it! Anyway thank you once again! Best regards to you and the family Linda!

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    But the can have plastic on it

  • sara peralta
    sara peralta

    me encanta lo que ases, me pareces un ser maravilloso, solo me gustaria poder saber ingles para entender 100%100

  • henny rahayu
    henny rahayu

    Luv u jason momoa 😙

  • Jimmy Gangster
    Jimmy Gangster

    Let's all just take a minute and have a moment of silence for Jason's beard... RIP.

  • Athena in Flames
    Athena in Flames

    I don't understand why god wasted time making my ex boyfriends when he could have just made more Momoas.

  • Scarakus

    Take all the plastic, melt it down into 3D printer filament.

  • Constantin Anton
    Constantin Anton

    US uses 1/3 of worlds paper.

  • Scott Hager
    Scott Hager

    Now you look like a real Iowa boy!

  • * *
    * *

    Do not stop to smile;)

  • * *
    * *

    I like you. You have amazingg eyes, amile brows. And do not cut your long hair. ;) modern pants. Hugs from me and Bulgaria. My cousin Raicho Vasilev is actor too and he was with you in one movie;).

  • Pamela Waits
    Pamela Waits

    I will do a better job at recycleling. I promise. Love from Portland Oregon.

  • Anpu Anpi
    Anpu Anpi

    Hero...his smile at the end😂😂😂

  • macman90

    I have the same shaver, although... when I shaved infront of my girlfriend, she said I look like a snail and doesn't want to see me like that no more... of course she is (partially) joking :D You still look awesome and manly, but a little bit more cute ahah=) Good luck and health!

  • maverick eichelberger
    maverick eichelberger

    I wish more people were aware of the harm they were doing by a simple plastic bottle... thank you so much Jason Momoa. True hero

  • mynameisalabama

    Omg😭🤦😭🤦😭😭🤦🤦...... But I still love you😍😍😍💕💕💕

  • Mr. Horton
    Mr. Horton

    I Googled, "Jason Momoa, all hair or what?" Well evidently..what?!! Nice!

  • PlayMyDarling

    Aluminium is a waste of resources as well. Solution: a drinking bottle! No recycling necessary because there's nothing to throw away.

  • Spookybooky Kukumuki
    Spookybooky Kukumuki

    What razors is he using. Very clean shave.

  • Hardwired To SpitOutTheBone
    Hardwired To SpitOutTheBone

    Oh, Khal is speak in English !

  • Christina H
    Christina H

    Ok I will try it. I didn't know aluminum was a better option.

  • Vicki Scott
    Vicki Scott

    Shave & sell your beard! 🤘😍🤘

  • Shannon Wharton
    Shannon Wharton

    Is your canned water available to purchase? Where if it is? I will definitely buy and I absolutely support all you are doing!

  • Kansas Electro
    Kansas Electro

    He looks so odd without his beard...I don't know whether I like it or not....

  • Dylsön Dandregsøn Annoni
    Dylsön Dandregsøn Annoni

    Nooooooooo :O hahaha theee bearrdd nooooxD

  • Thomas Alexanian
    Thomas Alexanian

    Neak thirat khal

  • Polly Lougene
    Polly Lougene

    Mahalo iāʻoe no ke kalapala paʻakikī; ke noi aku nei au

  • Always Clean
    Always Clean

    He was born to play every alpha male character.

  • lemon diesel
    lemon diesel

    first time i saw a dude look older after shaving should keep the beard

  • JoannaNadia W
    JoannaNadia W


  • Ascilto

    Who s the other guy?

  • Gisela Swaragita
    Gisela Swaragita

    Handsome man becomes more handsome.

    • Ascilto

      Thank you

  • AitchAitch Helps
    AitchAitch Helps

    Jason mamoa looks more like Chris Hemsworth than Chris Hemsworth

  • Per Ringnes
    Per Ringnes


  • Tiamat951

    Goodbye Drogo, Hello Duncan. :)

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks

    Could the beard return for Aquaman 2?

  • Alexa Ramos
    Alexa Ramos

    Noooooo your beard😩😩😩😩 It’s all worth it for the ocean though

  • Simply Shannon
    Simply Shannon

    BABY FACE!😱🤩

  • Erika S
    Erika S

    Glass is the way to go, BUT this is better than plastic but even better filtered tap water in a reuseable glass bottle. Although it seems not all places in America have clean water (which is fucked up)

  • Ron Lawson
    Ron Lawson

    Plastic is recycled too you idiot ! What a virtue signal ! People are fools for believing this

  • SelektaRas

    somebody please tell this fucktard there is plastic in aluminium cans to avoid metal/beverage contamination

  • metalfrost

    I'm probably the first saying this: beardless Jason Momoa looks like shit. But that again, endless streams of plastic in the seas look shit too. On top of that, being pro-aluminum isn't ideal either. There are several health hazards connected to aluminum, as listed here . I'd suggest plant based material as a replacement for plastic, such as hemp fibre. Or silicones. The latter seems expensive, but as this article shows it's mostly a supply and demand figure. Mr. Momoa sir, thank you for your inspirational video. I hope that an increasingly amount of people will pay heed to your words and finally get rid of the plastic soup that endangers our planet. Lastly, if in any case you took offense that you look shit without a beard; I look like shit without a beard too.

  • Carola Sifari
    Carola Sifari

    I saw a lot of plastic in this video.. I hope you picked up

    • Gillian Nickynin
      Gillian Nickynin

      I think that's what his bag was for

  • George

    This is how you actually change the world. You put time and effort towards providing an alternative product. Plastic is an incredible innovation and has helped to increase the standard of living across the globe; pulling people out of poverty, starvation, and disease in the process. It turns out it also hurts wildlife. So rather than legislate it out of existence, you provide the market with an alternative option. Admirable.

  • Paddy Burns
    Paddy Burns

    It's no better than plastic. For your kids and your bank account cos I'm sure he's not gonna profit in anyway. Stick to playing superheroes who drink fish piss

  • Suz

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! SO happy to see you get rid of that face fur. I'll be happier when this 1880s fad wanes, but I do love your looks without your beard. And yeah, aluminum.

    • Ascilto

      He looks like a kid

  • Laurenzo Overee
    Laurenzo Overee

    Jason Momoa doesn't read this.

  • FacheChanteDeux

    Your heart is in the right place but aluminum is linked to alzheimer's. The best option is bamboo or paper tetra pak.

  • Anne Rafael
    Anne Rafael

    Waaa mo more kahl Drogo Lol

  • Unicornsplay

    Please tell me that there’s gonna be an aquaman sequel and that Jason will be aquaman cuz if it’s someone else im no longer fan of DC COMICS and I’ll be full on MARVEL

  • Gael force
    Gael force

    Just loved Jason momoa a bit more.

  • Laure Mehrkens
    Laure Mehrkens

    I hope this idea you have, kicks off. Because it’s a simple and practical one. If I ever see water in aluminum cans, I’ll be sure to buy them instead. 👍👍

  • Corenn

    You're a cowardly bitch in real life, jason momoa.

  • Julianna H5782
    Julianna H5782

    He protec He attac He spits out beard hair And brings aluminum bacc

    • TheLifeandLena

      And there are the 12 year old kids

  • Conny Bonetto
    Conny Bonetto

    NOOOOOOOOOOO, let it grow again

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  • Sarah Garcia
    Sarah Garcia

    I love this beard... :(

  • Sarah Garcia
    Sarah Garcia


  • Sarah Garcia
    Sarah Garcia

    Crying forever.