Getting Stranded With The Disk Harrow - Blew A Tire On Day 1!!!

  • ChuckE2009

    Updated Version Of The Cordless Impact Wrench That I Use: (See my review on mine from 2016, it's still working!)

    • Bender MI
      Bender MI

      @Michael Mac Tavish Your answer to Siewert Nordang is wrong.

    • Bender MI
      Bender MI

      @Michael Mac Tavish Please edit your answer to Siewert Nordang. Thanks.

    • Michael Mac Tavish
      Michael Mac Tavish

      @Bender MI yeah im trying hook up my town up with a KUBOTA M7060 narrow with front pto 3point hitch with mower,blade,sweeper and snowblower and salt spreader wich would cost them less then a holder wich holders are around $140,000 tractor alone and the m7060 kubota wold be way less

    • Josh K. Southeast MN Farms
      Josh K. Southeast MN Farms

      That tire will probably treat you fine for a couple seasons like you said.

    • Bender MI
      Bender MI

      @Michael Mac Tavish It's a M7060

  • Miguel Ángel Valderrama
    Miguel Ángel Valderrama

    That disk harrow frame looks RYSTY😠, you have to paint it.

  • Duane Dean
    Duane Dean

    Looks like your wheel bearing is to tight or dry.

  • joe hopes
    joe hopes

    You were winging that one, and you lost.

  • James Methvin
    James Methvin

    I got one just like that. 24 years ago we lost most of our land and equipment. We parked what was left out back of my brothers place. It is going to take a chain saw to cut away the trees that have grown up through it. I wanted to use it to disc up the half acre I cleared on my place. New tires would be the first thing on the list. I decided that would be too much work and used a disc turn plow that hadn't been sitting that long. Ten years ago we let someone borrow it so the under growth wasn't so bad.

  • david maupin
    david maupin

    put a speed hadel on that lever guy lol whach all your stuff


    That is still an offset disk, not a disk harrow. Your screw adjustment is ONLY t get the disk running level when disking. Put a jack on the tongue so you can hook it up to the tractor.

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Aha so you DO read comments! 6.23

  • thr8061

    On our farm growing up, Dad got so many cheap used tires from the junk yard. We always had several extras laying around for wagons and other stuff in case of emergencies.

  • Ed Yates
    Ed Yates

    I don’t mean this as an insult.... man do you have bad luck with farming. It’s a real bitch to get established, too bad your going it solo because you need help.


    you know how we do this in Russia if you have a broken Tire find a medium sized log you should like temporary Tire just dragging along slowly

  • DaSavageFox 01
    DaSavageFox 01

    does that backhoe even run I know you worked on it but it hasn’t been covered up

  • Justin Schippers
    Justin Schippers

    Ford rims work

  • rkwill100

    for what ever reason, I no longer get email notifications when you post a new video. However, I'm still subscribed and the 'notification bell' still indicates notifications enabled any idea why?

  • hey you
    hey you

    Tires have a date code.

  • ArcBurn 33
    ArcBurn 33

    I am 66 yrs, old and just got my first cordless impact gun or wrench. What a great tool. I didn’t make my living as a mechanic, but as a welder who did lots of repair work on heavy equipment and hay field equipment as well as keeping my welding machines and trucks going. Wish they had made those tools about 40 years ago..

  • Mike Goodman
    Mike Goodman

    Think those weeds with thorns are Dew Berries. If you disc them you will be spreading them. They reproduce through their roots, seeds, and can reproduce through the leaves and produce roots. Cut it into four pieces and you'll have four new plants so disking is not the answer. Way to late to plant oaks.

  • D Woods
    D Woods

    Probably won't read any way! Those tires your putting on won't support the weight of that equipment. You need heavy duty trailer tires!!

  • jasonmushersee

    if those are 15" tires go to a auto salvage and look for ford f150 4wd trucks they have 235/15 LT 6 ply tires. the LT tires get sun weather checked but take a off road pounding never ever go flat great for hay wagons/gravity boxes. usually cost $5 - $10/each

  • krinkov545

    Next year go Wes Pandy, Ice Hay Baling.

  • Kyle Bass
    Kyle Bass

    The one time you don't put new tires on something and have a blow out!

  • localcrew

    You know why this happened? Harrow wasn’t painted and there’s no “Slow Moving Vehicle” triangle on the back. You’re just asking for it.

  • Beastyluke123

    Checking for spiders is a must!

  • johnistheNonChrist

    9:30 seems like a german song ;)

  • beepbeepcoyote

    Tyres rot from the inside. Replace them every 6 years. They may look ok but it's what you cannot see that leaves you stranded.

  • Zippy TheChicken
    Zippy TheChicken

    welp that sucked but ... did lucky hop in the pickup and come rescue you? :o)

  • Morgan Adair
    Morgan Adair

    Keep a electric cordless set in every tractor that you use

  • Tim Kirkpatrick
    Tim Kirkpatrick

    Good luck, might consider a light cast of some legume seed to fix nitrogen.

  • john cooper
    john cooper

    Glad you moved to Texas. We need more independent living, privacy loving folks out here.

  • Brett Weise
    Brett Weise

    Hey bud uh , you need to foam fill those tires on your disc and you’ll have nothing to worry about bud.

  • pdmustgt d
    pdmustgt d

    They look like car tires and if so they don't last long. Go get correct tire

  • MiJaK123

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with really bad luck.

  • Neil Wehling
    Neil Wehling

    Be careful when shutting the door with the chain laying on the floor, I can see the door shattering.


    The last thing you'll hafta worry about is damaging your disc gangs on the pavement if anything you'll disc the county road first😂😂

  • Steven Lein
    Steven Lein

    looks like a old steam locomotive video fix fix fix, lube lube, run repeat.

  • lifeblood_ dirt
    lifeblood_ dirt

    What about your fertility program? I assume you have one. You can have all the equipment in the world but if you have no fertility in the ground you have a poor crop at best. You should invest in a fertilizer buggy and a sprayer also check out local agronomy classes. It seems you are focusing on the equipment and not enough on being a steward of the land.


    holy crap fisk tires havent been made since the 90's tires should be at most 10 years old anything past that is on borrowed time

  • KSUFarmer

    I'd leave that spring setup. It lets the disk flex and give while it goes across the ground. It would be too rigid with a cylinder there.

  • Dr.Jex___

    the fact that that tire blew under 25 mpg must be a testament to the weight of the equipment.

  • InjunOne

    Put aircraft tires on it, Stay away from auto tires

  • Fredrick Kohlman
    Fredrick Kohlman

    your screw with spring is for leveling disk. you don't want a cylinder there.

    • Northern farmer
      Northern farmer

      Fredrick Kohlman that’s what I said to

  • Mike Vedette
    Mike Vedette

    look into poco barley, could work for you


    That's what you get for trashing harbor freight

  • chris miller
    chris miller

    Why do you leave the loader on to bounce all over the place when you do stuff like disking?

  • Colton dudeson
    Colton dudeson

    Quit while your ahead your not a farmer and you keep proving it ticke after time. Just stop before you go bankrupt. Stick to what your good at welding.

  • Weaver Cattle Company
    Weaver Cattle Company

    Let me clue you in on sometime, car/truck tires on equipment never works out well because they don't handle the weight and farming abuse all that well! If you're going to run those cheap ass tires on equipment then at least put inner tubes in them. That old man that sold you that pile seen you coming a mile away and he would've gotten your ass with the hydraulic hoses too but you lucked out on that 🤪 That character was laughing all the way to the bank! Getting stuck in the road is nothing, we had a tie-rod on the combine break while going down the road and blocked both lanes for about an hour till I could get the tractor hooked up to the PTO-generator and strap a Lincoln PowerMIG 140c on top of it to make a temporary repair to get it down the road and back to the shop 😉 Well, at least you're getting your farming education via the School of Hard Knocks rather than those suckers who waste their money going to college to learn about farming from some Neck-Tie, Hobby Farming College Professor! George Bernard Shaw: “He who can does; he who cannot, teaches.”

  • Let's Dig One
    Let's Dig One

    Go ahead and mount you a couple of spares to the top of the harrow frame. That’s even cheaper insurance.

  • Rugger 878
    Rugger 878

    well stop nagging about changing a tire before getting running

  • dptcreationz

    wait what no new tires on all machines …………

  • scott17818

    should have gone over this piece of equipment first before depending upon it for work.. those tires should have no more than 35PSI.. you were begging for them to blow at 40+PSI..

  • Sebastian Storholm
    Sebastian Storholm

    The new settings are looking a lot better than the last video!

  • Dave Kimbler
    Dave Kimbler

    The wheels on the disk go round and round all the daggon day ! 🎶🎶

  • CloudyRedSaloon

    I know exactly what you were listening to in the truck. Greetings from Germany

  • Richard Warnock
    Richard Warnock

    ChuckE it's just a Murphy's Law learning curve test day!!!, the Spider was a sign!, even Lucky knew!!!; )

  • Robert Cookson
    Robert Cookson

    Gonna bet you NEVER not replace old tires again?

  • RunSolo

    Time for a DIY spare tire holder?

  • lexpee

    O men everything is so rusty. Paint is cheaper than you think, a brush is also not too expensive. In other words, go paint

  • Shon Zee
    Shon Zee

    Using an old, dry rotted Discount tire from their budget value line on farm equipment, what could go wrong?


    Try some hay grazer

  • luke reynolds
    luke reynolds

    Listening to the waffen ss sing there chuckie you legend hahahahahaha

    • luke reynolds
      luke reynolds

      Chris Matthewson when he was in his truck that was a nazi song playing very small piece 9.30

    • Chris Matthewson
      Chris Matthewson

      ??? What do you mean? there wasn't any music in the video.

  • David TheCarpenter
    David TheCarpenter

    Old dry rotted tires last longer when you keep them off the road... Where is your pile of old,almost rotted tires. Betcha the Nissan had a tire that would fit.

  • MrHillfolk


  • John BURKE
    John BURKE

    Don't Assume Anything when purchasing used equipment........................The Gospel according to St. ChuckE2009

  • Scania1982

    Gangsta, didnt wipe off the zerks. Please film the zerk lubrication of the disc harrow.

  • Affra

    You know that tire had say without air for a year or decade, aired up just before you picked it up, blows up instantly.

  • Wicked455Cinema

    get the milwaukee electric grease gun, its so much better and quicker

  • Austin Robert
    Austin Robert

    13 mph with a heavy implement with 20+ blades, on dry rotted tires on a "pretty busy road"..... dumb

  • Nick Bruns
    Nick Bruns

    Murphy's Law in effect here.

  • Allan Vaneste
    Allan Vaneste

    I'd say he is a little shy on equipment to make a decent job seeding. Work it. Probably broadcast the seed. Then work it in with the disk? I thinks it might be a bit rough when he's done. And no fertilizer or proper weed control. Good luck.

  • Brad Taylor
    Brad Taylor

    Remember Rule #1: Trust nothing.

  • Gerald Swain
    Gerald Swain

    This has shot a few of those jokers down that keep moaning about him fitting new tyres to his equipment.. idiots!.

  • Mike George
    Mike George

    Used Aviation Tires that are out of life cycle for civilian use will be the last tire you ever purchase for agricultural use. Available in Canada, must be somebody in Texas who sells them. Cheers.

    • Mike George
      Mike George

      the tractor's door locks with the key.. so you can't lock the keys in the cab

  • Gerald Swain
    Gerald Swain

    There's a saying i heard some where ! never assume anything regarding used machinery keep that in mind Lance .

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson

    I tune in to see Lucky’s recent video and I watch a blown tire on used farm equipment. Pretty sure Lucky taught you better.


    Till 2 rounds around the out side of the field then set it on fir it will bring the grass back even greener.


    Yep guess you forgot to put new tires on it like you do with the tractors when you get them.

  • Michael Mueller
    Michael Mueller

    I’d bet the belt jumped. It’s a bite in the butt.

  • Backwoods Runaround
    Backwoods Runaround

    Hook the case up to it!

  • OscarWhiskeyFoxtrot

    You could have been seriously killed. ;-)

  • amos snow
    amos snow

    ChuckE had a better day than I did yesterday: stuck another tractor after sticking a different one last weekend.All part of it....As soon as I see weather checking on a tire it's replaced:will fail more often than not and never where it's an easy/timely fix.

  • Craton765

    9:30 Nice song


    No luck chuck

  • Jim Wachsman
    Jim Wachsman

    Hey ChuckE, love your videos. Some constructive criticism here... I don’t think you’re gonna be happy with that disc. It’s very heavy, it won’t leave you a nice level seedbed. I would suggest you look into getting a grain drill. Any seed you put down needs to be buried slightly, broadcasting seed on top will not give you good results. Plus with a grain drill you can do custom seeding for others... just my two cents.

  • Buddy Martin
    Buddy Martin

    Chuck! We use whatever we can find that will hold air so if it were me I'd spend the money on another spindle for the inside. I know you see where it's made for it

  • Douglas McKinnon
    Douglas McKinnon

    Good morning as a fellow disc puller my disc came with airplane tires with foam. You can get used ones they have to change them for regulation but they are still good they have thicker rubber. The rim and tire will fall off and you will run it over. Mine has three times and still going the tires have been on fore 25 to 30 years

  • AJ

    Automotive tires on a Tillage tool is always a fail lol should be at least 8-10 ply implement tires or just be sure to have a spare

  • 3374jj

    Square toe boot kinda place!!!... Lmao



  • reaper11t

    Is that a prime well tire that you put on if so I use them on a race car and they are 55 bucks a piece brand new

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell

    Ah man! So close.

  • Leland Gaunt
    Leland Gaunt

    Well at least you didn’t blow a seal.

  • Kyle Hutchison
    Kyle Hutchison

    You’re going to need to get a proper implement jack. The crank handle/spring that you’re using isn’t a jack. That screw is on there to adjust the pitch angle of your disc, unhook your disc with it locked in the up position, put your hydraulic remotes on float to unhook the hoses. That way there’s no pressure on the hoses and the machine will be locked up. That keeps your steel from rusting in the dirt and allows you to hook it up a lot easier with a normal jack

  • Kurt McLeland
    Kurt McLeland

    Look at the weight rating on the tire times it by 2 . I'll bet the disc weighs more than the number you come up with 😕 and was that a older Ford 1/2 ton bolt pattern on the disc?

    • Mike Goodman
      Mike Goodman

      older Ford 1/2 ton bolt pattern on the disc would be correct.

  • jlawflying

    Know the feeling. Bought a used hay dolly couple Years back. Blew a tire on the way home when I bought it. Blew the other tire hauling hay back to my farm one time. Have two new tires on it now had any trouble sense.

  • Robert Corrie
    Robert Corrie

    You have a 5 bolt implement wheel and hub on that disc they have big bearings and hub . Thanks for the great content

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    2-4 D man tillage isn't the ticket

  • Kyle Hutchison
    Kyle Hutchison

    Not sure if your offset disc has it or not already, but you need to make sure it has some type of transport lock to keep it in the up position so as you’re not relying on your hydraulic cylinders/hoses to keep the machine in the transport (up) position.Nothing worse than blowing a hydraulic line and disking up a patch of road. My $0.02

    • Mike Goodman
      Mike Goodman

      Maybe he knows of a good welder who can make him one.

  • Ron Torrence
    Ron Torrence

    Yer like me, ifn it aint one thing, it's another, but not usually as bad as it could have been

  • R.C. Whitehead
    R.C. Whitehead

    Squared-toed boot style trucks. LOL! I don't let men wearing flippers in the Cummins.

  • Marsh Zajicek
    Marsh Zajicek

    I live in Texas. Wrong time of year to plant oats...... you are also going to need something to firm your seed bed up before planting, I have a disc very similar to the one your are using. It is going to leave clods of dirt to large to be putting a small seed into. The seed will not have enough energy to germinate if placed too deep. I would suggest doing a video on making your own cultipacker, can by new or used packer wheels online and weld frame yourself. After discing you can then use the cultipacker to firm your seed bed up before planting.