Generations React To 100 Years Of Celebrity Breakups
100 Years Of Celebrity Breakups Reacted to by Generations. Original links below.
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Generations react to 100 years of celebrity breakups. Watch to see
their reactions.
Content Featured:
Liza and David -
Oscar Wilde -
Casablanca -
Seinfeld -
Godfather -
Trisha Paytas -
Jason Nash -
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Reactors Featured:
Jordan, age 17
Vivica, age 17
Darius, age 19
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Generations React To 100 Years Of Celebrity Breakups

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    • Alexaa Mrtz
      Alexaa Mrtz

      FBE this should have been “breakup songs”

    • Life Sucks
      Life Sucks

      Do teens react to popularmmos break up I know a lot people watched them when they were young

    • Raf Warner
      Raf Warner

      React to Madonna's new video "God control".

    • Ke Ke Luccia veİNFİesc
      Ke Ke Luccia veİNFİesc Please-Selena Gomez I love you like a love song react this group covers.They are amazing and Lady Gaga -,and Michael Jackson - They don't care about

    • Victoria Garcia
      Victoria Garcia


  • Zero Mega
    Zero Mega

    Liza dumped David because she was out growing him. Girls can't date down. They date up or across.

  • aewcaleb forever
    aewcaleb forever

    Rachael your really beautiful 😢

  • Nisan Dumlupınar
    Nisan Dumlupınar

    Wheres ariana Grande and Pete Davidson break up

    • Jeus Colored
      Jeus Colored


    • queentalktoomuch

      Nisan Dumlupınar that was not emotional

  • Kaylor_ 1989
    Kaylor_ 1989

    Damn, when Darius started crying I lost it😭😭

  • Seamus O'Connor
    Seamus O'Connor


  • Radio


  • Azaria Hernandez
    Azaria Hernandez

    Okay but what about Rachel and Ross!!❤️❤️

    • itmekc

      They were on a BREAK


    😭 😭 your welcome 😊

  • Connor Dowd
    Connor Dowd

    Feels bad Darius

  • Alex Farnham
    Alex Farnham


  • Jaime Hixson
    Jaime Hixson


  • welcome to the fangirl parade
    welcome to the fangirl parade

    “everyone goes through a break up” ha. not me. ive never been in a relationship before lol.

    • Crazy girl Ondablock
      Crazy girl Ondablock

      welcome to the fangirl parade SaMe

    • Diana Moreno
      Diana Moreno

      Same 😂

    • Serena


  • Cheyanne LeCamp
    Cheyanne LeCamp

    Liza and David:(

  • Mike Mack
    Mike Mack

    Narcissists! Jeebus Chrissy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claudia W
    Claudia W

    What about prank vs prank?

  • Vanessa Murgia
    Vanessa Murgia

    Domo and crusty ??😂

  • Danessa Mae
    Danessa Mae

    You should have done a part with bfvsgf breakup that was a really big break up

    • Fluffy Fatima
      Fluffy Fatima

      Danessa Mae ooh yeah it was a big break up

  • Banana Havana_Fin
    Banana Havana_Fin

    Where was the Ross and Rachel breakup?

  • AnIOop kitty
    AnIOop kitty


  • XxAngel-TonixX

    What about Laurex? Lauren 💔 Alex.

    • Jackeline Cuzco
      Jackeline Cuzco

      XxAngel-TonixX 🥺💔

  • unique star love
    unique star love


    • Jackeline Cuzco
      Jackeline Cuzco

      unique star love I felt bad!!

  • First Last
    First Last

    What about gone with the wind?

  • Winona Sucks
    Winona Sucks


  • LySandra Grace
    LySandra Grace

    It's funny how he says it's selfish of her to take the kids when he was a literal mob boss...


    You forgot my breakup with lasagna 😭😭😭

  • Emilia Anquoe
    Emilia Anquoe

    I wasn't expecting to see Trish and Jason on here lmao


    David and Liza 🤢🤮 it wasn’t a real relationship from the start

    • lizbeth martinez
      lizbeth martinez

      WAKOKAINE what yes it was lol

  • EsaMexicanaa

    David and Liza UGH 😭💔

  • Noemi De La Torre
    Noemi De La Torre

    Yo, Darius crying fucked me up. Like dude, I need to hug him, tell him everything’s going to be okay and he’s going to find love. I’m not okay.

  • Gemini Gaara
    Gemini Gaara

    Broke with girl while watching thisTBH

  • Allonymous

    I'm right there with you, Darius, but we have to believe it'll get better.

  • K Jeezy
    K Jeezy

    Here’s looking at you, kid.

  • I am GROOT
    I am GROOT

    But in reality we don’t know how the relationships were 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ non of em made me sad it just happens

  • I am GROOT
    I am GROOT

    But in reality we don’t know how the relationships were 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ non of em made me sad it just happens

  • I am GROOT
    I am GROOT

    But in reality we don’t know how the relationships were 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ non of em made me sad

  • ciikumrsbabes

    Darius omg ❤️

  • Zuri Roach
    Zuri Roach

    *starts to thunderstorm right when I'm watching this*

  • Kitella 123
    Kitella 123


  • Siclaly Medina
    Siclaly Medina


  • Xandra Nicholai
    Xandra Nicholai

    The 1896 one!!! And they looked so cute together!!!! :(

    • EP Random Mexican Kid
      EP Random Mexican Kid

      Xandra Nicholai not true

  • Shayna Maliea
    Shayna Maliea

    When you do not realize that Dark 5 Rachel works at mind was blown

  • Maha Ignas
    Maha Ignas

    Trisha and Jason OMG 😂 buy why ? 😅

  • Rosy Ellis
    Rosy Ellis

    The one break up that almost made me cry was Laurex (LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi) 😭 it was so sadd

  • konfessionlife mads
    konfessionlife mads

    should have put lance steward breakup video.. that shit was SAD

  • Not Now Not Ever
    Not Now Not Ever

    I would love to erase a few people from my memory/life

  • Bailey F
    Bailey F

    So we’re just gonna ignore when Archie broke up with Veronica? Ok.

    • Under rock
      Under rock

      Yea WTF

    • Via foxladysledgehammer Drewery
      Via foxladysledgehammer Drewery

      Gah Riverdales horrible

    • Bailey F
      Bailey F

      What happened to people taking jokes :/

    • Daniel Murcia
      Daniel Murcia

      Cause that very Godfather scene hits deep till this day and whatever that cartoon/series does isn't that relevant to many people

  • christian chim
    christian chim

    That alsys like -OOooh

  • KingBino 22
    KingBino 22

    How is bfvgf not on this list? Like Jesse and Jeane had a whole thing smh the last one honestly should not have made the list

    • Shane Anne Sabs
      Shane Anne Sabs

      That's what I'm saying!! Jesse and Jeana break up video hurt so much !

  • Bridgette Victoria
    Bridgette Victoria

    who hurt daruis? i just wanna talk

    • grace

      Bridgette Victoria same

  • Graciela Mejia
    Graciela Mejia

    You gusy should do a number 2 of this video and have them react to .f.r.e.i.n.d.s. brake ups like ross and rachel

  • Victoria .Anthis
    Victoria .Anthis

    Y does this video come up the day after I get broken up with??? Like what?!?!?!

    • EP Random Mexican Kid
      EP Random Mexican Kid


    • m jay
      m jay

      Victoria .Anthis Sending love ❤️❤️

    • Madeleine Griessel
      Madeleine Griessel

      Victoria .Anthis strongs ❤️

  • sailorsaturn

    Who tf hurt Darius? I just want to talk

  • Destiny Weathers
    Destiny Weathers

    Who hurt Darius? He started tearing up and I just died! 😭

    • 《lyn 》
      《lyn 》

      Sameee I felt bad ):

    • Destiny Weathers
      Destiny Weathers

      He said he gave all his heart and that he’s sorry like!!! It’s okay now! 😭

    • Maha Ignas
      Maha Ignas

      Ikr me toooo

    • MummkeyGirl

      Me too

  • 50k Hai
    50k Hai

    I love Casablanca 😩💙

  • Kayla Bedsole
    Kayla Bedsole


  • Amaya The Unicorn
    Amaya The Unicorn

    Ummm where is domo and crissy

  • Lee Walls
    Lee Walls

    Who hurt Darius?! Omg when he teared up 😭

  • Alina

    No one : Genarations react :wow... that's deep

  • Maddy G
    Maddy G

    I wanted to see Alex Wassabi and LaurDIY! I miss laurex!

    • Maddy G
      Maddy G

      Rosy Ellis I agree !

  • babiluv1216

    Omg lil lion is so adorable....... I absolutely love her....

  • cutekiwi405

    How open and honest the people in this video were is amazing. They told stories from their experience and told stuff that the viewers could relate too. This episode was beautiful.

  • Hannah Vineyard
    Hannah Vineyard

    You forgot about Alex and Lauren’s breakup

    • Rosy Ellis
      Rosy Ellis


  • 20luvable

    Celeb breakups and you didn't do Jelena!? 😭😭 iconic

  • Dan boy
    Dan boy

    This, 😪, is to respect Rachel's wishes. Happy crying Rachel.

  • Breanna Bayliss
    Breanna Bayliss

    David and Liza still makes me cry 😭 I hope they get back together

    • Breanna Bayliss
      Breanna Bayliss

      Tricia Fradrick I’m don’t care what u say I hope and support them

    • Tricia Fradrick
      Tricia Fradrick


  • Kookie pardon
    Kookie pardon

    Am I the only one who didn't cry..or Am I just that heartless?

    • Rosy Ellis
      Rosy Ellis

      @Sωεεէ how is "did you look in the mirror a fact"? It is a question 😂😂 but whatever you sayy..

    • Sωεεէ

      @Rosy Ellis thats not a comeback its fax

    • Rosy Ellis
      Rosy Ellis

      @Sωεεէ that's not a very good comeback but that's ok cause I couldn't have done any better 😂

    • Sωεεէ

      @Rosy Ellis did you look at a mirror?

    • Rosy Ellis
      Rosy Ellis

      @Sωεεէ eww

  • Divya Chowdary
    Divya Chowdary

    Still wondering if liza got her mayo

  • Divya Chowdary
    Divya Chowdary

    David and liza jeez everyone cried when they brokeup😭😭still hoping that they gonna get back together.


      Fakest breakup ever

    • Richard Coyle
      Richard Coyle

      Divya Chowdary I didn’t cry

  • Jane Nile
    Jane Nile

    Am I just cold? Idc about my exes..I move on ...but I liked them? Idk...😓😅😅 the memories made were fun and I miss the memories not the person