GAMING on The First 8K TV!!!!
Linus Tech Tips
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The Samsung Q900R QLED 8K TV offers a top class in visuals, clarity, and just overall an amazing experience, but what does it take to really get 8K working when the tech isn't quite there yet to output it.
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  • dam saleh
    dam saleh

    Who watched at 3:17 and 4:03 at least two times

  • djb presents
    djb presents

    Didnt game wtf

  • chad demeuse
    chad demeuse

    So basically its up down, up down, B A B A, Select Start and you get real 8K?

  • jose valencia
    jose valencia

    the heat it generates is insane.

  • Joeki11a

    The dude saying is the best graphics he has ever

  • Nicholas Hawley
    Nicholas Hawley

    I’m waiting 2 or 3 year’s 4 a 8k tv

  • N N
    N N

    OMG the smoothest head hitting ever

  • talclipse

    The industry needs to get its shit together.4k hasn't even caught on yet,and they are already looking past it. Literally by the time 4k gets to 50% Adoption it will be Obsolete. The ps5 and xbox 2 are already right now UNDERPOWERED as in 3 years 8k will be what 4k is today. Unbelievable!! GET YOUR SHITS TOGETHER!!!

  • fatmanpedaling

    still can't watch the superbowl at 1080p

  • kgkustomz97ser

    8k is pretty much useless on a screen that small 🤷


    Hell ya i thought he was T.Coutuais

  • Vexcarius

    Did Linus just loaded Cities: Skylines? Woah

  • TB_ SnEaKy
    TB_ SnEaKy

    Ole boy stoved his dome pipe!!!!!! Hahahahh

  • indoraptor indosavage
    indoraptor indosavage


  • Aree Nagato
    Aree Nagato

    Viewing from the left to the right then to left again, right again and got my headache.

  • Iancreed8592

    I guess 8k will be the new 4k in like 5 years I guess....eventually vr is going to just destroy everything.

  • Barry Huddlestun
    Barry Huddlestun

    Imagine that, you pay for new technology for 8K display but you have to get advice for how to set it up and use it from tech support! WOW

  • TIGHTT88

    SCIENCE: You eyes can’t see 8k. They can’t even see 4K unless your display is 65 inches or larger. What’s the point? I don’t plan on gaming at 4K on my 24inch display because it’s a waste of resources and time.

  • Shard

    Looks terrible on my screen lol. It's a little like Amy Wong's obscene tattoo in Futurama: Bender: Hey! Get a load of this pathetic 20th century T.V. Fry: What's wrong with it? Bender: Well, aside from causing eye cancer, these things had a lousy low-definition picture. Amy: That's true. I bet on a T.V. like this you couldn't even make out my obscene tattoo.

  • Muaathe Aziz
    Muaathe Aziz

    First of all this not the first 8K TV. The first ever TV of 8K made by SHARP

  • Sirius


  • DoYouEvenScienceM8

    if i could play youtube reliably in 720p on this thing itd be a major upgrade.... thats 36x as many pixels

  • Xbox Fan Boy
    Xbox Fan Boy

    U should give away a 8k tv

  • K13rAnW3AvEr05

    8K HD TV are useless, the human eye can't see 8K graphics so there for 8K TVs are useless, 4K are no different because the human eye can just see the true 4k HD

  • Cesar Estrada
    Cesar Estrada

    ahahahahahah min 3:19 :'D

  • excellent boi
    excellent boi

    I thought samsung said dont buy a 65 inch,buy a 75 or higher

  • hamdan sitompul
    hamdan sitompul

    please bump your head one more time 😂😂😂, lmao

  • The Scrypher
    The Scrypher

    You cannot visually see too far beyond 2.5k.

  • Sean Omight
    Sean Omight

    Pleased as punch? What are you... 4? Guhhhh. Idiot. lol. Just kidding man.

  • TH3MS

    best tv atm

  • Nonya Bizz
    Nonya Bizz

    Congratulations on buying 8x the TRASH! I bought a 4K and most of the shit I do isn't even compatible with 4 k.

  • Ajani Allen
    Ajani Allen

    Must be nice to watch anime on😼😼😼

  • Robert

    How an I supposed to see the detail on my 4k monitor.

  • PhaseSkater

    penguins dont fly...

  • James Irwin
    James Irwin

    Once 8k becomes normal most people will realise that 4k was all you needed. Unless you're looking for 240 inch screens.

    • The Scrypher
      The Scrypher

      You cannot see beyond 2.5k.

  • Kenny The Commando
    Kenny The Commando

    3:18 is the best part of the video 🤡

  • Incredible World
    Incredible World

    Good quality video! Keep doing excellent content and you can expect to increase quickly! Subscribe to our channel and so we will subscribe to your channel!

  • Lion Rebel
    Lion Rebel

    too much talking gays 😂✌

  • Luke

    3:17 HAHA I’m dead 🤣 Oh yeah and this one 4:04

  • Videus Gogo Surbakti
    Videus Gogo Surbakti

    4:05 Ouh

  • botsok3skelion

    That Austin 3:16 and 4:03 are the best part of this video! 😂😂😂

  • Pavonis1010

    What is he doing right there 6:41 ??? Does this disable unwanted stuff please replay of anyone knows

  • Ryan McGee
    Ryan McGee

    Linus just says 4K now it’s like nothing

  • Jose Calderon
    Jose Calderon

    Just a heads up the 90" inch is 70 thousand dollars

  • Tyler Savin
    Tyler Savin

    WTF is the use case for this? Srsly, that power and component brick is a huge step back into the past. Poor design choice leading to a waste in production. Good luck

  • Integr8d

    The ASC did a test, when HD was just becoming a viable format for cinema. They asked the audience to hold up their hands, as they cycled up from 240p to higher resolutions, and drop them, when they could no longer see a difference. Hands fell between 720p and 1080p. When it comes to motion resolution, the brain has a hard time processing detail beyond 720p-1080p. Static resolution is a different matter. But judging at how close you guys are getting to the tv, we've reached the point of diminishing returns on a display that size (and probably much larger).


    3:18 bruh

  • Youtuber

    give me 2 !!!

  • johnny1992black Ra
    johnny1992black Ra

    watching this in 4k on a 8k Tv is an experience of once in a lifetime

  • Almia

    i can see my soul right there

  • Hussean Duncan
    Hussean Duncan

    Watching a video about a 8k tv on a 1080p phone screen at 720p and I expected to see the full 8k resolution. 😂

  • Di Ablo
    Di Ablo

    When he smacked his head on the shelf it made me laugh like a crazy person !

  • Incredible World
    Incredible World

    Excellent video! Continue creating excellent content and you can expect to expand very quickly! Subscribe to our channel and also we are going to subscribe back!

  • kevin cadette
    kevin cadette

    LeTs JuSt TuRn iT On 0_o? 4:04

  • LiverTwitchTv

    guy be like.. theres some stutter in there during the Forza gameplay. Xbox be like.... yeh we got you homie. Project Scarlett coming Holiday 2022. meaning 8K Xbox Gaming. ;) yes, it's going to be friggin amazeballs. oh did I mention the xbox two currently code named Project Scarlett will also be shipped with the next Halo installement!? Halo Infinite. :) so get ready for your eyes to water amigos. it's going to get crazy.

  • TGS Undead
    TGS Undead

    This thing costs 5k.... I’ll just wait another decade

  • humnaset

    Samsung likes Jerry more, they gave him the 80" one

  • Why?

    8:01 why are those penguins flying ?

    • Joseph Bekkala
      Joseph Bekkala

      This deserves more upvotes

  • Keziah Reiss
    Keziah Reiss

    How do we think Linux might handle this? Given that Windows was having some issues...

  • DDG 28
    DDG 28


  • DDG 28
    DDG 28


  • Orion Wilson
    Orion Wilson

    Linus is easily as weird, or more, than me.

  • Arjun Dhensaw
    Arjun Dhensaw

    0:47 does he live in Vancouver or did it just happen to be what’s playing?

  • Johann Hoika
    Johann Hoika

    Next up: „We watercooled an 8k monitor!“

  • SaimonSSL

    Unfortunately hdmi 2.0 was not designed for 8K. It can do 8K as in at last minute they shoved it in to compete with Display port. You need hdmi 2.1 and the cable has to be 2.1 quality.

    • Ant Man
      Ant Man

      Yep and cables are expensive AF atm too. Spent $379AUD for a 20M V2.1 cable to wall port.

    • Lee N
      Lee N

      This is also why he couldn't achieve 8K 60hz, as the 2.0 standard can only do 8K 30hz max (Linus may have stated this, i just skipped through). LG have confirmed earlier this year that their first 8K tv will feature FULL hdmi 2.1 support for future proofing.


    He protecc He attacc But most importantly He Thicc

  • steelfalconx2000

    I remember when you guys put 4 4k panels together and called that 8k...

  • A Videos
    A Videos

    Buat nonton bokep mantap jaya. Vagina dan penisnya terlihat mulus dan uuuhhhhhh bikin cokli...

  • Toms Tech
    Toms Tech

    7.6K* If you had a screen that was 1680x1050 and called it 2K I think brandon would punch you.

  • filip andre
    filip andre

    But can you run Minecraft on this?