Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location
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FNAF is back again. This game never really ends, does it? This time Scott Cawthon put up teasers for the new installment, Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. Of course then he took the main image down for other reasons, but that's for another day. Today, I am here to tell you that I have figured out the ENTIRE new lore for FNAF VR. From our return to Sister Location, to what this all means for this beloved franchise - it's going to get DARK! Are you ready, Theorists?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Makayla Lowery
    Makayla Lowery

    I have watched this video multiple times and I think I have a good idea about the new game. Is it possible that all of those images relating to the past games are flashbacks? Like these technicians are new and they are working there on the animatronics but when they go home, something follows them and gives them nightmares about what happened in the past? Like if you worked on Bonnie in the game, then you would have a nightmare about what happened in FNAF 1 that night. That's why the technicians would not trust the company because the company lied to everyone saying it was OK but it actually was much worse than what it seemed. They hated working there and they were so overwhelmed at what happened and so depressed that they decided to kill themselves so they didn't have to see those nightmares ever again.

  • Lukas Jameson
    Lukas Jameson

    MatPat: Is this the last FNAF game theory I will ever do? Scott: *Yesn’t*

  • Colatore123 :v
    Colatore123 :v

    Nah you got that wrong probably if «remember jeremy» was meant the way you thought it should of had a question mark...

  • Bryant Lester
    Bryant Lester

    These freaky games need to go away forever and never be remembered

  • meepthe sheep
    meepthe sheep


  • //Shadow_Reaper\\

    is it acctually a playstation exsclusive, cuz if it is, its gonna be screwing over alot of scotts fans that have no playstation or playstation vr!

    • //Shadow_Reaper\\

      edit: ive discovered the "platform: playstation" and am gonna hate if they don't expand it! btw i dont think its scotts fault that its playstation exsclusive but am still gonna be dissapointed cuz when i heard about the vr game! i bought a vr headset for my pc ( its not the only reason doe)!

  • Draven Bear
    Draven Bear

    I can tell Matt is so happy

  • YEET God
    YEET God


  • Joaquin Uribe
    Joaquin Uribe

    Matpat you think you can do a game theory based on a game called "Burning Daylight", the game play is about 30 mins and has alot of things i think you can talk about

  • Lolz my eggs
    Lolz my eggs

    Mat just wants to end the fanf but one day it will reach fnaf100

  • Bminton

    Hey mat i was watching this vidio and i saw you said the two workers were scared for there life but when i looked at the quote we knew it was from fnaf 2 so i think this is coming from the puppet because in fnaf two the original fnaf caracters (bonny freddy chica and foxy)where all close to the exit door so this sounds like this was something the puppet told the readers thats it please contact me if theres anything else

  • thedudeman out
    thedudeman out

    Matpat: finally I have finish fnaf Scott: surprise motherf###er Matpat: well at least batim is over The meatly: not so fast

  • Lmaobit -
    Lmaobit -

    1950’s: I bet we MatPat will solve Fnaf in 2019 2019: Flying cars

  • prettzx

    I assume that the bars in the image is to show that its in VR, like a digital room like the training room in street fighter ect

  • Laverne Christianson
    Laverne Christianson

    Fnaf is so cool

  • Laverne Christianson
    Laverne Christianson

    No fn

  • stikbot fan
    stikbot fan


  • Simplelife Vlogs 'n stuff
    Simplelife Vlogs 'n stuff

    Mat, YOUR getting grey hair bud. Chill out on these theories

  • Muhammad Lorgat
    Muhammad Lorgat

    is FNAF 8 don't believe me watch.... fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 fnaf 4 fnaf sis location (5) TJOC (6) fnaf custom night (7)

  • Beetus memeus
    Beetus memeus

    And 19

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    Why won't FNAF die?

  • E D
    E D

    HW=Help wanted HW=home work😰😧

  • BG Thomas
    BG Thomas

    Hey remember in fnaf 6 when the candy cadet said there were 5 kids sewn together, (discarding the book information) like the animatronics on the teaser were melted together as if the spirits came back to the animatronics, except they stayed together.

  • Sophia Rasspberry
    Sophia Rasspberry

    What if in the new FNAF vr help wanted you play as the security guard tampering with animatronics and other's such as FNAF 4 player.

  • Daniel Page
    Daniel Page

    I still want a game where you go around and get your vengeance on these things for scaring people. Walk around in VR and be able to fight these things instead of just trying to survive them.

  • firecracker038

    0:07 me:yes yes YES YES YES YEEES

  • Sophia Rasspberry
    Sophia Rasspberry

    Didn't you notice the hight of player in ballora gallery in sister location FNAF what if it's just like charlie in books. Example-you play as the kid version in some parts and since you watch cartoons after work it makes sense that you are at least someone with the mind of a child sure you can be crawling in ballora gallery in sister location FNAF but what if all the editions share a memory database somehow. I know it's quite far fetched but it did stand out a little.

  • Danica Fichtner
    Danica Fichtner

    I have a question) what is mangle? I mean Was she another recolor of foxy? also I have a theory of the real reason why its broken:I Mangle Is a Form of security anitronic to stop william afton and mangle DID find william afton while he was killing a child (or she saw the dead child) and to stop from being arrested he Broke Mangle and stole its radio ( aparently when mangle jumpscares you It takes your radio.) and to cover it up afton said the children played with mangle!!! ( please read this)

  • Sandra Candelaria
    Sandra Candelaria

    If William Afton is spring-trap how is spring-trap a character in ultimate custom night and it says scraptrap is William Afton

  • Beetus memeus
    Beetus memeus

    PETSCOP 17 AND 18

  • happynuggets459 ___
    happynuggets459 ___

    Where did Voiceover Land go? ;-;

  • Bryana Nope
    Bryana Nope

    I thought the gravestones represent the animatronics. Therefore the “Jeremy” the teaser is referring to is one of the spirits behind angry or out for revenge or something. But I like this theory too🤔

  • ForcesElite

    What if... PURPLE GUY AKA SPRINGTRAP WAS SET UP BY HENRY? I hope we find this out in the new game because it could continue the fnaf series once more. What if henry was made himself look like Purple guy and he started killing children? WHAT IF PURPLE GUY IS THE HERO BUT GOT SEND TO HECK FOR NO REASON.

  • Clash main
    Clash main

    Where is my: "But hey, its just a theory, a game theory!" ?

  • Luke TRM
    Luke TRM

    DUDE 👏🏻 The candy machine guy’s stories

  • Nikky Cola
    Nikky Cola

    If you go back to Mat’s last FNAF theory he mentions how William Afton/ Purple Guy basically binds 5 kids together into 1. Well here for the new game we have 1 animatronic made from 5 animatronics. Coincidence? Not with Scott

  • Lara Alquaie
    Lara Alquaie

    What if Jeremy was "the one you should have not killed"? Edit: they always refer to the one you should have not killed as him or he

  • BigDuck

    editing is garbage

  • Elyssa

    W H Y A M I W A T C H I N G A T H E O R Y O N A G A M E I D O N T K N O W

  • Dokidol Its me
    Dokidol Its me

    The little girl voice is so creepy 😨😨😨😨

  • Violet Draws
    Violet Draws

    How did I miss this.

  • Alexa Harris
    Alexa Harris

    This is really interesting! But I'm pretty sure that every picture of "Ennard" you mentioned was actually Ballora, after she got scooped. I know people probably already told you this. I really appreciate how much research you put into every video you do though.

  • the Fox files
    the Fox files

    mat you should know scot by now its never going to finnish like if you agree

  • BambuStik

    Now feels like 10 years of this franchise. Hope there will be an Endgame at the last of FCU(Freddy Cinematic Universe).

  • Insanely Regular
    Insanely Regular

    The more theory's we hear in FANAF, the more I feel MattPat is onto the right road.....just missing some things because of the analytical mind.

  • Burst Striker
    Burst Striker

    I remember back then when fnaf 3 came out I was scared of the game so I thought the 4 game would be the end I WAS WRONG

  • AiD3nn

    stop jump scaring me I pissed on my bed wtf

  • Claire Ann
    Claire Ann

    july 15th is my birthday. cool

  • Claire Ann
    Claire Ann

    loved that office reference at the beginning

  • Danpx Yt
    Danpx Yt

    Scott is making ur life miserable xD

  • Charlay ClayGre
    Charlay ClayGre

    See the new format fits this type of video really well

  • HosuhFan 1
    HosuhFan 1

    does anyone see animatronic faces in the backround

  • Colleen M
    Colleen M

    Im sorry matpat but what is that hair???

  • Tricia McCarter
    Tricia McCarter

    who else tried to find this on scott games but couldn't find it

  • go yanling14272
    go yanling14272


  • Sonia Valladares
    Sonia Valladares

    Henry is phone guy ☎️

  • Lancer and jevil!!
    Lancer and jevil!!

    Scott: *Hold my bear.*

  • Wizard laser1
    Wizard laser1

    5:51 look at his hands

  • 14KSoul

    Beginning=Matpat whenever a new game comes out.

  • Athen Walton
    Athen Walton

    We thought the FNAF Arc was over... But it's only just begun.

  • SansTheSkelly2018

    Matpat: Ah finally done with Fnaf Scott: *HOLD MY EXOTIC BUTTERS*

  • Future Hurd
    Future Hurd

    So I went back to your vid when you said sister location is under fnaf 4,and baby is in fnaf 4 do you think baby climb out of sister location to fnaf 4.

  • RealistMe

    I like this new editing style

  • FiryFox

    Do a theory on The Evil Within - what happened to joseph

  • A blep
    A blep

    but wait what if your not in every place but one place maybe because theres all them then they not anywere but everywear in one building

  • arcturus

    Scott: Fnaf Matpat: Theory Jeremy: Remember Hotel: Trivago

  • amazing player21
    amazing player21

    I feel like your William aftin and fnaf is golden freddy.

  • Andrea Gray
    Andrea Gray


  • Andrea Gray
    Andrea Gray


  • Andrea Gray
    Andrea Gray

    I thought Michael was the crying child!

  • Derpy 5500
    Derpy 5500

    Are you now anna you have a little bit of white in your hair

  • Taylor Makelah
    Taylor Makelah

    After the teaser I made a fnaf Funtime foxy snout,ears,cheeks, and bow tie but mangle is better than Funtime foxy anyway but Funtime foxy is second😄😄😄😄😄😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

  • domplayz nutting
    domplayz nutting

    that intro though damn mat

  • AnimatingEvan 1809
    AnimatingEvan 1809

    Finally, now I’ve seen an actual model of Spring Bonnie made by Scott, kinda

  • David McGee
    David McGee

    matpat maybe don't trust them means like the book you can have ai versions of you

  • David McGee
    David McGee

    game theory freddy look like he has finger prints over his eye brow a 5 across thing on freddy

  • Luna Chan
    Luna Chan

    MatPat: no, no, no, god, no no no no NO!

  • Luna Chan
    Luna Chan

    me: *looks at foxy and funtime foxy plushies* *sighs* forget it *throws self into fandom of fnaf*

  • Olivia

    I came back to this channel for the bendy and I saw new fnaf and I was like noooo but I’m watching is anyway

  • RaptorCats


  • Toxic sword Cannon
    Toxic sword Cannon

    *looks at line up of pop figures and pc* goodbye cruel world

  • Dead Mangoez
    Dead Mangoez

    any1 think it will work on the vive?

  • apple cidder
    apple cidder

    Mike might actually be springtrap, and william could actually be in jail. In a teaser, or the end of a video I've seen, its that new ugly as hell springtrap and the guy is saying something about getting his father and finding him before it ends. Edit: Heres the video. Yeah, you should probably watch it.

  • gigi marie
    gigi marie

    wow just wow 102 fnaf theorys

  • Gary the Legend Jones
    Gary the Legend Jones

    My idea for fanf is we're you play as purple guy before he goes mad his days into madness

  • Gloomy Guy
    Gloomy Guy


  • I Minecraft XXV
    I Minecraft XXV

    its fnaf 9 matpat because fnaf world

  • Jericho2468

    Here we go guys, one last time.

  • Nomadicninja

    adn 0rgn sounds like organ

  • Nomadicninja

    rip fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank

  • Ninjajack 64
    Ninjajack 64

    Scott: I will never let you leave. I will never let you rest.

  • StraightOuttaMyMom

    Matpat: Man that series was a rough ride Scott:*chuckles* omae wa mou shindeiru Matpat: NANI!

  • Gwen :P
    Gwen :P

    You know what would be fun as a FNAF game? If William Aftons wife and the older brother were featured more in the story. Mrs.Afton wouldn’t marry William if she didn’t know about how much of a murderer is. So I wanna see the wife try to fix the old animatronics,so we are in the Mrs.Aftons perspective to fix the animatronics and put new souls in. also um did anyone notice on how matpats onesie was like he was stuffed into a animatronic xdd

  • Emily Turcotte
    Emily Turcotte

    Matpat:fnaf finished. Scott:more okkkkkkkkkkk$

  • Samantha Vetrano
    Samantha Vetrano

    Hey Matt, remember Candy Cadet?, remember when he said there were 5 "things"-(5 keys, 5 kittens, 5 kids) sowed together into one?....maybe the "melted creature thing" (which has 5 animatronics in one) is was what Candy Cadet was talking about! 😱🤔😏😁 Edit: I also just realized that the keys, kittens, and kids all start with K... Hmmm...🤔🤔

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy

    Matpat: well I’m done with my FNAF theories! Scott Cawthon: hold my exotic butters

  • FullMoon

    Is anybody noticing that Freddys face has finger prints on it? I reckon that since the kids were trapped in the body’s they either damaged the costumes so they could try and sighs ppl that they are there or that they kept them selves hidden till this “hybernsation” was disrupted if they did melt these animatronics

  • lovely marie
    lovely marie

    So first we get to be in the place of Jeremy since he died. now we get to play as 2 u techincian workers who also died. so in every game when workers died, the game has å part when it says help wanted so you can take place of that worker,.......I feel like im just writing a More understandable version of this video. Why?

  • Broken Piston
    Broken Piston

    What if Scott was the killer and now he is telling a story

  • Fluffles_skittykat 6
    Fluffles_skittykat 6

    That's not Funtime Foxy, that's Lolbit on the trailer screen.

    • Fluffles_skittykat 6
      Fluffles_skittykat 6

      The Puppet says that the others act like animals. Me: Most of them are animals 😂