Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location
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FNAF is back again. This game never really ends, does it? This time Scott Cawthon put up teasers for the new installment, Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. Of course then he took the main image down for other reasons, but that's for another day. Today, I am here to tell you that I have figured out the ENTIRE new lore for FNAF VR. From our return to Sister Location, to what this all means for this beloved franchise - it's going to get DARK! Are you ready, Theorists?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Levi Hall
    Levi Hall

    If you look at your comments then i am going to ask you some thing if all the animatronics are real then how is William Afton is be tormented on by Cassidy then who is spring trap and “Afton” scrap trap? And add this in one of your theories and say that I ask you this question.🥺

  • V.S. 25
    V.S. 25

    Now that the VR game is out, the phrase "Remember Jeremy" is really dark. It all makes sense tho. Especially when they say "We let something inside, it was an accident." I'm assuming they meant Glitchtrap. And when they say "Don't listen to them" I guess they mean Fazbear Entertainment or the tape girl. Fazbear Entertainment says that they were NOT actual events. And the VR game clears their name. The tape girl tells us this isn't true. Or maybe, the tape girl is lying, like in Matpat's other theory "Don't trust the tapes" he made recently. But maybe, we can't trust EITHER of them.

  • Broken fan productions
    Broken fan productions

    "Remember jermery" could also be someone telling jermery to remember something

  • PRO GAMER 360 live streams and much more
    PRO GAMER 360 live streams and much more

    Hey you have a white streak in your hair SO DO I!!!

  • Aaron Wodash
    Aaron Wodash

    Don't listen to the voice. we let glitch trap inside. it was an accident. remember Jeremy?

  • Ben Walker
    Ben Walker

    15:00 i thought it was a toilet

  • X xkittenx X
    X xkittenx X

    Matpat:It's over! I'm done! Scott:Let me just make this Vr game Matpat: *cries inside*

  • Alex Gutiérrez
    Alex Gutiérrez

    Soy el único español?

  • Scertel Productions
    Scertel Productions

    You were somewhat correct

  • Pit X Roxas
    Pit X Roxas


  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69

    Is the lore book for sale?

  • PurpleGuyGaming

    1st of all it ain't FNAF 7 It's FNAF 8

  • Koko Memez
    Koko Memez


  • Transit Games
    Transit Games

    Matpat and fnaf Name a better duo I will wait

  • soulfire 'queen of demons' cary
    soulfire 'queen of demons' cary

    I just realized that Matpat's hair is like a male version of Anna from Frozen.

  • Toran Dreemurr
    Toran Dreemurr

    I feel like Scott watches you and uses your vids for inspiration, cause I certainly do. I'm making a fnaf DND for a friend and I'm using your videos to help me do research.

  • exowolf 007
    exowolf 007

    Michael aftons real name is Jeremy because it is telling Jeremy to remember not telling you to remember him

  • Lil Fetus
    Lil Fetus

    I hope y’all realize this was for the br

    • Lil Fetus
      Lil Fetus


  • yugin20

    In the graveyard, there are the names, right? Jeremy, Fitz, Susie, Gabriel and Cassidy. Susie possesses Chica and Gabriel possesses Freddy. Jeremy and Fitz are not the workers, they are the victims who possess Bonnie and Foxy respectively. It says so in The Fourth Closet.

  • Maxime Lafrenière
    Maxime Lafrenière

    MatPat: It's over! Finally! Scott: How am I gonna piss off MatPat??? I know! Why change a recipe that works? A new game! And an other one, then a other one, and an other one, and an other one, and an other one, and an other one, and an other one...

  • Tiffany Kuhl
    Tiffany Kuhl

    The deadly thing let in Was Glitch bunny or whatever it’s name is I watched the next video I am fricking boss

  • Tøp Nerd
    Tøp Nerd

    Matpat: Annoyed Scott: Not

  • HeroX

    Matpat: This is a game about two technicians Scott: Ima bout to end this man's whole theory

  • chi-noir

    I got a Chuck E. Cheese ad at the beginning of this video....

  • Alethea & Anthony
    Alethea & Anthony

    *When he said “**0:06**” I felt that.*

  • Sarah Hope
    Sarah Hope

    The quotes on the trailer connect to key events in the VR game. Don't listen to them relating to the voice over telling the character that there is nothing hidden in the game. We let something in, it was an accident is tape girl accidentally letting in Glitchtrap through the tapes, which was an accident. And remember Jeremy is telling the character to remember that Jeremy went crazy from testing the VR game.

  • Olivia Amaya
    Olivia Amaya

    MatPat: *figures something out* Scott: HA how cute...


    remember Jeremy. in fnaf 7, the dead tester is named Jeremy. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!

  • soft stan
    soft stan

    what if scott is just going along w your theories because even he doesnt know whats going on

  • Alice Angel
    Alice Angel

    4:01 Somebody explain why that actually scared me.....

  • Touch my willy
    Touch my willy

    Imagine a fnaf battle royale

  • Rainbowfluffyferret Xp21
    Rainbowfluffyferret Xp21

    Scott YOU ROCK

  • sade gacha life YT
    sade gacha life YT

    Don't listen to them= parent warning children who don't listen We let something inside= withered five night at Freddy group. Regret It was an accident= sister location. It starts the game with and accident. A failure in power. Remember jeremy= is the game now. Jeremy dies we need to remember him because he is important. These lines tell all the important games.

  • Zoroarkland

    i hate it when you put random screamers matpat

  • sto1crose

    Title: fnaf 7 , the untold story of sister location my man that ain't right

  • Budi Ariesanto
    Budi Ariesanto

    matpat insanity simualtor

  • HouseOfKenza love
    HouseOfKenza love

    forced happiness

  • xXFluffnessXx

    Who else thought the teaser pic looked like the undertale amalgamates?

  • Wendy Moore
    Wendy Moore

    Why did he skip the fact that baby was IN THE JEREMY'S ROOM?!(aka the crying Child)

  • Meowlishious

    Me: Oh, boy! I can't wait to watch the FNAF movie! Scott: Yeah, about that...

  • Cassidy Mills
    Cassidy Mills

    Matpat: *is born* Scott: Let's mess with this dude

  • Sketchtastrophe

    Matpat: And that is the end, finally. We have figured it all out. Scott: Are you so sure about that?

  • Oliver Pyke
    Oliver Pyke

    Now that the games released i can put it together Dont listen to them means dont trust everything is working as intended because glitchtrap Let something inside means we let something inside aka glitchtrap It was an accident means that they didnt mean to let glitchtrap in the game Rememeber jeremy cause jeremy committed suicide

  • Jolly King
    Jolly King

    The begining of the video was funny

  • Cinderama Wonder
    Cinderama Wonder

    FNAF and Scott: *exists* Matt: I’m going to destroy my sleep schedule and create a new job

  • Wayne Medley
    Wayne Medley

    I feel like Scott didn’t really want to have lore but then saw matpats videos and was just was like ok I guess that’s the lore now!

  • lady winter
    lady winter

    Freddy had a hand print on his eyebrow😂😂

  • Catsquidcat Overlord
    Catsquidcat Overlord

    Actually fairly close to the actual game if you think about it, just instead of it being technicians working on animatronics, it is of 2 bata testers instead of technicians, who let something inside in terms of malicious code.

  • Coins 609
    Coins 609

    The text makes so much sense that the game is now out "Dont listen to them" i suppose it is talking about the tapes? "We let something inside" reffering to glitchtrap being let inside the game "It was an accident" glitchtrap that was letted inside was an accident "Remember Jeremy" this is talking about jeremy suiciding after being let INTO MADNES and warning you to the tapes My theory the game Fnaf:Into Madnes might be a prequel to this vr game. Why would scot name a fnaf game when its at 0% the title could litteraly be fnaf 10 or something like that and it woupdn't change anything and i mean ANYTHING and guess who we will be playing as in Fnaf:Into madnes propably jeremy. Its a theory but it sounds believable right?

  • Sam Almonrode
    Sam Almonrode

    i think this would actually be better than what we got. not that it was bad but still.

  • GIlbert Garcia
    GIlbert Garcia

    Matpat: it over no more Scot: hold my beer

  • NightcoreYT

    Game Theory Unlocks every thing but whats hid secret

  • Pyro The Fire Demon
    Pyro The Fire Demon

    i just found this channel thanks to Cistreactz and i know they know already know the story of the game... BUT imagine i was here the day this video was uploaded when i say: *They don't know MonkaS*

  • 政宇Fabian

    12:1 filthy Frank, I miss you

  • Echo the Fox
    Echo the Fox

    In the book the “twisted ones” Charlie thinks that springtrap used to be a guard called Dave

  • Zamier Zarizan
    Zamier Zarizan

    I dare you to do a fnaf recap IF you remember

  • Prodigious of the Games Dead By Daylight and More
    Prodigious of the Games Dead By Daylight and More

    God dang that Freddy jumpscare got me

  • Snake Crew
    Snake Crew

    5:46 location location

  • Ahmid Al shawk
    Ahmid Al shawk

    MatPat: *Uses final theory* It’s not very affective Scott: *Uses Fnaf 7 ad* It’s super affective K.O. Film theory has no more workers to theorize with

  • DragonBow RGHR
    DragonBow RGHR

    Leaving a like just for the intro

  • Nugget Nugget
    Nugget Nugget

    nope you'r a beta tester

  • Alora Gacha
    Alora Gacha


  • fresh home grown memes
    fresh home grown memes

    brake down of the text "remember Jeremy" now we KNOW there talking about the Jeremy who saw creepy something in the game and then cut off his face in the paper slicer remember what happend to him. "they let something inside" spring bonny from help wanted

  • Madness Solver
    Madness Solver

    Scott sees video hour later Try solving that mystery

  • Sabrina Moore
    Sabrina Moore

    Oh my moon goddess sorry I love werewolves

  • GamerZedTez

    I’m confused In the *Twisted Ones* instead of William it’s say “Dave” as spring trap and stuff :/

  • Azert Hypez
    Azert Hypez

    Anyone else notice Mat’s gray hair?

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M

    matpat- so scott, lets agree that this is the last fnaf game right? scott- no, i don't think i will

  • Jean

    This is even better to watch after seeing the GT Live playthrough of the game

  • springtrap from fnaf i love it
    springtrap from fnaf i love it

    2019 iemand

  • B4256MaStEr ._.
    B4256MaStEr ._.

    4:14 the children sound is from halo......i think

  • Joshua Cotton
    Joshua Cotton

    Fnaf vr

  • Adamaniac lol
    Adamaniac lol

    that clearly wasn't ennard it has a freddy like muzzle with wiskers

  • Nyan_isdrawing

    Matpat: fnaf is over and so are my theorys about it :) Scott: *hold my beer*

  • Joshua Mitchell
    Joshua Mitchell

    We all know that the skit at the beginning was a live reaction

  • Mr Bogah
    Mr Bogah

    We let something in meaning we let glitch trap in

  • Luke Moertel
    Luke Moertel


  • Penelope Martinez
    Penelope Martinez

    Matpat:I don’t think it will be a compilation of the best moments Game comes out turns out half of the game is

  • Penelope Martinez
    Penelope Martinez

    SPOILERS It might be tape girl saying this So the we is the game devs The don’t listen part could mean glitch trap because his gender is unknown he is referred to as them More evidence is because SPOILERS TO LORE tape girl gets possessed sort of And it says not to listen, not to listen to the tape #16 The we let them in meant letting glitch trap in by collecting all the tapes It was an accident meant didn’t want to let them in as in they never intended Jeremy to accidentally let them in and/or let them in to the game through spare circuit boards And remember Jeremy refers to the new Jeremy who was the first beta tester and the first to make contact with glitch trap

  • SilverStone

    Scott pressed the "print more money" button

  • Jcocker 2010
    Jcocker 2010

    Matpat : No, no God NO!! Scott in his room : Hehehe...

  • Glasses Person
    Glasses Person

    Oh boy. So close but so far.

  • Four Winds
    Four Winds

    it's over here.

  • Four Winds
    Four Winds

    make a game theory of the game outer wilds

  • Four Winds
    Four Winds

    make a game theory of the game outer wilds

  • Four Winds
    Four Winds

    make a game theory of the game outer wilds

  • Four Winds
    Four Winds

    make a game theory of the game outer wilds

  • Four Winds
    Four Winds

    make a game theory of the game outer wilds

  • Four Winds
    Four Winds

    make a game theory of the game outer wilds

  • Four Winds
    Four Winds

    make a game theory of the game outer wilds

  • Four Winds
    Four Winds

    #videosuggestion make a game theory of the game outer wilds

  • Skeetthecleet’s Game clips
    Skeetthecleet’s Game clips

    The battle Royale game couldn’t even be satirical anymore since they made a battle royale mode for fallout 76

  • Raven Black
    Raven Black


  • shinoku250 gaming
    shinoku250 gaming

    Actualy... UCN is canonical in history, so FNaF 8. Office from UCN is jail for child murdered, William Afton. He was supposed to die and die for enternity, to let him know how victims fealt while dying, and haunting animatronics. (If my grammar is wrong, tell me) This is from another Theory of another youtuber.

  • Isabelle Smith
    Isabelle Smith

    Nope you are not cirect it is a VR video game in a video game.

  • Thunder 3838
    Thunder 3838

    Get our boi mat a pat in the back

  • Graham Wyles
    Graham Wyles

    Matt, you got this SPOT ON, well done buddy!!

  • Graham Wyles
    Graham Wyles

    I'm like 95.7% sure Scott watches these. I would, if I was him

  • Noob slayer 09
    Noob slayer 09

    But hey that’s just a theory a true theory

  • Albino Topaz
    Albino Topaz

    Mat: “FNaF, FINAL THEORY.” Scott: “hold my soda.”