Full Fight | Anthony Joshua Vs Carlos Takam TKO
Anthony Joshua
28th October 2017 | Anthony Joshua won on TKO against Carlos Takam, who replaced the injured Kubrat Pulev, in the 10th round in Cardiff to retain his WBA, IBF and IBO World Heavyweight titles. #AJBXNG
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  • Александр Тэо
    Александр Тэо

    Судья идиот🤔

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    Bellew talking out his ass, saying Pulev is 6 foot 7 lol.

  • Richard Lester
    Richard Lester

    This is why you can’t fight Josha in the UK any little fury they will stop the fight. Baby Miller fight should be good that fight is in the USA.

  • Tris 87 Don
    Tris 87 Don

    Remember takam came in at short notice also he overcame a broken nose early on good win under the circumstances.

  • Michael John
    Michael John

    Referee shouldn't have stopped the fight. I thing Joshua had it, but miracles happen. Takam could counter punch or survive the round, like Fury did. You never know in boxing. I think that wasn't good for Joshua's reputation as well. If it was about "health", Takam would have given up way earlier in the fight.

  • David Kašpar
    David Kašpar

    This is how the guns Skore, Takan borec, sad conclusion

  • Lim Kaamen
    Lim Kaamen

    The referee stopped the fight too soon although it would have ended a few seconds later.

  • Архаон

    такой шлак, тяжелый дивизион как ушли Холифилд, Тайсон, Форман, стал такой скучный, уровень бокса ниже плинтуса.

  • daddeldave1973

    Respekt to Carlos

  • Mayo Simpson
    Mayo Simpson

    yeah he took a bunch of punches but i notice not 1 comment on how carlos rocked his ass a few times what aj do as usual when getting rocked run or hold on lol he kinda a dirty fighter 2 like his big homie floyd must have taught him to hold that arm out there so you push them off you in case they get too close and he loves to head lock people notice in the parker fight he did him like that well he gone have to use all them tactics on a clean good fighter by the name of wilder lol aj chin is looking very suspect 1 day we gone see wilder expose it or maybe not but i bet someone is maybe dubois,abjagba,joyce,adam kanowski if ever fight ortiz maybe him it is coming though he reminds me of tyson

  • 9999999999999999999999999

    This nigga should be in creed III

  • Charlie Sweeney
    Charlie Sweeney

    Great sportsmanship showed in this fight by both fighters

  • rixon8

    Only casual boxing fans believe that was early stop. Takkam was cut up and wore 6 to 7 big shpts in a row and was about to get another barrage fighters health comes first

  • rehu fowler
    rehu fowler

    What a joke. Sack the referee. Takem was up against the referee, commentators, corrupt system and anthony who must always win until someone else can make more money joshua.

  • Ray Chargle
    Ray Chargle

    I think th ref shoulda left him get droped but at the same time I don't think the ref wasn't in no wrong but yeah it was a early stoppage let the fighters get droped.

  • wax cusub media
    wax cusub media

    That ref is horrible to boxing world

  • SenS Vision
    SenS Vision

    Usyk will knock him out!

  • Mas Huri
    Mas Huri


  • Jack Morgan
    Jack Morgan

    Ma l'arbitro che minkia mi ferma?

  • le minh
    le minh

    Joshua be worthy of win thinking Takam have not been rival I am . Thanks you dedication to sports

  • williams derek
    williams derek

    🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬♥️🇳🇬🇳🇬♥️♥️♥️♥️🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬♥️♥️♥️♥️🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬👍👍👍👍👍👍🇳🇬🇳🇬♥️♥️♥️🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬❤️. A J

  • Bento Saja
    Bento Saja

    A. J. Memang oke

  • vladimir viloria
    vladimir viloria


  • vladimir viloria
    vladimir viloria

    Se la regalaron

  • Rock Steady
    Rock Steady

    @31:50 wtf happened did those shits land???

  • Carmitech Metaalbewerkingsmachines en opslagsystemen
    Carmitech Metaalbewerkingsmachines en opslagsystemen

    Good fight, good referee.... good for image boxing

  • Iron Abid
    Iron Abid

    Wrost stopege the refere is new are paid by jashua

  • Dee Best
    Dee Best

    Man I almost never leave comments on UA-my videos but that stoppage was bullshivic!!!!!!

    • Robert Jackson
      Robert Jackson

      Today's boxing sad to say. At the end of the day is it really worth it ?

  • Marc Käser
    Marc Käser

    This fight was not over..


    Carlos here is the best if its modern fight

  • Joe Nengiyefa
    Joe Nengiyefa

    The referee was not fair about his officiating,Takam would have given Joshua a fight of his life,though Joshua will win

  • Fedya Ismatov
    Fedya Ismatov

    Судья наверное маленка заработал

  • Marko Jokanovic
    Marko Jokanovic

    Absolute bull shit stoppage. Takam could off definitely push harder and keep with those exchanges

  • SuperAchillesheel

    Another easy cherry picked fight for AJ 🍒👌

    • j b
      j b

      Takam was a late replacement. Relax.

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose

    I saw a bad knockout coming and the ref knew it so he saved him from a bad L....

  • Mzuvukile Mbangata
    Mzuvukile Mbangata

    It's takams health that was on the line. Ref done excellent job. You don't want more damage this is boxing not streetfight.

  • horrid henry
    horrid henry

    Hope bellew got home safely to his kids

  • Pato Andreu
    Pato Andreu

    el juez se equivocó al terminar la pelea

  • isai alfaro
    isai alfaro

    all of yall talking about it being an early stoppage are brutes

  • Xneutrone

    shit stopage another fucking sghit referee. ref kil himself idiot

  • Mark Ince
    Mark Ince

    Anthony cunt touch fury . I think wilder does the fake AJ

  • Hits From Freestyles
    Hits From Freestyles

    Definitely early

  • Clarence M
    Clarence M

    Thanks for posting your fights.

  • benji230

    Bad stoppage, Takam deserved better. Great fight.

  • Nikolay Potip
    Nikolay Potip

    Судья ставку поставил (:

    • Boris Neufeld
      Boris Neufeld

      Точно!!!! Все они продажные сцуки.... А он пенку с Джошуа сдул, это не пенсионеров лупить.

  • ruggedtobby

    The ref fucked AJ's performance up with that shit stoppage AJ was about to knock him down flat!

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed


  • Vito262 Vito262
    Vito262 Vito262

    ...охуели....зачем же остановили?....

  • Мирлан. Бейшеналиев.
    Мирлан. Бейшеналиев.

    Былять рана же астанавил. Чмо. Сука за ета судя увидет.

  • le minh
    le minh

    thanks you sports

  • Delysidus

    Why this stupid referee stops the fight on that lvl?

  • Ita Aja
    Ita Aja

    Mikay garcia

    • Ita Aja
      Ita Aja

      Mikay gracia


    AJ is a #DIAMOND always earns most crowds in his game.

    • Tony England
      Tony England

      Both boxers at 43:18

  • Blank Media - Boxing
    Blank Media - Boxing


  • macspud28

    In the post fight interview Joshua was a bit of a dick in regard to Takam.

  • Owen Denchy
    Owen Denchy

    Takam is an obvious cheat, he tried to headbutt AJ at every opportunity and then wanted to touch gloves like nothing had happened. He was totally outclassed by AJ and he shouldn't have been in there in the first place, he's crap.

  • LykABoss

    Takam wasn't even rocked during the stoppage...

    • LykABoss

      +curtis jones That's fair enough, their health is priority but I feel you can't stop the fight when the guy is rearing to keep going.

    • curtis jones
      curtis jones

      +LykABoss Now that i think about it Takam did seem to be okay. Maybe the referee was to quick in stopping the fight. A lot of referees just don't like to see a fighter get beat up unnnecessarily under their watch.

    • LykABoss

      curtis jones Hmm

    • curtis jones
      curtis jones

      LykaBoss-The fight was almost over and it was no way Takam could have won. Good call by the referee to stop the fight.

  • Biggieboss power
    Biggieboss power

    People say why did the Ref stop when he still was moving but that is not hte Problem Refs stop when a Fighter gets hit and hit and not 1 single Time Hits back you understand Boxing you would know that xD mabey someone is hurt if he trys to have his Hands up and Cover to take Punches because when one would go tru he would be realy hurt that is what Takam did he was hurt simple as that so he coverd up and did not fire back for 1-2 Minutes he simple stood there moved around and got hit Shot by Shot by Anthony and in the End he got hit 5-6 times in a Row with heavy Blows and did not answer anything good Stoppage!!

  • Crx F2K
    Crx F2K

    Sub I’ll sub back

  • Mika Nansen
    Mika Nansen

    That’s not a ko you fuckn Brit’s

  • Terry Rapana
    Terry Rapana

    Get rid of tjat ref

  • Usman Keita and Atkins William Chambers
    Usman Keita and Atkins William Chambers

    Takam only wants to die getting the belt but never think of after fight wounds and pains......which sometimes leads to death

  • Fred Pettis
    Fred Pettis

    Somebody please tell the 2 Hyperventilating Hot Air pimps, they suck at their jobs! Constant babble, instead of just calling the fight.... PS The stoppage was pure D Grade Bull Shit!

  • Felix flix
    Felix flix

    joshua stand no chance against wilder!

  • Максим Сухенко
    Максим Сухенко


  • Mark M
    Mark M

    Carlos who ?

  • Ollie Raderecht
    Ollie Raderecht

    What a shit stoppage

  • jack casupanan
    jack casupanan

    Takam you have a great fight !.....

  • Garlen

    Настоящий бой двух великолепных воинов!Энтони зачет is Russia Murmansk privet.

  • Kamel Nane
    Kamel Nane

    Joshua est tombé sur un os, bravo aux deux boxeurs.👍🙏

    • Subramani Jakkayan
      Subramani Jakkayan

      Kamel Nane OK.w Huk

    • Subramani Jakkayan
      Subramani Jakkayan

      Kamel Nane OK.w Huk

  • Rada Suman
    Rada Suman


  • georgekutty joy
    georgekutty joy

    Art it M v cuisine at

  • bam bam
    bam bam

    Nice controlled boxing from aj and an outstanding effort from takao, but haters need to get real, aj controlled in low gears

  • Edipmeltem Gunduz
    Edipmeltem Gunduz

    Takamın kafa hiç durmuyo paso kafa atıyo piç

  • Edipmeltem Gunduz
    Edipmeltem Gunduz

    Takam göt korkusundan box yapamadın seni amk


    tam nakavt olmadan hakem neden araya giriyor? yanlış

  • khagen bhattarai
    khagen bhattarai

    not satisfied with the early stoppage

  • Dharmawan Alfian
    Dharmawan Alfian


  • Arnold Yberstorm
    Arnold Yberstorm

    Joshua did not won anything here so everything is on the judge that very highly was bought off. Corruption have no limits - remember that !!!

  • Ultra Madness
    Ultra Madness


  • David Price
    David Price

    0:28 what is that accent? sounds like glaswegian, but different

  • bo lars
    bo lars

    Retarded reff hope he lose his job as reff

  • ELx chapo
    ELx chapo

    Joshuar is a ashole unfair guy

  • Dat FastCar
    Dat FastCar

    1:00:00 we sweating like a mothafucka

  • Zimzim B
    Zimzim B


  • clement italume
    clement italume

    Referee denied us a proper knockout but if a boxing match is not a funeral and if a boxers life might be in trouble you just got to stop the fight.

  • Darek


  • Vitautas Domarkas
    Vitautas Domarkas

    И какого хрена он бой остановил???!!!

  • Ayeler Aberra
    Ayeler Aberra

    Why stop while he was well and moving to miss the punches. Arranged? Maybe!!! Boxing sucks !!!

  • orlandos singiten
    orlandos singiten


  • Halibut 1
    Halibut 1

    Looked like the ref stopped the fight prematurely, before Takam was really punched out or defeated. Takam strenuously objected to the stoppage. He wasn't dazed or wobbly. There was no standing eight-count. Maybe that's the trend today, for the safety of boxers and good of the sport, but it gives refs quite a bit of discretion. These guys were both in great condition, they looked like they were fighting in lower weight classes, maybe they could have.

  • Solomon Ugochukwu
    Solomon Ugochukwu

    Naija no dey carry last. Show dem where the blood came from man !!!!! Proud to be a Nigerian

  • JOHN JUNIOR Tubian
    JOHN JUNIOR Tubian

    They were entertaining the audience well. That looks like an early stop. Tekam was strong. Well done. And the man himself, AJ

  • playdemkeys love
    playdemkeys love

    Wow ref was paid!!!!! Horrible stoppage!!!!

  • Brian Kabue
    Brian Kabue

    Stopped too soon.

  • Ronz Sajer
    Ronz Sajer

    Ref are u lol..he cn fight already y u stop the fight ha..fuck u ref..y y y?

  • РАТАЙ Игорь
    РАТАЙ Игорь

    Не согласен.

  • Nevezla

    Wot kind of stoppage was that

  • Dennis Wasonga
    Dennis Wasonga


  • Eric Tucker
    Eric Tucker

    This guy is better than Josh..and stronger...