Freelancers Episode 7: Power Outage
JK! Studios
After a power outage keeps the squad from finishing a project, they desperately fight to regain electricity. Well, everyone except Owen who can’t seem to shake the idea of love.
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  • JK! Studios
    JK! Studios

    We're sorry the episode is late. The power went out.

    • Tammy DeLuca
      Tammy DeLuca

      awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER JK STUDIOS.

    • Alysza Marie
      Alysza Marie



      ha. ha.

    • ILA Retsrof
      ILA Retsrof

      It’s great love it

    • Nutty Gram
      Nutty Gram

      I think this was DEFINITELY one of the VERY BEST videos you've ever made. And since you haven't made a ton of videos, we'll include studio c videos. And this video is still one of the very best. It's in my top 3 favorites of JK Studios videos

  • Alexis Sefcsik
    Alexis Sefcsik

    Please make more!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!🦅

  • C D
    C D

    Devin is my spirit animal.

  • A'Tianna Marie
    A'Tianna Marie

    "She's breathing... she alright" 😂😂

  • Nail Rifqillah
    Nail Rifqillah

    the Intro Song is quite nice

  • Kitten Girl
    Kitten Girl

    I think I've learned my le-SHAME IS SILENT

  • akhila subhiraj
    akhila subhiraj

    My favourite characters are Owen and Devin hands down!!!!!

  • Cassidy Bishop
    Cassidy Bishop

    Freelancers is the best!!!! Make a season two!!!

  • Ally the moonflower 4ever Hanazuki Fan
    Ally the moonflower 4ever Hanazuki Fan

    At 2:59 when You have to go to school 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Classified user Classified user
    Classified user Classified user

    "Your thighs are like feminine granite, bike women"! That's what I tell myself every time I go to the gym Best line ever.

  • Ninjafox productions
    Ninjafox productions

    This is the best episode yet.

  • SageKasuto

    Where's the rest of the cast for this episode on IMDB? Only the core members are shown.

  • M Terry
    M Terry

    The Shame Corner Song: Shame is silent.

  • Vuk Cevu
    Vuk Cevu

    Am I the only one to read "Power Outrage"? 😂



  • PIR Gross
    PIR Gross

    so they have enogh money for a laptop, desktop, tv, gameboy, car, stationary bike, and your still poor (*and Scoots Mc Goots*)

  • Infinity and Beyond Gaming
    Infinity and Beyond Gaming

    It be funny if he had an accent when he said I’m sorry at the start showing he is not sorry

  • Emma Grow
    Emma Grow

    I think I've learned my lesson..... Shame is silent!

  • Studio C Unpublished Content
    Studio C Unpublished Content

    2:53 Where are my lollipops? WHERE'S PETUNIA??

  • loppy 9090
    loppy 9090

    It's a little scary that the second the power went out in the show, lighting struck behind me. 😱

  • Jonathan Quatro
    Jonathan Quatro

    "I dare say this has gone QUITE PEAR-SHAPED!!!" 0:46

  • Kelly VanLaarhoven
    Kelly VanLaarhoven

    One like means you love this show like me

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris

    7:24 voice crack by the way

  • Brooke Horton
    Brooke Horton

    These comments are 90 % people quoting the episode and 10% shipping the main characters

  • Taylor McClain
    Taylor McClain

    The continuity with Ryan wearing the ad t-shirts from the curse episode is genius!

  • Andrew Zies
    Andrew Zies

    What was Micah playing on his ds

    • Jeremy Warner
      Jeremy Warner

      Andrew Zies nintedogs

  • Noah M
    Noah M

    IT WAS A DUCK!!!

  • Michelle Fowler
    Michelle Fowler

    "It's mingling with the humidity!"

  • Michelle Fowler
    Michelle Fowler

    "I can't even look at you. There you are."

  • ImSkyHigh

    This show should be on Netflix or tv. It’s my fav show

  • Kristen Brandt
    Kristen Brandt

    The beginnings are always the most hilarious part of the episode! XD

  • Anindita Sastavianti
    Anindita Sastavianti

    I think Micah acting better than the others 🙌🏾

  • Samuel Way
    Samuel Way

    Literally CAN'T stop laughing in any of your videos😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sophia Rawls
    Sophia Rawls

    4:04 my favorite scene😂😂

  • Anez Rylksi
    Anez Rylksi

    Is it sad that I'm the brunette version of the girl Owen described?

  • Malak Aly
    Malak Aly

    Now This.. THIS is TEN TIMES FUNNIER than most of your work at studio c! Keep it up you guys! Supporting your awesomely hilarious clean comedy!

  • Six Yellow Zebras
    Six Yellow Zebras

    Omg the part where they start shuffling and using balloons had me laughing SO HARDD!😂

  • Samuel Turner
    Samuel Turner

    Tinder! What about love match supreme!!!!!!!!

  • Lainey O
    Lainey O

    CUTE .... wait 🥺

  • dmkccR2ventureMade

    I love these! So fun to watch! Thank you

  • Fifaawesomepants

    You guys make depression a lot easier!

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris

    Because I’m so retarded, I want to know what a free lancer is?

  • Stephanie Wells
    Stephanie Wells

    adobe premier pro?

  • Elena Hughes
    Elena Hughes

    I thought Mall was going to say, "Your thighs are strong, LIKE THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Sierra Sorensen
    Sierra Sorensen

    Isn't a lamb a baby sheep?

  • Marquis De Lafayette
    Marquis De Lafayette

    Seriously, I think Devan is my spirit animal.

    • Kate Newswanger
      Kate Newswanger

      Ryan is mine...

  • Lydia Kyrie
    Lydia Kyrie

    I don’t understand 8:28. Can someone explain to me?

    • sky ler
      sky ler

      Lydia Kyrie Zona farted

  • Jennifer Buehler
    Jennifer Buehler

    These are extremely bizarre. I think my favorite character is Mr gandolfini

  • victoria gledhill
    victoria gledhill

    "You too you want a hamster wheel! Wait what do you want it for? " Hahahaha

  • Penelope talk's
    Penelope talk's

    Now shuffle FASTER!

  • Muhammad Uneeb
    Muhammad Uneeb


  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones

    Approximately 168k of the current 169K views are literally just me watching this again. Love this episode 😍

  • GameRev

    Is beef n stuff a reference to food n stuff from parks and rec?

  • Joel Stock
    Joel Stock

    This is hilarious :)

  • Samantha Allibone
    Samantha Allibone

    Maybe Zona's fart was from the beef and stuff.

  • A Unique Person
    A Unique Person

    What is the name of your 8ntro song

    • Jeremy Warner
      Jeremy Warner

      A Unique Person Wicket Youth by Sego

  • Alex Rene Martin
    Alex Rene Martin

    Power outages are no laughing matter... ESPECIALLY as a freelancer 🤣

  • Danny mahé
    Danny mahé

    This episode is lit AF....stacey and Stephen nailed it

  • NoobDeGamer

    Wow Sonic's EMP blast lasted 5 days?

  • Caleb Royer
    Caleb Royer

    Best out of the current 8 episodes IMO! Loved it!

  • Avery Parker
    Avery Parker

    i didn't think i would like this series, but just like everything y'all do it is amazing.

  • HAHaha Hyena
    HAHaha Hyena

    You guys give me a reason to watch UA-my

  • capt2278

    oh marry my one-blind-eye Mallory!! we match. half of me is handsome.

  • Rory Bland
    Rory Bland

    Clickfunnels sent me here. I love all your episodes! You've inspired me to write a comedy series!

  • timothyfloogle

    Thank you eagle

  • timothyfloogle

    Silence shamed one

  • Don Pinsent
    Don Pinsent

    I’m not a fan of flatulence gags, but I did think it was hilarious that Ryan still thought it was a duck!

  • Katy Schifferer
    Katy Schifferer

    I love that Ryan is still wearing those click funnels shirts.

  • Katy Schifferer
    Katy Schifferer

    I love that Ryan is still wearing those click funnels shirts.

  • Katy Schifferer
    Katy Schifferer

    I love that Ryan is still wearing those click funnels shirts.

  • Katy Schifferer
    Katy Schifferer

    I love that Ryan is still wearing those click funnels shirts.

  • THC Tablet 6
    THC Tablet 6

    8:22 Matt (was that a duck?)

  • Dummy Channel
    Dummy Channel

    I really like the intro song doesn't anyone know what it's called? Edit: never mind y'all I found it it's in the description it's called wicket youth

  • Tiffany Rachell
    Tiffany Rachell

    Excellent guys. This one is definitely my favorite, it was the perfect kind of humor, not to weird or stupid and yet just weird and stupid enough to be perfectly Funny. Loved it👌

  • Sean Odom
    Sean Odom

    I just want to say that I love this show, I am soooooo glad that you guys are making it and hope you will continue.

  • Sam Winget
    Sam Winget

    Nice parks and rec reference

  • Madalynn Caraveo
    Madalynn Caraveo

    when are you gonna make a new freelancers

    • Reptilepig


  • Rajaat99

    Please post the beef -n- stuff ad in its own video. My kids think it's hilarious.

  • Kate Grotenhuis
    Kate Grotenhuis

    Great show JK Studios! I LOVE it. Big fan!

  • D Phantom
    D Phantom

    Was that a duck. wow, there was power in that phrase ;)

  • Sky Kitt
    Sky Kitt

    10:21 I died

  • Tammy DeLuca
    Tammy DeLuca

    My favorite one was the one with the creepy doll putunia. You guys should keep the show going for a while Its my favorite on jk studios. I told my friend from church about freelancer episodes and now he watches them.

  • Collin Urry
    Collin Urry

    Was that a duck????

  • Collin Urry
    Collin Urry

    Toes goes. My new favorite

  • Catherine Bunto
    Catherine Bunto

    Keep doing these there awsome

  • Adam Rhein
    Adam Rhein

    Thank you eagle!

  • Joshua Sutherland
    Joshua Sutherland

    Where's that eagle at..?

  • Kay B83
    Kay B83


  • Ann Benn
    Ann Benn

    Where’s Ryan? *looks around* *gasp* tHe RoOF! I’m right here.

  • Ann Benn
    Ann Benn

    Who plays gandalfini? (I don’t know how to spell it)

  • Tamar Schreiber
    Tamar Schreiber

    You should definitely go on tour. In Connecticut. Please. Please. *whispers brokenly* ...please.

  • Bria Griffith
    Bria Griffith

    Stacey- I have never scene any horses here. Whitney- Exactly. Stacey- *gasp!*

  • Andrew Gartner
    Andrew Gartner


  • Wicket.W.Warrick 4ever
    Wicket.W.Warrick 4ever

    Accent lies!!!!

  • Madelyn L
    Madelyn L

    this is by far the strangest show I’ve ever seen, and yet I keep watching it

  • Faith Reece
    Faith Reece

    I seriously muttered "control S, control S, control S" when I saw she was editing something and the title is "Power Outage". The paranoia is real.

  • Melli Ariahna
    Melli Ariahna

    does anybody know what a macaroon is? I just offered a lot of them to people

  • J

    Loving Free Lancers! You guys are doing an amazing job!

  • evieramosi

    3:06 as an editor I can relate so much to this. It's the worst

  • Shinobu Takatsuki
    Shinobu Takatsuki

    Brown Out