FOUND KEY to SAFE HOUSE in ABANDONED SAFE? (Exploring Ghost Town for Riddles on PZ4 & Project Zorgo)
Vy Qwaint
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After Chad Wild Clay made FOUND SECRET MESSAGE in FLAMES at PROJECT ZORGO Abandoned Ghost Town (New Safe House Magic Trick), Daniel uploaded the video DANIEL MEETS with HACKER (Project Zorgo Abandoned Ghost Town Searching for Clues & Riddles), and Vy Qwaint created FOLLOW DANIEL & SPY on his PROJECT ZORGO SECRET MEETING (Exploring Abandoned Town Evidence of PZ4), CWC, VQ, and Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo go on a top secret hacker chase in the Tesla Model X that Jospeh Banks remodelled as their new hacker proof Delorean. They must make it to the 78x and mysterious orange crystal before 10 minutes passes and time runs out. After going through obstacle courses, PZ4 appears and uses spy gadgets and ninja gadgets to destroy the crystal fruit ninja style. As they make their way back to the Delorean Daniel receives an apple watch message from a mysterious person telling him that there is a brand new extreme safe house! They make their way to the safe house, Vy Qwaint and Chad Wild Clay realize that he is acting extra suspicious. Daniel ends up taking the CWC crew to an abandoned ghost town! CWC and VQ follow Daniel around while he is exploring to see if he is going to join Project Zorgo again in real life! They find a lot of clues and evidence that help them solve this mystery. In this video, Vy explores the abandoned town at 3am for 24 hours in real life. She uses her spy gadgets to unlock a mystery safe and finds mysterious riddles that she needs to solve. In the safe, she found a key! What it will unlock!? Hopefully, she finds out where the safe house is so she can get away from Project Zorgo. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Hi Spy Ninjas! Daniel has been trying to help us! Where do you think this key goes?

    • jubair Khan
      jubair Khan

      At a safe house

    • Peter Weldon
      Peter Weldon


    • Shiya Jackson
      Shiya Jackson

      The hackers was spying on you vy

    • April Fermin
      April Fermin

      Xxxxxxxxxxx april

    • Terri Rhodes
      Terri Rhodes

      I saw a ghost when you were trying to get a piece of paper

  • juju wip
    juju wip

    hey vy and chad and Daniel l was going to say vy there was a member behind you l love your channel hearts out to you

  • jenn watkins
    jenn watkins

    guys if you saw that yellow hand/glove at 5:25 on the left inside the broken airplane if you did plz give this comment a big thumbs up

  • Nathan Zanaglio
    Nathan Zanaglio

    In one of chads videos their was an abandoned plane

  • Savage Melissa The gamer
    Savage Melissa The gamer

    Where’s the delorian

  • unicorn madness
    unicorn madness

    Vy there was a caset tape in the box because I saw one in there like if u agree

  • Julian Mares
    Julian Mares

    We watch your show again cuz the hacker hand sticking out the airplane

  • Amber Tucknott
    Amber Tucknott

    Simone 😗you

  • Gacha Husky
    Gacha Husky

    5:25 there was a hacker’s hand

  • feddy fazbear the second
    feddy fazbear the second

    There's a hacker behind the green bump car thing!

  • Nia Harbarran
    Nia Harbarran

    What key?

  • Charlie Tan
    Charlie Tan

    I saw pz member hand

  • Raquel Almendarez
    Raquel Almendarez

    Char vi project yo hago es On Check Chuck

  • unicorn Llama
    unicorn Llama

    I saw a hand when you were getting the note on the plane

  • MUSICALLY IYA Manching
    MUSICALLY IYA Manching

    I saw Daniel

  • Danielle Basta
    Danielle Basta

    At 5:25 there was PZ9's hand trying to reach for the note of for your hand or maybe even for your spy gadget.

  • Marie Murray
    Marie Murray

    I saw a yellow glove at 7:41

  • Danielle Basta
    Danielle Basta

    At 3:29 there was a PZ member spying on you!!!

  • Jeff Salvador
    Jeff Salvador

    My freind is from veite-nom

  • Haley Swickle
    Haley Swickle

    At 9:37 I think I see a hacker behind you Like if you agree

  • Jeff Salvador
    Jeff Salvador

    You guys are my favorite youtubers

  • Gabriel Paul
    Gabriel Paul

    Project Zorgo is watching

  • Bridgette Halliwell
    Bridgette Halliwell

    I see a hand in the seat

  • Instagram Post
    Instagram Post

    3:24 there was a hacker looking at the car window

  • Donna Fuller
    Donna Fuller

    At 12:28 I saw a haker

  • Aaryana Hamilton
    Aaryana Hamilton

    Somebody is behind you

  • Just Joe17
    Just Joe17

    at 3:28 there was a pz member

  • Erin Miller
    Erin Miller

    👣💎 pin

  • Junior Limon
    Junior Limon

    I sale a hackr hand it was yellow glouv a plant

  • Junior Limon
    Junior Limon

    i sale a hackr i thank it was pz4 afrent the van

  • Junior Limon
    Junior Limon

    i sale a hackr afrent the BUS

  • e.k.k vlogzzz
    e.k.k vlogzzz

    the clue u found on the white paper says PZ 1

  • Junior Limon
    Junior Limon

    Project zogoro is out the wendor afrent of the. BUS.

  • Michelle Buxton
    Michelle Buxton

    There were a lot of hackers like hacker hands like regular hackers mask I think pz4 was vlogging everything was all over the place PS I downloaded spine Ninja Network

  • Donna Hilton
    Donna Hilton

    Watch Chad’s video and there’s a crashed airplane!

  • Donna Hilton
    Donna Hilton

    There was a Hacker!

  • Reymundo Saucedo
    Reymundo Saucedo

    I have the spy ninja network

  • Angel Diggs
    Angel Diggs

    I see pz 4

  • Delilah Burgos
    Delilah Burgos

    we saw a hacker

  • SopDawg

    I see a hacker behind the weird car

  • William Cramer
    William Cramer

    9:36 there was a hacker

  • Do Thina
    Do Thina

    Are you really from Vietnam because I'm from Vietnam too!

  • crackhead eveyln
    crackhead eveyln

    It says pz 4

  • Lifewithus Crazy adventures
    Lifewithus Crazy adventures

    At 9:37 I saw a pz member I think

  • Cute Unicorn Love Unicorn
    Cute Unicorn Love Unicorn

    In the UK , Texaco gas station are still around!

  • Sandra Darkins
    Sandra Darkins

    I think the key goes to your new safe house

  • Sandra Darkins
    Sandra Darkins

    Red crown gasalin

  • Valerie Perry
    Valerie Perry


  • It's me UnicornCindy123
    It's me UnicornCindy123

    3:29 3:28 I saw PZ member I think PZ four

  • Tan Yuhao
    Tan Yuhao

    4:32 i think i hear someone screaming for help

  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas

    Pz4 and pz5 were following you guys and pz4 was leaving clues and pz9 was following you guys and pz4 watch out please be careful plz

  • Amy Breakwell
    Amy Breakwell

    Well done

  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas

    There was a hacker when you were looking a the weird car😨 be carfull

  • reaper wolf
    reaper wolf

    Vy I now what one of the clues are it's the one that says 👣💎 and paperclip it mean pz 1

  • Sienna Darman
    Sienna Darman

    My mistake orange bus

  • Sienna Darman
    Sienna Darman

    When you looked at I think the blue or white bus I sall a hacker looking in from the other side

  • Celsey burkholder
    Celsey burkholder

    There was a pa member in the in the window at 3:30

  • Zxcb Cbnn
    Zxcb Cbnn

    The clue was pz1

  • Chandler

    When you were at the weird green car. Project Zorgo you could see through the window. Watch out there might be other hackers here…

  • Christal Mata
    Christal Mata

    Vy I just saw a TV show and it had hackers that had masked like hackers and they hacked me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teisi Family
    Teisi Family

    By there is a pz member peeking through the window

  • Karla Schuett
    Karla Schuett

    There were hackers everywhere.

  • Toti Bjarna
    Toti Bjarna

    The clue from chad in Spy ninja network sade I'm ruining ou help

  • Abad Resendiz
    Abad Resendiz

    I saw a glib

  • sport player
    sport player

    3:29 pz member in the window!!!

  • damon patterson
    damon patterson

    Look in all the cars before you go in the airplane

  • Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones

    No like if u agree

  • mladen masic
    mladen masic

    You are are not safe

  • Rimneet Thiara
    Rimneet Thiara

    There was a hacker in the white car which looked weird

  • S Legos and Gaming
    S Legos and Gaming

    9:36 there is a hacker like if you saw it too

  • Luke Stirling
    Luke Stirling

    I saw a pz member 3;32

  • Mark1260 Morales
    Mark1260 Morales

    I called you fat

  • Kasyn Jones
    Kasyn Jones

    Hey I am a big fan of your videos and I saw the hacker hand that was in the bus but it was his hand

  • Hilary Murphy
    Hilary Murphy

    Did anyone see a hacker at 9:36

  • Football Girl
    Football Girl

    There’s a hacker at 3:28

  • Kali cornette
    Kali cornette

    There was a green hand in the airplane when u where using the wire

  • David Womack
    David Womack

    were chad

  • The Russell Family
    The Russell Family

    The dots could be Morse code

  • David Womack
    David Womack

    at a car rewind

  • David Womack
    David Womack

    i seen a hacker

  • David Womack
    David Womack

    it's a song no plan

  • Ethan Fisher
    Ethan Fisher

    PZ9 was spying on you

  • Steffi-ann Jurado
    Steffi-ann Jurado


  • Aqq Aw
    Aqq Aw


  • South Dakotian Scuba Diving in Grand Cayman 2015
    South Dakotian Scuba Diving in Grand Cayman 2015

    At 330 I saw a pz member I think it was pz9

  • Lilly May
    Lilly May

    At 3:30 in the light green car on the other side through the window you can see a hacker

  • Taylor brother -_-
    Taylor brother -_-

    Before I joined cwc team in the pass it said “connect the dots”

  • Jaydon Humphrey
    Jaydon Humphrey

    Hi Chad and vy I love your videos

  • Isabel Steffen
    Isabel Steffen

    I love chad and vy stay safe

  • katie pedersen
    katie pedersen

    Project zorgo was looking through the window on the weird thing on the top of the car

  • Miya_ love
    Miya_ love

    I see hacker at behind the green car or samething

  • Miya_ love
    Miya_ love

    I Wish i could be a spy

  • Leizl Luzon
    Leizl Luzon

    there is a hacker behind you when you were near the window

  • Fabby Carnalla
    Fabby Carnalla

    Project zorgo is pooping

  • Khai Minh Phung
    Khai Minh Phung

    VIETNAM!my Country

  • a team
    a team

    One dot means the first letter

  • a team
    a team

    Theres a moving car behinde you

  • Tiny playz
    Tiny playz

    At 9:35 theres a hacker behind you

  • Stoutimon tv
    Stoutimon tv

    Vyy. Hacker.

  • El mundo de Lily
    El mundo de Lily

    3:27 the hacker was the another way for the car