FOUND KEY to SAFE HOUSE in ABANDONED SAFE? (Exploring Ghost Town for Riddles on PZ4 & Project Zorgo)
Vy Qwaint
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After Chad Wild Clay made FOUND SECRET MESSAGE in FLAMES at PROJECT ZORGO Abandoned Ghost Town (New Safe House Magic Trick), Daniel uploaded the video DANIEL MEETS with HACKER (Project Zorgo Abandoned Ghost Town Searching for Clues & Riddles), and Vy Qwaint created FOLLOW DANIEL & SPY on his PROJECT ZORGO SECRET MEETING (Exploring Abandoned Town Evidence of PZ4), CWC, VQ, and Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo go on a top secret hacker chase in the Tesla Model X that Jospeh Banks remodelled as their new hacker proof Delorean. They must make it to the 78x and mysterious orange crystal before 10 minutes passes and time runs out. After going through obstacle courses, PZ4 appears and uses spy gadgets and ninja gadgets to destroy the crystal fruit ninja style. As they make their way back to the Delorean Daniel receives an apple watch message from a mysterious person telling him that there is a brand new extreme safe house! They make their way to the safe house, Vy Qwaint and Chad Wild Clay realize that he is acting extra suspicious. Daniel ends up taking the CWC crew to an abandoned ghost town! CWC and VQ follow Daniel around while he is exploring to see if he is going to join Project Zorgo again in real life! They find a lot of clues and evidence that help them solve this mystery. In this video, Vy explores the abandoned town at 3am for 24 hours in real life. She uses her spy gadgets to unlock a mystery safe and finds mysterious riddles that she needs to solve. In the safe, she found a key! What it will unlock!? Hopefully, she finds out where the safe house is so she can get away from Project Zorgo. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Hi Spy Ninjas! Daniel has been trying to help us! Where do you think this key goes?

    • Flora Gonzales
      Flora Gonzales

      ther was a box in a bush

    • Ash Jo
      Ash Jo

      Harry Potter Lover 9

    • Barbara Helms
      Barbara Helms

      K Saasssàkasszzzxxxxxxccfgyyuio6ikllpouo44xxdsdaeewwdddrrrfxzfgv

    • Halima Halima
      Halima Halima

      vy the key is 3

    • Jograj Bedang
      Jograj Bedang

      Big fan

  • Diane Herring
    Diane Herring

    Please give me a shout out I never got one in my hole life please please please

  • Ruben Cervantes
    Ruben Cervantes

    The hackers is following you

  • Daisy Bebb
    Daisy Bebb



    i see a car

  • shines all day squad
    shines all day squad

    Pz4 is

    • shines all day squad
      shines all day squad

      Pz4 is spying

  • Eliot Ansha
    Eliot Ansha

    sneak around hackers that will be cool and they will be blind!

  • ashar Siddiqui
    ashar Siddiqui

    the dots that u are fineding is the safe combInation

  • Zahia Zaqi
    Zahia Zaqi

    I saw a hacker hand at the airplane

  • Heart Santos
    Heart Santos

    I sow a hand

  • Hannah Reynolds
    Hannah Reynolds

    Liam even Forrester

  • Lauren lou Scamp
    Lauren lou Scamp

    It is Hart no dot

  • Basma Elsheshtawy
    Basma Elsheshtawy

    Vy i tink projeckt zorgo is a Robat

  • Mary Huerta
    Mary Huerta


  • Mailee Clark
    Mailee Clark

    Chad is the leder of all the gamemasters

  • Nette Sioson
    Nette Sioson

    i saw a hacker in the cars window live a like 👇

  • Sienna Hughes
    Sienna Hughes

    I saw a hand

  • Lana Husseinboiuchjrgtlhtjfgk
    Lana Husseinboiuchjrgtlhtjfgk

    The Hacher VY The Hacher VY

  • payton webre
    payton webre

    When you whisper in The wire Honda icing project zorgo hand

  • Laura Elias
    Laura Elias

    Inside the airplane

  • Gacha kayla princess
    Gacha kayla princess

    Is it just me or did i see a hand

  • Salina Begum
    Salina Begum

    A gluv

  • nicole cheung
    nicole cheung

    They are just so so very very hard and she is crying at the door,

  • hogsbreath75

    car window

  • hogsbreath75

    right by the bus there is a hacker peacking throgh the window

  • Leigha Pyladh
    Leigha Pyladh

    I. Saw the Harker at 13:07 like if you saw

  • Claire Snushall
    Claire Snushall

    I see a yellow hand in the plane

  • Terrence Veazy
    Terrence Veazy


  • Jayden Valencia
    Jayden Valencia

    I have the decoder decoder wheel

  • Gese Michael
    Gese Michael

    I saw apz member

  • Jocelyn Ruiz
    Jocelyn Ruiz

    Where is Chad I love your tho

  • Jonavelle Padiernos
    Jonavelle Padiernos

    I see a hand!😯😮

  • tommylee siko
    tommylee siko

    what if the dots mean numbers

  • tommylee siko
    tommylee siko

    theres a hacker in there vy

  • tommylee siko
    tommylee siko

    where is chad and daneil

  • Sulaiman Shaikh
    Sulaiman Shaikh

    There was two hackers in the weird looking car

  • Sulaiman Shaikh
    Sulaiman Shaikh

    Vy I saw a hacker

  • Kiman Khorky
    Kiman Khorky

    I so a hacker hand in the broken plan

  • JJJ Nguyen
    JJJ Nguyen

    I saw a hacker behind the car

  • Jemayology Com
    Jemayology Com

    5:24 i just saw a light green glove it's a hacker OMG!!!😭😭😭😫😫 becarefull vy if you agree😫😫😫😫

  • Angelene Allmand
    Angelene Allmand

    i saw a yellow glove that belongs to a..............................hacker

  • Ziklali Sanchez
    Ziklali Sanchez

    Vy I saw the progestin zorgo hand

  • Dan Janson
    Dan Janson

    there wus pz 4 be hind a bus

  • Eli Ruskova
    Eli Ruskova

    When are you getting the safe house.

  • gody hagag
    gody hagag

    VY l saw a hand on 5:26 give a like

  • ty_ track17
    ty_ track17

    I see hand pz member

  • ty_ track17
    ty_ track17

    I see a pz member

  • Lotulelei 77
    Lotulelei 77

    Theres a hacker dollowing u

  • Lotulelei 77
    Lotulelei 77

    There is a hand in there a hacker

  • Taha Taha
    Taha Taha


  • Mkenzi Meredith
    Mkenzi Meredith

    is. 5:26. hi

  • Mumbo 1
    Mumbo 1


  • Kylie Grace
    Kylie Grace

    I saw a hacker Hand and hacker

  • Jason Skikunas
    Jason Skikunas

    Just before 1:48 I fink I saw a pz member

  • Robert Tudor
    Robert Tudor

    ROBERT ANDREI de s. 029293l2oleoso a fazer para o outro não sei o estado do Rio Grande do Amazonas energia elétrica e

  • gamer kid360
    gamer kid360

    i cant download spy ninja network because I'm in Indonesia sorry tell you this but can you forgive me???

  • Samiah’s World
    Samiah’s World

    9:37 I saw a person

  • Samiah’s World
    Samiah’s World

    5:26 I saw a hand with a yellow glove it’s a project zorgo member like if you saw it

  • Dalton Hamilton
    Dalton Hamilton

    At 3:30 if you pause it just right you can see a hacker

  • Audrey Wycuff
    Audrey Wycuff

    Vy❤️eclectic. S

  • guillermo cordove
    guillermo cordove

    Can you give me your phone number

  • Michael gonzales
    Michael gonzales

    I saw. A. Pz. Mebr

  • Rana Asmar
    Rana Asmar

    Vy there’s a hacker by the bus that you were looking at earlier

  • Sajida Malik
    Sajida Malik

    Don't go it is a trap

  • Fatima Salouane
    Fatima Salouane

    A hand came down when you were trying to get the note out of the plane and I think it was a hacker

  • Fatima Salouane
    Fatima Salouane

    I heard a noise when you were at the plane

  • lindsay Kpodo
    lindsay Kpodo

    I so the hacker

  • Lily’s World
    Lily’s World

    At 5 :25

    • Lily’s World
      Lily’s World


  • Lily’s World
    Lily’s World

    Ahhhhhhhh a hacker

  • noa cohen
    noa cohen

    I saw a hacker

  • noa cohen
    noa cohen

    When you took the envelope I saw a hacker glove

  • Joanne Espejo
    Joanne Espejo

    Hey Vy I A340 was a jet.

  • Kamla Mathura
    Kamla Mathura


  • Roza Ramadani
    Roza Ramadani

    5:27 or 5:26 there was a project zorgo hand on the plane

  • Roza Ramadani
    Roza Ramadani

    At 3:30 there was a hacker at the window

  • Raneem Nassar
    Raneem Nassar

    Where is chad

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor

    Vy I saw a hacker in the window of the car

  • Samira Vasquez
    Samira Vasquez

    7:34 a hacker peeking through the window of the gasoline car

  • Samira Vasquez
    Samira Vasquez

    And a yellow glove at 5:26

  • Samira Vasquez
    Samira Vasquez

    3:30 on the spot there is a hacker peeking through the window of the strange car

  • Lakisha Henderson
    Lakisha Henderson

    I saw a hacker on the other side of the car like pz4 if you saw it like

  • Farida Wally
    Farida Wally

    I so a pz member

  • 75puglover

    the dots are the order

  • john aries Alzona
    john aries Alzona

    The key 🔑 is safe house

  • john aries Alzona
    john aries Alzona

    The dots is in the letter dots ok Vy i hope you are ok

  • Sunmoni Borgohain
    Sunmoni Borgohain

    The word is Sun

  • Dennis Shepard
    Dennis Shepard

    Hacker glove

  • Angela Worthington
    Angela Worthington

    Aaah vy did you see there was a pz memder in that arev with the bed on top😐

  • Haneeqah Lucman
    Haneeqah Lucman

    I see a hand at the airplane and it has gloves it's yellow I think it's pz9

  • Haneeqah Lucman
    Haneeqah Lucman

    I see that there is a project zorgo back at the car

  • Bridget Lauren
    Bridget Lauren

    I saw a pz glove

  • Gloria Gray
    Gloria Gray


  • Abdulkader sait
    Abdulkader sait


  • Abdulkader sait
    Abdulkader sait

    there is a hand

  • Mmt baby 676 tonga
    Mmt baby 676 tonga

    Hello vy from kennedy

  • Mary Huerta
    Mary Huerta

    Gracias. Te fut

  • Jason Payea
    Jason Payea

    I saw a hacker in the house

  • Nardia Rheams
    Nardia Rheams

    I love you chad and vy😃😄😅😀😁😂😊☺

  • Ria K
    Ria K

    At 5:26 I saw a hacker

  • Ella Davies
    Ella Davies

    Vy right above the envelope there was a yellow glove and pz members wear them