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Friends in the Video
Moo Snuckel:

  • Chesney M Sibanda
    Chesney M Sibanda

    The best

  • Bella Brenum
    Bella Brenum

    Im watching judgment day your movie.

  • Warzone 189
    Warzone 189

    Curly hair okay more ways to find delirous

  • Javier Pinto
    Javier Pinto

    Shave my balls 😂😂

  • cloudy play
    cloudy play

    I want George mode

  • I Got Game 23
    I Got Game 23

    13:37 damn Moo

  • Chrispin Creamers
    Chrispin Creamers


  • strangely raccoon
    strangely raccoon

    At 5:35 Brian calls delirous curly haired fuck

  • Boonami Tsunami
    Boonami Tsunami

    Hey terroriser man ur the bomb

  • Reece Moody
    Reece Moody

    yes garys mod is making a comeback

  • Michael Tierney
    Michael Tierney

    I cant get enough of the outro lmao I look forward to it after every video needs to be in a dance club or rave

  • DameZy

    terroriser spot: am i a joke to you?

  • Pingu Noot Noot
    Pingu Noot Noot

    5:34 we know he has curly hair now

  • Nathaniel Medina
    Nathaniel Medina


  • Artistic_Aerobics

    5:35 "Creepy *curly* headed fuck." H20 has curly hair? 🤔

  • Tor D
    Tor D

    VanossGameing 2019: “Where’s the children?~”

  • Captain Jo
    Captain Jo

    Team rocket blasting of again

  • Global Gamer YT
    Global Gamer YT

    13:46 to 13:50 2 words for you Bruh Perfect replay 😂👌

  • ChaDaeSan

    Ever since bryan had this outro i finish the whole video

  • Jack Mcdonald
    Jack Mcdonald

    Still the best intro/outro

  • Nahuee92

    5:33 curly hair?

  • Jake Kimbrel
    Jake Kimbrel

    5:35 " you creepy curly haired fuck" hints towards h20s idenity, nah probably not just caught my attention

  • Misses Your Jokes
    Misses Your Jokes

    Sweet notification UA-my

  • Rebel Childress
    Rebel Childress

    Love the outro, Brian!

  • Soul

    sumuma bitch

  • GamerFeul

    Love the ending the shave my balls song I didn't expect that lol

  • Vil -557
    Vil -557

    я один тут от михакера?

  • Julia - The Branding Girl
    Julia - The Branding Girl



    13:48 I Smell A New Intro And Outro Song

  • Miyuki Shimizu
    Miyuki Shimizu

    Terroriser da Hunter Killer Bot

  • Mikayla Hill
    Mikayla Hill

    I SO want that song 😂

  • Julius Carlsson
    Julius Carlsson

    Damn 3 mil u deserve it also outro is epic

  • Ghosts monkey20
    Ghosts monkey20

    U are awesome

  • Skyler Power696
    Skyler Power696

    I like how Moo went completely silent as soon as Brian looked at him.

  • Nathan Spencer
    Nathan Spencer

    2:52 That gasp lmao

  • Crimbus Gumbo
    Crimbus Gumbo

    What a laugh 😂

  • DirtMuhGert

    Me randomly 4 hours after watching a Terroriser video: "Shavin my balls.... dammit..."

  • crazy jack
    crazy jack

    when the student becomes the master

  • Dominic Guerette
    Dominic Guerette

    Who ever dose the thumbnail art is a fucking g

  • Derek Jacobson
    Derek Jacobson

    Is it just me or was this video all about people finding Terrorsier spots

  • shockwave s
    shockwave s

    We need vanoos

  • Leeanne Daryl Uy
    Leeanne Daryl Uy

    16:11 what was that sounded like loud laugh??

  • Mateusz Kowalczuk
    Mateusz Kowalczuk

    Pretty fun clips you got there

  • prince deguzman
    prince deguzman

    finally a good content

  • Cat Lady
    Cat Lady

    I love how moo is just tgere bribing him with 20 dollars to....omg😅😂😂 I just love them. So much

  • Sceptikillz v 2
    Sceptikillz v 2

    Yo what’s the name of this map?

  • Darko the Mapper
    Darko the Mapper

    Love your vids "terminator line" I bet you i can beet you terroiser

  • Phuong Thao Le
    Phuong Thao Le

    0:52 5:12 11:01

  • Nova JT
    Nova JT

    Nogla is back with the lobster

  • Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson

    Well it has to happen

  • Ran Skye
    Ran Skye

    shave my balls~

  • Harrison Chong
    Harrison Chong

    That's some map and crazy hide and seek video.

    • Harrison Chong
      Harrison Chong

      0:36 Did not see that coming.

  • Elijah Thomas
    Elijah Thomas

    This is a really cool map

  • Wyatt bauman Vlogger
    Wyatt bauman Vlogger

    0:31 team rockets blasting off again 13:43 that had to hurt

  • Shadow Bandit
    Shadow Bandit

    Curly headed fuck?

  • Flymoolah man 27
    Flymoolah man 27

    3:52 hey moo

  • Colby Meadows
    Colby Meadows

    Me:see da tidle Also me: NO

  • Blaze Maximus
    Blaze Maximus

    0:30 We’re blasting off again!!!

  • Andy O
    Andy O

    So terroriser is there a reason why you are not playing with mini.any more? Did you.guys have a fight or something?

  • Yuri_isLifue

    That outro will always be legendary

  • Jared Nunez
    Jared Nunez

    Hey could you leave the name of the map next time? It could be great to play it sometime! Btw, great video, Brian!

  • luke boi
    luke boi

    Setup tour

  • God of Bleach
    God of Bleach

    When you see someone name in gmod hid and seak

  • Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy
    Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy

    0:26 super punch

  • F34R_ThatTaco YT
    F34R_ThatTaco YT

    This shit was hella funny bro love this video😂😂

  • Menko Monty
    Menko Monty

    Toxic water, yet still cleaner than the River Trent.

  • Lee McElroy
    Lee McElroy

    Minecraft stream

  • Devon Vinton
    Devon Vinton

    I really hope you guys play the new crash bandicoot race game coming out.

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Dingo Overlord
    Dingo Overlord

    1:22 Every COD BO2 lobby